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A look at China wanting to be everywhere in the world

The last two decades we could see how china has more become a hyper capitalist state, it putting all interests in becoming the world-leader in all businesses no matter at what costs. Lots of people had to leave their house because they had to make a place for a great dam or for an immense stadium. Lots of people where put in small apartments with no garden because the government ordered them to move, making place for modern developments.

Nobody can ignore the neo-colonial expansion of China’s post-Mao economic model. The People’s Republic has become an economic superpower that has witnessed continued GDP growth while lifting millions out of poverty.

Head shot of Xi Jinping in 2019. He is wearing a black suit jacket, white shirt and a blue necktie.

Xi Jinping, (°1953), Chinese politician and government official who served as vice president of the People’s Republic of China (2008–13), general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP; 2012– ), and president of China (2013– ).

China wanted to show the world that it is able to restore overland trade routes from China to Central Asia and Europe — the ancient “Silk Road.” In Indonesia, president Xi Jinping of China introduced the concept of a “maritime Silk road,” which is essentially the already well-traveled sea corridor South from China to the Middle East and Europe.  In seven years of implementation, the initiative has become quite controversial, especially in the West.  The controversy is fuelled by a lack of transparency that makes it difficult to get reliable information on the financing involved in the initiative, as well as the specific projects and their terms. There are a growing number of academic efforts, however, to collect and analyse data on ‘The Belt and Road Initiative’ (BRI), with a consistent set of findings.

The republic got a lot of African countries in its power by giving them loans and workforce, though many of those Chinese worker were forced to go to work in Africa, often in very bad conditions and months away from their family. At the same time China uses the same colonial tactics of getting as much treasures from those ‘colonies’ as possible, even worse than King Leopold II of Belgium did with the Belgian colonies or other colonial countries did. [Belgium controlled 3 colonies and 3 concessions during its history, the Belgian Congo (modern DRC) from 1908 to 1960, and Ruanda-Urundi (Rwanda and Burundi) from 1922 to 1962. It also had a small concession in China and was a co-administrator of the Tangier International Zone in Morocco. ]

In a smart way the republic of China is gaining more control over several countries widely spread all over the world. By its technological and industrial espionage, it also managed to introduce its ‘own’ technological features in several capitalist countries, having created as such a good stable economic platform or insured economic outlet.

As the owings of developing countries to China have mushroomed debt sustainability is a mounting concern, exacerbated further by the impact of COVID-19 economic shut-downs.  China has given some short-term debt relief but it does not belong to the Paris Club of creditors, and sets its own rules and ethics. By now Beijing has those countries which can’t service their expensive loans in their clamps and power. Question might be if the loans will be converted into strategic extra-territorial acquisitions.

Sri Lanka, as a coveted geopolitical outpost of China, is a case in point. Since the end of the three-decade separatist war there, China’s role in the Indian Ocean has received much attention for its infamous debt-trap led extraterritorial approach. However, within Sri Lanka (and many African countries) the response is mixed – China is both the land grabber, the political influencer, the military supplier and the friendly brother capable of fuelling long-awaited economic growth.

The eyes of China are directed to countries often left aside by Europe and the United States of America, because too poor and of no economical interest because too dangerous or for being highly corrupt and conflict ridden zones. Counties who want some financial help from China may not have alliances with Taiwan or have to stop their relationship with them.

The narrative that China is engaging in problematic debt trap diplomacy has taken off since 2018. Coined the preceding year by an Indian pundit, the term implies that Beijing is purposely striking unsustainable debt-for-infrastructure deals with developing countries along the routes of its ubiquitous Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).
Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port, which a Chinese state-owned firm acquired via a ninety-nine-year lease in 2017 after the Sri Lankan government could not service its loans, has been cited repeatedly as evidence that the Chinese government is practicing debt trap diplomacy. Many countries which do not receive enough aid from Europe or the U.S. hope that China will help them. China does not show any interest in the conflicts those countries may have as long as their are enough goods to explore and to transport to China.
Certain countries are starting to see how China wants to integrate in as many countries as it can.

Poorly planned and badly executed energy and infrastructure deals involving China in Latin American countries like Venezuela and Ecuador have increasingly attracted critical headlines. Even in Europe, Beijing’s efforts to finance and build a railway between the capitals of Hungary and Serbia have run into obstacles and sparked backlash.
The colonial expansion of China is something we would have to watch with Argus eyes also investigating how they treat the people who work for their institutions of firms in that country where they so-called offer their help.
The Chinese government and the developing countries it partners with too often have failed to consult sufficiently with the people most directly affected by grandiose infrastructure projects.
The trending Chinese role model is that of an authoritarian goliath that can make its doctors and billionaires disappear while protecting favoured war-crime offenders and military regimes elsewhere, while meanwhile it exploits a lot of people and makes them work as slave labourers while the managers of the company rake in all the big money.

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The Plight of Uighurs beyond the Great Wall

Because too much money involved the EU and USA are not willing to make more effort of pointing their finger at the discrimination and forced labour. The Eu citizens should demand their governments more to react against the deplorable state of affairs and instances of rights violations.

Uighur = Turkish Muslim ethnic group having close ties with Central Asian nations, with a population of nearly 11 million living in the Xinjiang province of China

China’s government has gone up to the extent of curtailing the Uighur religious, cultural and commercial activities.


To remember

  • gross + egregious human rights violations in internment camps in Xinjiang, China against Uighur Sufi Islamists > systematic repression Uighur Muslims in China ~~ to root out Islamic extremism and separatism
  • oppression of minorities
  • intolerance towards the religious minorities
  • re-education camps” functioning in Chin => serious violations of human rights by subjecting religious minority to forced labour and forced sterilisation supplemented by constant and intense surveillance.
  • systematic repression + political indoctrination => serious international humanitarian laws violation
  • global silence and inaction on the matter
  • stern actions ought to be taken
  • responsibility is on us to fight this evil that is breeding right before our eyes for if not curtailed timely this might find its place in the history as one of the biggest catastrophe upon humanity since the Second World War.


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The Human Rights Blog

This article is authored byAstha Sharma, the Senior Editor of the Human Rights Blog, CASIHR.

“The object of terrorism is terrorism. The object of oppression is oppression. The object of torture is torture. The object of murder is murder. The object of power is power. Now do you begin to understand me?”

George Orwell (1984)

This article elucidates the predicament of Uighur Muslims in China. It traces the roots of the problem and sheds light on the deplorable condition of this community and their systematic repression. The oppression of minorities by majority is not a new story however in the current day and light oppression to this extent and through such means is chilling and deserves appropriate action from the global community.


It was noticed after a long time, it took longer to condemn and even longer to act. The predicament of the Uighur Muslims gained…

View original post 1,127 more words

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A dangerous turning point – Earth facing the collapse of everything

Despite so much evidence to the contrary, “experts” deny there is any threat to the world’s ecology.
Study Disputes That Earth is in a ‘Climate Emergency’

Brietbart 07-Feb-21 by Delingpole

“There is no “climate emergency”, according to a study for the Global Warming Policy Foundation by independent scientist Dr Indur Goklany.
Dr Goklany concludes:

“While climate may have changed for the warmer:  Most extreme weather phenomena have not become extreme, more deadly, or more destructive.  Empirical evidence directly contradicts claims that increased carbon dioxide has reduced human wellbeing. In fact, human wellbeing has never been higher.

Whatever detrimental effects warming and higher carbon dioxide may have had on terrestrial species and ecosystems, they have been swamped by the contribution of fossil fuels to increased biological activity. This has halted, and turned around, reductions in habitat loss”.

The report would make hugely depressing reading for all environmental activists — even the Pope – if it was
infallibly accurate – which it is not!
Dr Goklany says there is little to scare us:

Yes, there will be more hot days, but fewer cold days. Oh? Where?

In the Arctic and the Antarctic of course – silly!

*There will be less tornados – #in Great Britain?
* There will be less floods, less frequent and smaller!
# Perhaps Goklany slept through last year, but there were half a dozen cyclones causing death by floods, drowning, landslides and inundation from January to December 2020 throughout the Southern Hemisphere!
*There will be less droughts and less wildfires.

# When does this begin? So far so bad in California and many parts of Australia. In October 1917 intense, deadly fires killed 41 people in Spain and Portugal, and in 2020 fires affected Sweden and Northern France as well as Italy and Spain where wildfires are not indigenous!

In 2020 for months, Siberia has been experiencing extreme heat due to a combination of persistent sunny weather and human-caused climate change. In addition to producing Arctic temperatures that cracked 100 degrees in June, the heat has fueled an enormous outbreak of wildfires, including fires on Siberia’s tundra……

Breitbart News Desk February 16, 2021:

The deep freeze that knocked out power in Texas spread across the country this week. The agency that manages power in fourteen states from Texas through Oklahoma and all the way up to North Dakota declared a state of emergency and ordered utilities to initiate rolling blackouts to cut electrical demand and stabilize the grid.
Meanwhile, a lot of fracking for oil has been brought to a halt by the freeze. Twenty percent of the U.S. oil production has gone offline, and some of the biggest refineries have been shuttered. The big problem is that the Texas oil kits are not set up for arctic weather. Up in North Dakota the extraction process is winterized, but that’s not the case farther south. Even something as simple as picking up oil in a truck to move to a refinery can become impossible when your roads are iced over, there are no snow ploughs or road salt, and no one has snow tires.
Crude oil production is down by more than four million barrels a day, twice what was reported a day earlier. Prior to the cold crisis, the U.S. was producing around 11 million barrels a day.
The Permian Basin, America’s largest oil field, has been hard hit. Production in the area that straddles western Texas and
New Mexico is down between 65 percent and 80 percent.

The melting Arctic has been watched closely by countries like China and Russia who are looking to take advantage of the increasingly available shipping lanes. But scientists have lamented the latest milestone, and are sounding the alarm about further environmental degradation due to increased shipping activity.

It is a very dangerous turning point

says Associate Professor Nengye Liu, an expert in international polar law at Macquarie University.

In Revelation 6:8-9 we can see that “Global Warming” is the result of the 4th Vial of God’s Wrath

   8 And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire. 9  And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.


‘Too late’:

David Attenborough warns Earth faces ‘total collapse’

Nick Whigham ·Assistant News Editor | Yahoo News| 24.2.20-21

The world’s most famous naturalist has issued a dire proclamation about the state of the planet, warning Earth is facing “the collapse of everything” if we continue on our current path.

94-year-old Sir David Attenborough warned overnight that climate change is the biggest security threat modern humans have ever faced while addressing the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) session on climate, saying it was “already too late” to stem the diabolical impacts of global warming.

   “There is no going back, no matter what we do now, it’s too late to avoid climate change and the poorest, the most vulnerable, those with the least security, are now certain to suffer,”

he said.

“And if the natural world can no longer support the most basic of our needs, then much of the rest of civilisation will quickly break down.”

Arthur Wright, Kallangur, Brisbane



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Coronavirus disinfectant use alarms scientists

Everywhere a lot of people want to use a lot of disinfectants, antibacterial products, Dettol, Alcohol, a.o..

Once people were confronted with the seriousness of the possible spread of the new 6th coronavirus they wanted to disinfect the surroundings. China, South Korea, France, Spain, and several other countries thought they best would be to spray copious amounts of disinfectant throughout densely populated urban areas. Fleets of trucks, drones, and even robots doused streets, parks, playgrounds, and other outdoor public spaces with virus-killing chemicals.

On television, we could see that in several countries government people even went into the houses spraying loads of chemicals.

China was the first country, in January 2020, to start sanitizing its cities — and as soon as it did, reports of poisoned animals started coming in. In February, an investigation by the Chongqing Forestry Bureau in Chongqing, a huge city in southwestern China, found that at least 135 animals across 17 species — including wild boars, Siberian weasels, and blackbirds — had died after exposure to disinfectants, according to Chinese news agency Xinhua.

Disinfectant ingredients, mostly sodium hypochlorite, chlorine, and bleach, are “acutely toxic to both terrestrial and aquatic animals,” says Dongming Li, professor of ecology at Hebei Normal University and co-author of the Environmental Research analysis, which was based solely on the Chongqing Forestry Bureau’s investigation. Li and his colleagues did not personally examine the dead animals to confirm what had killed them.

Even so, the animals’ deaths are concerning evidence, Li believes, that

“the overuse of disinfectants may contaminate the habitats of urban wildlife.” (Read more about how animals are moving into cities.)

Li’s team is now calling on world leaders to regulate the dispersal of disinfectants in urban areas, which they say is being done without input from the scientific community.

Furthermore, we also want to warn people antibacterial products are of no use against viruses, and an overdose of such products kills also the necessary and good bacteria we do need, whilst it makes the bad bacteria resistant. That will give a lot of problems in the treatment and prevention of bacterial infections.

Antibiotics have been used since ancient times, but the last few years there was such an increase that many bacteria managed to resist those articles. The World Health Organization has classified antimicrobial resistance as a widespread

“serious threat [that] is no longer a prediction for the future, it is happening right now in every region of the world and has the potential to affect anyone, of any age, in any country”. {Antimicrobial resistance: global report on surveillance(PDF). The World Health Organization. April 2014. ISBN978-92-4-156474-8. Retrieved 13 June 2016.}

People should be fully aware that chemical disinfectants kill viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms by destroying their cell walls and damaging their proteins through oxidation. If inhaled or ingested by people or animals, these substances can irritate or corrode the mucous membranes of the respiratory and digestive tracts. In extreme cases, exposure can lead to death.

We also may not forget that using all those disinfectants, also by washing our hands with such products they all come into our water system. Christopher J. Schell, professor of urban ecology at the University of Washington, in Tacoma, ways:

“If you put toxicants into a system, they are going to travel through the food web,”

While sanitizing frequently touched surfaces can help reduce the spread of the coronavirus, scientists now know that most people get the disease by breathing in droplets in the air from an infected person and not so much by coming into contact with a contaminated surface.

That’s why, in May, the World Health Organization advised against using disinfectants outdoors, both because streets and sidewalks

“are not considered as routes of infection for COVID-19”

and because spraying such chemicals

“can be noxious for people’s health and cause eye, respiratory or skin irritation or damage.”

The WHO didn’t mention the harm to wildlife as well, but many wildlife rangers and animal scientists warn people of the danger of those products contaminating the environment and endangering wildlife. Though with that knowledge there are still several countries which continue to spray disinfectants in public areas.

“The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused public fear in many countries. Many health agencies around the world may spray more disinfectants to ensure the virus is fully killed and to alleviate their worries of viral infection,”

Li says.

Politicians who dare to take the right measures, demanding restrictions to where people go, are not risking their popularity and therefore ordered going on the streets with spraying trucks or spraying agents, or drones, and even robots dousing streets, parks, playgrounds, and other outdoor public spaces with virus-killing chemicals, is more visible for many, who then would think their government does it best. Though it would be much better and safer for the environment if people would be encouraged to stay home.

“Rather than indiscriminately spraying high volumes of disinfectants in biodiversity-rich areas such as urban parks, wetlands, and green spaces,”

Dongming Li says,

“it would be preferable to suspend human activities in such places.”


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Uit de Oude doos: In het Nieuws – Honger en bevolkingsgroei

2007-2008 In het Nieuws – Belangrijke en interessante nieuwsfeiten in het licht van de Bijbel:

Honger en bevolkingsgroei

Slechts weinigen lijken te beseffen dat de wereld afstevent op de grootste ramp ooit. Niet het broeikaseffect, maar een onbeheersbare overbevolking. Milieuvervuiling, klimaatbeïnvloeding, dat zijn hooguit de gevolgen.

Het verloop van de bevolkingsgroei volgens Thomas Malthus en volgens Pierre-François Verhulst

In de jaren ’60 telde de wereld 3,25 miljard inwoners, en het sleutelwoord was ‘bevolkingsexplosie’. Daar hoor je nu niemand meer over.

We zitten nu op 6,4 miljard en nog steeds is er groei. Toch pleiten wereldleiders weer voor grote gezinnen: dat is

‘goed voor de economie’.

Verwachte vergrijzing in Nederland in 2025. Percentage bejaarden in de totale bevolking (Bron: CBS) Van licht naar donker groen: 18 – 20% 20 – 22% 22 – 24% 24% of meer.

En we moeten de vergrijzing betalen. We zijn humaan bezig in Afrika de sterftecijfers omlaag te brengen, maar niemand praat over geboortecijfers. Terwijl ze daar op gezinsniveau maar één manier hebben om hun persoonlijke vergrijzing te ‘betalen’:

zo veel mogelijk kinderen, in de hoop dat er genoeg in leven blijven om later voor hun ouders te zorgen.

Toen vroegen we ons af hoe we iedereen gingen voeden. Dankzij pesticiden en steeds verdere optimalisering van de landbouw is dat nog steeds gelukt. Althans bij ons. Voor de meesten hier is hongersnood een ver-van-mijn-bed show. Maar of het nu wel of niet door ons komt, het klimaat is bezig te verschuiven. Droge gebieden worden droger en natte natter. En in beide gevallen leidt dat tot minder opbrengst. Die zorgvuldig opgebouwde balans raakt steeds verder verstoord.

Plantenziekten en insectensoorten worden resistent voor pesticiden; ook daar komen we terug bij ‘af’. Daar komt nu nog een factor bij. Een klein berichtje in de krant:

het brood wordt duurder, want de Amerikanen gaan minder graan exporteren.

Ze hebben het nu zelf nodig om biobrandstoffen te maken voor hun auto’s. Ter bestrijding van het broeikaseffect!

Uitwijken naar visserij is ook al geen optie meer. Die ‘fabrieksschepen’ zijn nu zo effectief dat ze een spoor van absolute leegte achterlaten. Vissoorten worden inmiddels serieus met totale uitroeiing bedreigd, en halfslachtige vangstquota (die belanghebbende partijen weer ontduiken) moeten de ergste schade nog wat indammen.

Even wat cijfers.

Millennia lang woonde het gros van de wereldbevolking in het Midden-Oosten en omgeving, plus India en China. Daar zijn schattingen voor mogelijk. Eeuwenlang was de bevolkingsgroei uiterst laag, met een verdubbelingtijd van ca. eens per 1000 jaar.
In de bloeitijd van het Romeinse rijk steeg dat naar eens per 500 jaar, en bij het begin van onze jaartelling telde onze wereld zo’n 200 miljoen mensen. Met de val van dat rijk viel de groei terug op nul, om in de middeleeuwen weer lang-zaam toe te nemen, telkens onderbroken door sterke krimp tijdens zwa-re pestepidemieën. Bij het begin van de industriële revolutie stond de wereldbevolking op 700 miljoen. Toen begon er echter een nieuwe groei-spurt. In 1970 bereikte deze een top die neerkwam op een verdubbelingstijd van eens per 35 jaar!

‘Dankzij’ AIDS en andere moderne tegenhangers van de middeleeuwse plagen, is dat nu gedaald tot een verdubbelingstijd van ‘maar’ 45-50 jaar. Dat is nog steeds tienmaal zo snel als die tijdens de grootste bloei van het Romeinse rijk! De verklaring is simpel. In een sterk agrarische wereld is de bevolking voor haar voeding afhankelijk van het land dat zij bewoont. Dat stelt een bovengrens aan de omvang en de groei. Maar in het Romeinse rijk werden land en bevolking ‘losgekoppeld’. Graan werd elders verbouwd en met immense schepen aangevoerd naar het thuisland. De arbeidskracht die thuis vrij viel werd aangewend voor andere doelen, en de bevolking kon onbelemmerd groeien, want hun voeding was verzekerd. Met de val van het rijk kwam daar een eind aan, en werd de koppeling tussen land-oppervlak en bevolkingsomvang hersteld.

De industriële revolutie bracht een nieuwe ontkoppeling, en van zulke omvang dat het nu volledig uit de hand loopt. En geen politicus die je daarover hoort, want groei moet, vanwege die economie. Maar nu al wagen horden vluchtelingen zich in gammele bootjes aan de oversteek van Lybië naar het Italiaanse eilandje Pantelleria, of van Marokko en Mauretanië naar de Canarische eilanden. Velen betalen dat met hun leven, maar ze blijven komen. Want ‘thuis’ overleven ze in elk geval niet. De plaatselijke autoriteiten kunnen het niet meer aan, en de EU weet geen structurele oplossing. En het wordt alleen maar erger. Want het gaat niet om rijkdom, maar om puur overleven.


Wanneer de wereldbevolking stijgt naar de verwachte 10 miljard in ca. 2035-2040, kunnen we wereldwijde voedseltekorten verwachten. Dan zullen ‘vluchtelingen’ niet meer in wrakke bootjes komen, maar met hun wapens, om desnoods kwaadschiks te nemen wat ze goedschiks niet krijgen. De wereld staat daarmee voor problemen, die ze zelf heeft veroorzaakt, maar niet kan oplossen. Die ze niet eens wil zien, want dat is maar ‘doemdenken’.

We hebben tot nu toe al onze problemen altijd weer opgelost toch?

Onze conclusie is dat de wederkomst van onze heer met de dag urgenter wordt.



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Kort overzicht Corona gebeuren in België (januari – begin juni 2020)

De laatste maanden zijn voor heel wat mensen zeer moeilijke maanden geweest. Heel wat families hebben meerdere moeilijke dagen doorgemaakt, terwijl een van hun geliefden in het ziekenhuis lag met een coronabesmetting. Meerdere families moesten zonder een echt afscheid in de familiekring hun geliefde begraven, doordat deze het niet overleefd had. Een heel pak mensen werd niet rechtstreeks emotioneel getroffen door het virus, maar niemand kon aan de gevolgen van dit verraderlijk virus ontsnappen.

Op 28 januari klonk het dat in Wuhan, de hoofdstad in de provincie Hubei in China, er een epidemie met een nieuw coronavirus (2019-nCoV) was uitgebroken. Snel bleek dat ook in andere gebieden van China en een aantal andere landen gevallen met een reisgeschiedenis naar Wuhan ontdekt was die verdere besmetting over Europa bracht.

Toen werd er nog gezegd dat er geen ongerustheid over het nieuwe virus hoefde te zijn en dat de Belgische gezondheidsautoriteiten waakzaam waren en de situatie in China op de voet volgenden. Ook werd er toen nog gezegd dat

Ons land heeft zeer goede procedures voor het opsporen van coronavirussen. De ziekenhuizen en de huisartsen weten hoe ze het coronavirus kunnen herkennen en hoe ze ermee moeten omgaan. Een referentielaboratorium kan het virus op een veilige manier identificeren. Ook de gespecialiseerde behandeling in twee referentieziekenhuizen van patiënten met een coronavirus is in ons land voorzien.

{Persmededeling van de Gezondheidsraad op 28-01-2020}

In februari werd een grote bestelling geplaatst van beschermingsmateriaal en maskers voor zorgprofessionals. Daarnaast was ook een grote voorraad maskers besteld die patiënten met een virale infectie zouden kunnen dragen om hun omgeving te beschermen. Uiteindelijk bleek de levering van al die zaken toch moeilijk te verlopen. Meer dan eens liet de Belgische regering zich ook in het zak zetten en werd het geld van de burgers door die verkeerde aankopen ‘in het water gegooid’.

Maart bracht een hele reeks besmettingen op gang en bracht de regering er toe om over te gaan tot drastische maatregelen om de burgers te beschermen. De 10de maart vraagt de FOD Volksgezondheid aan iedereen om de hygiënemaatregelen strikt toe te passen om de verspreiding van het virus af te remmen. Naast aandacht voor de eigen gezondheid en persoonlijke hygiëne, worden aan de bevolking verschillende tips gegeven om toe te passen en om contact met anderen te beperken. Zo wenste men het werk van dokters en ziekenhuizen te verlichten en kon elke burger mee helpen om kwetsbare personen te beschermen.

De evolutie van de verspreiding van het coronavirus werd dagelijks geëvalueerd en bracht de regering er toe om op 12 maart aan te kondigen dat wegens de verergde gezondheidssituatie de Nationale Veiligheidsraad in aanwezigheid van en in overleg met de ministers-presidenten in het verlengde van de vergaderingen van de deskundigengroepen, namelijk de Risk Assessement Group en de Risk Management Group, het land te beschouwen als in een ernstige noodsituatie.

Aanvullende social distancing maatregelen met het doel de verspreiding van de epidemie tegen te gaan werden proportioneel verhoogd, gericht op maximale efficiëntie. Operationeel gezien ging het land toen in de federale fase van het crisisbeheer, wat betekende dat alle beslissingen werden genomen door een beheerscel die bestond uit de eerste minister, de bevoegde ministers en de ministers-presidenten zodat een betere coördinatie en informatie over de maatregelen kon verwezenlijkt worden. De aangekondigde maatregelen werden van toepassing op het hele grondgebied. België kwam in lockdown.

Op woensdag 25 maart was het een echt trieste dag met  1298 nieuwe gerapporteerde gevallen waarvan 857 in Vlaanderen, 256 in Wallonië en 164 in Brussel wonend. Dat bracht toen het totale aantal bevestigde besmette personen op 6235. Op één dag vielen er toen 220 doden.

Op vrijdag 27 maart werden er 1850 nieuwe gevallen gerapporteerd, wat het totale aantal bevestigde besmette personen op 9134 bracht.

Pas op 10 april kon de Task Force van minister Philippe De Backer te kennen geven dat eindelijk de testcapaciteit in ons land gevoelig verhoogd kon worden. Als eerste prioriteit waren er dan 20.000 testen beschikbaar gemaakt voor de woonzorgcentra en de rust- en verzorgingstehuizen die wel kerncentra van besmettingen leken te zijn met hoge mortaliteitscijfers. Die verhoogde testgevallen bij bewoners en verzorgend personeel in de woonzorgcentra, leverde op dat op dinsdag 14 april 2454 nieuwe COVID-19 gevallen gerapporteerd werden.

Geleidelijk aankonden er meer mensen de ziekenhuizen verlaten en kon men de instroom zien verminderen. Sinds 15 maart mocht men op 28 april 10 785 patiënten ontslagen uit het ziekenhuis en genezen verklaard zien. toen melde men

Van de in totaal 7 094 overleden personen, overleed 45% in het ziekenhuis, 53% in een woonzorgcentrum, 0% thuis en 0% op een andere plaats. De sterfgevallen in het ziekenhuis zijn allemaal bevestigde gevallen. De sterfgevallen in de woonzorgcentra zijn zowel bevestigde (10%) als vermoede (90%) gevallen.

Op 4 mei, werd er vergaderd over o.a. de testing- en opvolgingsstrategie in het kader van Covid-19 en kwam men er toe te gaan werken aan een afbouw strategie. Woensdag 6 mei, kwam de Nationale Veiligheidsraad, uitgebreid met de ministers-presidenten, bijeen om een afbouwstrategie die op 11 mei van start zou gaan te valideren, te vervolledigen en te verduidelijken. De experts hebben toen groen licht gegeven voor deze nieuwe fase naar aanleiding van een aantal gunstige criteria op dat moment, namelijk het aantal ziekenhuisopnames per dag, de gemiddelde trend van deze ziekenhuisopnames die lager kwam dan de voorgaande weken, het aantal bedden op intensieve zorg, testing en tracing. Deze criteria zullen ook nu nog een rol blijven spelen bij de geleidelijke en verdere afbouw.

De impact van de overheidsmaatregelen wordt pas tien tot veertien dagen later zichtbaar in aantal hospitalisaties en opnames in intensieve zorgen. Dit door de incubatietijd en het verloop van COVID-19.

Om kort op de bal te spelen zouden daarom indicatieve gegevens vanuit de bevolking zo snel mogelijk ter beschikking moeten zijn.

De medische wetenschappers krijgen voor de verwerking van de antwoorden op aan de bevolking voorgelegde enquêtes, de hulp van de sociale wetenschappers van de Antwerpse universiteit. Het ‘corona citizenscienceproject’ loopt ook met medewerking van collega’s van de KU Leuven en de Universiteit Hasselt.

Op donderdag 4 juni werden nog 140 nieuwe gevallen gerapporteerd en waren er nog 32 nieuwe opnames. In de ziekenhuizen waren er dan in totaal 700 patiënten opgenomen met nog 137 patiënten in intensieve zorgen. Toen werden er in totaal 9 566 sterfgevallen gerapporteerd, waarvan 48% in het ziekenhuis overleed , 50% in een woonzorgcentrum, 0,5% in andere residentiële collectiviteiten, en 0,6% thuis en elders. De meeste sterfgevallen in het ziekenhuis (95%) zijn bevestigde gevallen. De sterfgevallen in de woonzorgcentra omvatten 26% bevestigde gevallen en 74% vermoede gevallen.

Bekijk het volledige dagelijkse rapport met de nationale epidemiologische situatie van het coronavirus.

Er worden in ons land nog steeds nieuwe besmettingen vastgesteld, maar de trends dalen. We kunnen enkel maar blijven herhalen zeer voorzichtig te zijn en om de coronamaatregelen van voldoende afstand en hygiëne voorzorgsmaatregelen vol te houden. Voor alle veiligheid raden wij dan ook aan om en de algemene maatregelen op te volgen.

Zorg goed voor jezelf en voor anderen.

Bent u ziek (koorts, hoesten, ademhalingsproblemen,…)? Volg dan het advies van de FOD Volksgezondheid op en:

  1. blijf thuis
  2. neem rechtstreeks telefonisch contact op met uw arts
  3. volg de aanbevelingen op van de website https://www.info-coronavirus.be/nl/. Zo helpt iedereen de voortgang van de pandemie te vertragen en de meest kwetsbaren onder ons te beschermen.



Opkijkend naar een onzichtbare vijand

Symptomen Covid-19

Nieuwe sociale etiquette

Meer last van slaapproblemen of piekeren?


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When 1 699 676 people worldwide are infected and the number of deaths had totalled 102 734 in 210 countries or territories

Thirty years old Gordon Bland who is a seminary student at Regent University, in his second year has a website called Agape Ministry on which he writes in his blogarticle Pandemic: Be Calm During the Storm:

We are living in a time that is certainly not the norm that we are used to, but is this unprecedented? If it is unprecedented, then is it totally unique or should our actions and emotions be similar to any other catastrophic event? The new Coronavirus that has spread globally, Covid-19, has caused over 13,000 deaths and over 300,000 illnesses. This is something that is affecting nearly every person in some manner, but is fear appropriate? Perhaps more importantly, is fear ever appropriate?

As of April 11, 2020, the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) had been confirmed in around 210 countries or territories. The virus had infected 1,699,676 people worldwide, and the number of deaths had totalled 102,734. The most severely affected countries include the U.S., Italy, and Spain.

Lots of people have signs of anxiety and fear that unseen enemy that had not previously been identified in humans. In February 2020, the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses and the World Health Organization announced official names for both the virus and the disease it causes: SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, respectively. The name of the disease is derived from the words corona, virus, and disease, while the number 19 represents the year that it emerged.

There have been leaders of states who first downplayed or minimalised this virus as an ordinary virus resembling that of the common cold, with those infected often experiencing fever, coughing, and shortness of breath, and called it a “Chinese disease”, wanting to have people to believe it was the Chinese infecting others.

Soon that horrible virus infected the USA, where there are still people not wanting to see the importance of staying at home and when coming into public to stay far away enough from each other, on the 11th of April there were already 502 876 cases, leaving Spain far behind with its 158 273 registered infected people.
On the 11th of April over 376,339 people had recovered from the disease, while there had been 102,734 deaths.

Gordon Bland wonders:

We are living in a time that is certainly not the norm that we are used to, but is this unprecedented? If it is unprecedented, then is it totally unique or should our actions and emotions be similar to any other catastrophic event? {Pandemic: Be Calm During the Storm}

The world has had more very dangerous diseases bringing fear over this globe. One of the most devastating pandemics was the Black Death (also known as The Plague or Black Plague), which killed an estimated 75–200 million people in the 14th century. Other notable pandemics include the 1918 influenza pandemic (Spanish flu). Among the ten major virus outbreaks in the last 50 years, the Marburgvirus, genus of viruses in family Filovirida, caused severe disease in humans and other primates. One species has been described, Marburg marburgvirus (formerly Lake Victoria marburgvirus), which is represented by two viruses, Ravn virus (RAVV) and Marburg virus (MARV). The zoonotic disease that is characterized by high fever known as Marburg virus disease (MVD), with a malaise, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rash, and hemorrhage (bleeding) gave a fatality rate as high as 80 to 90 percent.

How the Nipah virus spreads

Nipah, a type of RNA virus in the genus Henipavirus, followed in 1986 with a fatality percentage of 77,6.

ebolavirus; Ebola virus disease

Ebola, in full Ebola virus disease, formerly called Ebola hemorrhagic fever, contagious disease caused by a virus of the family Filoviridae that is responsible for a severe and often fatal viral hemorrhagic fever.

In comparison, the recent novel coronavirus, originating from the Chinese city of Wuhan, had a fatality rate of 2.2 percent as of January 31, 2020, whilst the so much feared Ebola in 1976 had ‘only’ a fatality rate of 40,4%.  As of early February 2020, the virus has spread to 24 countries with over 40 thousand confirmed cases.

The present virus came for many as a surprise. People should know it is because so many countries took such drastic measures there are no more casualties. Looking at the many deaths and so many illnesses. Bland wonders if this:

is something that is affecting nearly every person in some manner, but is fear appropriate? Perhaps more importantly, is fear ever appropriate? {Pandemic: Be Calm During the Storm}

It can be said it is normal that people are afraid for something they can not control; This time the world faces a pandemic they have a lot of difficulties to keep under control. Dangerous leaders of States, like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, brought their own population in danger and made that we now can see more deaths than there should have been with the knowledge scientists have to battle this disease.

we should not disregard actions to preserve life such as “social distancing.” We can learn from Jesus’ concern in the boat that He knew there was no reason to fear the storm for He was aware of the Father’s plan for His life. He knew it was not the time for His death. Instead, we can see that the storm was a trial for the disciples so that their faith may be tested. Jesus, with His sovereign control over all, controlled the storm and used it as a teaching moment regarding faith. {Pandemic: Be Calm During the Storm}

We all should know that it is God Who decides when our time to go comes. But we should not tempt Him by shouting we should not fear this diseases because we have God on our side. The Adonai has given the world people with brains, who can study diseases and can warn and help others to stay safe. I other people shall ignore those warnings and think all those scientists are fools they shall have to bear the consequences.

Bland urges you to

not sin through disregarding the life the Lord has given us. Do not take actions that cause you to endanger others, but instead, do what you can to ensure others are safe and provided for. We are to love our neighbor (Mark 12:31), so live your lives as such. It is not loving to needlessly risk other’s health for the sake of vain pleasure. Similarly, to disregard your own health is to sin against the Lord. If God gave us the gift of life, how foolish are we to live in a way to put it in danger? If a child is given a gift, is it not disrespectful to the giver of the gift to destroy it? How much more disrespect do we show to the Creator of life if we treat it as something to disregard. {Pandemic: Be Calm During the Storm}

Two days ago we could see how in White Rusland (White Russia) or Belarus, formerly known by its Russian name Byelorussia or Belorussia, for Good Friday people all gathered in churches and came to kiss a grand cross lying in the aisle. An ideal way for the virus to transmit from one person to another. Other pictures also entered in our living room from the United States of America, where so-called Christians said they had nothing to worry because they are Christians and God is with them, protecting them, and if their time would be there to die than it would be so. According to Pew Most White Evangelicals Don’t Think COVID-19 is a Medical Crisis. Several Protestants and Roman Catholics were calling their members to ignore the request for distancing and to come to the Easter celebrations. Also in Europe there are people who find the Easter egg hunt such an important family tradition that families should come together with their children in the houses of their grandparents to search for eggs. (Naturally one can wonder what eggs have to do with the death and resurrection of Christ!?!)
Such people ignoring the scientists their advice to stay at home and to avoid contact with others, are bringing other people in danger, but also themselves.

Many people are indeed showing respect for life by taking measures to protect the elderly and immune-compromised. This type of concern is something demonstrating how to love our neighbor, but how much more important that we show the same love for the unborn, who are but at the beginning of life. {Pandemic: Be Calm During the Storm}

We should not forget

The church has survived many pandemics like Covid-19. In fact, some were much worse, like the Black Death that killed 75 million deaths in Europe in the 14th Century. In 1918, the church saw the Spanish Flu ravage the world population, yet we are still here today. I will not say we should not have some concern, because we have a duty to both ourselves and others, but we shall not live in fear. Trust upon the Lord for his provision and protection. We will get through this together, all the whilst praising the Lord. If not, I’ll see you in Heaven, and we will praise the Lord! No matter what happens, we can have everlasting joy because of Jesus Christ, so that we may praise the Lord. I pray everybody will remain in good health, or recover quickly. God bless you all. {Pandemic: Be Calm During the Storm}



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Christian Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Sometimes people have to be confronted by something terribly bad. At regular intervals, certain people come to struggle terribly and have to learn by a hard lesson, being pulled down by an accident or serious disease.

Several people at a certain moment in their life got struck. Suddenly they become confronted by a longer period that they can not do the things they normally do. During that time of not doing anything, they are given time to think about the past but also the future. Then they can take time to meditate and to really start to reevaluate the value of things.

Before they got sick or bounded to the bed by their sickness or paralysation, they can have the film of their life repeated over and over again for days. At that time they have hours and days to think about all those things that kept them busy. Then they also realize that they had and still have so many dreams that they’ve had over the years and projects that they wanted to do.

From people who previously had serious accidents and diseases, we do know several people came in confrontation with the matter of a godhead, and started examining the Scriptures, coming to one conclusion, that there is Only One True Divine God, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah, Who is a loving God and not a cruel Being that would have His children being tortured or being burned forever.
It is then for them the time to recognise how so many churches or denomination lied to their flock and used fear to master them.

The devil, being spoken of in the Bible, is any or every adversary who walks on this planet. For sure there are many adversaries of God too, who would love people not to believe in the Divine Creator or have them keeping to the many false teachings, human traditions and heathen festivals.

But it are the real lovers of God who in such difficult times should show how they know for sure Who is behind everything and Who can be the helping hand in times of problems but also be a Guide in times when everything seems alright.

These days when there is a virus making many victims, those real followers of the son of God, should show the world how God has given the world a saviour and mediator, who paid the ransom for all the faults we as human beings have done.

Now is the time that all real lovers of God can show the world Who That real God is and how we as united lovers of God are not afraid of what comes upon this world but are willing to unite in prayer to protect all those around us, believers and unbelievers.

IMG-20161127-WA0018In the article of Janisha Jacobs, affectionately known as “Keela“,, the greatest hope is expressed that during this crisis more people will be drawn closer to Christ, the son of God. We only can hope and pray that more people shall come to see that in this time of fear there will be no other choice but for our faith to increase and to join hands spiritually. That in this time of not knowing what tomorrow holds we will learn to let God worry about tomorrow and focus on getting through today, with the knowledge that there shall come even worse days and even a more severe battle, with the third World War or Armageddon. Therefore we can look at this pandemic as a rehearsal for what still has to come and to make us stronger to be prepared for what is still to come.
Let us, therefore, pray not to false gods, like some many have taken themselves false gods, but learn also others to pray to the God Jesus also prayed too, namely his heavenly Father (and not himself) the One and Only True God, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah.


To remember

  • facing global Pandemic of Covid-19 virus #CoronaVirus.
  • enough news surrounding panic > All across the world right now persons are facing panic, trauma & a lot of uncertainty because of the effects of Covid-19.
  • Persons afraid, lost loved ones, +  wondering if they will be next.
  • China, Italy, America, UK, etc. > unimaginable crisis.
  • biggest question right now =  “when will it end?”
  • for the church = also the question of “how do we react?”
  • to get us to close down churches > building =/= church
  • people = church
  • via Zoom = enjoyable + more intimate than “pulpit and pew”
  • try + prevent spreading virus => stay home
  • response/reaction to world crisis & pandemic = faith, wisdom, compassion, forward thinking, leadership + most importantly prayer.

Keela's Chronicles

As most of you know, we have all been facing the global Pandemic of the Covid-19 virus #CoronaVirus. Initially I had no intentions of blogging about it, figuring that there is enough news surrounding the panic and I didn’t want to be one more person adding fuel on an already blazing fire. But, if you read my latest post you know by now that I decided to change my mind

All across the world right now persons are facing panic, trauma and a lot of uncertainty because of the effects of Covid-19. Persons are afraid, many have lost loved ones, some may not even know if their loved ones are still alive in places like Italy, some persons are sick and many others are wondering if they will be next. And all of these emotions and feelings are completely understandable but so very heartbreaking.

View original post 492 more words


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Apocalyptic Extremism: No Longer a Laughing Matter


The American rabbi is convinced that many have been scratching their heads trying to figure out why on earth the government of Israel and writes in “Zionism’s Marriage of Convenience to Anti-Semitism” that so many staunch Zionists are just fine with the election of Donald Trump

– the darling of the anti-Semitic alt-right.

Zionism not being new he does find it having a

cozy, if somewhat Faustian relationship with anti-Semitism since its very origins.

He argues that

Theodor Herzl (born Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl) also known in Hebrew as חוֹזֵה הַמְדִינָה‎, Chozeh HaMedinah (lit. “Visionary of the State”) an Austro-Hungarian journalist, playwright, political activist, and writer who was one of the fathers of modern political Zionism. – in Basel, 1897

The founder of modern Zionism, Theodor Herzl never made a secret of his belief that his new movement would have to depend upon anti-Semitism and anti-Semites in order to create a Jewish state. In his pamphlet, “The Jewish State,” he suggested raising money for the effort by means of a “direct subscription,” adding that “not only poor Jews but also Christians who wanted to get rid of them would subscribe a small amount to this fund.”

Scholars such as Yehuda Bibas, Zvi Hirsch Kalischer and Judah Alkalai were already promoting Zionist ideas before him.

Herzl grew to believe that anti-semitism could not be defeated or cured, only avoided, and that the only way to avoid it was the establishment of a Jewish state where there would be place to co-operate with those anti-Semites he even thought could become their most dependable friends and allies. {his diary}

Russian imperial statesman Vyacheslav von Plehve, whose efforts to uphold autocratic principle, a police-bureaucratic government, minister of the interior and an infamous anti-Semite who encouraged the Kishinev pogroms on April 19 and 20, 1903, and a second, smaller riot that erupted in October 1905.

Herman S. Shapiro. “Kishinever shekhita, elegie” [Kishinev Massacre Elegy]. New York: Asna Goldberg, 1904. Irene Heskes Collection. The illustration in the center of this elegy depicts the April 1903 Kishinev massacre.

The most popular newspaper in Kishinev, the Russian-language anti-Semitic newspaper Бессарабец (Bessarabetz, meaning “Bessarabian“), published by Pavel Krushevan, regularly published articles with headlines such as “Death to the Jews!” and “Crusade against the Hated Race!” (referring to the Jews).

The Times published a forged dispatch by Vyacheslav von Plehve, the Minister of Interior, to the governor of Bessarabia, which supposedly gave orders not to stop the rioters.

Today it is again that same region in eastern Europe where again such hate against the Jews is growing and infecting the West of Europe, by mouth of the right wing neo fascist groups. As in the previous century Plehve’s would not have worried

as long as the Zionists encouraged emigration of Jews from Russia, the Russian authorities would not disturb them.

perhaps several living in the Balkan, East and West Europe would not mind giving them time to leave.

Rabbi Brant Rosen looks at British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour who is perhaps best remembered for his World War I statement (the Balfour Declaration) expressing official British approval of Zionism. Though he may be long been lionized as a Zionist hero, he wasn’t particularly well-known for his love for Jews or the Jewish people.

(see: 1917 Balfour Declaration, 1905 Aliens Act)

The rabbi writes:

Balfour spoke of the “undoubted evils which had fallen on the country from an alien immigration which was largely Jewish.” Balfour, like many Christians of his class, “did not believe that Jews could be assimilated into Gentile British society.”

In this regard, it is worth noting that the sole Jewish member of British government, Edwin Montagu, strongly objected to the Balfour Declaration, submitting a memorandum to the British cabinet in August 1917 that resonates with haunting prescience today:

I wish to place on record my view that the policy of His Majesty’s Government is anti-Semitic and in result will prove a rallying ground for Anti-Semites in every country in the world…When the Jews are told that Palestine is their national home, every country will immediately desire to get rid of its Jewish citizens, and you will find a population in Palestine driving out its present inhabitants…

When the Jew has a national home, surely it follows that the impetus to deprive us of the rights of British citizenship must be enormously increased. Palestine will become the world’s Ghetto. Why should the Russian give the Jew equal rights? His national home is Palestine. Why does Lord Rothschild attach so much importance to the difference between British and foreign Jews? All Jews will be foreign Jews, inhabitants of the great country of Palestine.

He also looks at the most troubling example of Zionist association with anti-Semitism which occurred in 1933, when the Jewish Agency struck a deal with the Nazis’ Economic Ministry known as the Ha’avrah (Transfer) agreement.

Today we may wonder how it could come so far that the Zionist movement came to negotiate with Nazi Germany in order to facilitate the transfer of German Jews and their property to Palestine.

(see also an essay for Yad Vashem’s Shoah Resource Center, Israeli historian Y’faat Weiss pointing out that the Nazi regime’s participation in the agreement was motivated both by a fear of the boycott and its desire to rid Germany of its Jews.)

For the rabbi

it is not difficult to understand why, on a practical level, the Zionist movement would find a perverse kind of common cause with anti-Semitic regimes. As a form of ethnic nationalism, Zionism has always been dependent upon the maintenance of a demographic majority of Jews in the land. It makes sense that Zionists have been willing to deal with nations that were more than happy to rid themselves of their Jews in order that they maintain their own national ethnic homogeneity.

Would there be a big problem that there was taken a “Faustian bargain” like Brant Rosen calls it?

I would not think that Zionism from its origin has

necessarily fed off the existence of anti-Semites to justify the need for a Jewish state.

because normally every Jews and sincere Christian would know that God had promised a Holy Land to the descendants of Abraham. What I well can see is that several secular Jews saw a good opportunity to enlarge their power and to get some own state where they would be really their own boss.

Even more tragically, as Edwin Montagu predicted, Jewish ethnic nationalism did indeed result in a “population in Palestine driving out its inhabitants.”

I think one big problem is that Israel has too many secular politicians who allow the extremist fundamentalist Jews to take in the land of others and are not worrying about the respect human beings have to show to other creations of the Most High Elohim.

Our Christian believe that Jerusalem shall have to become the capital of the Holy Land and God’s Kingdom should be known to all lovers of God and to be a reality the world has to cope with. In the end God His Kingdom shall anyway establish.

Like rabbi Brant Rosen writes Millenarianism has taken on many forms, most of which were rooted in the belief that the physical restoration of the Jews to the land would be a necessary precursor to the apocalypse and the eventual second coming of the Messiah. This religious dogma, brought by a.o. English Puritan colonists but also by very liberal non-trinitarian Christians to North America, could evolve into previous century and present-day Christian and Jewish Zionism.

Clean-shaven man in his 60s, with gray hair, wearing glasses, dressed in a dark suit and blue tie, speaking from behind a dark, varnished wooden lectern, with his right arm outstretched.  The front of the lectern is emblazoned with the Great Seal of the United States.

John Charles Hagee, the 5th of 6 pastors in his family, all of whom were named John Hagee, dating back to the colonial era.

In his second article he looks a.o. at Pastor John Hagee, founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church, a charismatic megachurch in San Antonio, Texas. He also is the the CEO of his non-profit corporation, Global Evangelism Television (GETV) and founder and National Chairman of the Christian-Zionist organization Christians United for Israel (CUFI), incorporated on February 7, 2006, the largest coalition of Evangelical Zionists in the world.

Hagee, who believes the Bible commands Christians to support the State of Israel and the Jewish people, is one of those American ‘prophets’ and doom preachers who makes his apocalyptic religious views clear.

The rabbi also looks at Hagee’s 2005 book (and not 2007) Jerusalem Countdown: A Warning to the World, where Hagee interprets the Bible to predict that Russia and the Islamic states will invade Israel and will be destroyed by God. This will cause the antichrist, (for Hagee) the head of the European Union, to create a confrontation over Israel between China and the West, getting Israel to be covered in “a sea of human blood.” .

Hagee’s attack against Christian antisemitism in his book Jerusalem Countdown claimed that Adolf Hitler’s antisemitism derived especially from his Catholic background (calling Hitler “a spiritual leader in the Catholic Church”), and that the Catholic Church under Pope Pius XII encouraged Nazism instead of denouncing it (pp. 79–81)

[The book echoes predictions made in The Late, Great Planet Earth, the best-selling 1970 book co-authored by Hal Lindsey and Carole C. Carlson.]

Rabbi Rosen also looks at Hagee’s more recent book, “Four Blood Moons,” in which Hagee promotes the Blood moon prophecy, and states that a tetrad (a series of four consecutive lunar eclipses —coinciding on Jewish holidays — with six full moons in between, and no intervening partial lunar eclipses) which began with the April 2014 lunar eclipse is a sign of the end times as described in the Bible in the Book of Joel, Acts 2:20 and Revelation 6:12. The tetrad ended with the lunar eclipse on September 27-28, 2015. (see what Haggee wrote).

[In January 2014, Mike Moore, the then General Secretary of Christian Witness to Israel, wrote a lengthy article dismissing the claims of Biltz and Hagee. Moore’s view was that no significance can be drawn from the eclipses]


David Brog, Executive Director of Christians United For Israel (CUFI), an American pro-Israel Christian organization

Further the rabbi looks at CUFI’s Jewish Executive Director, David Brog, who clearly serves to give cover to Christian Zionists, painting them as “mainstream” and not nearly as scary as their beliefs would indicate.

Steve Bannon at 2017 CPAC by Michael Vadon.jpg

Bannon at the 2017 CPAC

Next former naval officer, banker, radio host, research director, film producer and media executive, Breitbart editor Stephen Bannon, currently serving as assistant to the President and White House chief strategist in the Trump administration comes under the attention. His documentary “Destroying the Great Satan: The Rise of Islamic Facism (sic) in America” can give us an idea how his mind may be tormented by the fundamentalist evangelist teachings.

While most of the Jewish concern toward Bannon has primarily focused on his alt-right leanings and his personal comments about Jews, less attention has been given to his apocalyptic world view. Strongly influenced by generational theorists William Strauss and Neil Howe’s book “The Fourth Turning: What Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny”  Bannon ascribes to the theory that American history has operated in four-stage cycles, moving from major crisis to awakening to major crisis.


Preceding article

What to do in the Face of Global Anti-semitism


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Shalom Rav

gettyimages-632915360-1280x720 photo credit: Getty Images

In my previous post, I explored how Zionism has historically fed off of anti-Semites and anti-Semitic regimes to justify the need for a Jewish state. In this post, I’d like to discuss a phenomenon that has even more ominous resonance for the current political moment: the willingness of political Zionists, Israeli politicians and right wing Israel advocates to court the support of Christian millenarians and apocalyptic extremists.

Some history: In the century after the Protestant reformation, the religious ideology of millenarianism began to spread throughout Europe. Millenarianism took many forms, most of which were rooted in the belief that the physical restoration of the Jews to the land would be a necessary precursor to the apocalypse and the eventual second coming of the Messiah. This religious dogma was eventually brought by English Puritan colonists to North America, where it evolved into present-day Christian Zionism.

It is safe to…

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Voor Katholieken ook een jaarthema rond barmhartigheid

In een vorig bericht wezen wij er al op dat het niet kon uit blijven dat de kerkgemeenschap haar leden zou oproepen tot het tonen van meer barmhartigheid.

De kerk moest wel eens nader gaan kijken naar de huidige omstandigheden waar vele mensen zich vragen stellen bij de vele vluchtelingen.

Spanische Treppe in Rom

Spaanse Trappen in Rome (Foto credit: Wikipedia)

Op 8 december 2015 ging voor de Katholieken het ‘Jaar van de barmhartigheid’ van start. Daarbij roept de kerkelijke vader op om na te denken over hoe we in ons leven en in ons werk de barmhartigheid kunnen uitdragen en beleven. De kerkgemeenschap wil hierbij focussen op de geestelijke werken van barmhartigheid, die misschien minder gekend zijn dan de lichamelijke werken van barmhartigheid. Ook zij kunnen een hulp zijn om te groeien in ons geloof opdat wij in ons leven meer en meer op Jezus zouden gelijken.

De Kerk die ons helpt groeien en, met de hulp van het licht en de kracht van het Woord van God, ons de weg van de verlossing wijst en ons beschermt tegen het kwaad, moet een gemeenschap zijn die wordt gevormd door leden die als broeders en zusters door het leven willen gaan. Hierbij moeten die kerkleden zich ook open stellen als broeder en zuster tot anderen in hun omgeving.

Het wezenlijke in onze gemeenschap is volgens het Evangelie de barmhartigheid.

God heeft zijn Zoon gezonden. Deze gezondene van God heeft zich als mens volledig onderworpen aan zijn hemelse Vader, die hij eerde als de Enige Ware God en de mensheid Hem leerde kennen. In volledige overgave tot de God van Abraham, die ook onze God hoort te zijn, bood hij zich aan als zoenoffer om ons te verlossen, dat wil zeggen om ons zijn barmhartigheid te schenken. Jezus zegt het klaar en duidelijk wanneer hij zijn onderricht voor de leerlingen samenvat:

“Weest barmhartig zoals uw Vader barmhartig is” (Lukas 6,36).

Bestaat er een christen die niet barmhartig is? Neen. Een christen moet noodzakelijkerwijze barmhartig zijn, want dat is de kern van het Evangelie. En, trouw aan dit onderricht, kan de Kerk niet anders dan hetzelfde voor haar kinderen herhalen:

“Weest barmhartig”, zoals de Vader is en zoals Jezus geweest is.

Paus Franciscus I riep op 10 september 2014 al de gelovigen op om barmhartigheid te tonen. Hij riep de gelovigen op om zich te gedragen zoals Jezus en zei over de kerk dat ze geen theoretische lessen geeft over de liefde, over de barmhartigheid.

Ze verspreidt in de wereld niet, een filosofie, een weg van wijsheid…

zei hij. Vervolgend

Zeker, het christendom is dat ook en het is dat alles ook, maar als een gevolg, indirect. De moeder Kerk onderricht zoals Jezus, met het voorbeeld en woorden dienen om de betekenis van haar gebaren toe te lichten.

De moeder Kerk leert ons te eten te geven en te drinken aan wie honger en dorst heeft, te kleden wie naakt is. Hoe doet ze dat? Ze doet dat door middel van het voorbeeld van vele heilige mannen en vrouwen die dit op voorbeeldige wijze gedaan hebben; ze doet het ook door het voorbeeld van ontelbare vaders en moeders die aan hun kinderen leren dat wat wij over hebben, toekomt aan wie het noodzakelijke ontbeert. Het is belangrijk dit te weten. In de meest eenvoudige christelijke gezinnen is de regel van de gastvrijheid altijd heilig geweest: nooit ontbreekt er een schotel en een bed voor wie het nodig heeft. Eens verteld een moeder mij – in mijn vorige bisdom – dat ze haar kinderen – ze had er drie – wilde leren dat men wie honger heeft, moet helpen en te eten geven. Op een dag tijdens het middagmaal – vader was buitenshuis aan het werk – was zij met de drie kleine kinderen van ongeveer 7, 5 4 jaar aan tafel toen er aan de deur werd geklopt. Een heer vroeg te eten. De moeder zei: “Heb even geduld”. Ze is terug binnengegaan en heeft aan de kinderen gezegd: “Er is een meneer die te eten vraagt, wat doen we?” “We geven het hem mama, we geven het hem!” Ieder van hen had op het bord een biefstuk met frieten. “Heel goed, – zegt de mama – laten we de helft nemen van wat elk van jullie heeft, we geven hem de helft van de biefstuk van elk van jullie”. “Ah, neen, mamma dat is niet goed!” “Jij moet van het jouwe geven”. Zo heeft deze moeder haar kinderen geleerd te eten te geven van wat men zelf heeft. Een mooi voorbeeld dat mij erg geholpen heeft. “Ik heb geen overschot…” “Geef van wat je hebt!” Zo leert het de moeder Kerk. En jullie, de vele moeders die hier aanwezig zijn, jullie weten wat aan jullie kinderen te leren om, van de eigen dingen die ze hebben, te delen met wie in nood verkeert.

Vandaag zien wij veel mensen die enkel hun eigen op de eerste plaats zetten. Zij zijn het meest begaan met hun eigen ‘ik’. De ander wordt als een indringer aanschouwd. Velen willen enkel op zichzelf vertrouwen en anderen wantrouwen. Dit creëert sowieso al een barrière die het christelijk geloof in de weg staat. Als anderen dan ook nog eens hun aandacht opeisen doordat zij ziek of verzwakt zijn worden zij nog meer als een last aanschouwd.


De moeder Kerk leert nabij te blijven bij wie ziek is. Vele heilige mannen en vrouwen hebben Jezus op deze wijze gediend! En vele eenvoudige mannen en vrouwen brengen, elke dag dit werk van barmhartigheid in praktijk in een ziekenhuiskamer, of in een rusthuis, of thuis door wie ziek is bij te staan.

De moeder Kerk leert wie in de gevangenis is, nabij te zijn. “Maar Vader, neen, dat is gevaarlijk, dat is slecht volk”. Maar elk van ons is bekwaam… Weet wel: elk van ons is in staat te doen wat die man of vrouw die in de gevangenis zit, heeft gedaan. Allen hebben we de mogelijkheid tot zonde en om hetzelfde te doen, je in de loop van je leven te vergissen. Hij is niet slechter dan jij of ik! Barmhartigheid overstijgt elke muur, elke hindernis, en brengt je ertoe altijd op zoek te gaan naar het gelaat de mens, van de persoon. Het is de barmhartigheid die hart en leven verandert, die een persoon kan doen herleven en in staat stelt op een nieuwe wijze in de samenleving mee te doen.

Die samenleving is constant onder verandering en staat momenteel misschien meer onder druk dan al de voorgaande jaren na de afloop van de gruwel van beide wereld oorlogen. Indien wij echter niet opletten komen wij terug in een jaren dertig toestand van vorige eeuw. Het komt er op aan dat wij meer mensen bewust maken van onze taak als medeburger in een groter geheel waarbij wij een vrijheid wensen voor meerdere mensen uit verschillende culturen.

Als mensen op televisie gruwelbeelden zien komen nu en dan wel gevoelens los voor die gestorvenen. Maar waar blijft de aandacht voor de levenden die zo nabij zijn en voor dezen die zulk een gruwelen trachten te ontvluchten?

De paus herinnert er ons aan

De moeder Kerk leert nabij te blijven bij wie verlaten en alleen sterft. Dat heeft de zalige Teresa van Calcutta in de straten van Calcutta gedaan; dat hebben vele christenen gedaan die niet bang zijn om de hand vast te houden van wie op het punt staat deze wereld te verlaten. En ook in dit geval geeft barmhartigheid vrede zowel aan wie gaat als aan wie achterblijft. Zij doet ons ervaren dat God groter is dan de dood en dat voor wie in hem blijft ook het laatste afscheid een “tot weerziens” is… Dat had de zalige Teresa heel goed begrepen! Men zei haar:” Moeder dit is tijdverlies!” Zij bracht de stervenden die ze op straat vond en aan wier lichaam de straatratten reeds knaagden, naar huis zodat ze gereinigd, rustig, geliefd, in vrede konden sterven. Zij zei aan al dezen “Tot weerziens”. Vele mannen en vrouwen hebben gedaan wat zij deed. En zij worden daar door hen opgewacht [wijst naar de hemel] aan de deur, om voor hen de deur van de hemel te openen.

Mensen goed, in vrede, helpen sterven.

Geliefde broers en zussen, zo is de Kerk moeder, door haar kinderen de werken van barmhartigheid te leren.

zegt de Paus en vermeldt ook van wie die kerk dat geleerd heeft.

Van Jezus heeft zij deze weg geleerd, zij heeft geleerd dat dit het wezenlijke van de verlossing is. Het volstaat niet lief te hebben wie ons liefheeft. Jezus zegt dat ook de heidenen dat doen. Het volstaat niet goed te doen aan wie ons goed doet. Om de wereld ten goede te veranderen, komt het erop aan goed te doen aan wie het ons niet kan teruggeven, zoals de Vader met ons gedaan heeft door ons Jezus te geven. Hoeveel hebben wij betaald voor onze bevrijding? Niets, geheel gratis! Het goede doen zonder iets terug te verwachten. Zo heeft de Vader met ons gedaan en wij moeten hetzelfde doen. Doe het goede en ga verder!

Hoe goed is het te leven in de Kerk, in onze moeder Kerk die ons alles leert wat Jezus onderwezen heeft. Laten we de Heer danken die ons de genade geeft de Kerk als moeder te hebben, zij die ons de weg van de barmhartigheid leert, de weg van het leven. Laten we de Heer danken.

Na het Jaar van de diaconie – 2002-03 waarbij men wees op de zending om te dienen, nodigt de Katholieke kerk nu haar leden uit om niet enkel in het kerkgebouw te dienen maar om nog verder te dienen in de gemeenschap van ongelovigen en anders gelovigen.

Sprekend over het speciale jubileum jaar van barmhartigheid dat hij gelanceerd heeft op 8 december, wil paus Francis ons alsnog herinneren dat katholieken ontworpen zijn om over de hele wereld te leven en niet uitsluitend in Rome te leven. Hij herinnerde tijdens zijn wekelijkse algemene audiëntie op het Sint Pieters Plein woensdag de Italianen dat

“De [Heilige] Deur Jezus zelf duidt , die zei: ‘Ik ben de deur: als men door me gaat, zal hij [of zij] worden gered’ ‘”


“Door de Heilige Deur gaand is het teken van ons geloof in de Heer Jezus, die niet is gekomen om ons te richten, maar om ons te redden,”

zei de paus.

Roskilde kathedraal 11

Kerkdeuren die geopend moeten worden – Roskilde kathedraal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Begin vorig week, werden naar schatting 10.000 ‘heilige deuren’ in katholieke kerken over de hele wereld geopend.

De opening van deze ‘heilige deuren’ betekent dat iedereen – met inbegrip van vluchtelingen in Irak, ondergrondse katholieken in China, en de gevangenen in de paus geboorteland Argentinië – kan het jubileum verwennerij geassocieerd worden met het passeren van de Heilige Deur tot een ontvangen zou leiden dat bij het “Grote Jubileum” van het jaar 2000 alleen pelgrims die naar Rome konden reizen zouden kunnen genieten.

De verkoop van aflaten, houtsnede door Jörg Breu de Oudere uit Augsburg, circa 1530.

In het katholieke jargon zouden deze aflaten, beschouwd als “volle aflaten,” tijdelijke straf voor zonden verwijderen, zolang de ontvanger  ook naar de biecht gaat, communie ontvangt, en bidt voor de paus.

Zulke verzinsels, alsof God omkoopbaar zou kunnen zijn en alsof men zou afhangen van de vrijkoping van zonden van het geld dat men kan investeren in een kerk, worden nu toch een beetje getemperd doordat de paus niet zozeer om financiële bijdragen vraagt maar om daad kracht. Hij roept zijn gelovigen op om daadwerkelijk een helpende hand toe te steken naar de vluchtelingen. (Mij benieuwen hoeveel katholieken hier op ingaan en werkelijk de handen uit de mauwen steken.)

Diegenen die zich Christen noemen moeten leren om hun mond meer te openen en te durven opkomen voor de zwakkeren die niet kunnen spreken of waar niemand naar wil luisteren. Voor gelovigen is het nog belangrijker om te tonen waar zij staan. Zij die beweren Christen te zijn moeten dan ook waardig tonen dat zij Christus Jezus volgen. Zij moeten anderen nog duidelijker maken wat het verschil is tussen hen en goede burgers die medelevend zijn en anderen graag helpen.

Anderen moeten komen inzien waarom Christenen op een bepaalde wijze denken en handelen. Ook moeten wij durven laten zien wat ons inspireert en wat ons verder kan drijven dan anderen.

Laten wij van dat dienen in 2016 dan ook een mooi punt maken.


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