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Apocalyptic Extremism: No Longer a Laughing Matter


The American rabbi is convinced that many have been scratching their heads trying to figure out why on earth the government of Israel and writes in “Zionism’s Marriage of Convenience to Anti-Semitism” that so many staunch Zionists are just fine with the election of Donald Trump

– the darling of the anti-Semitic alt-right.

Zionism not being new he does find it having a

cozy, if somewhat Faustian relationship with anti-Semitism since its very origins.

He argues that

Theodor Herzl (born Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl) also known in Hebrew as חוֹזֵה הַמְדִינָה‎, Chozeh HaMedinah (lit. “Visionary of the State”) an Austro-Hungarian journalist, playwright, political activist, and writer who was one of the fathers of modern political Zionism. – in Basel, 1897

The founder of modern Zionism, Theodor Herzl never made a secret of his belief that his new movement would have to depend upon anti-Semitism and anti-Semites in order to create a Jewish state. In his pamphlet, “The Jewish State,” he suggested raising money for the effort by means of a “direct subscription,” adding that “not only poor Jews but also Christians who wanted to get rid of them would subscribe a small amount to this fund.”

Scholars such as Yehuda Bibas, Zvi Hirsch Kalischer and Judah Alkalai were already promoting Zionist ideas before him.

Herzl grew to believe that anti-semitism could not be defeated or cured, only avoided, and that the only way to avoid it was the establishment of a Jewish state where there would be place to co-operate with those anti-Semites he even thought could become their most dependable friends and allies. {his diary}

Russian imperial statesman Vyacheslav von Plehve, whose efforts to uphold autocratic principle, a police-bureaucratic government, minister of the interior and an infamous anti-Semite who encouraged the Kishinev pogroms on April 19 and 20, 1903, and a second, smaller riot that erupted in October 1905.

Herman S. Shapiro. “Kishinever shekhita, elegie” [Kishinev Massacre Elegy]. New York: Asna Goldberg, 1904. Irene Heskes Collection. The illustration in the center of this elegy depicts the April 1903 Kishinev massacre.

The most popular newspaper in Kishinev, the Russian-language anti-Semitic newspaper Бессарабец (Bessarabetz, meaning “Bessarabian“), published by Pavel Krushevan, regularly published articles with headlines such as “Death to the Jews!” and “Crusade against the Hated Race!” (referring to the Jews).

The Times published a forged dispatch by Vyacheslav von Plehve, the Minister of Interior, to the governor of Bessarabia, which supposedly gave orders not to stop the rioters.

Today it is again that same region in eastern Europe where again such hate against the Jews is growing and infecting the West of Europe, by mouth of the right wing neo fascist groups. As in the previous century Plehve’s would not have worried

as long as the Zionists encouraged emigration of Jews from Russia, the Russian authorities would not disturb them.

perhaps several living in the Balkan, East and West Europe would not mind giving them time to leave.

Rabbi Brant Rosen looks at British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour who is perhaps best remembered for his World War I statement (the Balfour Declaration) expressing official British approval of Zionism. Though he may be long been lionized as a Zionist hero, he wasn’t particularly well-known for his love for Jews or the Jewish people.

(see: 1917 Balfour Declaration, 1905 Aliens Act)

The rabbi writes:

Balfour spoke of the “undoubted evils which had fallen on the country from an alien immigration which was largely Jewish.” Balfour, like many Christians of his class, “did not believe that Jews could be assimilated into Gentile British society.”

In this regard, it is worth noting that the sole Jewish member of British government, Edwin Montagu, strongly objected to the Balfour Declaration, submitting a memorandum to the British cabinet in August 1917 that resonates with haunting prescience today:

I wish to place on record my view that the policy of His Majesty’s Government is anti-Semitic and in result will prove a rallying ground for Anti-Semites in every country in the world…When the Jews are told that Palestine is their national home, every country will immediately desire to get rid of its Jewish citizens, and you will find a population in Palestine driving out its present inhabitants…

When the Jew has a national home, surely it follows that the impetus to deprive us of the rights of British citizenship must be enormously increased. Palestine will become the world’s Ghetto. Why should the Russian give the Jew equal rights? His national home is Palestine. Why does Lord Rothschild attach so much importance to the difference between British and foreign Jews? All Jews will be foreign Jews, inhabitants of the great country of Palestine.

He also looks at the most troubling example of Zionist association with anti-Semitism which occurred in 1933, when the Jewish Agency struck a deal with the Nazis’ Economic Ministry known as the Ha’avrah (Transfer) agreement.

Today we may wonder how it could come so far that the Zionist movement came to negotiate with Nazi Germany in order to facilitate the transfer of German Jews and their property to Palestine.

(see also an essay for Yad Vashem’s Shoah Resource Center, Israeli historian Y’faat Weiss pointing out that the Nazi regime’s participation in the agreement was motivated both by a fear of the boycott and its desire to rid Germany of its Jews.)

For the rabbi

it is not difficult to understand why, on a practical level, the Zionist movement would find a perverse kind of common cause with anti-Semitic regimes. As a form of ethnic nationalism, Zionism has always been dependent upon the maintenance of a demographic majority of Jews in the land. It makes sense that Zionists have been willing to deal with nations that were more than happy to rid themselves of their Jews in order that they maintain their own national ethnic homogeneity.

Would there be a big problem that there was taken a “Faustian bargain” like Brant Rosen calls it?

I would not think that Zionism from its origin has

necessarily fed off the existence of anti-Semites to justify the need for a Jewish state.

because normally every Jews and sincere Christian would know that God had promised a Holy Land to the descendants of Abraham. What I well can see is that several secular Jews saw a good opportunity to enlarge their power and to get some own state where they would be really their own boss.

Even more tragically, as Edwin Montagu predicted, Jewish ethnic nationalism did indeed result in a “population in Palestine driving out its inhabitants.”

I think one big problem is that Israel has too many secular politicians who allow the extremist fundamentalist Jews to take in the land of others and are not worrying about the respect human beings have to show to other creations of the Most High Elohim.

Our Christian believe that Jerusalem shall have to become the capital of the Holy Land and God’s Kingdom should be known to all lovers of God and to be a reality the world has to cope with. In the end God His Kingdom shall anyway establish.

Like rabbi Brant Rosen writes Millenarianism has taken on many forms, most of which were rooted in the belief that the physical restoration of the Jews to the land would be a necessary precursor to the apocalypse and the eventual second coming of the Messiah. This religious dogma, brought by a.o. English Puritan colonists but also by very liberal non-trinitarian Christians to North America, could evolve into previous century and present-day Christian and Jewish Zionism.

Clean-shaven man in his 60s, with gray hair, wearing glasses, dressed in a dark suit and blue tie, speaking from behind a dark, varnished wooden lectern, with his right arm outstretched.  The front of the lectern is emblazoned with the Great Seal of the United States.

John Charles Hagee, the 5th of 6 pastors in his family, all of whom were named John Hagee, dating back to the colonial era.

In his second article he looks a.o. at Pastor John Hagee, founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church, a charismatic megachurch in San Antonio, Texas. He also is the the CEO of his non-profit corporation, Global Evangelism Television (GETV) and founder and National Chairman of the Christian-Zionist organization Christians United for Israel (CUFI), incorporated on February 7, 2006, the largest coalition of Evangelical Zionists in the world.

Hagee, who believes the Bible commands Christians to support the State of Israel and the Jewish people, is one of those American ‘prophets’ and doom preachers who makes his apocalyptic religious views clear.

The rabbi also looks at Hagee’s 2005 book (and not 2007) Jerusalem Countdown: A Warning to the World, where Hagee interprets the Bible to predict that Russia and the Islamic states will invade Israel and will be destroyed by God. This will cause the antichrist, (for Hagee) the head of the European Union, to create a confrontation over Israel between China and the West, getting Israel to be covered in “a sea of human blood.” .

Hagee’s attack against Christian antisemitism in his book Jerusalem Countdown claimed that Adolf Hitler’s antisemitism derived especially from his Catholic background (calling Hitler “a spiritual leader in the Catholic Church”), and that the Catholic Church under Pope Pius XII encouraged Nazism instead of denouncing it (pp. 79–81)

[The book echoes predictions made in The Late, Great Planet Earth, the best-selling 1970 book co-authored by Hal Lindsey and Carole C. Carlson.]

Rabbi Rosen also looks at Hagee’s more recent book, “Four Blood Moons,” in which Hagee promotes the Blood moon prophecy, and states that a tetrad (a series of four consecutive lunar eclipses —coinciding on Jewish holidays — with six full moons in between, and no intervening partial lunar eclipses) which began with the April 2014 lunar eclipse is a sign of the end times as described in the Bible in the Book of Joel, Acts 2:20 and Revelation 6:12. The tetrad ended with the lunar eclipse on September 27-28, 2015. (see what Haggee wrote).

[In January 2014, Mike Moore, the then General Secretary of Christian Witness to Israel, wrote a lengthy article dismissing the claims of Biltz and Hagee. Moore’s view was that no significance can be drawn from the eclipses]


David Brog, Executive Director of Christians United For Israel (CUFI), an American pro-Israel Christian organization

Further the rabbi looks at CUFI’s Jewish Executive Director, David Brog, who clearly serves to give cover to Christian Zionists, painting them as “mainstream” and not nearly as scary as their beliefs would indicate.

Steve Bannon at 2017 CPAC by Michael Vadon.jpg

Bannon at the 2017 CPAC

Next former naval officer, banker, radio host, research director, film producer and media executive, Breitbart editor Stephen Bannon, currently serving as assistant to the President and White House chief strategist in the Trump administration comes under the attention. His documentary “Destroying the Great Satan: The Rise of Islamic Facism (sic) in America” can give us an idea how his mind may be tormented by the fundamentalist evangelist teachings.

While most of the Jewish concern toward Bannon has primarily focused on his alt-right leanings and his personal comments about Jews, less attention has been given to his apocalyptic world view. Strongly influenced by generational theorists William Strauss and Neil Howe’s book “The Fourth Turning: What Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny”  Bannon ascribes to the theory that American history has operated in four-stage cycles, moving from major crisis to awakening to major crisis.


Preceding article

What to do in the Face of Global Anti-semitism


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Shalom Rav

gettyimages-632915360-1280x720 photo credit: Getty Images

In my previous post, I explored how Zionism has historically fed off of anti-Semites and anti-Semitic regimes to justify the need for a Jewish state. In this post, I’d like to discuss a phenomenon that has even more ominous resonance for the current political moment: the willingness of political Zionists, Israeli politicians and right wing Israel advocates to court the support of Christian millenarians and apocalyptic extremists.

Some history: In the century after the Protestant reformation, the religious ideology of millenarianism began to spread throughout Europe. Millenarianism took many forms, most of which were rooted in the belief that the physical restoration of the Jews to the land would be a necessary precursor to the apocalypse and the eventual second coming of the Messiah. This religious dogma was eventually brought by English Puritan colonists to North America, where it evolved into present-day Christian Zionism.

It is safe to…

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Voor Katholieken ook een jaarthema rond barmhartigheid

In een vorig bericht wezen wij er al op dat het niet kon uit blijven dat de kerkgemeenschap haar leden zou oproepen tot het tonen van meer barmhartigheid.

De kerk moest wel eens nader gaan kijken naar de huidige omstandigheden waar vele mensen zich vragen stellen bij de vele vluchtelingen.

Spanische Treppe in Rom

Spaanse Trappen in Rome (Foto credit: Wikipedia)

Op 8 december 2015 ging voor de Katholieken het ‘Jaar van de barmhartigheid’ van start. Daarbij roept de kerkelijke vader op om na te denken over hoe we in ons leven en in ons werk de barmhartigheid kunnen uitdragen en beleven. De kerkgemeenschap wil hierbij focussen op de geestelijke werken van barmhartigheid, die misschien minder gekend zijn dan de lichamelijke werken van barmhartigheid. Ook zij kunnen een hulp zijn om te groeien in ons geloof opdat wij in ons leven meer en meer op Jezus zouden gelijken.

De Kerk die ons helpt groeien en, met de hulp van het licht en de kracht van het Woord van God, ons de weg van de verlossing wijst en ons beschermt tegen het kwaad, moet een gemeenschap zijn die wordt gevormd door leden die als broeders en zusters door het leven willen gaan. Hierbij moeten die kerkleden zich ook open stellen als broeder en zuster tot anderen in hun omgeving.

Het wezenlijke in onze gemeenschap is volgens het Evangelie de barmhartigheid.

God heeft zijn Zoon gezonden. Deze gezondene van God heeft zich als mens volledig onderworpen aan zijn hemelse Vader, die hij eerde als de Enige Ware God en de mensheid Hem leerde kennen. In volledige overgave tot de God van Abraham, die ook onze God hoort te zijn, bood hij zich aan als zoenoffer om ons te verlossen, dat wil zeggen om ons zijn barmhartigheid te schenken. Jezus zegt het klaar en duidelijk wanneer hij zijn onderricht voor de leerlingen samenvat:

“Weest barmhartig zoals uw Vader barmhartig is” (Lukas 6,36).

Bestaat er een christen die niet barmhartig is? Neen. Een christen moet noodzakelijkerwijze barmhartig zijn, want dat is de kern van het Evangelie. En, trouw aan dit onderricht, kan de Kerk niet anders dan hetzelfde voor haar kinderen herhalen:

“Weest barmhartig”, zoals de Vader is en zoals Jezus geweest is.

Paus Franciscus I riep op 10 september 2014 al de gelovigen op om barmhartigheid te tonen. Hij riep de gelovigen op om zich te gedragen zoals Jezus en zei over de kerk dat ze geen theoretische lessen geeft over de liefde, over de barmhartigheid.

Ze verspreidt in de wereld niet, een filosofie, een weg van wijsheid…

zei hij. Vervolgend

Zeker, het christendom is dat ook en het is dat alles ook, maar als een gevolg, indirect. De moeder Kerk onderricht zoals Jezus, met het voorbeeld en woorden dienen om de betekenis van haar gebaren toe te lichten.

De moeder Kerk leert ons te eten te geven en te drinken aan wie honger en dorst heeft, te kleden wie naakt is. Hoe doet ze dat? Ze doet dat door middel van het voorbeeld van vele heilige mannen en vrouwen die dit op voorbeeldige wijze gedaan hebben; ze doet het ook door het voorbeeld van ontelbare vaders en moeders die aan hun kinderen leren dat wat wij over hebben, toekomt aan wie het noodzakelijke ontbeert. Het is belangrijk dit te weten. In de meest eenvoudige christelijke gezinnen is de regel van de gastvrijheid altijd heilig geweest: nooit ontbreekt er een schotel en een bed voor wie het nodig heeft. Eens verteld een moeder mij – in mijn vorige bisdom – dat ze haar kinderen – ze had er drie – wilde leren dat men wie honger heeft, moet helpen en te eten geven. Op een dag tijdens het middagmaal – vader was buitenshuis aan het werk – was zij met de drie kleine kinderen van ongeveer 7, 5 4 jaar aan tafel toen er aan de deur werd geklopt. Een heer vroeg te eten. De moeder zei: “Heb even geduld”. Ze is terug binnengegaan en heeft aan de kinderen gezegd: “Er is een meneer die te eten vraagt, wat doen we?” “We geven het hem mama, we geven het hem!” Ieder van hen had op het bord een biefstuk met frieten. “Heel goed, – zegt de mama – laten we de helft nemen van wat elk van jullie heeft, we geven hem de helft van de biefstuk van elk van jullie”. “Ah, neen, mamma dat is niet goed!” “Jij moet van het jouwe geven”. Zo heeft deze moeder haar kinderen geleerd te eten te geven van wat men zelf heeft. Een mooi voorbeeld dat mij erg geholpen heeft. “Ik heb geen overschot…” “Geef van wat je hebt!” Zo leert het de moeder Kerk. En jullie, de vele moeders die hier aanwezig zijn, jullie weten wat aan jullie kinderen te leren om, van de eigen dingen die ze hebben, te delen met wie in nood verkeert.

Vandaag zien wij veel mensen die enkel hun eigen op de eerste plaats zetten. Zij zijn het meest begaan met hun eigen ‘ik’. De ander wordt als een indringer aanschouwd. Velen willen enkel op zichzelf vertrouwen en anderen wantrouwen. Dit creëert sowieso al een barrière die het christelijk geloof in de weg staat. Als anderen dan ook nog eens hun aandacht opeisen doordat zij ziek of verzwakt zijn worden zij nog meer als een last aanschouwd.


De moeder Kerk leert nabij te blijven bij wie ziek is. Vele heilige mannen en vrouwen hebben Jezus op deze wijze gediend! En vele eenvoudige mannen en vrouwen brengen, elke dag dit werk van barmhartigheid in praktijk in een ziekenhuiskamer, of in een rusthuis, of thuis door wie ziek is bij te staan.

De moeder Kerk leert wie in de gevangenis is, nabij te zijn. “Maar Vader, neen, dat is gevaarlijk, dat is slecht volk”. Maar elk van ons is bekwaam… Weet wel: elk van ons is in staat te doen wat die man of vrouw die in de gevangenis zit, heeft gedaan. Allen hebben we de mogelijkheid tot zonde en om hetzelfde te doen, je in de loop van je leven te vergissen. Hij is niet slechter dan jij of ik! Barmhartigheid overstijgt elke muur, elke hindernis, en brengt je ertoe altijd op zoek te gaan naar het gelaat de mens, van de persoon. Het is de barmhartigheid die hart en leven verandert, die een persoon kan doen herleven en in staat stelt op een nieuwe wijze in de samenleving mee te doen.

Die samenleving is constant onder verandering en staat momenteel misschien meer onder druk dan al de voorgaande jaren na de afloop van de gruwel van beide wereld oorlogen. Indien wij echter niet opletten komen wij terug in een jaren dertig toestand van vorige eeuw. Het komt er op aan dat wij meer mensen bewust maken van onze taak als medeburger in een groter geheel waarbij wij een vrijheid wensen voor meerdere mensen uit verschillende culturen.

Als mensen op televisie gruwelbeelden zien komen nu en dan wel gevoelens los voor die gestorvenen. Maar waar blijft de aandacht voor de levenden die zo nabij zijn en voor dezen die zulk een gruwelen trachten te ontvluchten?

De paus herinnert er ons aan

De moeder Kerk leert nabij te blijven bij wie verlaten en alleen sterft. Dat heeft de zalige Teresa van Calcutta in de straten van Calcutta gedaan; dat hebben vele christenen gedaan die niet bang zijn om de hand vast te houden van wie op het punt staat deze wereld te verlaten. En ook in dit geval geeft barmhartigheid vrede zowel aan wie gaat als aan wie achterblijft. Zij doet ons ervaren dat God groter is dan de dood en dat voor wie in hem blijft ook het laatste afscheid een “tot weerziens” is… Dat had de zalige Teresa heel goed begrepen! Men zei haar:” Moeder dit is tijdverlies!” Zij bracht de stervenden die ze op straat vond en aan wier lichaam de straatratten reeds knaagden, naar huis zodat ze gereinigd, rustig, geliefd, in vrede konden sterven. Zij zei aan al dezen “Tot weerziens”. Vele mannen en vrouwen hebben gedaan wat zij deed. En zij worden daar door hen opgewacht [wijst naar de hemel] aan de deur, om voor hen de deur van de hemel te openen.

Mensen goed, in vrede, helpen sterven.

Geliefde broers en zussen, zo is de Kerk moeder, door haar kinderen de werken van barmhartigheid te leren.

zegt de Paus en vermeldt ook van wie die kerk dat geleerd heeft.

Van Jezus heeft zij deze weg geleerd, zij heeft geleerd dat dit het wezenlijke van de verlossing is. Het volstaat niet lief te hebben wie ons liefheeft. Jezus zegt dat ook de heidenen dat doen. Het volstaat niet goed te doen aan wie ons goed doet. Om de wereld ten goede te veranderen, komt het erop aan goed te doen aan wie het ons niet kan teruggeven, zoals de Vader met ons gedaan heeft door ons Jezus te geven. Hoeveel hebben wij betaald voor onze bevrijding? Niets, geheel gratis! Het goede doen zonder iets terug te verwachten. Zo heeft de Vader met ons gedaan en wij moeten hetzelfde doen. Doe het goede en ga verder!

Hoe goed is het te leven in de Kerk, in onze moeder Kerk die ons alles leert wat Jezus onderwezen heeft. Laten we de Heer danken die ons de genade geeft de Kerk als moeder te hebben, zij die ons de weg van de barmhartigheid leert, de weg van het leven. Laten we de Heer danken.

Na het Jaar van de diaconie – 2002-03 waarbij men wees op de zending om te dienen, nodigt de Katholieke kerk nu haar leden uit om niet enkel in het kerkgebouw te dienen maar om nog verder te dienen in de gemeenschap van ongelovigen en anders gelovigen.

Sprekend over het speciale jubileum jaar van barmhartigheid dat hij gelanceerd heeft op 8 december, wil paus Francis ons alsnog herinneren dat katholieken ontworpen zijn om over de hele wereld te leven en niet uitsluitend in Rome te leven. Hij herinnerde tijdens zijn wekelijkse algemene audiëntie op het Sint Pieters Plein woensdag de Italianen dat

“De [Heilige] Deur Jezus zelf duidt , die zei: ‘Ik ben de deur: als men door me gaat, zal hij [of zij] worden gered’ ‘”


“Door de Heilige Deur gaand is het teken van ons geloof in de Heer Jezus, die niet is gekomen om ons te richten, maar om ons te redden,”

zei de paus.

Roskilde kathedraal 11

Kerkdeuren die geopend moeten worden – Roskilde kathedraal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Begin vorig week, werden naar schatting 10.000 ‘heilige deuren’ in katholieke kerken over de hele wereld geopend.

De opening van deze ‘heilige deuren’ betekent dat iedereen – met inbegrip van vluchtelingen in Irak, ondergrondse katholieken in China, en de gevangenen in de paus geboorteland Argentinië – kan het jubileum verwennerij geassocieerd worden met het passeren van de Heilige Deur tot een ontvangen zou leiden dat bij het “Grote Jubileum” van het jaar 2000 alleen pelgrims die naar Rome konden reizen zouden kunnen genieten.

De verkoop van aflaten, houtsnede door Jörg Breu de Oudere uit Augsburg, circa 1530.

In het katholieke jargon zouden deze aflaten, beschouwd als “volle aflaten,” tijdelijke straf voor zonden verwijderen, zolang de ontvanger  ook naar de biecht gaat, communie ontvangt, en bidt voor de paus.

Zulke verzinsels, alsof God omkoopbaar zou kunnen zijn en alsof men zou afhangen van de vrijkoping van zonden van het geld dat men kan investeren in een kerk, worden nu toch een beetje getemperd doordat de paus niet zozeer om financiële bijdragen vraagt maar om daad kracht. Hij roept zijn gelovigen op om daadwerkelijk een helpende hand toe te steken naar de vluchtelingen. (Mij benieuwen hoeveel katholieken hier op ingaan en werkelijk de handen uit de mauwen steken.)

Diegenen die zich Christen noemen moeten leren om hun mond meer te openen en te durven opkomen voor de zwakkeren die niet kunnen spreken of waar niemand naar wil luisteren. Voor gelovigen is het nog belangrijker om te tonen waar zij staan. Zij die beweren Christen te zijn moeten dan ook waardig tonen dat zij Christus Jezus volgen. Zij moeten anderen nog duidelijker maken wat het verschil is tussen hen en goede burgers die medelevend zijn en anderen graag helpen.

Anderen moeten komen inzien waarom Christenen op een bepaalde wijze denken en handelen. Ook moeten wij durven laten zien wat ons inspireert en wat ons verder kan drijven dan anderen.

Laten wij van dat dienen in 2016 dan ook een mooi punt maken.


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You might be an extrimist if …

Each person is responsible for his or her own choice. We all have to check how we and others behave and relate it to the reality of life.

We all should allow others the same freedom we want ourselves, this in the understanding that the freedom is respecting the freedom of the other.

In life we always shall encounter others with a different idea than ours. We always shall meet others who have other opinions, other tastes, other lifestyle, and we should respect their way of living like they also should accept our way of living, as long as that way of living does not disturb the other.

Somehow we always shall have to find a consensus in life, trying to reach to an agreement so that each person can have his or her relative freedom outdoors in public, but full freedom in their own home, between the four walls of the living quarters.

What do Religious fundamentalists (Islamic, Christian, etc.), White Nationalists (or Black Nationalists, or Hispanic Nationalists, etc.), Sovereign Citizens, Anarchists, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and “Conspiracy Theorists” all have in common?

They all have strong ideologies or opinions that in some form or fashion create competition and opposition to the dominant power structure and the elite that control it. These are ideologies that supersede the allegiance to the State in the minds and hearts of those individuals who subscribe to them. These are ideologies that if left alone, threaten the power monopoly of the State, which is why the State will either seek to infiltrate and “co-opt” them, so as to use them for its own purposes, or it will seek to destroy them.


To remember

  • Religious fundamentalism = strict adherence to particular religion + its doctrine
  • violent Islamic extremism (typically government enabled and funded) = used to de-stabilize various regions resistant to Globalism => goal = to be absorbed into a Corporate Global Monoculture based in consumerism + debt slavery.
  • Nationalism, gaining steam in Europe = belief that state, acting as an extension of a particular culture, tribe, folk, or race needs to remain sovereign + maintain ability for self-determination, free of influence or pressure from outside nations or groups.
  • Factions of Power Elite used Nationalism to their advantage in the past
  • Sovereign Citizens or “Freeman” essentially reject notion that State has any legitimate authority over their lives.
  • Anarchists = similar ideology to Sovereign Citizens = do not believe in the legitimacy of the State or government at all whatsoever + not believe that any group or individual has the right do declare itself as an authority over another.
  • Anarchists believe = any imposition upon an individual’s free will (including taxation and imprisonment) that isn’t self-defense is immoral and illegitimate.
  • Anarchy =/= “without rules”=> = “without rulers
  • Libertarianism ~=~ “Anarchy Lite”.
  • Libertarians = many of same beliefs as Anarchists + believe in some form of severely limited representative government + anti-imperialism.
  • Libertarians often identify as “fiscally conservative” but “socially liberal” + “pro-choice
  • Constitutionalists = similar to Libertarians in ideology +> specifically hold allegiance to Bill of Rights + (U.S.) Constitution. >>> many Constitutionalists = conservative Christian + “pro-life
  • Constitutionalists reject idea that Constitution is a “living document” open to free interpretation that changes with the times.
  • Conspiracy Theorists” = blanket term used to apply to pretty much anyone that believes that governments lie or that small groups of people meet in secret + make plans.
  • “Conspiracy Theorists” run gamut as far as areas of focus, from false-flag terrorism to U.F.O. cover-ups, nearly all of them point to secrecy, deception + outright lawless actions being perpetrated by the State in the past or in the present.
  • “Conspiracy Theorists”=~=  “belief in a New World Order conspiracy” = nothing more + nothing less than logical end-result of Trans-National Corporate Globalism.
  • feudal lords” sit in offshore tax havens + fortified compounds = sit atop this “pyramid”
  • Judeo-Zionist, Anglo-American + European elites primarily drive New World Order = comprehensive system of dominance in financial, corporate, and government spheres where the most ruthless rise to the top => system tailor-made for psychopaths = cooperation in the manner of a group of cartels.
  • New World Order” = Global Corporate Mega-State.
  • => governments aren’t afraid of terrorism = Governments have used terrorism for quite some time to advance their own power.
  • State seeks to establish itself as God (although it will never say that) + wants you to look to it for life + sustenance + safety + security => State = provider, parent + master.
  • State wants “poor and oppressed” to look to it for hope, opportunity, + charity = will give in exchange for loyalty + elimination of its enemies. The State must crush any + all competition + must silence any + all dissent or ridicule + will choose what words + language is appropriate + will decide what technology you can + can’t have.
  • State wants you to consume more and more + to be self-absorbed + apathetic +wants you to care about frivolous things + obsess over mindless entertainment + wants you to believe you can only be what it says you can be.
  • State wants you to believe everything its “experts” + media pundits tell you = State dictate your reality.


  • At the end of the day > “extremist” = anyone who does not agree with legitimacy of the power monopoly of the State + its attempt to dictate reality.
  • Humanity = at a fork in the road => time coming where we will all have to make “hard choice” = Honest, sincere, conscious action will be required of us.

Ex·trem·ist (n):
Somebody who holds extreme or radical political or religious beliefs;
(adj): involving, typical of, or motivated by extreme opinions, especially in politics or religion.

Rad·i·cal (adj):
Favoring or making economic, political, or social changes of a sweeping or extreme nature.

Ter·ror·ist (n):
Somebody who uses violence or the threat of violence, especially bombing, kidnapping, and assassination, to intimidate, often for political purposes.

The above listed terms and their definitions are ones that we as Americans, as well as people in Western nations in general, have become all too familiar with. Here in the States, the “War on Terror” has officially gone on for over 14 years now, and shows no sign of stopping. As myself and many others have previously stated, it is not something that is ever meant to end, as it enriches the Military Industrial Complex both in military operations abroad, as well as…

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My Choice (by Jezabel Jonson)

I would not say a person has to undergo certain situations to have an idea of what is going on in such circumstance. People can have some idea of what a person must or can undergo in a certain situation. We also do know that every person in a similar situation undergoes it differently.

Not one abortion by woman is the same as an abortion by an other woman.

In this world of a lot of violence also not all unwanted babies do come from horrible situations, like rape or unwanted sex. We also must be aware that because of no allowance or of no provision or of economical difficulties to provide for contraceptive pills, condoms and/or implanon (the rod) the world also sees about 21.6 million women each year with unsafe abortions, adolescents suffering the most from complications and having the highest unmet need for contraception ‒ yet are still not perceived as eligible for “family planning” in many countries.

We also in many countries can find medical abuse, such as refusal to provide pain relief or the use of caesarean section to avoid doing a second trimester abortion that would be illegal (Argentina) or to save the life of the baby when the woman has asked for an abortion (Ireland, Paraguay).

For those persons to come to a decision which is going to change their life for ever is not easy and often underestimated.

In our society we also have to take certain responsibilities which give no excuse to accuse the one who has become pregnant. To incriminate the person with child is an easy way to escape the responsibility of not having guided her when she was young and without child. Before things happened female beings should have learned about ways to prevent and in case something went wrong how to avoid a pregnancy (e.g. after-morning pill).

Though when no help is offered or no knowledge about safe ways was there when the person comes to know she is pregnant it will be up to that person herself to make decisions, which not always will be easy to make.

In the West the decision to have an abortion would be totally different than in China were there are about 13 million abortions conducted every year. The US, by comparison, which has about one-quarter of the population, conducts around one million annually. Forced abortions, as part of the government’s one-child policy, have long been used to contain the country’s population since the 1980’s. It is more common to see an ad for “painless abortions” than for condoms in China.

The Holy Father talks frequently about spiritual struggle, as a devoted follower of St Ignatius Loyola would do. He has clearly condemned abortion on many occasions, and he has said that the “door is closed” to the ordination of women to the priesthood. At the same time in many other denominations the woman is still a second citizens and seems to be there only to reproduce. But as Pope Francis I has so deftly demonstrated, respect for life does not fit neatly into left or right, liberal or conservative. Undocumented workers’ lives are worth respect. Unborn life is worth respect. Muslim refugees’ lives are worth respect. The handicapped, the elderly, the patient with cancer or a brain tumour – their lives are worth respect. Criminals in prison – even on death row- their lives are worth respect. The Catholic Church, according the Pope, has always faithfully taught that every life is precious.

The Bible for sure has taught that and still demands human beings to have respect for every living soul. This respect is for all living beings (plants, animals, people) and that is so often forgotten by those who want to throw stones to people who have chosen to end the life of a foetus. What we also see and hear is that of those protesting against abortion there are many who are against the abolition of weapons and against the abolition of the death penalty. Suddenly there it does not seem to be wrong to take life of some other living being (be it a man, a woman, an animal, but also even not a child) Is that not a hypocritic attitude of many Americans?

We all better should listen to those people who had the experience, for whatever reason, to be put in front of the decision-making.

It is wrong to think mishaps only happen to certain people or even only to yourself. No one is excluded from certain unpleasant happenings in life. Therefore we should be well aware that others can have had certain experiences we never would like to have but which we also not would like to have others, or when there are people who had to undergo certain experiences that they find ways out of it and can find ways to come back on the right track of a better life.

The witnessing on Jezabel and Catt therefore is important and may not be ignored.
We all must be aware that every day somewhere in the world living souls are confronted with
“The good, the bad, and the ugly. ” and perhaps then it is better to have “No censorship, no bullshit, no knights in shining armour.”

Lets face reality and help each other to bear it.


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Jezabel & Catt

I want to talk about abortion. I want to talk about my abortion.

I don’t want this blog to turn into a pro choice versus anti abortion discussion. I merely want to share my experience about a very personal and difficult time in my life.  Everyone has their own opinions and everyone will have some form of judgement when they read this. The fact is, that is your opinion and your judgement. Not mine.

So, here goes. When I was 21 I fell pregnant. It was an accident, I didn’t plan it and I was scared. I was at university, I had just met this man and I was petrified. I was scared not just for the 21 year old girl with stars in her eyes, I was also scared about how I would be treated when I admitted to myself I didn’t want a baby.

As a woman in…

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