Love is free share it

Love is free
Why are we not spreading it around?
Love is what our world needs most;
Why are we not letting it go round?
Love is what we need to heal the world;
Why are we not healing the world with it?
Let love flow;
Let love go round;
That is what the world needs;
And it’s all free to give;
It costs nothing to share it;
You lose nothing sharing it to all we meet.
Let’s let love go round.


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2 responses to “Love is free share it

  1. Instead of letting us being carried away by those who preach hate, we should be stronger than those fear mongers and proclaim the Good News and share our Agapè love with all those we encounter.

    Love is free, so why are so many so selfish just to want it only for themselves, instead of being pleased it is also something which can be shared freely?

    That we all may make work of it, to share it abundantly without any limitation.


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