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Institutional Racism

Not only the United States of America has its problems with racism. It is a growing problem in Europe as well where populism and nationalism are gaining terrain.

Several right-wing politicians are helping it to grow and use the immigration as their flagship to make people afraid for Mohammedanism. At the same time the other politicians are too much afraid to loose votes, by giving a clear voice against the exclusion of certain people and religions.

From the church, synagogues and mosques are not enough voices coming up and letting people see their true face.

We can not longer stand at the side and be silent. We do have to play our role to have people their eyes opened and to overcome to see the differences which are not and should not frighten us. We should take care to be in time to disarm those who take every effort to blacken others and to have those who have a gloomy side of things to see the world more positive and to see the others not as a threat.

We need the right people to show others are not the menace to fear, and that we can live together in peace with a multicultural society, which shall enrich us more than deteriorating us.

It is high time to see those to stand up who can and will be the ones who reform policing and empower all to build up one united society.


To remember

  • Much of the resistance to government intervention and assistance comes down to a belief that “They” are getting the benefits – the mysterious “other” that is easily blamed for everything. It prevents us from having a useful discussion about “Us”, a free and united people ready to tackle the changes of our world bravely and directly.
  • White Privilege is generally little more than the benefit of the doubt. But when the volume is turned up and the noise is deafening, only baser senses remain. The simple benefit of the doubt often adrenalizes into violent, destructive action. {White Privilege}
  • A simple assumption accelerates into a terrible collision. {White Privilege}
  • society as a whole is still incapable of comprehending how simple yet terrible it is. {White Privilege}
  • We won’t end racism overnight, but we can continue to make progress.
  • There is a horrible lack of leadership everywhere in the developed world right now > requires strategic thinking, + strategy = horribly under-appreciated. {Strategy as Leadership}
  • separation between Strategy and Tactics is what usually trips people up. {Strategy as Leadership}
  • lack of leadership we see at the top = merely a reflection of the lack of understanding of leadership throughout our society, which is to say how to think strategically.{Strategy as Leadership}
  • institutional racism, =/= issue defeated head-on > Once lines are set => frozen. Everyone hunkered down in a defensive position, ready for the attacks. => quickly dissolves into trench warfare, = nasty game of inches rather than yards.
  • It will take understanding, love, patience, + humor to get at the heart of racism.
  • key = to engage it in a way that disarms majority of people who have racist thoughts but are empathetic enough to realize it is wrong. They need tools to cope and an invitation to stand proud rather than hunker down defensively.


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Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

For Dr. King’s Day, we have to acknowledge there is a war on between races.  It is a war which can only tear this nation apart, as it has done for centuries.  This,from 2016, is on how we have to engage it.

My thesis is this: there is nothing more important to the future of our nation than ending racism, particularly institutional racism. This has become a desperate matter of survival for far too many people when it comes to the issue of police killings. These tragedies happen disproportionately to minorities largely because of racism.

Yet the problem goes far beyond that. There is not a single issue in this nation which does not ultimately become polarized and frozen by race. Much of the resistance to government intervention and assistance comes down to a belief that “They” are getting the benefits – the mysterious “other” that is easily blamed for…

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Anti-Semitic pressure driving Jews out of Europe

It can not go unnoticed, since a decade lots of Jews feel the pressure of the growing anti-Semitism and an aversion against the Divine Creator. Some even feel like it is again as in the 1930ies and the fear is great that Jews could be experiencing the most difficult situation they have encountered since the end of World War II.

Portrait de Francis Kalifat

Francis Kalifat, Président du Cirf

The Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France is fully aware of the bad situation and the 11th president of it looks at the present situation with Argus eyes. For him the Western world may not neglect the reason why we can see such a record emigration by Jews from France.

For him the year that lies before us is one full of challenges.

I hear pre-conceived ideas and dogma along with populist statements from some, and totalitarian reactions from more radical minds.

he says, looking at our society which is suffering and facing a climate of mistrust. Many French people are afraid or angry and democracy is on the back foot. According to an IPSOS survey taken in November last year, 32% of French people think that other political regimes would be equally effective. They long for a world of times gone by, looking for scapegoats and sweeping changes. This want to find a guilty one we can find back at several occasions in the past and today in many countries all over the world where the far right is gaining popularity.

Racist and anti-Semitic comments creep up out of the sewers, meeting an indifferent response or emerge from the online echo chamber of Facebook friends. And where there are disgraceful comments, there is always someone ready to laugh, offer approval or justification.

remarked Francis Kalifat, the Crif President at a speech at the annual Crif’s dinner 2017, where he said

When I take a step back, I am struck by a profound realisation: those in France who have a problem with Jews and Israel almost always have a problem with democracy, the rule of law and individual liberties. And vice-versa.

Ilan Halimi

Ilan Halimi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following the murder of Ilan Halimi in 2006 and the massacre at the Ozar Ha Torah school in Toulouse in 2012, anti-Jewish hatred once again reared its ugly head in France on 9th January 2015 and thus reinforced the feeling of solitude and abandonment that had started to engulf the Jewish community.

Partly because of anti-Semitic violence that included hundreds of anti-Semitic incidents annually in recent years, and dozens of physical assaults, lots of Jewish brethren ans sisters found it wiser to look for other pastures.

Since 2012, attacks on Jewish targets by French Islamists in France and Belgium claimed the lives of 12 people. Last year, roughly 8,000 French Jews left for Israel — the highest number on record for any year, which made France for the second year straight Israel’s largest provider of newcomers.

We heard already of certain quarters which got French names, because so many French people came to settle over there. According to figures seen by AFP in total, 40,000 French Jews have emigrated between 2006 and the end of 2016.

“The aliyah (the act of moving to Israel) of French Jews has been significant over the last decade,”

said Daniel Benhaim, who heads the Israeli-backed group in France, and agreed that insecurity had been a “catalyst” for many Jews who were already thinking of leaving.

The French Jewish community is the biggest in Europe and is thought to number around 500,000 people. In the 1970ies there where also a lot of Jews in Antwerp, but their number has decreased a lot.

Bruxelles rue des Minimes 21.jpg

The Jewish Museum of Belgium, between the Sablon in central Brussels and Brussels South, pictured in 2009

The Jewish communities form the Benelux and France were shocked in 2006 by the kidnapping and brutal anti-Semitic killing of a young Jewish man, Ilan Halimi, in the Paris suburbs, which was followed by a shooting in a Jewish school in the southwest city of Toulouse in 2012.
Two years later on 24 May 2014, in Brussels a gunman opened fire at the Jewish Museum of Belgium, killing four people. Three died at the scene; a fourth was taken to the hospital and died on 6 June. The attack is being investigated as terrorism by Belgian authorities. Several more threats followed on Belgian as well as on French Jewish sites, often coming from people having links with radical Islamists. By those terrorists many youngster felt called to do horrible things, not even afraid to carry loads of bombs from one place to another. Home made bombs but also professional weapons switched hands easily, to bring fear and terror in name of Allah.

Emblem of  United Nations Arabic: الأمم المتحدةSimplified Chinese: 联合国French: Organisation des Nations uniesRussian: Организация Объединённых НацийSpanish: Naciones Unidas  It also did not help that the problems of the settlers in Israel and the relationship between Israeli and Palestinian governement did not progress in the good direction. The anti-Israel resolution of the UN being considered by Israel as a “no” to the possibility of peace. Israel having the impression the UN gave a sign to continue on the path of terrorism and incitement.

Since the attacks of November 2015 the West of the European continent came to realise that it is the whole of our society has come under attack. It is not just any more about Jews, Israel, Christendom, Belgium or France but the citizens their culture, freedom, way of life and world view.

All French people are now aware that they are at threat and we are slowly but surely regaining our position on the national stage. We have always been vigilant and concerned and now we continue to be so. We remain alert and know that we are still the preferred target of Islamist totalitarianism. Today, we are no longer indifferent targets.

said Francis Kalifat.

Some now may have come to think it is more a battle against Islam. they should know fighting against Islam is as wrong as fighting against Judaism or Christianity. the world has to see it are just a few extremists who make life difficult for a whole group of people. Because the Brussels attacks of March 22, 2016 and later the Marseille and Nice attacks the governments focused Islamic terrorists and people where more afraid of such further terrorist acts. This made that 2016 saw a net drop in anti-Semitic acts and threats: a 58% reduction compared with 2015, though anti-Islamic acts also dropped by the same amount.

Kalifat warned that nevertheless, anti-Semitism remains at a historic high. Jewish people, who represent under 1% of the population, remained a focal point of over 30% of all reported racist acts committed in France throughout 2016, being subject to 335 anti-Semitic acts and threats.

The tell-tale signs of anti-Semitism never seem to be far away.

Probably less Jews where victims of harassment because the Jewish quarters had everywhere soldiers patrolling. The increased police patrols also made lost of place less vulnerable, which can also be seen in the lesser amount of robberies.

Leaders of French Jewry may have expressed both relief over the defeat of the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in the presidential elections and concern over her receiving more than a third of the vote, they may not forget that those 11 million voters for the extreme right party can perhaps be only part of the many right wingers who would love all Jews and Muslims out of their ‘Catholic’ country.

Joel Mergui, the president of the Consistoire, was very fast to react on Sunday evening in a statement by his group, which is responsible for providing religious services to Jews to say he was happy with the result of Emmanuel Macron being elected president,

“which constitutes a veritable relief for all our nation and for the Jewish community of France”.

Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia, who is employed by the Consistoire, also spoke of his satisfaction from the vote. But in his statement, Korsia also referenced concerns over the support shown to Le Pen and those who would like to ban wearing Jewish and Muslim religious symbols in public, ritual slaughter and the provision of pork-free meals in school cafeterias, like they also have done in Belgium.

The ban for the religious symbols in the Belgian state schools is idiotic, because state-schools should just show they are free of any religious bias and that they are open to all sorts of religion. That ban is already some years in use by several Belgian schools and recently some complaints where made that elderly homes and prisons still provided pork-free meals. at first there was only a ban on ritual slaughter in private homes by ordinary citizens, but from 2017 onward there shall be a total ban of ritual slaughter in Belgium, which shall make it very difficult for religious Jews, Muslims and certain Christians to have kosher or halal meat from the own country. As long as importation would not be a problem, work of it can made that way, but it will also undermine the countries own economy.

Kalifat, who has lobbied intensively in favour of Macron in recent days, wrote optimistically on Twitter that everything starts now.

And that is what we can hope for … that a new start is made to bring non-Jews to come to understand why certain regulations are so important for the Jewish community, who want to put God’s mitzvot above the laws of man.

Also it is getting time that non-Jews come to see that there is a difference between secular (or apikorsim) – political Jews and religious Jews, who want to live according to the Law of God.

We only can hope that the new French president shall make work to bring Europeans of all sorts of religions together to live in peace and that he with the European Unions also shall try to get both parties Israel to come to negotiate directly in order to reach a point where they can live side by side in peace and security. All parties involved should recognise that as well as for Jews, Christians and Muslims, all having their faith build on the same root, our patriarch Abraham, that for all of them Jerusalem is a holy place. Real lovers of God, be them Jews, Christians or Muslims do know that Jerusalem in the end shall become the capital of the world. Therefore the lovers of God should also stimulate their politicians to get the political groups around the table to find a good solution for reconciliation and lasting peace.

I would love to see that all shall be able to come to believe that big picture Mr Kalifar wished to reiterate

that Israel is a democracy, a State respecting the rule of law and a country of freedoms. It is a democracy which has held 5 general elections since 2003 and now counts 13 Arab members among a total of 120 in the Knesset. This State, which respects the rule of law, is also home to a Supreme Court and judges whose independence is renowned and rulings are just.  It is a country where all are free to practice or change religion, or indeed not to follow one at all. It is a country where Jews, Christians and Muslims are afforded access to their holy sites within the ancient city of Jerusalem.  June 2017 will see the 50th anniversary of that freedom. Previously, and for centuries, Jews could do no more than dream of and pray for as much.




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Politici handig gebruik makend van immigranten en jihad angst

Zonder levensbeschouwelijke tolerantie kan een open samenleving niet functioneren,
dan is vrijheid onbestaande en diversiteit onmogelijk.

Eerst waren er Groot-Brittannië en daarna de Verenigde staten van America waar een mooiprater en/of bullebak handig gebruik wist te maken van de angst voor immigranten. Nu loeren in Nederland en Frankrijk het zelfde fenomeen om de hoek.

Wat in Nederland op valt is dat daar wel politiekers toch nog een andere troef willen uitspelen. Men kan het zelfs prachtig vinden dat politici zich inspannen om de christelijke traditie en geloof te herwaarderen. Men kan ook zeggen dat daar ook grote behoefte aan is, zowel in religieus als in cultureel opzicht.

Maar niet vanwege het goedkoop binnenharken van christelijke stemmers. En niet om te worden gebruiken als stok om de Islam mee te slaan.

schrijft de belijdend rooms-katholiek en academisch theoloog kan Frank Bosman niets anders concluderen dat de Westerse beschaving is gestoeld op twee millennia christelijke cultuur. Maar dezer dagen kijkt hij op hoe politici hem willen strikken om hun agenda van anti moslim gevoelen of zelfs moslimhaat door te voeren

Ik wens als christen niet misbruikt te worden om mijn moslimzusters en –broeders af te weren. Ik wens in hen het gelaat van de Christus te zien, die mij wenend aanklaagt omdat ik niet genoeg gedaan heb ‘voor de minsten van mijn broeders en zusters’ (Matteüs 25)

bevestigd Bosman die zich gisteren misbruikt voelde in het programma De Tafel van Tijs.

Ik voelde me misbruikt als christen. Of eigenlijk als christelijke stemmer. Voor de zoveelste keer misbruikt door politieke bewegingen die vlak voor de verkiezingen ‘mijn’ christendom willen gebruiken als hefboom om vreemdelingen, asielzoekers of moslims te kunnen wegzetten als tweederangs burgers. Ik pas daar beleefd maar zeer nadrukkelijk voor. {Christenen worden misbruikt voor anti-Islamretoriek}

In tegenstelling tot België waar de politici niet liever zouden hebben dat het geloof volledig uit het burgerleven verbannen zou worden en waar wij nu al moeten toezien hoe in rijks- of openbare scholen geen geloofssymbolen meer mogen gedragen worden door de leerlingen noch in de ruimten mogen vertoond worden. Daartegenover staat haaks de Katholieke scholen waarvan men zou denken dat zij enkel toezien op Katholiek gelovigen, waar dan wel de klederdracht volgens het geloof mag zijn en waar bij er zelfs scholen zijn die een bidruimte voor de moslims hebben ingericht. Nochtans zouden publieke scholen een voorbeeld van verdraagzaamheid moeten zijn en alle geloven naast elkaar zich zichtbaar moeten laten uiten.

De burgermeester van Mechelen, Bart Somers, vanuit zijn ervaringen in Mechelen schrijft dat zich religieus verbonden voelen niet fout is zolang dit ook gebeurt in een juiste verhouding met de huidige samenleving. Hij schrijft ook dat wanneer mensen zich afsluiten in hun religieuze gemeenschap en zich afsnijden van anderen, ze vastgepind worden op één allesbepalende identiteit …

dan krijg je eendimensionale, verschraalde mensen. {“Samen leven, een hoopvolle strategie tegen IS” , Bart Somers}

Een citaat van Bart Somers is ook de essentie van het boek “Het huis van de moskee”:

Door in onze medeburgers alleen nog maar de moslim te zien vergeten wij dat het mensen zijn zoals jij en ik. {“Het huis van de moskee”}

Het is juist door mensen zodanig te labellen en met de vinger te wijzen dat zij zich gaan afzonderen of getto’s gaan vormen, welke de integratie tegen gaat en maakt dat er makkelijker een onnavolgbare negatieve ontwikkeling kan plaats grijpen.

Dezer dagen zien wij mensen anderen verachten en een onverdraagzame houding aan nemen waarbij zij anderen in mee willen betrekken. Hierdoor worden velen uitgedaagd door mensen die onze democratische rechtstaat verachten, door zij die ons provoceren door bommen en terreur en door populisten.

Bart Somers

In het boek “Samen leven, een hoopvolle strategie tegen IS” dat Bart Somers opgedragen heeft aan zijn oom die met 15 jaar “in uniform” in Duitsland is gestorven, kan men lezen dat zonder levensbeschouwelijke tolerantie een open samenleving niet kan functioneren, dat vrijheid onbestaande is en diversiteit onmogelijk. Hij stelt ook dat

Door in onze medeburgers alleen nog maar de moslim te zien vergeten wij dat het mensen zijn zoals jij en ik. {Bart Somers bij verscheidene gelegenheden}

En toch dienen wij met engagement weerwerk te verrichten door meer in te zetten op vrijheid en tolerantie, mensenrechten en democratie …Een strijd om de ziel van onze samenleving.

Kader Abdolah (pseudonym of Hossein Sadjadi Gh...

Kader Abdolah (pseudoniem van Hossein Sadjadi Ghaemmaghami Farahani), in Iran geboren Nederlandse schrijver en zijn dochter Bahar Abdolah, die co-auteur is van een van zijn boeken (Foto credit: Wikipedia)

Kader Abdolah in zijn boek “Het huis der moskee” waarin hij de geschiedenis van Iran verteld vanuit het spanningsveld tussen religie en maatschappij, beschrijft hoe in het vroegere Perzië de islam het fundament was van een ganse cultuur en haar samenleving later verwesterd werd in de richting van een modern Teheran en Iran. In latere jaren werd de Iraanse maatschappij andermaal fundamenteel gewijzigd met dramatisch geweld, uitgaande van nieuwe religieuze en radicale leiders.

Relevant in dat boek is de idee dat de burger, de man in de straat, uiteindelijk goed en verdraagzaam wil zijn doch dat zijn verlangen naar evenwicht zwaar verstoord wordt door hogere krachten, gesteund op macht en economische belangen, waarbij radicale religie ook als voorwendsel werd aangewend voor autoriteit en machtsmisbruik.

In Nederland en Frankrijk ziet men nu ook hoe bepaalde politici roet in het eten willen gooien.


Frank Bosman bij de talkshow De tafel van Tijs (EO, NPO2)

Frank Bosman word altijd zo wantrouwig als politici – meestal vlak voor verkiezingstijd – opzichtig gaan flirten met de christenen in dit land.

Het politiek-electorale motief ligt er duimendik bovenop: hiér met die christelijke stemmen! Nee, dank u beleefd. Ik ben geen stemvee, dat één keer in de vier jaar een aai over de bol kan krijgen om vervolgens achtergelaten te worden als de eerste de beste straatschooier. Maar ik vind het nog veel erger dat ‘mijn’ christendom (als ik even zo onbescheiden mag zijn) wordt ‘geroofd’ om te fungeren als hefboom tegen mijn Islamitische zusters en broeders in dit land. {Christenen worden misbruikt voor anti-Islamretoriek}

Nederlanders moeten zich meer bewust worden van de christelijke wortels van ons land, vindt lijsttrekker Thierry Baudet van Forum voor Democratie.{Hengelen naar christelijke stemmen en gediscrimineerde éénverdieners}

Thierry Baudet (2).JPG

Thierry Henri Philippe (Thierry) Baudet Nederlands politicus, historicus, publicist en jurist

Op de vraag wat ‘we’ moeten doen tegen de ‘uitverkoop’ van onze normen en waarden, antwoordde Thierry Baudet:

‘Een ontmoedigingsbeleid voeren. Immigratie uit moslimlanden stoppen, geen moskeeën meer bouwen en geen islamitische scholen meer stichten.’ {Christenen worden misbruikt voor anti-Islamretoriek}

Juist door niet open te staan voor andere godsdiensten en niet toe te laten dat er openbare gebedshuizen komen, zorgt men er voor dat die religieuze groepering in de clandestiniteit verder gaat en erger nog meer kan radicaliseren zonder enige uitwendige controle.

Baudet ziet liefst het ‘eigen volk eerst’ met een sterk nationaal gevoelen dat niet slachtoffer is geworden van de volgens hem huidige ziekte ‘Oikofobie‘ waarbij er een verregaande vorm van cultuurrelativisme heerst. Oikofobie is volgens hem de ziekelijke afkeer van het eigene, het eigen nest. Met name bedoelt hij de instinctieve neiging om de eigen cultuur, de eigen gebruiken, de nationale identiteit en geschiedenis af te vallen of te ridiculiseren. De oikofobie manifesteert zich op ten minste drie manieren: via het multiculturalisme en het opengrenzenbeleid, via het modernisme in de kunst (waarbij niet langer het esthetische maar het conceptuele en bevreemdende het grootste belang heeft) en via de Europese integratie. Een gelijkaardig discours is terug te vinden bij onder anderen Guillaume Faye, Jean Raspail, Pascal Bruckner, Sid Lukkassen en Wim van Rooy. Het lijkt er op dat er velen van zijn slag angst hebben dat hun eigen identiteit verdrongen zou worden door hen die een andere religie aanhouden dan het christendom.

Baudet is niet de enige politicus die probeert de christelijke kiezer te paaien door met het christendom te flirten. Geert Wilders spreekt als sinds jaar en dag over de ‘joods-christelijke traditie’ die verdedigd moet worden tegen buitenlandse indringers, lees: moslims. Het vreemde is dat Wilders niet goed in staat is tot uitdrukking te brengen wat hij nu precies bedoelt met deze term. En dat is ook verdraaid moeilijk, omdat de ‘joods-christelijke traditie’ in verschillende tijdperken verschillende betekenissen had. De term werd echter altijd ingezet om ‘ons’ af te zetten tegen ‘hen’, of het nu ging om fascisten, communisten, of – nu – moslims (Wallet 2012). {Christenen worden misbruikt voor anti-Islamretoriek}

Volgens Bosman is

Baudets sympathie voor het christendom is vooral die van een intellectuele buitenstaander, zo bleek in De Tafel van Tijs:

‘De kern van het christendom is vrije gewetensvorming.’

Of in het RD:

‘Het christendom heeft de waarheid over de mens ontdekt. Het christendom is de belangrijkste morele ontwikkeling in de wereldgeschiedenis. God offert Zijn Zoon voor onze zonden. Wij hebben de moord op Jezus op ons geweten, omdat we niet in staat waren voorbij onze eigen kaders te denken. Als je dat tot je door laat dringen, word je gedwongen de ander als gelijke te zien.’

Hoog-theologische taal wordt direct gevolgd door een stevige relativering.

‘Tegelijk zeg ik: het is voor mij niet letterlijk waar wat er in de Bijbel staat. Maar dat vind ik niet zo relevant.’

Baudet noemt zich niet voor niets een ‘seculiere cultuurchristen’. En dat merk je aan alles. En dat is geen compliment. {Christenen worden misbruikt voor anti-Islamretoriek}

Een groot probleem met vele zogenaamde Christenen is dat zij meer waard vinden dan anders gelovigen. In Nederland is er zelfs onder de christenen dikwijls ruzie of een neerkijken naar anders denkende christenen en niet trinitarische christenen krijgen het daar helemaal te verduren. (Ook al beweren sommigen dat Nederlanders erg tolerant zijn.)

Geert Wilders in 2014

Geert Wilders, partijleider van de Partij voor de Vrijheid (PVV) + fractieleider in de Tweede Kamer

Bosman herkent dat zelfs de oudste Nederlandse politieke partij die in het parlement vertegenwoordigd is, de SGP met Kees van der Staaij als fractieleider, zich zoals Baudet en Wilders ook schuldig maakt aan dat superieursgevoelen. Die partij mag zich dan wel zogenaamd stellen op de grondslag van Gods Woord, zoals daarvan belijdenis gedaan wordt in de artikelen 2 tot en met 7 van de Nederlandse Geloofsbelijdenis, maar toont toch niet die vredelievendheid en openheid die van een Christen zou mogen verwacht worden.

Zelfs de SGP maakt zich er op een bepaalde manier schuldig aan, namelijk in haar voortdurend gehamer op haar idee dat verschillende godsdiensten niet gelijkwaardig zijn of zo beschouwd moeten worden. Baudet, Wilders en de SGP zeggen hetzelfde: het christendom is superieur aan de Islam. Zo bepleitte de SGP laatst voor het afschaffen van de gebedsoproep vanaf de minaretten (RTLnieuws.nl, 14-10-16 ). Reden: de overheid moet de islamisering van de publieke ruimte niet in de hand werken. Dat dit rechtstreeks ingaat tegen de grondwet, doet voor de SGP niet zo ter zake. En dat is vreemd, want de partij staat (stond?) bekend  als een sterke staatsrechtelijke partij. Niettemin krijgt de SGP, samen met onder andere de PVV en de VVD, een ‘rode kaart’ van een groep hoogleraren, precies vanwege het uithollen van de rechtstaat (Trouw, 14-02-17 ). {Christenen worden misbruikt voor anti-Islamretoriek}

Bosman snapt dit geflirt van SGP, Forum voor Democratie en PVV wel, maar vindt het tegelijkertijd onbegrijpelijk. En wel om drie redenen.

In de eerste plaats is dit gekift tegen de Islam juist contraproductief als je het belang van de christenen in Nederland voor ogen hebt. Dat klinkt paradoxaal, maar dat is het niet. De religieuze vrijheid die jij (als christen) aan een andersgelovige (in casu: een moslim) geeft, is precies dezelfde ruimte die jij als christen voor je eigen traditie kan ‘opeisen’ op het publieke forum (in juridische, maar vooral in morele zin). De vrijheid van de ander, is mijn vrijheid, en omgekeerd. Baudet, Wilders en Kees van der Staaij (politiek leider SGP) begrijpen dit principe niet, of het gaat ze uiteindelijk niet om de verdediging van het christendom, maar om de vernietiging van de Islam in Nederland.

Ten tweede zou elke politieke verdediger van de christelijke normen en waarden in Nederland moeten reflecteren op wat dan wel precies de kern is van de christelijke traditie. Wilders komt überhaupt niet uit zijn woorden als het om dit onderwerp gaat. En Baudet komt ook niet verder dan enig gestamel over ‘vrijheid van geweten’ en ‘kinderen weten niet meer wat Pasen betekent’. Die laatste constatering is overigens waar, maar vormt niet het hart van de christelijke traditie.

Uiteindelijk is de kern van het christendom de liefde, de liefde tot God, je naasten en jezelf (Matteüs 22-35-40). En deze drie horen bij elkaar, zijn consequenties van elkaar. De rest is, om met de beroemde rabbijn Hillel te spreken, uitleg daarvan. Wie niet in staat is het gelaat van de Christus te herkennen in zijn Islamitische zuster of broeder heeft dit gebod niet begrepen.

Ten derde. De heren Wilders en Baudet denken, althans dat is mijn stellige indruk, bij het woord ‘christendom’ niet aan een geleefd geloof zoals dat door miljarden mensen wereldwijd wordt beleden en gevierd, maar eerder aan een set regels en noties zoals ‘tolerantie’ of ‘vrijheid’.  Nu zal ik de eerste zijn om te beamen dat noties als tolerantie en vrijheid kernbegrippen uit het Nieuwe Testament zijn, maar ik vind de religie-opvatting van dit soort politici toch uiteindelijk instrumenteel.

Het gaat hen niet om de religieuze waarheidsclaim die in elke religie zit, maar om de praktisch-ethische uitvloeiselen ervan, een ‘ethisch christendom’, dat tegelijkertijd al zijn tanden heeft laten trekken door een Verlichtingstandarts. ‘Kom je wel eens in de kerk?’ vroeg Van den Brink aan Baudet in De Tafel. ‘Soms,’ was zijn antwoord, maar nooit voor een viering, altijd min of meer ‘per ongeluk’. {Christenen worden misbruikt voor anti-Islamretoriek}

Wij zullen verder moeten uitkijken naar onze noorderburen war vorige maand het Amsterdamse debatcentrum De Balie de nationale krantenkoppen wits te halen met een debat over moslims, Islam en vluchtelingen. Daar maakten Vlaamse schrijver Wim Rooij en de Nederlandse rechtsfilosoof Paul Cliteur van hun hart geen moordkuil.

 Getriggerd door vragen uit de zaal spraken de heren zich in meer of mindere sterke bewoordingen uit voor het discrimineren van moslims, het breken van internationale verdragen (om dat mogelijk te maken), het inperken van religieuze vrijheid (voor moslims) en zelfs het uitzetten van ‘beroepsmoslims’.  (Beluister ook het interview voor Dit is de dag). {Populistische uitspraken horen in publieke debat}

Gelukkig kwam er een ware hausse aan kritiek, op Cliteur en Rooij, maar ook op het debatcentrum dat een podium geboden zou hebben aan abjecte, racistische opinies.

Nu staat er ons enkel nog uit te kijken naar de denkelijk boeiende debatten die nu nog de verkiezingen zullen voorafgaan waarbij men niet naast het geloof en de uiting van geloof zal kunnen kijken. Zullen België en Nederland bereid zijn om te gaan voor een multiculturele samenleving waarin men bereid is respect te tonen voor mensen met een ander geloof?



Het gevaar om niets te doen tegen de oorzaak en de kwaal

Migratie en veiligheid even geherformuleerd

Het failliet van de war on terror


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De familie Palache, Joden en Ontroerende onzin

Omtrent het Jood zijn kan er veel gediscussieerd worden. Wie mag zich Jood noemen en van al die verschillende Joodse geloofsgroepen welke heeft er dan het ware Joodse geloof? Tegenwoordig vindt men ook groepen die zich Messiaanse Joden noemen. Hierbij valt op dat er daar ook mensen bij zijn die in de Drie-eenheid geloven en daarom eigenlijk nooit het recht kunnen opeisen om zich Jood te noemen, want dit is een aanfluiting voor de gehele Joodse gemeenschap, mits de God van de Joden een Enige God is die slechts Één is en niet uit meerdere godheden bestaat. De God van Abraham is slechts één. Jezus als Esseense jood wist drommels goed wie die Godheid was en heeft ook nooit opgeëist om zelf als godheid erkend te worden. Integendeel heeft Jezus steeds beweerd dat hij niets kon zonder die Ene Ware God, de God van Israël, die veel groter is dan hij.

Na de afslachting van de Joden kan men toch nog stellen dat in Nederland er nu toch nog zo een 40.000 tot 50.000 Joden zijn. Daarvan zijn er die anderen wegens het moeder of vaderschap geen Joodschap willen toekennen.

De 36-jarige Chaim Moszkowicz zegt bijvoorbeeld:

‘Als kind al besefte ik dat mijn opa anders was dan anderen, met dat vreselijke nummer op zijn arm. Ik voelde haarfijn aan dat het niet iets alledaags was. En nog iedere keer als ik hem opzoek word ik daarmee opnieuw geconfronteerd. Die oorlog roept vragen op: ik geloof wel in íets – al kan ik dat moeilijk onder woorden brengen – maar hoe heeft die oorlog dan kunnen plaatsvinden? Daarom snap ik ook niet dat orthodoxe joden vaak zo neerkijken op liberalen of mensen met alleen een joodse vader; we hebben al zo veel mensen verloren.’


Ronit Palache

Of er al of niet altijd die overdracht via de moeder moet zijn is  slechts één van de heikelpuntjes bij Joden. Ronit Palache (32) die opgroeide in een traditioneel-joods gezin had zich nooit in de tragiek van de vaderjoden verdiept. De gesprekken die zij met zulke Joden voerde voor haar recent verschenen boek, waren zeer emotioneel.

Soms hadden mensen hun levensverhaal ter voorbereiding opgeschreven. Ze zagen tegen het gesprek op. Sliepen slecht. Huilden veel.

Niet enkel kwamen bepaalde mensen door de oorlog er achter dat zij eigenlijk Joods waren. door de oorlog verstopten ook velen hun Joods zijn of kwamen tot een ontkenning die tot nu door gegaan is bij hun kinderen en kleinkinderen. Maar bij de huidige jongeren, die er nu laat zijn achter gekomen dat zij Joodse familieleden hadden of nog hebben is de vraag gekomen van het al of niet Jood zijn of bij sommigen ook van het al of niet christen en/of Jood zijn.

In ieder geval moet het zeer pijnlijk zijn voor mensen die in kampen hebben gezeten voor hun Jood zijn om te horen dat na de oorlog er zijn die beweren dat hun kinderen geen Jood zijn omdat ze geen joodse moeder hebben. Dit is werkelijk hartverscheurend. Voor die kinderen en hun kleinkinderen is het ook een waar dilemma. Voor hen die daarbij ertoe zijn gekomen om rabbi Jeshua te aanschouwen als de lang verwachte Messias, is het nog moeilijker, want vele christenen willen hen ook niet aanvaarden als Christen omdat zij de Drie-eenheid niet willen erkennen. Maar de Drie-eenheid is iets wat Jezus nooit heeft gepredikt en iets dat geen enkele Jood, dus ook Jezus niet, zou aanvaarden. Gelukkig zijn er ook meerdere niet-trinitarische Christenen die echter ook op weerstand van de andere (valse) christenen vallen. Dit houdt de ware ‘Joodse’ volgers van de Jood Jeshua / Jesus of Jezus, zoals hij door de meeste Christenen wordt genoemd, niet tegen om slechts één Ware God te aanbidden en hun hoop te richten op de wederkomst van Jezus Christus.

Maar ondertussen komt het er op aan zich een leven op te bouwen dat conform is volgens de regels van God en daar kan het wel zoeken zijn naar gemeenschappen die zich daar aan willen houden. Dat is echter niet enkel een probleemgeval bij Christenen. Ook bij Joden en bij Islamieten kan men zien dat ook in die gemeenschappen valse leerstellingen zijn binnen gesijpeld en dat in de verschillende geloofsgroepen van die gemeenschappen ook heel wat menselijke leerstellingen de overhand hebben gehaald op de Schriftuurlijke leerstellingen.

Een van de geïnterviewden vertelt dat hij tijdens een conflict met een orthodox-joodse rabbijn riep:

‘Als dit het jodendom is, kan je Jehova in je reet steken’.

Ontroerende onzinvertelt de liberaal denkende Joods gelovige auteur van de “Verhalenbundel over de joodse identiteit”  “Ontroerende onzin“.

Traditioneel joods opgevoed voerden Ronit Palache haar ouders een kosjere huishouding. In de Nederlands joodse gemeenschap is de naam ‘Palache’ een begrip. Er is de de zeventiende eeuw was Samuel Pallache (de naam werd toen nog met dubbel ‘l’ gespeld) die als ambassadeur voor sultan Muley Zaydan in Nederland als een kameleontisch figuur op trad en met joden, christenen en moslims overweg kon.

Juda Lion Palache.jpg

Juda Lion Palache leider van de Joods Portugese gemeenschap in Amsterdam

Er was de groot rabbijn Isaac Juda Palache (1858-1927), en haar overgrootvader linguist Juda Lion Palache,  hoogleraar semitische talen aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Na zijn ontslag, in 1941, werd hij lid van de Joodse Raad. Drie jaar later volgde deportatie naar Theresienstadt – en van daaruit Auschwitz. Juda Palache werd vermoord, maar zijn naam leeft voort in een bibliotheek voor Hebreeuwse studieboeken: het Juda Palache instituut.

Alle voorvaderen van Palache (haar vader Bram incluis) zaten in het bestuur van de Portugees-Israëlitische gemeente in Amsterdam. Zij leidden de diensten in de orthodoxe synagoge aan het Mr. Visserplein. Een gebouw dat volgens Palache symbool staat voor eeuwenoude tradities, melodieën en overlevering.

Zij zelf doorliep de lagere school Rosj Pina en de middelbare school Maimonides en werd lid van jeugdvereniging Bne Akiwa en sportvereniging Maccabi tennis.

Dankzij de tolerantie van haar ouders kon zij alles vragen en bespreken. Dit is echter niet zo gewoon in de Joodse gemeenschap en gaandeweg besefte zij ook hoe uitzonderlijk dat is.

„Ik ken veel joden die alleen met joden omgaan. Door hun segregatie zijn ze wereldvreemd en beschouwen ze kritiek op de Israëlische politiek als verraad. Het zelfreinigend vermogen van deze gesloten groep is beperkt. Dat is beklemmend voor iemand die graag nadenkt.”

In België stelt zich ook dat probleem. Bepaalde groepen Joden kijken argwanend op indien een Jood maar iets slecht durft te beweren over het huidige bewind in Israël. Echter moeten de mensen in het algemeen beseffen dat er daar ook veel seculiere Joden de klak willen zwaaien en dat veel bewindsvoeringen niet uit religieus maar politiek oogvlak worden voltrokken terwijl extreme Joodse gelovigen het algemeen Joodse geloof meer slecht dan goed doen door hun houding die niet volgens de leer van de Elohim is.

In België, Nederland en in andere landen is het ook een groot probleem als Joden met niet Joden trouwen. In onze contreien zijn er echter onvoldoende gelovigen van de eigen gemeenschap om uit te kiezen. Verder is in onze tegenwoordige maatschappij waar en een andere kijk is op het geslacht en geslachtsgemeenschap ook een moeilijkheid bij gekomen voor diegenen die wel Jood zijn maar verkiezen om geslachtsgemeenschap te hebben met iemand van het zelfde geslacht. De orthodox-joodse homoseksuelen zijn zo de groep die zich het meest uitgesloten voelt.

Palache verklaart

Voor mijn opleiding journalistiek heb ik een documentaire over homoseksualiteit en religie gemaakt. Van een van de geïnterviewden, een lesbische joodse vrouw, mocht de film alleen aan de examinatoren worden vertoond, omdat het thema zo gevoelig ligt in orthodox-joodse kring. De vrouw was zelf orthodox, had een groot gezin, maar vertelde dat ze het liefst met een vrouw samen zou leven. Omdat in de Torah staat dat vrouwen niet als man en vrouw ‘tegen elkaar mogen aanwrijven’, houdt zij haar gevoelens verborgen.”

Voor het boek was het goed dat de geïnterviewden zich niet door de schrijfster veroordeeld voelden.

In het voorwoord van haar boek schrijft zij

Dé joodse gemeenschap bestaat niet

en dat is iets wat de buitenwereld ook moet gaan beseffen dat in het Jodendom en de Islam eveneens een grote verscheidenheid te vinden is zoals deze te vinden is in het Christendom.

Joden moeten zoals Christenen en Islamieten eens durven in de spiegel te kijken en durven kritisch te zijn over hun eigen geloof en het geloof van andere groepen met zogezegd hetzelfde geloof. Niet elke Jood heeft hetzelfde Joodse geloof zo als niet elke Christen hetzelfde Christelijk geloof heeft. dit moeten Joden durven te zeggen en durven delen meet anderen in maar ook buiten hun geloofsgemeenschap.


Lees ook het interview van Danielle Pinedo met Ronit Palache (32) in NRC Handelblad ” “‘Ik heb een liberaal hoofd en een religieus hart’”

en vindt: Verhalenbundel over de joodse identiteit in het Nederland van nu

Lees een fragment uit het boek: Leesfragmenten uit “Ontroerende onzin”


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Darkest just before dawn

Marcus Ampe when looking over the happenings of 2016 told his public that when we should have to choose a colour for 2016 it probably would be ‘black’. Even the darkest black colour you might find.

Certainly here in Belgium and neighbouring countries we have seen many black moments caused by people living very close to us. Hundreds of people who lived in cities like Brussels (Molenbeek district), Verviers, Charleroi, Mons, just to name some of the most mentioned living quarters of those who killed many in Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt and further away many cities in Syria. A so called liberation of human race was on their lips by causing so much agony in name for their sort of Islam which has nothing to do with real Islam, a religion which has ‘salam‘ or ‘peace‘ in its name.

2016 may have been the year where Bad came over Good and brought with it Hate over Love. Though many still may believe in

Good over Bad. Love over Hate. {When it looks like hate is winning}

May we really believe that

“Good always wins”?

When we look around us it seems just the opposite. Those who do not mind to swindle and do whatever they can to make themself rich without taking care of others, seem to win. Marcus Ampe warns us for the political scene which is changing drastically almost everywhere in the world, not for the good. He warns for the populism which is going over Europe and the United States as a virus. As a Christadelphian he likes to look at what is prophesied in the Bible and by looking at that sacred book is not at all surprised of what is going on. In his eyes we can follow the notated signs of those old writings and see that we are heading to a third World War, though it may still many years before us. He likes to compare the last few years with the 1920ies and showed us also how the present days are very much related to the 1930ies, which should sincerely worry us.

He does not speak of an apocalyptic change like certain Christians may do, but likes to warn us to prepare ourselves and our kids for the coming period where very right wing politicians may gain lots of votes and even come into power.

Perhaps Jyoti Chauhan Singh, an Indian lady who reads Tarot cards and came to live in the United States, perhaps thinks on similar lines, saying the same as Mr. Ampe that

it is happening in every corner of this world. People around the world are bringing this change by their votes, by their say, and by their actions. Be it Brexit or current US election, or stimulated political environment in my home country India. This change is too much. Too much for us to handle and accept, and to adapt to. {When it looks like hate is winning}

Is that not the danger we shall have to face in the coming months?

Are not many politicians going to make use of and are going to instigate people against others and nourish the fear many already have?

For Mrs. Chauhan Singh the present President elect in the States was

not elected against a virtuous leader. It was not the fight between good vs evil. It was just bad and worse fighting with each other. You guess which is worse and which is bad. But, it was never a winning situation for USA, no matter who would have won. {When it looks like hate is winning}

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do not know why Clinton would have been so bad, because honestly her stupidity about the e-mails was not really a criminal act, like so many Americans would like us to believe. If they consider such stupidity already a crime or sin than the many frauds and bankruptcies of Donald Trump which many Americans never seemed to have remembered or noticed, would be “cardinal sins and death penalty crimes

We also may notice that many people seem to have some nostalgia to some times they had it better, though at those times they ware hoping for better times and for having more material richness. But as we could know beforehand all those modern gadgets they can have today are not making them more happy. The opposite today lots of people are more lonely and feeling poverty more harsh than years ago, though we may see less poverty stricken people. Less tramps on the streets.

With a smiling or is it a sarcastic face Mr. Ampe may tell us that many people would love to go back to a time they are imaging there was, but which has never been so. Mrs. Chauhan Singh alsy pointing to the same fact

With this election, Americans have spoken very clearly that they want to bring back ‘good old days’. Doesn’t matter if those good old days are going to be good for rest of us or not. They want to go back. They want someone with traditional values, traditional promises. Although seeing the lifestyle of elect president I hardly think he is an epitome of traditionalism. {When it looks like hate is winning}

Mr Ampe analysed some body language of Mr. Trump and showed us how clever that man must be playing with his public. This cleverness should make us even be more alert. He also compare certain tactics with the way how Erdogan managed to come in his dictatorial position today. How he was patient enough to go from mayor of Istanbul, even having spent some years in prison after his mayorship to come stronger and more radicalised out of it, imposing the traditional Muslim values and going in against the civil state of the old creator of a dream state Turkey.

We shall have to wait and see  to know how Donald Trump is going to use his power and how Marine Le Pen is going to drive her wedge through France which seem to be the under the spell of Muslim extremism and Islam fear.

Mr Ampe, like Mrs. Chauhan Singh seems to do also says we may not loose hope and contrary to how lots of people are concentrating on their own self, we should look more to others and try to come up for the weaker ones.
Mrs. Chauhan Singh writes

Losing hope is never an option. If we are given this result, we must be hopeful that there must be something good coming out of it. Give him a chance. He has already shocked all of us; he may surprise us too. Do not lose hope. Instead hope for him to change his ways, his words, and his actions, for the betterment of this country. {When it looks like hate is winning}

When it looks like hate is winning

One of Mr. Ampe his main teachings, also as a retired teacher of ballet history, is that we should learn from history and that we should make others aware of possible traps lots of people in the past did not notice but became victim of. According to him by knowing the past we can avoid the same mistakes, which have been repeated so many times, because people did not know their history.

We always shall look at things and would love to see things changed. Man is not easy satisfied.

One also can wonder when  our world evolves if/ when and how many people would be ready for such changes, and if they are for the better or for the worse. In most cases lots of people are just not ready for the changes taking place.

Problem is not in these major changes but our inability to accept them. {When it looks like hate is winning}

One might also ask whether we shall be able to find enough people who shall be really wanting to pursue peace. To find enough people who really want to “raise awareness that peace in itself,” and willing to take steps with which to motivate others to go that track of peace making is something we should go for. Too many may be very confused and may not be sure which dreams might be the best for them. Though according to Mr. Ampe we should come to work together towards mutual peace and to the broadcasting of hope and positive thoughts, trying to take away the confusion there is today and putting right the wrong ideas about some people, religions and ways of life. He believes the change must come from each of us and that we are responsible for the evolution of the day. According to him, we ourselves are to convey the message and have even to adopt a certain attitude and should form a shining example. According to him, there also should be peace as a base in our own daily lives.

This peace will also make the connection with the other and this will be like a snowball effect to be implemented on this world.

When it looks like hate is winning


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    The so called refugees are all muslims, I don’t see why we should let them in. Now that we know the destructive attitude of freemasonry we also know we mustn’t let them do what they ask.
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    Avec colère suite aux événements de ce matin, j’accuse la Belgique d’avoir été attentiste depuis des années et de n’avoir jamais donné les moyens aux services de Renseignement de faire leur travail professionnellement pour tenter de prévenir ce genre d’attaques.
    … Outraged about the events of this morning in Brussels, I accuse Belgium of having endorsed a “wait-and-see” policy for years and having never giving to the intelligence services the means to do their job professionally to try and avoid this kind of attack. …
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    Ennen kuin Brysselin terrori-iskuista oli kiirinyt tieto Suomeen, Helsingin Sanomat kirjoitti viime syksyn Pariisin iskujen tekijöiden jahdista. Belgiassa 18.3. kiinniotettu Salah Abdesalam piileskeli kuukausien ajan
  16. Islamofoobikot pitävät terrorismin voimissaan
    Ennen kuin Brysselin terrori-iskuista oli kiirinyt tieto Suomeen, Helsingin Sanomat kirjoitti viime syksyn Pariisin iskujen tekijöiden jahdista. Belgiassa 18.3. kiinniotettu Salah Abdesalam piileskeli kuukausien ajan …
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    Op 13 november vorig jaar reed hij zijn vrienden naar de Parijse plekken om toe te slaan. Dood en verderf te zaaien, angst aan te jagen, het leven te vernietigen dat hij met hart en ziel haatte.
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    Creo que estoy progresando. Esta noche, alrededor de las 3am, fui despertado por el zumbido de mi teléfono celular que se encontraba recargándose, apoyado sobre la mesita de luz.
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    This morning we awoke to the news of a deadly terrorist attack in Brussels. Isis claimed responsibility for the bombings at the airport and the Metro station.
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Looking at an American nightmare

It looks like the United States has awakened not from a bad dream but in a next night mare.

Having spent the majority of his adult life as a theatre artist throughout the Southeast, John Ellis as columnist of the American online media company PJ Media (originally known as Pajamas Media) an operator of an eponymous conservative news, opinion and commentary collaborative blog that was founded in 2004, has some good comments you should have a look at.

He knows

We are called to show our love for each other by surrendering our rights to each other. {4 Really Bad Reasons to Quit Your Church}

Running up to the 2016 election of the 45th president of the United States John Ellis found himself in a national nightmare which he taught would conclude on the 8th of November. At that time many were holding their breath in worried anticipation that an even worse nightmare was about to begin.

On November the 2nd he wrote

Sadly, the late hours of November 8 may very well find me in agreement that a new national nightmare is imminent. Unlike many, if not most, however, I believe that whatever nightmare is looming, it will be short-lived and may very well give way to a new and improved conservative movement. Strangely, my optimism is a product of Donald Trump. {Divisions Over Trump Reveal Integrity Within the Conservative Movement}


After it got know that the president elect was going to be Donald Trump in several places of the different states people came together on the streets to show their disgust and anger about the outcome of this election.

For many all over the world it looked really surreal and for some this Kafkan story was to be expected whilst others never thought it would be ever possible to have Donald J. Trump being the President-Elect of the U.S.A. Because of the unjust political system in the U.S.A., not giving those with not enough money the possibility to come up as presidential candidate and not taking into account the populist vote, but giving everything in the hands of the College of Electors, the one with the biggest mouth and making the people afraid most, got the victory. Trump with his vile words and vitriol gained the seat of presidency.

The man who does not dare to look a person straight in the eyes, not even the president of America, himself looked surprised with his victory and had calmed down for his first speech as presidentelect.

The President-elect met the current Awesome President Obama in the White House. It’s interesting to see a captured shot of a handshake between two wildly different men. One of stoic principle, defined career, grace, majesty and presence. The other, a man who can’t or won’t straighten his shoulders and who won’t look his President in the eye for the handshake. Obama, the pinnacle of underdog achievement in America stared straight into the face of the pillar of white, moneyed elitism and the latter closed his eyes and dropped his chin by an inch. {Acknowledgement} – Photo; AAP

The man who did not show any interest in decent morals, principles, compassion or empathy who managed to saw division and hate now got the stings in hand to lead one of the biggest nations of the world.

In The America where so many call onto their Constitution and Free Rights, lots of people call themselves Christian but do not seem to show a real Christian attitude. In the country which came big on the work of many slaves, from Africa (black people) and Europe (light coloured, Spanish, Italian and Polish people) those so called Christians do not seem to have a place in what they call “their country”, though they robbed it form the indigenous peoples, the “Red Indians“, for what they call foreigners and coloured people. Once more the U.S.A proved how the colour of skin is going to make it if you are liked or disgusted. When Hispanics, African-Americans, Latinos, tend to be more racist towards white people, for some, they have to look for the reason or the cause of this problem. When you look at the sheriffs or how police often treats Afro-Americans you can imagine how taken by fear such people  may be when they are pulled at the side of the road.

Some may think

the media dramatizes everything, playing it up, making it seem as if everyone is out to get the minorities. {To The Trump America (The Truth About Racism)}

but in the rest of the world enough awful stories are heard how people are still discriminated and what impression should we get when even a candidate, who now has become president elect, spoke about “monkeys” when he was talking about the “black people“, “jigaboos“, “niggers” or “Negroes“.

Naturally we may never generalise, but throughout the election campaign we heard so many sayings, so many statements that can not let us think otherwise that the discrimination is still deep seated in the heart of many Americans, also in many so called Christian Americans. Lots of those so called Christians also made it clear in “their country”, there is no place for an other religion than theirs. And for them Islam is something of the devil (by which they mean a sort of torturous being from beneath the earth or from outer space). For lots of white Americans all evil comes from those Muslims who dare to come to live in their sacred Christian country.

For many it was heaven to hear how Trump would make done by the threat of terrorism which became an opportunity for an extended global vision. But Americans do not need a global vision now. They are mostly concerned about their internal affairs and want to protect their own goods and make sure to earn as  much as they can, even if they have to use such things which are very demanding for the environment.

Trump brought for many the solution with the change he promises, making their country great again. How, Trump never clearly explained, but they will trust him because he is a good business man and knows how to handle things.

Though when we know that this election was all about ethnic nationalism and racial and religious intolerance we in the West wonder how the wounds now shall be mended.

A 29 year old African American male living in the United States, there since 1995 when his family and he immigrated to the US at the age of 9 years, wrote about this November 2016 election and Trump

His election was the work, almost entirely, of white people. More than 90 per cent of Americans who voted for Mr. Trump were white, and most white U.S. voters, both men and women, cast a ballot for him (even though his opponent got more votes over all). And at least 90 per cent of non-white Americans did not vote for him. This was a white riot – an angry, rejectionist turn by a deeply pessimistic majority within the white population against the far more hopeful and inclusive politics of the rest of the country. {The real reason Donald Trump got elected? We have a white extremism problem (Thanks To White Idiots)}

In that light all have to remember that not all white people are falling into political extremism and not all coloured people take aversion for the white people.

Those who are accepting the differences of skin colour, gender, religious beliefs, should now clearly let their voice be heard as well. But not by lowering themselves on the same level as Trump, by taking on an indecent attitude, using violence or awful words.

John Ellis, like many American Christians adamantly believes in two distinct genders.

We believe that God created men and women to reflect who He is in different ways. Telling women to “suck it up” or passing off jokes about sexual assault (which I don’t believe were mere jokes, for the record) as guys being guys and locker room talk lets them know that the liberal lie about gender being a social construct will be co-opted by Christian men when convenient. Men who defend Trump have abdicated their God-given role to stand up for and protect women. And for that, I am angry, almost sinfully so. Apart from God’s grace, it will hard for me to consistently live out Romans 13:1-2 these next four years. {There Are Some Important Tests Ahead for #NeverTrump Christians}

Many American Christians do not seem to see how denigrating Trump thinks about the woman being, so if Trump would be the right guy to defend women, we doubt. Many Americans also seems to forget that all human beings are created in the image of God and that we all should respect all sorts of people, from whatever gender they may be.

For Donald Trump, who told the press he even doesn’t trust his wife with her vote:

“The lines outside polling stations were much shorter when women weren’t allowed to vote.” {Donald Trump on many occasions}

Christians also should ponder about their place of diversity, on what it means to have a president who is endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan. They with us in Europe should be on our “quivive”, be alert, noticing that this election, both the campaign and the result, will make it harder to defend democracy when talking to authoritarians. the Capitalist world has a real problem. Though in the United States lots of the people may call themselves Christian, they have gone far away from the Biblical teachings and do not show that they are following the teachings of the man whose name they use for their group. The Nazarene rabbi, was a humble teacher of peace, who instigated a peace movement, what was called the sect the Way, and was not the founder of a hate carrying excluding community.

Today we do find a divided country where people who say they are Christian want to exclude those who are different from them. They may feel a man should copulate with a woman and have children, but do not want to accept two men or two women living together to have children. They want to feel good in their skin, but do not want others to feel good in their skin and want to forbid others changing their ‘outer’ looks or gender.

As Trump expressed he “loves the poorly educated”, “keep people dumb so that you can use them”, which also shall make it that Trump shall be able to do whatever he wants, with the knowledge that

“I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and I wouldn’t lose any votes.” {saying of Donald Trump}

Donald Trump enters the Oscar De LA Renta Fash...

Donald Trump enters the Oscar De LA Renta Fashion Show, New York. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We in the West could see a sexist, racist fascist, though got the impression in the States of America not many saw that. We also noticed that in the States many Christians promoted Trump instead Jesus or instead for calling good common sense and to go for the person who does not go in against the value of freedom and democracy.

In the land where so many hate the Gospel of Jesus Christ and so much hate the Word of Allah or God, and where there has to be a new scapegoat for all the troubles that come over America, because they cannot pick so much any more on the blacks, people could find some one who doesn’t give a rip about others nor about religion, who promised change and to push out that motley crew, and they thought he would be worth to vote for.

Now the dices cast, we shall have to see how it is going to turn out.

The democratic voice has to allow protesters to retort. The state shall have to show it allows riposting, but those who do not agree with the outcome should examine how it could come so far.

In case

Adding a taunting “us” versus “them” in regards to American politics drives an unbiblical wedge between the gospel witness of the Church and unbelievers. {Christians Should Be Promoting Jesus, Not Donald Trump}

English: Trump

Trump (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

American Christians should also examine their heart and check if they are prepared to take on such an attitude Jesus took on for those around him. are they (at last) willing to accept that there may be people who think differently than them, or who want to live differently than they? Should they also not give to the Caesar what belongs to the ruler and respect the regulations that ruler has taken to govern the country? Christians know, as long as they do not go in against the rules of God, they should respect and follow the rules of the country they are living in. They, who claim to be Christian should keep to the Christian laws, of which the golden rule is to love one another, no matter what he or she  has done or how he or she feels or want to be.

The last few moths we have seen many so called Christians who enjoyed the mud throwing Trump and joined him too. Now we also find other Christians who go on the streets fighting, instead of expressing themselves with respect for other man’s goods.

Instead of taking the opportunity to demonstrate love and grace by extending the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it appears that American Christians are instead kicking mud in the face of their vanquished foes. If this applies to you, fellow Christian, shame on you! {Christians Should Be Promoting Jesus, Not Donald Trump}


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Women in France running with naked bosom all right but with covered bosom penalised

Prudish people having put away their shame by causing shame to others

Years ago people had to fight hard against the prudish Catholic minds who opposed any naked flesh to be shown. Today the so called Catholic countries in West Europe seem to have chosen to have the women their tits out and finding it not okay to cover them up.

In the previous century there were many French and Belgians who did find it inappropriate to have some natural flesh of certain body parts to be shown in public. It was considered not done to have dresses which did not come under the knees. (We where brought up like that and got penalties when we had dared to show our bare/naked legs or upper arms.) Last century it was said we all had to listen to God and could not run naked in this world because God opposed such a thing.

Today their god must have changed idea and has come to prefer naked flesh, because in the present time the French seem not to look at those who want to cover their body as unworthy believers and even as people who are a danger for society.

Covering up for the Almighty

When we were young our Catholic mothers had to wear headscarf or hats when coming in public. In church they had to sit at the left hand site with their faces hidden behind a veil. In the previous century most people in Europe thought it was appropriate to dress decently and not having too much bare or naked. Mots parts of the body had to be covered with clothing or tissue.

Only around the turn of the century  less people came to make objections when some parts of the body were not covered. Today it looks like the world has got upside down. What for centuries was thought to be the moral way and according to Judeo Christian values, suddenly seems to be not acceptable any more.

People, like female Muslims, who now choose to cover up for God, are not allowed to do so by the French governement. Europeans should question such a decision taken by a governement in West Europe and see how human rights (freedoms established by custom or international agreement that impose standards of conduct on all nations) are  trespassed. Today we can see in France that many specific human rights are ignored. What happened to the the right to personal or individual liberty and Due Process of Law; to freedom of thought, clothing, expression, religion, organization, and movement; to freedom from discrimination on the basis of race, religion, age, language, and sex?

Restrictions imposed

In West Europe we encounter more that certain social groups are confined to menial and despised jobs or even get no opportunity on the work-market. When somebody is called Mohammed he may be sure it will be much more difficult to get a job than when he would be called Jef. Arabic looking people shall find it more difficult to be able to rent a place or to buy property.

In Europe they say there does not exist a cast system (or caste) but if they are not careful it will come in existence or (better said) it will grow (because it is already here but denied). In our 21st century ‘Untouchability‘ and ‘Speciesism‘ have become a reality also in Western Europe. We can clearly see that more and more different values, rights, or special consideration is given to individuals solely on the basis of their species membership, origin and faith. There are many who are not minding positive discrimination and taking it up for one particular religious group (the Roman catholics). Today we may find the atheist caste wanting to direct the Christian-caste, Islamic-caste, and may we find different rejections of castes or groups of people.

It seems that France and Belgium are limiting the human rights laws for some groups in their population, which should give us the idea they are discriminating. By singling out a type of person or thing for special negative treatment or denial of equal treatment and to act in a prejudicial manner against someone or something, they have chosen the way of deprivation of individual liberty.


Lots of Caucasians seem to think that all those women are oppressed, but is it not they who know bring oppression and take away those women’s freedom to cloth themselves like they want? Clearly we could see several women being downtroddenmaltreatedhenpeckedbrowbeaten and subjugated or abused and tyrannized.

The country

which prides itself for liberté, égalité, fraternité, has unfortunately fallen short in recent times, with more social division and social prejudice arising within the country, due to the public suppression and rejection of religion; the consequent of which has led to violent eruptions.
It is also precisely through the social persecution of the wider Islamic community in such acts which aim to strip them of their beliefs, that it seems that the French government are validating individuals’ fears, rather than attempting to diffuse them. {France’s banning of the ‘Burqini’ is the rejection of its founding principles}


An image of a woman wearing a burkini

Forbidden: a burkini-clad woman on the beach

This iconic image of Peggy Moffitt modelling Gernreich’s monokini, which got a lot of controversy, was initially published in Women’s Wear Daily on June 3, 1964 and shows how one was still afraid to show a naked tummy.

What should people have against a full body swimsuit for any sort of woman, being Catholic or Muslim? (When we were child our parents had to wear full swimsuits or where fined.) Shall people, who went diving, have to take off their wetsuit before they come onto the beach? If they may walk on the beach with a wetsuit why not women in a full swimsuit?
Why are so many against wearing a swimming costume which covers the whole body with the exception of the face, hands, and feet, suitable for wear by Muslim women, which got the name bourkini/burkini/burqini, but has nothing to do with a bourka/burka/burqa or with the rider’s burka/burqa, which is long, thickpiled, nor with the traditional man’s coat made from felt or karakul, or with the Ukrainian traditional garment or Kobeniak, or with a two-piece bathing costume called bikini (or close-fitting bathing suit worn by men) and even less with a monokini, being just the opposite of it?

Women their freedom taken away

Are so many West Europeans so afraid women cannot stand up for themselves? And certain feminists do they not see there is much more at hand than just sexism?

We must be aware that there is so much more going on in our deranged world where Jihadi terrorist managed to get the fear burning hard over here in our regions that nobody seems to feel at ease when they see something that smells to Islamism. The politicians fell in the trap by creating laws in a hurry which limits the freedom of many women who have nothing to do at all with the faith of those terrorists, because they have chosen the path of God and a religion of peace or salam, hence the name Islam.


The Mayor of Cannes has prohibited access to the beach for those wearing clothing that disrespects secularism Reuters

By prohibiting the burkini the French state limits even more those they say would be oppressed. It is strange that lots of people do not understand those women wearing a burkini get just the freedom to go into the water or to lie on the beach like so many other women do.  By banning the burkini those women their freedom to enjoy a good day at the beach is taken away. By the ban also their children are targeted, because they also shall not be able to come to the beach and to go into the water to play with their mother.

The justification for the burkini ban is no longer about ‘liberating’ women, ….. but Arundhati Roy’s remarks about France’s earlier ban on the burka are still apt:

Arundhati Roy W.jpg

Suzanna Arundhati Roy , Indian author who is best known for her novel The God of Small Things (1997), which won the Man Booker Prize for Fiction in 1997

When, as happened recently in France, an attempt is made to coerce women out of the burka rather than creating a situation in which a woman can choose what she wishes to do, it’s not about liberating her but about unclothing her. It becomes an act of humiliation and cultural imperialism. Coercing a woman out of her burka is as bad as coercing her into one. It’s not about the burka. It’s about the coercion.

Arundhati Roy Capitalism: A Ghost Story, p. 37.

Armed police forcing women to remove their clothes on the beach is nothing other than an act of humiliation – humiliating women to punish a minority group for the actions of a few individuals. {France and the Burkini}

Huda Jawad, Community Coordinator at Standing Together Against Domestic Violence, wrote

Choosing to conflate a cultural and religiously inspired mode of attire – which women choose to wear to feel safe from the sexual gaze of society while partaking in a very ordinary pastime – with a terrorist group is a convenient ‘othering’ of fellow citizens in times of national crisis. {The burkini ban is misogynistic – and Western feminists are turning a blind eye}

Secularism, good attitude and proper values

You may wonder why those women in burkini would not wear appropriate swimwear and would not “respect good customs and secularism” whilst others with their bare poo and bare bosom would be an example how women should be clothed and are respecting the western values.

There exist already a lot of discriminatory treatment towards physically unattractive people. Now to that ‘Lookism‘ we have the discriminatory view of men who can not see enough naked flesh are can not find enough to look at by a woman.

Today people not only make judgements of others based on their physical appearance that influence how they respond to those people, when their clothes are not liked by French men such men may now demand those clothes to be taken off.

The announcement by David Lisnard, UMP Mayor of Cannes, that he is prohibiting access to the beach to anyone not wearing what the French would consider suitable bathing suits, did not make many French question, what right he had, to decide a woman had to wear on the beach and why he choose the more naked version of the feminine, instead of a more clothed, and what believers in God would call a more decent one.

Victims of ISIS, the scapegoat of the French nation

Lots of people consider themselves victim of ISIS but forget that the worst victims are Islamists or ordinary Muslim people all over the world. Europeans and Americans may not be blind and should see that the greatest causalities of Isis have been Muslims, and the banning of the burkini illustrates the extent to which France’s fundamentalist secularism is singling out the most visible and vulnerable group in society for blame.

The governement is giving in and has found its scapegoat and used the local Muslims to blame for the terror the security forces of the country could not avoid or obstruct. Like the Fascist in the past liked Scapegoating many Europeans and Americans now blame the refugees and Muslims for the many problems they have in their country. In the past Jews and immigrants were prominent among the groups that were demonized. In France the Jews got a sibling now in the Muslim community. Today it is not a “Judeo-Masonic-bolshevik” conspiraciy or left-wing agitation, but the presence of immigrants and the amount of active Muslims.

As in the past the governement points the finger to those ‘outcasts’ and originators of all sin. They go with the people and hope to gain popularity by taking measures against the Ummah or Muslim community, making their life so difficult that they hope those other believers will soon leave. Implication was that depriving these demons of their power and influence would cause the nation’s major problems to go away.

Lots of people are afraid that those Muslims would be able to convert many French and that the nation by those converts would be more and more becoming an Islamic state.

Limiting the liberty of Muslims and other believers

Now by limiting the liberty of the Muslims in their own country the governement hopes to please the rest of the population and to take the attention away from their own weakness and the blame they have it not in control.

The governement, because of all the discussions going on about the burkini’s and religious clothing, decided that when the schools will open again, no religious dress or symbol shall be allowed, and as such no head covering for Jews and Muslims or necklaces with religious symbols.

Education minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, a former government spokesperson who is politically more to the left than former interior minister Valls and disagrees with the burqini ban could not stop the measures.

For the start of the debate, concerning the burqini Huda Jawad  also questioned in the Daily Independent

Since when did wearing a burkini, in most cases a loose fitting nylon version of a wetsuit, become an act of allegiance to terrorist movements? Do Marks & Spencer or House of Fraser know that their attempt to raise profits and exploit a gap in the over-saturated clothing market is selling and promoting allegiance to Isis? {The burkini ban is misogynistic – and Western feminists are turning a blind eye}

She also remarks

What is it about French secularism’s blindspot to its own racism and misogyny? The obsession to the point of fetishism with Muslim women’s mode of dress and covering curtails the most basic of human rights – that of self-determination and freedom of expression. As Arundhati Roy so eloquently put it, coercing a woman out of the burka instead of enabling her to choose is an act of violence, humiliation and cultural imperialism. Instead of extending the hand of fraternité, Mr Lisnard and his supporters are excluding Muslims, if not pushing them into the arms of radicalisers. {The burkini ban is misogynistic – and Western feminists are turning a blind eye}

Making the Muslims stigmatised as the bogeyman, that scarecrow seems already frightening lots of French people. They are pushing the golliwog in the corner or throwing in front of the swines that in the end they shall have to defend themselves so strongly and make their faith and stance even stronger, so that a new religious revolt can take place. Perhaps than the French shall get their eyes opened and shall be awakened from their cauchemard (their nightmare) they are afraid of.

The ruling from the state council suspends a single ban in the southern town of Villeneuve-Loubet, near Nice, but is likely to set a precedent for other towns that have prohibited the full-body swimwear on their beaches.

According to a senior politician in Norway’s right-wing Progress Party (FrP) Norway also has to follow the lead of a number of French towns and ban the burkini. Third deputy, Aina Stenersen, claims the full-body swimsuits worn by some Muslim women are “a symbol of radical Islam” and is convinced that French cities did right to ban the burqini from their beaches. The Progress Party is in the process of formulating a new party manifesto, and the burkini ban is expected to be included.

The FrP does, however, believe the fine faced by those who wear burkinis in France is too lenient. Ms Stenersen intends to double the charge to around 500 kroner, which is equivalent to £57.

A story to be continued and démarche or kick-off to be followed up .

To welcome women wearing burqini’s and coming into public spaces

Marcel Michelson for Forbes writes

Yes, wearing a burkini on the beach, as wearing a burka in town, is an ostentatious sign of religious adherence, as is the wearing of full robes by priests and nuns in public or the traditional garments and hairstyles of orthodox Jews.

Yet a burkini is also a means of emancipation for Muslim women, allowing them to bathe despite the strict, male-dominated, rules under which they have to lead their lives.

In a way, we should welcome burkini’s and encourage Muslims to integrate more in French, or European, society. {Burkini Debate In France Shows Lack Of Tolerance And Understanding Out Of Fear For Strangers}



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Ideas about Religiosity

From the Old French religiosete (late 14th century)  and directly from Late Latin religiositas “religiousness,” from religiosus we got religiosity. In 1795 it came only 0.02% as used word. In 1947 it reached 0.1% and got a peak in 1944-45 from 0.17-021%to decline again until 1959 when it reached a deeper point again of 0.12%. From then onwards it got more used, with a frequency of 0.3% in 1978 and climbing to 0.44 in 1996. In2005 it got a boost and was used 0.62%. After a little dip it got again to 0.74% in 2008.

You can wonder if the word became more popular because the time was so bad that people sought more answers and where looking for meaning in their life, but in a time when more people were religious in a way which seemed exaggerated and insincere.

In the 2010 the word became again more popular to denote the way people were either going to be or not be religious. Having to face times where more people are not so much interested in the existence of a supernatural ruling power, a divine Creator and a controller of the universe, the act of those people became also more in the picture and part of debate. This also because many impeach that religion is the base of the many problems we do face today. Lots of people accuse the religious people of creating a situation of hatred between people. The non-religious people inculpate the believers of the different religious or faith groups this world counts, and that are many.

religions in Europe, map en. See File:Europe r...

religions in Europe, map en. See File:Europe religion map.png for details. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we talk about religion we look at one or an other of the various systems of faith and worship based on such belief. As such we are often confronted with the great religions of the world, being Christendom and Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. the persons belonging to one or another religion we do expect to be bounded to the organisations of that religion and to have a religious life according to the rules of that religion.

When we talk about the religiosity today we think of the manner a person has an awakened sense of the elements we encounter in life. This may be concerning a higher unseen controlling power or powers, with the emotion and morality connected therewith. {Chambers 20th Century dictionary, 1972-1977, p.128,1141} In the 1977 reprint of the Chambers dictionary is still looked at religiosity as some bigotry or blind or excessive zeal, especially in religious matters.

Appropriate to or in accordance with the principles of a religion a person might be religious. In Christianity of or relating to a way of life dedicated to religion by the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, and defined by a monastic rule. {Collins English Dictionary}

When we talk about the religiosity of some one we think about his religious life or how he is spiritual, holy, sacred, divine, theological, righteous, sectarian, sanctified, doctrinal, devotional, scriptural, devout, believing, godly, committedpractising, faithful, pious, God-fearing, reverent, pure, churchgoing, conscientious, exactrigid, rigorous, meticulous, scrupulous, fastidious, unerring, unswerving, punctilious. {Collins English Dictionary}

The religious person is some one who is taken by religiosity and beliefs in and worships something or someone, mostly a superhuman controlling power or powers, esp. a personal god or God or gods. The person who is religious wants to come to a religious act or have some religious activity, spending time to religiosity or giving time for his belief or practice, forming part of his or her thought about or worship of a divine being.

he has strong religious convictions

both men were deeply religious, intelligent, and moralistic. {The Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English, 2009}

Today when we talk about religiosity and a religious person, not many are going to think straight ahead of

belonging or relating to a monastic order or other group of people who are united by their practice of religion: religious houses were built on ancient pagan sites. {The Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English, 2009}

but are going to think more about the way people are treated or regarded with a devotion and scrupulousness appropriate to worship

I have a religious aversion to reading manuals. {The Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English, 2009}

The religiosity may take on all sorts of forms, going from the simple worshipthe activity of worshipping, to veneration, cultism, also going into the extreme, becoming excessive or irrational devotion to some activity; “made a fetish of cleanliness” or to become a devotion to the doctrine or a cult or to the practices of a cult.

Religiosity mostly has to do with devotion or love, passion, affection, intensity, attachment, zeal, fondness, fervour, adoration, ardour, earnestness, dedication, commitment, loyalty, allegiance, fidelity, adherence, constancy, and faithfulness. It can be seen in the way people act or worship and bring prayers, religious observance, church service, prayer meeting, matins, vespers, divine office.

In its broadest sense today religiosity can be seen as a comprehensive sociological term used to refer to the numerous aspects of religious activity, dedication, and belief (or religious doctrine)

The Gallup Religiosity Index, 2015. (dark color indicates religious, light nonreligious)

Some like to divide religiosity in six dimensions, others from four to twelve components, based on the understanding that there are at least three components to religious behaviour: knowing (cognition in the mind), feeling (affect to the spirit), and doing (behaviour of the body). Though sociologists have differed over the exact number of components of religiosity.

What can be found in lots of studies is when written by atheists the believer is looked at as a stupid person who believes in things unseen. For the reason such a person accepting what is written in the Bible lots of such researchers do find that they can not be very intellectual because many strong believers do not want to accept certain scientific findings. We can assure you that there are also very intelligent people, scientists, medics, lawyers etc. who are very religious.

Also is known that many do not want to show their religiosity in public and today many are even afraid to show their religiosity to others at all, or dare not to bring up religious matters in public but also not between their own friends or in the family.

For the reason to bring religiosity more in the open the Message Board or Internet Forum Christadelphian has been created in August 2016 on the American Yuku servers of Crowdgather, Inc.. By creating such forum the public has the opportunity to bring up questions and members are allowed to edit or delete their own posts. The posts, when there are more, will be contained in threads, where they appear as blocks one after another. The first post starting the thread; this may be called the TS (thread starter) or OP (original post). Posts that follow in the thread are meant to continue discussion about that post, or respond to other replies. The Christadelphian makers of the board are aware that it is not uncommon for discussions to be derailed, but they do want to give it a chance.

Christadelphian Forum (started August 2016)

At the place Christadelpian where many people may exchange ideas easily hopefully many will bring forth some good subjects also. To start off the following opening articles can be found

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For those Christians who say they are the Victim

You Are Not A Victim

Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Paul Van Buren, a preacher born in Nova Scotia, Canada who lived in so many places since then considers himself to be called by God at the age of 19 but knows that calling was knit into him before his birth.

Being a father of 11 children and husband to a most wonderful lady, he is the pastor of a Holy Spirit directed church in LaSalle, Quebec where  he is having the time of his life. On his Pastor’s Blog he writes that it frustrates him when Christians play the part of victim.

He writes:

Victimized Christians do not know who they are in Jesus and it is a shame that they are wasting the precious days they have been given in this world.

Probably he thinks of the many gifts we are given: first of all life itself and secondly many gifts when we grow up and try to make something of our life.

Having lots of messages circulating on the media, with lots of horrible pictures of terrorist acts lost of people are getting so afraid that our Western World would become Islamised and that we Christians should have to convert to Islam or being killed. Strange is that not more people question how it comes that so many left Christianity or Christendom and became Muslim and do not wonder how it comes that so many Christian churches are getting more and more empty.

Clearly we should question Christians how they live their faith. Is not many their faith as dead? What are they doing to bring others into the faith?

How are they helping those who have doubts and wonder if those Muslims are not right?

Let us have a look on what Paul Van Buren writes:

Paul first reminds Timothy that he has been raised and trained in a life of faith. It was demonstrated to him in his mother and grandmother. Paul encourages Timothy by stating that he is confident that this same faith resides in Timothy. Then:

Because of this, I’m reminding you to revive God’s gift that is in you through the laying on of my hands. (v. 6)

I like this. Because of this faith Timothy I am reminding you to operate in it. Live by the Spirit. Do what you have been equipped to do. The Spirit provides the equipping but we are responsible to operate in it. Then Paul writes what we all must grasp:

God didn’t give us a spirit that is timid but one that is powerful, loving, and self-controlled. (v. 7)

This is not personality. Personality type does not play in your calling and equipping. Look at many of the servant’s of the past who tried to get out of their calling with excuses, like Moses and Jonah. It has everything to do with the spirit he has given to us and it is one of boldness. He has equipped us with his power, his love and the power to be self-controlled. This is good stuff that we simply have to act on, in faith that it is so.

Too many Christians seem not to feel that power which they have received, or what has happened more likely when getting older and more trapped by this materialistic world they have lost he fire of their faith and the flames are only burning very weakly or not at all.
Several people are also born in a Christian family and lots of them were even baptised before they could properly think or understand what God and faith really meant. This also makes that many of those name Christians never ever did feel that Spirit in them. They only got the name or the label ‘Christian’ on them and want to consider themselves Christians because they want to belong to the general group of the West.

Now the West comes under threat again from Muslims going to the west, like they had already done before and had conquered Spain, now Europeans are having fear those Muslims will conquer the whole of Europe. But when they would have a strong faith, why should they than be so full of fear?

For sure it is because most of those Europeans do not have any faith in God or do have no idea at all what their faith-groups stands for or if that faith-group follows really the Holy Books or not. The same for the many Muslims here, lots of them born in that faith-group and not knowing enough their own holy books, they do not react strong enough against those who defile their holy books and the teachings of Muhammad. They should have reacted much more against those criminals who defile the Name of God in name of the Muslims, blackening their ummah and making it more difficult to have a peaceful life here in the West.

Today we are living again in a similar time when Noah was alive. Everywhere around us we can see how people live against nature and against God’s Wishes. In a certain way it would be no wonder if God would shaken the world once more to awaken them. But it is not God Who brings terror and horror over people. It are the people themselves who bring cruelty over themselves.

We better should think again of those times, what happened after the water came down and Noah got promises from God. We also should remember how people at the time of Moses very fast had forgotten how God ahd liberated them and how fast they went worshipping other gods again.

Pastor Paul writes:

When Moses was about to die he addressed the nation and told them to possess the land because Yahweh had told them to possess it. He encouraged them:

Be strong! Be fearless! Don’t be afraid and don’t be scared by your enemies, because the Lord your God is the one who marches with you. He won’t let you down, and he won’t abandon you. (Deuteronomy 31:6) 

Two things right there are the source of our boldness. First, our God is always with us, going before us, always preparing the way. He abides in us. Psalm 139 states we can never escape him, even more now that he lives in us. This is for our encouragement.

The second thing the pastor wants to highlight is that we may count on God:

He won’t let you down. That is a big one all on it’s own and can only be understood in the context of a loving, intimate relationship.

Though in his text we have the impression he , like so many Christians got two Biblical characters mixed up. He namely continues than with looking at Jesus, who is the sent one from God, and not God Himself.

As Christians, being followers of Christ, we should believe the words of this Nazarene teacher and see how his heavenly Father protected him and gave him special gifts. In the knowledge that this man also did not tell lies, because he did not sin, we may assume that also his promises will come true.

Jesus promised that he would be with us until the end of this age. He said his desire was for us to be one with him in the same way that he is one with Father. The Way, the Truth and the Life is in you. The one who declared that all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to him, is intimate with you. The one who stated that he is the Resurrection walks with you every day.

With that knowledge we should have our minds at rest. It should be a comforting thought that at the end times those who love God shall find peace after the big battle or the Big Tribulation, which nobody can escape. Yes the big trouble shall come over us all. But Jesus has told about the signs and it is up to us to recognise them and to prepare ourselves for that time of the Last Days.

It is not that we ourselves shall have to go into the battle and have to be conquerors.

Paul wrote that we are more than conquerors, we are overcomers. We are not victims. We are not powerless. We are not timid, because our God has given us the authority to forgive. Thank about that for a moment. The power does not rest in the hands of the offender but in the hands of the offended. Without your forgiveness, the offender will have to give account for their actions. With your forgiveness that offence is wiped away. By offering forgiveness you are also set free from the cage of victim. That is power and that is what has been given to you with the responsibility to love your enemies.

We cannot and must not live with a victim mentality. Jesus has made us greater, more powerful than people can grasp. Now walk in the boldness you have been given and dare to love where others have failed.


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Migratie en veiligheid even geherformuleerd

Naarmate de maand december vordert beginnen velen stilaan terug te blikken op 2015.

Jan Blommaert (en z’n gedachten) vindt dat dezelfde thema’s periodiek op nagenoeg precies dezelfde manier publiek besproken worden. Hij vindt dat we ons het jaar 2015 om vele redenen zullen herinneren, maar twee elementen zullen we wel allemaal belangrijk blijven vinden:

  1. = jaar van vluchtelingencrisis
  2. = jaar van terreuraanslagen in Parijs –in januari tegen, onder andere, redactie van Charlie Hebdo, + in november tegen een aantal uitgaansgelegenheden, met gevolgen tot in Molenbeek.
  • hebben vele jaren achter de rug waarin een rechtse hegemonie zowat alle politieke thema’s domineerde, dit zowel in beleid, media + in de publieke uitingen van doorsnee burger (blonk doorgaans uit in gelatenheid en passiviteit) > in schril contrast met rechts denkende burger => permanent vocaal overwicht had op grote discussiefora. {De aarde warmt op – voor vluchtelingen en andere slachtoffers + Hoe Vlaanderen debatteert, deel 3: De Tijd}
  • BartDeWever.jpgklassenstrijd stierf zachte dood met Sociaal Pact van na WO II => ons beroemde sociaal overleg-systeem => Klassenstrijd niet meer nodig <= sociale partners bereid met elkaars belangen rekening te houden. // Dhr. De Wever heeft de strijd echter doen herrijzen
  • Migratie + veiligheid = twee thema’s die publieke opinie heftig beroerd hebben in 2015 > horen – jammer genoeg – al een hele tijd samen
  • richten ons op fenomenale hoeveelheid kromspraak omtrent die twee verweven thema’s
  • Vanaf late voorjaar van 2015 over hele EU over een “vluchtelingencrisis” >  Tienduizenden vluchtelingen aanspoelen op stranden – in Malta, Italië, + bovenal in Griekenland (Vanaf begin januari tot 1 december 2015 Griekenland zo’n 600.000 vluchtelingen te verwerken)
  • English: Flag-Map of Germany EU

    Flag-Map of Germany EU (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Eurocrisis => Griekenland  onder curatele geplaatst door beruchte Trojka => geen cent ter beschikking voor infrastructuur + mankracht om  immigratie te verwerken => liet vluchtelingen doorstromen naar rest van de EU => hoofdzakelijk Duitsland => aantallen vluchtelingen over EU verspreidden groot + stroom ongecontroleerd + ongeordend => “crisis”

  • Schäuble: “Capaciteit van Duitsland om vluchtelingen op te vangen is beperkt”
  • Overal regeringen aan het bewind die migratie wilden “beperken” + “controleren” > plannen lelijk gedwarsboomd door tienduizenden nieuwe vluchtelingen die kwamen aankloppen + honderdduizenden EU burgers spontaan + kordaat solidariteit met die vluchtelingen
  • ongecontroleerde vluchtelingenstroom => behoorlijke hoeveelheden onvoorziene middelen aan ongewenste doel uit te geven
  • neoliberale systeem van Euro-austeriteit – steeds minder middelen voor de sociale opvang van “ongewenste” mensen
  • N-VA partij voorziet
    • twee “rangen” van burgerschap
    • voert permanente strijd tegen armen + neemt voortouw in afbraak van sociale zekerheid
    • wil Conventie van Genève herzien
    • slaakte “noodkreet” aan EU in open brief omwille van “vloedgolf” die ons overspoelde, + waarschuwde dat de keuze er één was tussen opvang van vluchtelingen of behoud van onze sociale zekerheid
    • échte vluchteling tot men over de grens in Turkije een veilig onderkomen had gevonden
    • Wie vanaf dat punt verder trok naar de EU = niet meer om aan dood + vervolging te ontsnappen => om “een beter leven” te hebben = economisch vluchteling + verzaak je aan onze solidariteit
    • vindt racisme een relatieve kwestie
  • In media berichten over verkrachtingen van lokale meisjes door vluchtelingen, diefstallen, vandalisme + vechtpartijen met en onder vluchtelingen => onder vluchtelingen misdadigers + terroristen => economische vluchtelingen + nog minder criminelen of terroristen, onder geen beding in ons land toelaten
  • => moeten ons verdedigen tegen grote nieuwe dreiging <=  geen echte vluchtelingen
  • === lange lijst van dwaasheden in deze argumenten
  • in ons bestaan bedreigd door mensen die regime van IS in Syrië ontvluchten > echte vluchtelingencrisis = crisis van  austeriteitspolitiek die opvangmogelijkheden drastisch heeft beperkt, waardoor systeem nu zeer snel “overloopt”.
  • onwil van overheden om middelen voor administratieve + materiële opvang van vluchtelingen te voorzien
  • toevloed van aanvragers naar een veel te klein + zwak opvangsysteem = vele aanvragers die jarenlang moeten wachten op uitspraak over hun aanvraag => huidige knoeiboel bij aanpakken van vluchtelingencrisis schept nieuw migrantenprobleem voor toekomst.
  • => jarenlang in zeer precaire administratieve + sociale toestand blijven hangen => zeer grote rechtsonzekerheid + geen enkele mogelijkheid om hun toekomst te plannen
  • al twintig jaar immigratie via asiel, met pieken die huidige benaderen + overstijgen => volkomen geabsorbeerd in samenleving waarin ze zijn opgenomen => winkelier, kapper, bouwvakker, boekhouder, opvoeder, buurtwerker, zelfs politieagent + ambulancier => mythe weerlegd =  vluchteling = leeft niét jarenlang van bijstand; OCMW-steun e.d.


  • vluchtelingenstroom vanuit IS-gebied enkele “terroristen” aan boord had. Terroristen~~term vandaag gebruikt = fanatieke Jihadistische Moslims die met extreem en willekeurig geweld onze Westerse levenswijze willen vernietigen + vervangen door een op de Sharia gebaseerde samenleving =  term klinkt objectief + wordt door de meeste mensen zonder slag of stoot in de mond genomen + geloofd als ware het een simpel feitelijk gegeven. <= moreel + politiek begrip =Terroristen zijn ergste vijanden => verdienen geen mededogen + moeten vernietigd worden = zware artillerie in politieke vocabularium = meest negatieve politieke kwalificatie die men als vijand kan krijgen = uitgesproken propagandadimensie
  • Iedereen is goed geïntegreerd in bepaalde delen van de samenleving, matig tot slecht geïntegreerd in andere, en niet geïntegreerd in nog andere.
  • wat is de “mainstream”? Wie vertegenwoordigt mainstream? => “geïntegreerd” + “mainstream” = vaste baan + stabiele gezinssituatie + eigen woning bezit + standaard Nederlands spreekt en schrijft.
  • eindpunt van integratie?
  • Integratie + inburgering = feit dat mensen die buiten onze samenleving staan inspanningen moeten doen om er binnen te raken, via aanpassing aan ons.
  • nieuwkomers als onze samenleving blijken best in staat om behoorlijk grote aantallen nieuwkomers op te vangen
  • Vrijheidstrijder – rebel – opstandeling – terrorist
  • =>  wiens begrip +  in wiens ogen?
  • “terroristen” op een zeker ogenblik in hun leven = “helden”, “bevrijders” of “staatslieden” => niets absoluuts aan die term
  • Wanneer conflict uitkomst krijgt => verdwijnt begrip “terrorist” => kwalificatie van “terrorist” = niét afhangt van aard van handelingen die gesteld worden, van vormen van geweld die gebruikt worden > politieke context nodig waarin die handelingen als “terreur” bestempeld kunnen worden.
  • handelingen absoluut + onbetwistbaar slecht (onthoofdingen, brandstapels, massale verkrachtingen, verminkingen, willekeurige slachtpartijen op onschuldige mensen) => IS = “terreurorganisatie” < absolute kwaad + gruwelen zonder enig respect voor menselijkheid van hun slachtoffers
  • geen toeval dat IS z’n slachtoffers vaak aankleedt in de oranje overalls die de Guantanamo-gedetineerden dragen.
  • eenvoudige zin “Allahoe Akbar” (God is de grootste) op enkele jaren tijd veranderd – indexicaal – van simpel gebed dat elke devote Moslim uitspreekt, tot een kreet die terreur aankondigt + die mensen van angst doet wegduiken + Arabisch – taal van honderden miljoenen mensen = evengoed een “verdacht” ding geworden => “aanwijzing” die voldoende kan zijn voor een agressieve identiteitscontrole + ondervraging = drie decennia zeer diep verankerd vijandbeeld gegroeid < = Islam vijand van het Westen + waarden van Islam fundamenteel onverzoenbaar met die van het Westen = nonsens
  • Islam ook “bij ons” aanwezig is (er zijn zo’n 700.000 Moslims in België) = uiteraard goeie mensen bij + ook slechten > slechten = sinds kort “geradicaliseerden” =>  “deradicaliseringsbeleid” + “deradicaliseringsambtenaren”
  • Geradicaliseerde Moslimjongeren = jongeren die effectief of potentieel “Syriëstrijder” zijn en bij hun terugkeer terreurdaden kunnen stellen = dwaze politieke term = alsof hij waarneembare + feitelijke, absolute realiteit aangeeft = aan déze term simpelweg niéts objectiefs.
  • “radicaal” = “gradatieterm” = meer + erger dan “normaal” of “gematigd”=> eerst weten wat “normaal” is <= Radicaal in vergelijking waarmee? + Wat = nulpunt => eerst weten wat “normaal” is.
  • term = pure interpretatie van iets > wat precies? welke fenomenen?
  • “radicalisering” moet iets met geloof van Moslims te maken hebben => wij (niet-Moslims) interpreteren er wel op los =>Hoe bepalen niet-Moslims mate van “radicalisering” van geloofsovertuiging van Moslim? <=  als niet-Moslims niet al te best voor gewapend =>vragen aan niet-“geradicaliseerde” Moslims te bepalen wat zij binnen hun godsdienst als “normaal” en “radicaal” bepalen => gesprek over “radicalisering” met overgrote meerderheid van Belgische Moslims die daar ook zo hun gedacht over hebben
  • Waarom gebruiken we een woord dat op een vorm van geloofsbeleving slaat (“radicalisering”) voor een zeer uitzonderlijke daad die zelfs voor de meeste “radicale” Moslims ondenkbaar is (naar Syrië gaan strijden)?
  • “Syriëstrijder” – suïcidale militie = bedreigt niet alleen onze veiligheid + ons hele samenlevingsmodel
  • levensbedreigende zaken => heuse militarisering van veiligheidsapparaat
  • in 2015 zo’n 700 verkeersdoden op de Belgische wegen <= regeringen weigeren al decennia lang fundamentele maatregelen aan te nemen die gebruik van openbaar vervoer drastisch zouden aanmoedigen
  •  2015  periode van Klimaattop in Parijs <= luchtvervuiling veroorzaakt in ons land jaarlijks 11.000 vroegtijdige overlijdens => onze regeringen maakten zich onsterfelijk belachelijk door op de Parijse klimaattop te verschijnen zonder een nationaal klimaatplan
  • afbouw van de sociale zekerheid en de toenemende armoedeproblematiek => scheppen allerhande zeer ernstige vormen van onveiligheid = toenemende onveiligheid op arbeidsmarkt, gezondheidszorg, ouderenzorg > financiële onveiligheid, onveiligheid inzake onderwijskansen = elk van die domeinen = “dreigingen” voor levenstandaard van mensen
  • = dreigingen zeer ernstig + vaak dramatisch. Dus:

Waarom kijken we slechts naar één “dreiging” en zoeken we slechts één vorm van veiligheid, terwijl we zovele andere vormen van onveiligheid toelaten?

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Jan Blommaert (en z'n gedachten)

moslims-600x330Jan Blommaert 

Voorpublicatie van een hoofdstuk uit “Let op je woorden: Taal, politiek en strijd” (Berchem: EPO 2016)

We zullen ons het jaar 2015 om vele redenen herinneren, maar twee elementen zullen we wel allemaal belangrijk blijven vinden: het was het jaar van de vluchtelingencrisis en het jaar van de terreuraanslagen in Parijs – één in januari tegen, onder andere, de redactie van Charlie Hebdo, en één in november tegen een aantal uitgaansgelegenheden, met gevolgen tot in Molenbeek. Migratie en veiligheid zijn de twee thema’s die de publieke opinie heftig hebben beroerd in dat jaar, en ze horen – jammer genoeg – al een hele tijd samen. Dat is op zich voer voor een analyse, maar die doen we later wel eens. Nu richten we ons op de fenomenale hoeveelheid kromspraak die omtrent die twee verweven thema’s is geproduceerd. Want, ja, we hebben al gezien hoe zowel de frames van…

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