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Try all sorts of things

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Take it easy

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Love is free share it

Love is free
Why are we not spreading it around?
Love is what our world needs most;
Why are we not letting it go round?
Love is what we need to heal the world;
Why are we not healing the world with it?
Let love flow;
Let love go round;
That is what the world needs;
And it’s all free to give;
It costs nothing to share it;
You lose nothing sharing it to all we meet.
Let’s let love go round.


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I have hope

I have hope
That the world will become better.
I have my reason for this hope;
I meet many kind,
Loving people daily;
Who are working
To make the world a better place.
I have hope;
That the combined effort of these
Loving souls
Will change the world.
I have hope;
That good will overcome evil;
As good is stronger than evil.
I have hope;
That the world will become
An excellent place
For everybody to enjoy.
I encourage you
Who love for an excellent world;
Keep on; persist;
Your efforts will be rewarded.
We will have an excellent world;
And everybody will enjoy;
It will take long;
But it will come.
I have hope;
And invite you ALSO to have hope.

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