Reading with Discernment

On this platform you might find many writings written by Christadelphians or Brothers in Christ but also a selection they made from what is available to read on the internet. On the internet there is so much to find that sometimes we do not see the leaves of the trees in the wood any more.

English: Christadelphian Hall - High Street

 Christadelphian Hall – High Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The selection of writings on this Christadelphian internet magazine, be they Christadelphian or not, is offered to let you think about certain matters and to facilitate your internet experience by sharing sites worth to look at. We do not have any intention to say this material presented here, is the only truth, in case such a thing would exist. We are all just human beings and in our Christadelphian way of thinking, we do know nobody is infallible and everybody has freedom of thinking or thought and freedom of speech, but does not have all knowledge. As such it is possible that you might find writings which you or some other brothers or sisters would not agree with. You are free to have your own opinion and to react if you want.

Please do know that we are trying to bring an honest selection of subjects which we think might be of interest and have something to offer to think about. Though lots of reblogged articles might be of non-christadelphians and even be of people who belong to a denomination of which we do find a lot of human teachings we would not agree with, we think the here offered articles might be useful to consider a thought, by non-Christadelphian as well by Christadelphian readers. We do hope believers as well as non believers in God might find some interesting and useful articles over here.

Evidently the selection of writings and the articles placed by the Christadelphians are from a Christadelphian background presented here, because we think they can contribute to our community and to people who are searching for the truth. That searching has to be our first priority and should bring us to read everything in the light of what is written in the Bible, the infallible Word of God, which at all times should be our Guide.

The aim of this site is to bring a readers digest which may be inspiring and of help for many. We try here to provide enriching things but do know that we are limited in our capabilities and in our choices this also with the knowledge that we will never be able, to be entirely adequate.

Our hope is that more people shall come to listen to their inner voice and shall come to believe more in their self and shall open their mind to other thoughts to broaden their horizon.

When we read the writings of Christadelphians we are on much safer ground than when we read expositions by those who are not — we can have confidence about the doctrinal content of what we read. That does not mean to say, however, that everything we read will be correct. We should not expect that: in fact, if we find ourselves agreeing with absolutely everything we read, it may be that we are not being discerning enough. God wants us to search out His Truth for ourselves.

Equally, there is no cause for patting ourselves on the back when we find something with which we disagree — our own opinions could equally be wrong. Sometimes it is possible to hear brethren speak with what seems to be a kind of pride when they state their disagreement with another brother’s position or view about a verse. But Bible exposition is not about the human ego.

We have to strike a right balance in our attitude towards different interpretations of scripture, and this will come out in our response when we read books. We are not reading so that we might seize on the mistakes of others, nor so that we accept unquestioningly everything that they write. All must be weighed prayerfully and thoughtfully against the scriptures.

There are always greater depths to explore, further gems to be discovered, fresh Bible study to be done. We must have an attitude of reverence and humility whenever we approach anything to do with God’s Word. Our own opinions about scripture, and our confidence in the opinions of brothers we respect, must always be tempered with the knowledge that we might be wrong, and that God knows what He means, even if we are sometimes too dim to perceive it correctly.

Based on an extract from a series called “A Christadelphian’s Bookshelf” by Mark Vincent in The Christadelphian magazine 1995, volume 132, p206


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