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January 6: A Failed Apocalypse

The attack on the house of democracy has shown the world how far Americans have drifted away from the gospel and have made their faith more a political game.



Francis Fukuyama and ‘The End of History?’

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Evangelicals & Seduction

Death to the GOP! Or not.

Preventable: The Inside Story of How Leadership Failures, Politics, and Selfishness Doomed the U.S. Coronavirus Response Book Review

A History Of The Culture Wars

A Theology of Culture War Christianity


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Jared Stacy

January 6th was a theological event. Just a month before, the Jericho March rallies in DC featured nationalist prayers. They declared God’s will was to reinstate Donald Trump. At the insurrection a month later, the Cross & signs of “Jesus Saves” joined the mob up the Capitol steps. 

January 6th was more than a failed political coup. It was a failed theological apocalypse. Treated this way, we come to an inevitable conclusion: this god lost. He lost because Donald Trump was not President on January 7th. We should never stop asking “what happened?” Even when some want to forget it. For those who keep asking, we need to perform a theological autopsy of this failed apocalypse.

Some speak of healing from January 6th politically or culturally. We have political committees doing important work. But healing from January 6th is impossible without addressing the failed theology at the heart of the violence. 

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A Theology of Culture War Christianity

Jared Stacy

Kaepernick took a knee, Trump took a photo op. These moments are seared in the collective American consciousness. And both moments are unavoidably religious. Each deals with sacred symbols: a flag, a book of faith. Both surface theological questions. Who or what do we worship? How should we live in this world?

The irony of violence, and the theology inherent in a Christianity that welcomes the photo-op and decries taking a knee, demands not only our attention but a response.The very man who called Kaepernick and other NFL players “sons of b******” for kneeling was the same leader touting the Bible in a photo-op that required the violent tear gassing of protestors.

Imagining a way forward will be next week’s conclusion. This week, by examining the theology inherent in the anthem protests and the St. John’s Church photo-op, we can see the unique theological shape of Culture War Christianity…

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A History Of The Culture Wars

Jared Stacy

Culture War Christianity has long since ossified into the de facto expression of faith for many white American evangelicals. In Part One of this series (which you can find here) we introduced the American Culture Wars. As a whole, this series examines the historical & theological shape of Culture War Christianity in comparison to Jesus’ Kingdom through the lenses of these two camps, conscientious objectors and vocal advocates. We concluded last week with a descriptor: Culture War Christianity tends to make enemies, not love them.

This week, our second part examines the historical orgins of the Culture Wars. If you’re pressed for time, I present a TL;DR that takes 2 minutes, and you can return to read the article at your leisure…

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read Summary)

The key to understanding modern Culture War Christianity is the history of American race relations and Christianity. This article locates the birth…

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Preventable: The Inside Story of How Leadership Failures, Politics, and Selfishness Doomed the U.S. Coronavirus Response Book Review

Donald Trump is the guilty one that America was and is still so much caught in the Corona crisis. In case he would not have minimalised this “Chinese” disease and would have given the right advice to the American citizens, a lot of deaths, suffering and sorrow could have been avoided.


Hindsight is always 2020. The question we have to ask ourselves, is when the same issue comes up, is the past repeated or do we truly learn from our errors?

Andy Slavitt has spent many years within the world of healthcare. His new book, Preventable: The Inside Story of How Leadership Failures, Politics, and Selfishness Doomed the U.S. Coronavirus Response, was published in June. It documents the time he spent in the last Presidential administration and the missteps that led to more than half a million Americans dead from Covid-19. Speaking to government officials, politicians on all sides of the spectrum, and medical professionals, he talks about in detail what went wrong and what could have been done to save lives.

As I got further into the narrative, I was getting angry. The United States is one of the wealthiest nations in the world. While there was no…

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Anti-Semitism in the United States

Although in many ways the U.S. Jewish population is flourishing, concerns about anti-Semitism have risen among American Jews. In the recent Pew Research Center’s survey of U.S. Jews, conducted from Nov. 19, 2019, to June 3, 2020, three-quarters say there is more anti-Semitism in the United States than there was five years ago, and just over half (53%) say that “as a Jewish person in the United States” they feel less safe than they did five years ago.

Probably this has a lot to with the way Donald Trump created a poisoned atmosphere.

Politically, U.S. Jews on the whole tilt strongly liberal and tend to support the Democratic Party, but the last few years in that party were many extreme right people who wanted a white Christian nation. When the new survey was fielded, from late fall 2019 through late spring 2020, 71% a lot of Jews said  they were still Democrats or leaned Democratic. Among Jews of no religion, roughly three-quarters were Democrats or leaned that way. But those who saw how their president went in against God’s Commandments could not support that party that had betrayed all democratic values.
Orthodox Jews have been trending in the opposite direction, becoming as solidly Republican as non-Orthodox Jews are solidly Democratic. In the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, 75% of Orthodox Jews said they were Republicans or leaned Republican, compared with 57% in 2013. And 86% of Orthodox Jews rated then-President Donald Trump’s handling of policy toward Israel as “excellent” or “good,” while a majority of all U.S. Jews described it as “only fair” or “poor.”

Jews who wear distinctively religious attire, such as a kippa or head covering, are particularly likely to say they feel less safe. But the impact on behaviour seems to be limited: Even among those who feel less safe, just one-in-ten – or 5% of all U.S. Jews – report that they have stayed away from a Jewish event or observance as a result.



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Judaism and Jewishness in 2020 America


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Het Klimaatrapport en belangrijke taak voor Christenen

Fantasie – Bedenksels of niet

Jaren worden wij ermee rond de oren geslagen dat de klimaatopwarming een bedenksel zou zijn van enkele wetenschappers en gelovigen die de regeringen zouden willen ondermijnen. Wetenschappers, maar ook regeringsleiders waren dan ook benieuwd naar de laatste onderzoeken en naar een nieuw rapport van het IPCC, het klimaatpanel van de Verenigde Naties. Voorheen werden al vijf evaluatierapporten gepubliceerd: in 1990, 1995, 2001, 2007 en 2013/2014.

Dit jaar konden België en West-Duitsland voor het eerst er niet meer naast zien dat er iets lelijk mis gaat met ons klimaat. Maar in Californië, Griekenland en Turkije heeft men de laatste weken de alarmbel ook goed duidelijk horen rinkelen. Erg genoeg zijn de hevige bosbranden op die plaats niet enkel het gevolg van de opwarming van de aarde, maar gaat het er ook nog er toe bijdragen om het te verslechteren.

Uit het rapport is duidelijk op te maken wie de ware schuldige is. Men hoeft er niet ver voor te zoeken. Het is namelijk de mens zelf die schuldig is.

Zichtbare verandering

De laatste jaren heeft men kunnen zien hoe de snelheid waarmee het klimaat verandert met rasse schreden is toegenomen. Het is niet eerder voorgekomen in tenminste tweeduizend jaar en mogelijk nog veel langer. Voor ons mag nu wel een wetenschappelijk rapport liggen, maar er moet ernstig naar gekeken worden en er moet beseft worden dat er sommige aspecten van klimaatverandering dreigen onomkeerbaar te worden voor een periode van eeuwen of zelfs duizenden jaren, zoals het stijgen van de zeespiegel.

Men moet beseffen dat het niet vijf voor twaalf is maar vijf na twaalf. Zonder drastische maatregelen moet de wereld zich opmaken voor fors grotere weersextremen.

Een paar honderd klimaatwetenschappers uit 66 landen hebben jarenlang onderzoek gedaan en hun resultaten vergeleken vooraleer zij ze opstelden in een overzichtelijk rapport. Dat onderzoeksrapport moet nu als basis dienen voor klimaatbeleid van regeringen wereldwijd, en komt vlak voor de mondiale politieke klimaattop van komend najaar in Glasgow.

Sinds het vorige reguliere IPCC-rapport in 2013, is de kennis over het klimaat flink toegenomen. Duidelijk is volgens de klimaatwetenschappers dat de opwarming van de aarde al tot grote veranderingen heeft geleid: in de atmosfeer, op land en in de oceanen.

De laatste jaren zag men al tekenen aan de wand dat er met onze natuur iets verkeerds aan de hand was. Ze bleek te vergalopperen. Het is namelijk duidelijker geworden dat klimaatverandering leidt tot meer extreem weer. Verdere opwarming leidt tot nog grotere veranderingen in het klimaat: intensere en frequentere hittegolven, meer hittegolven in de oceanen, meer en vaker zware regen, vaker droogte, meer zware tropische cyclonen, steeds minder ijs op de noordpool en afname van de permafrost.

Gesloten ogen

Maar al te graag sloten vele beleidsmaker de ogen voor wat er in de natuur aan de gang was. Ofwel ontkenden zij het ten zeerste ofwel staken ze de schuld op anderen ver weg. Sommige van die ontkenners, zoals Donald Trump wisten een grote massa voor zich te winnen zodat zij zich geen zorgen hoefden te maken voor de enorme vervuiling die zij veroorzaakten. Terwijl het Het neoliberalisme en kapitalistische gulzigheid de liefhebbers er van deden kronkelen van plezier en al spottend niets ontzagen, konden anderen slechts met lede ogen aanschouwen hoe de natuur rondom hen verder verwoest werd.

Vooruitgang of levens achteruitgang

Woonomstandigheden in Londen ca 1870 Gravure van Gustave Doré

De technische revolutie mag dan wel een zegen genoemd worden, maar ze heeft ook een vloek over deze aardbol gebracht.
Eind de jaren 80 van vorige eeuw zag men in bepaalde landen wel een verschuiving in de goede richting. Zo zag men de smoke te London sterk verminderen. Toch bleef men in de meeste plaatsen zien dat de elite  het vuil van de fabrieken accepteerde als de onontkoombare prijs voor hun succes. Die industriële revolutie bracht niet enkel de uitbuiting van van de arbeidende massa ze bracht ook de uitbuiting van de aardse goederen.

Voor decennia gingen mensen grondstoffen gebruiken alsof zij onuitputtelijk zijn. Dit is echter zonder de waard gerekend. Men kwam al spoedig tot het besef dat bepaalde stoffen alsmaar moeilijker op een bepaalde plek te vinden waren, of dat men er heel wat harder voor moest werken om een zelfde hoeveelheid bijeen te krijgen. Ook betreft de gewassen kwam men tot scha en schande te zien dat deze ook niet meer zo goed groeiden. Door allerlei insecticiden had de mens heel wat gronden vergiftigd. Dat had op haar beurt ook een invloed op het welzijn van de dieeren, die dan ook danig verminderden, ook doordat de mens meer en meer grondgebied innam en er voor zorgde dat er minder leefgebied voor dieren over bleef.


Het op 9 augustus 2021 gepubliceerde rapport van het Klimaatpanel van de Verenigde Naties (IPCC) brengt het eerste deel van zijn zesde evaluatierapport (Assessment Report 6) “Klimaatverandering 2021 – De wetenschappelijke basis“. In 2023 zal men de geboekte vooruitgang in de realisatie van de doelstellingen van de Overeenkomst van Parijs evalueren in het kader van een wereldwijd bilan van deze Overeenkomst, waaronder de doelstelling om de opwarming van de aarde ruim onder de 2°C te houden en tegelijk de inspanningen voort te zetten om de opwarming tot 1,5°C te beperken.

Mits het zo duidelijk is hoe de mens wel degelijk een invloed op het klimaatsysteem bezorgd horen de beleidsmaker de verantwoordelijkheid te nemen om iedereen hiervan bewust te maken en om als regering te werken naar een oplossing om toch nog een halt toe te roepen tegen de bezorgde situatie. Atmosfeer, oceanen, cryosfeer, biosfeer, die alle een impact hebben op de extreme weersomstandigheden, zullen aangepakt moeten worden met een grote nood, dit omdat de omvang van de recente veranderingen in het klimaatsysteem als geheel en de huidige toestand van vele aspecten ervan ongekend zijn in de afgelopen eeuwen tot millennia en nu onze maatschappij al heel wat zullen doen gaan kosten aan remediëring van de gevolgen.

In de scenario’s met stijgende CO₂-uitstoot zal de snelheid van toename van CO₂ in de atmosfeer verhogen omdat de koolstofputten in de oceanen en op aarde (die momenteel een deel van de CO₂ uit de atmosfeer absorberen) minder effectief worden.

Veranderingen in verschillende klimaatfactoren die effecten veroorzaken, zouden bij een opwarming van 2°C wijder verbreid zijn dan bij een opwarming van 1,5°C en bij een sterkere opwarming zelfs nog wijder verbreid of uitgesprokener.

Hoe de klimaatverandering beperken?

  • Om de opwarming van de aarde op een bepaald niveau te beperken, moeten we minstens de netto CO₂-uitstoot tot nul herleiden.
  • Ook de uitstoot van andere broeikasgassen moet sterk worden teruggedrongen. Met name een sterke, snelle en volgehouden vermindering van de uitstoot van methaan (CH₄) zou de opwarming compenseren die gepaard gaat met een vermindering van de aërosolproducerende luchtverontreinigende stoffen, en zou de luchtkwaliteit verbeteren.
    Hiertoe moeten wij de vleesproductie verminderen zodat het afval van de dieren verminderd en gronden minder vervuilt worden.
  • Een drastische vermindering van de uitstoot van CO₂ en andere broeikasgassen zal op korte termijn (enkele jaren) aanzienlijke gevolgen hebben voor de samenstelling van de atmosfeer en de luchtkwaliteit. Pas na ongeveer 20 jaar zullen we wetenschappelijk kunnen bewijzen dat het effect van deze verlaagde uitstoot op de oppervlaktetemperaturen wereldwijd niet toe te schrijven is aan de natuurlijke variabiliteit, en na langere perioden voor vele andere factoren die het klimaatsysteem beïnvloeden.
  • Sommige verschijnselen met een waarschijnlijkheid maar die tot veel grotere regionale of mondiale verstoringen kunnen leiden, kunnen niet worden uitgesloten en moeten bij de risicobeoordeling in rekening worden gebracht.

Mensen met verantwoordelijkheidszin

Elk zinnig mens zou moeten inzien dat wij eigenlijk zo niet verder kunnen. Vliegtuigreizen aan 20 à 30 € zouden moeten verboden worden. Kerosine zou zoals elke fossiele brandstof getaxeerd moeten worden en zoveel mogelijk beperkt moeten worden.

Algemeen zou men wereldwijd meer moeten gebruik maken van natuurlijke energiemiddelen, zoals zonne-, wind- en waterenergie. Daarnaast zouden de mensen veel bewuster moeten omspringen met hun voedsel, dat ook water e.a. in haar productieproces verbruikt. Vooral de vleessector zal drastisch moeten verminderd worden, daar deze een enorm verslindende industrie is, waarbij mensen dikwijls er niet aan denken dat daarbij ook heel wat water verloren gaat.

Onze wereld heeft hoognodig een wake-upcall nodig. Iedereen moet in zijn kleine omgeving er al voor zorgen dat er zo weinig mogelijk verspild en zo min mogelijk vervuild wordt.

Gelovigen, of zij die zich Christen noemen zouden zich nog meer bewust moeten zijn vna hun taak in heel dat beschermingsgebeuren. De Scheper heeft de aarde namelijk in de handen van de mens gegeven, niet om die wereld te laten vernietigen, maar om er juist mee om te springen. God verlangt van Zijn schepselen dat zij de aarde in goede vorm zouden houden en deze zouden bewerken naar goed vermogen.

Joden en Christenen in het bijzonder moeten die Bijbelse opdracht gegeven in Genesis naar best vermogen vervullen. Verder moeten zij anderen motiveren om uit liefde en respect voor de ander, alsook uit liefde voor de dieren en planten, zorg te dragen voor die gehele natuur.

Laten zij die in de Schepper van hemel en aarde geloven dan ook het voortouw nemen om voordat het te laat is eindelijk het heft in eigen handen te nemen en op te komen voor “moeder natuur” die stilzwijgend lijkt te zijn voor velen, maar toch al enkel jaren zeer luid schreeuwt.



Uit de Oude doos: In het Nieuws – Honger en bevolkingsgroei


2020 Hittegolf

Overstromingen in Limburg, Duitsland en België door extreem zware buien

Toename van de kosten van extreem weer mogelijk onderschat

Geen tijd meer voor uitstelgedrag

Top van het geweten voor het klimaat in Parijs

Niet wachten tot 2050

Stemronde in coronatijd voor Nederlanders



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  11. Aversie tegen verspillingsmaatschappij en leven ver weg van de natuur
  12. Bestaan ​​van een krachtig “levensbewustzijn” bij alle individuen
  13. Veranderen
  14. Grondslag voor een leefbare gemeenschap
  15. Belofte van een betere wereld
  16. Beloofd land en socialistisch utopisme
  17. Dagelijkse Gedachte voor de Bijbellezing van de dag: Een waardig gebruik voor Gods Schepping (januari 02)


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Vaccinations and anti-vaxers

Ex-president Donald Trump was against vaccinations and even did want Americans to believe the “Chinese disease would soon be over”. This ego tripper managed lots of Americans not to believe in the dangers of the Coronavirus.

By his misleading words he got many Republicans, evangelicals, but also poor blacks, and Hispanics to believe it are foreign forces and socialists or, worse, communists, trying to undermine the American society. Today many are suspicious of the government which would have become in power by a fraud election. Conservative evangelicals are among the quickest to share all those absurd stories about a.o. coronavirus-related conspiracy reaching to the highest levels of government. In many countries we can see that it is the Religious Right which is a hothouse of anti-vax activism and health fads.

Fools will readily believe a case without closely seeking out and attending to the criticisms of it (Proverbs 18:17). They routinely judge before hearing. They also attend to and spread rumours, inaccurate reports, and unreliable tales, while failing diligently to pursue the truth of a matter. The wise, by contrast, examine things carefully before moving to judgment or passing on a report. {Wisdom and Folly in Christian Responses to Coronavirus}

a lot of youngsters only go be the headings on their Social Media. Titles on You Tube or on Facebook, without going to read the article, let withstand to think about it and to examine what is said in it.

They do not follow up closely on viewpoints that they have advanced, seeking criticism and cross-examination to ascertain their truth or falsity. And when anything is proven wrong, they do not return to correct it. {Wisdom and Folly in Christian Responses to Coronavirus}

You would think, in the U.S.A., after the new president tried to get some order again, the American citizens would get back to their senses. The number of new Covid-19 cases per day has increased dramatically in the United States in the past month. New, dangerous variants have spread widely. At first Trump could convince people not to wear masks, but luckily now they show up in many parts of the country. Artists, often looked at as being “left”, went to get their vaccination as soon as they could. CEO’s also did not wait to long before getting vaccinated. But for the lowest-income groups, we can see it is more difficult to get people over the line. In the U.S.A. only 1.1 percent of the population of poor countries has received a single shot. Some people have surrendered to a sense of doom because they formed unreasonable expectations that the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines would miraculously obliterate the virus.

You would expect after the 2020 lockdowns, the 2.4 million Americans hospitalised and the 610,000 killed, more Americans would hurry to get the vaccinations over and done with. But the unmistakable fact is that they’ve made great progress in recent months to smother the virus and steer national life back toward normal. Where 5,463 people died from Covid-19 on one day at the beginning of the year, the daily death count is now bouncing in the low hundreds. One good thing may be that already an undetermined number of people have acquired some immunity from Covid-19 by exposure to it.

Today in America, severe Covid-19 infections and death are almost entirely in unvaccinated people. And the vaccines are still remarkably effective — of the 163 million fully vaccinated in the United States, only 1,141 have died from the virus.

It is known that the older you are, the greater the chance of getting seriously ill or dying from CoViD, and the younger you are, the less likely you are to have serious symptoms. This makes a lot of youngsters not worrying or not afraid of getting infected. For them there are many reasons not to receive an injection. Though lots of those reasons are based on absurd messages on Social Media. Social Media is doing a lot of damage and undermining national safety. One would expect them to see now, that because of the success of the vaccination in the older population, that the infection rate from the Delta variant has sent the number of infections soaring, the number of deaths, at least right now, is surprisingly low.

Young and old should come to recognise this virus is not an ordinary virus, like we have seen previously several viruses coming over the lands. It is not a virus that shall allow us to cry victory soon. No matter who might be president or in power, all shall have to start with acknowledging that it’s not within our power to eliminate Covid-19 from our shores the way we have polio, or to vaccinate every American against the virus. If we’re willing to agree on an end goal of dramatically reducing the severe illness and deaths from the virus, however, we might begin to see what winning is about.

According to Anthony Fauci the vaccines are even effective against the new variants that people fret so much about.

“A higher percentage of Americans have taken a Covid-19 vaccine in the past seven months than took a flu vaccine during the catastrophic 2017-18 flu season (37 percent of adults). Only 54 percent of the American population had taken the Salk polio vaccine six years after its introduction. Viewed from these angles, Americans in 2021 have not been particularly “vaccine hesitant.”

he says. But when we see news coverage and some documentaries about the handling of CoViD in the United States we got another view, with a lot of people between the age of 20-40 coming up with a lot of reasonable and sometime idiotic fantasies why they do not want to be vaccinated.

All over the world people should become convinced that it is a matter of not only protecting yourself, but out of love for the other, protecting those around you. The more people we vaccinate, the safer we all are today and how sooner we can go back to a normal life. We need everybody to be able to go to work, to have all the shops, pubs and event centres open again. Trying to get everything working properly again, we should safeguard ourselves by taking enough precautions that the illness can not spread. The less opportunity dangerous variants will have to emerge and spread tomorrow the better our life shall be and the better our economy shall be able to recover from those two years ‘disaster’.

So many in France and Germany shout about their freedom being taken, but do they ever think about what freedom really might be? Freedom is also respecting the freedom of others!

The age factor helps to explain why the rate of vaccination has stalled and is unlikely to accelerate, especially among the 19-to-49 crowd, many of whom feel immortal. We also hear that several of that age group in Europe went only to get their vaccination to be able to travel or to go to music festivals.

Some people also point to the fact that lots of people die in car accidents or find their death by having cancer. They say the older generation reacted to strongly on a disease which perhaps should be regarded like any other flu variant or a disease that comes over our countries once in a while to bring a clean brush against overpopulation.


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Death to the GOP! Or not.

Most Americans consider everything that smells social as socialist and/or communist and something to avoid or the Left being inherently self-destructive, wherever they might get this from. Probably they think so because of them blinded by several dictatorial states which preached they were so-called communist, though went totally against the spirit of the communist flag.

Some of them look at those left countries in the same way as they think the Grand Old Party (GOP) would be the same as the present Republican party, which during the 20th and 21st centuries became a more selfish directed party, to be associated with laissez-faire capitalism, low taxes, and conservative social policies.

What we still can see today is the selfish attitude of those Americans who only want to think of themselves first and who do not want to contribute or pay for others, nor for the general wellbeing of the whole state. It is still strongly committed to protectionism and is very supportive of free trade no matter at what cost, not interested in which damage pollution may cause for example.

In Europe, we mainly see those white Americans, who would prefer not having coloured people around them, though they call themselves evangelical Christians, they do not worship the God of Christ nor witness the peace Jesus Christ wanted all his followers to spread all over the world.

In the U.S.A. we also see that in many other capitalist countries there is a time of overcorrection, trying to do away with history. To remove the bust of the Confederate cavalry commander in the American Civil War (1861–65), Nathan Bedford Forrest from the Tennessee State Capitol is making it possible that this most controversial figures from the Civil War era will after some years be forgotten, instead of being spoken about, what he did wrong. It allows also that this figure, who joined the Ku Klux Klan in 1867 (two years after its founding) and was elected its first Grand Wizard,  in certain groups shall be honoured sacredly or in private as their mistaken hero.

Look Away...

Governor Lee’s recent vote to remove the bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest from the Tennessee State Capitol is yet more proof of the old adage that there is a not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democratic and Republican Parties. I for one contend that this is true in part because the two parties are representative of the split personality of Old New England.

Both parties and other mutually supporting institutions certainly did appear to circle the wagons against Trump from 2016 on, and this is noteworthy considering how the GOP has been considered over the course of my lifetime the Conservative party and also considering how passionately so many Conservatives support Trump.

In fact the parties, Establishment, or Deep State do not hate that New York City Yankee just because he is flamboyant, brash, arrogant or just plain rude. They hate him because they first and foremost hate…

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Trump-era spike in Israeli settlement growth has only begun

Donald Trump was the man who loved to have a say in everything and thought he was the best man to have the world in control.

Ex-President Donald Trump, who abandoned decades-long U.S. opposition to the settlements and proposed a Mideast plan that would have allowed Israel to keep them all — even those deep inside the West Bank, thought himself higher than God and wanted to be the man who made Jerusalem capital of Israel.

Although the Trump plan has been scrapped, the lasting legacy of construction will make it even harder to create a viable Palestinian state. President Joe Biden’s administration supports the two-state solution but has given no indication on how it plans to promote it.

> Please read more about it in:

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Evangelicals & Seduction

Following the previous posting, we continue to look at how Stephen Best looks at the American Evangelicals & Seduction, which may for us Europeans something very weird and incomprehensible wondering if those Americans are not better at using their own mind to make up their own ideas.

How is it possible that the majority of white US evangelicals were seduced into Trump’s dangerous political schemes?

When they heard so many bad things that he had done in the past and could see how he had treated women, plus how he had created all sorts of ‘untrustable businesses, showing clearly he would not be the best one to run properly a business or to become a respectful leader.
We wonder how their followers could come to trust his lies, and could wipe away his malicious and criminal behaviour.

How is it possible that those who call themselves Christian could go for a man who clearly showed no respect to others and carried a lot of racism in his heart. They now share the responsibility in encouraging racism, division, and sedition within the USA, and instead of making America great again they choose for someone who could break America and creat division as never before.


To remember

  • American evangelicals their complicity in Trumpism > testimony + leadership = unreliable + negligent going forward.
  • interweaving of God + country = evangelical’s Patriotism > Christian Nationalism.  Christian Nationalism.
  • concept of ‘Manifest Destiny’ (John Louis O’Sullivan) = mission to expand its influence across all of North America => America’s wars with Mexico + the Indians+ expansion into Alaska.
  • Manifest Destiny > mission of promoting + defending democracy throughout the world > bias American ideology and politics. – growing ideology => Christian Nationalism
  • American vision >  fascination with the ‘New Jerusalem’ <=  early Puritans left for America with the sense of being an oppressed people.
  • Puritans aimed to build the Kingdom of God or their version of a Christian society = blending of religion + politics.
  • Christian nationalism = political ideology about American identity  => idealizes + advocates fusion of Christianity with American civic life
  • Christian Nationalism = collection of cultural myths, traditions, religion, + historical interpretations.
  • Evangelicals in a struggle with liberalism / socialism that threatens their way of life –  feel mocked +  dishonored, unheard + marginalized.
  • perceived risk: immigrants, LGBQT , law enforcement weakening, abortions persisting, support for Israel declining, + Evangelicalism diminishing, => Evangelicals feel their backs are up against the wall.
  • alliance of American Evangelicalism + Donald Trump =>  restoring  USA > conservative Christian society.
  • patriotism, Christian Nationalism, traditionalism, evangelicalism, denominationalism, + spiritualism =/= sustainable foundations in life =/= biblical foundations.
  • Christian foundations = spiritual realities  understood through Scripture, taught with faith + wisdom, received with sincerity, + realized through inward working of Holy Spirit in life of a Christian.  => secure + define new life while not depending on Christian governments, economies, religion, or social norms.
  • need to re-examine our foundations

Stephen Best

By Stephen Best

How is it possible that the majority of white US evangelicals were seduced into Trump’s dangerous political schemes? How is it possible for so many of their leaders to have encouraged their followers to trust his lies, and enable his malicious and criminal behaviour? How is it possible that they now share the responsibility in encouraging racism, division, and sedition within the USA?

For at least 60 years, evangelicals throughout the world have appreciated the contribution and leadership that the US has brought to the global work of God. Yet today, because of their complicity in Trumpism, that testimony and leadership is for the most part unreliable, if not negligent going forward.

If we are honest most Christians outside the USA have found the US brand of Evangelicalism a bit different to begin with. And that’s mostly due to it’s interweaving of God and country.

The blending…

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