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Flemish Bible researcher, belonging to the Belgian Biblestudents. - Vlaams Bijbelvorser, behorende tot de Belgische Bijbelstudenten.

We Are Loved

It is Jehovah God, the Creator of the universe Who had a Plan with His creation and shall fulfil it.

He accepted the sacrificial offering of His only begotten beloved son, Jesus Christ, the son of man and son of God. It is that human being born in Bethlehem which we should accept as the sent one from God, who put his own will aside to do the Will of God. By offering himself as a Lamb of God, he brought salvation unto mankind. His love for us was accepted by his heavenly Father Who by His love allowed grace coming over all people.

To remember:

  • God loves you + will never stop loving you.
  • We can’t earn God’s love
  • up to us to accept God’s love
  • time for us to take God at His Word
  • God wants to save sinners from their sins
  • God’s Word set you free
  • Heavenly Father desires to have relationship with His people
  • Jesus breaks bondage in our life.

Overcoming The Times

Whoever you are, Wherever you are from, No matter what you have done…I want to let you know that God loves you, and He will never stop loving you. Neither your accomplishments nor your failures, Your victories nor your defeats qualify you nor disqualify you from God’s love.

Let the truth of God’s Word set you free. When God looked at us, He doesn’t think paying with the most precious thing He had in all of eternity, that’s Jesus Christ, was too high a price for you and I. God displayed for all of creation and eternity, His immeasurable and untouchable love for us. This kind of love is hard to comprehend by the natural man. Afterall, prior to us accepting salvation we had no understanding of spiritual things. Yet even inspite of us doing mischievous things, God still loved us: And when we ask Him to save us, The…

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Devotions by Christine Caine: Salt of the earth

Christine Caine looks in her devotion to Jesus who states that our role as Christians on the earth is a transformational one and that we are called the “salt of the earth”.

To remember

  • be personally transformed from the inside out.
  • the Church never created to remain insular = to be a caring, gracious, & inclusive community > our mandate = to love others = love ourselves.
  • Church (as God’s hands & feet on the earth) = called to operate in the realm for which she was created > a lost + broken world.
  • The Church = vehicle that God has created to fulfill his mission on the earth.
  • people =  object of this mission > found outside four walls of the church building. => “go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).
  • not afford to simply do church on Sunday => church seven days a week.


From The Darkness Into The Light

Duration: 365 days

ReadMatthew 5:13

Jesus says that his followers are to be the salt that brings out the God-flavors of this earth.


Jesus clearly states that our role as Christians on the earth is a transformational one. We are called the “salt of the earth” and salt essentially does three things: It adds flavor, it preserves, and it heals. So our task is to bring flavor, preservation, and healing to the world around us. This is why it is imperative that we ourselves be personally transformed from the inside out. If we have not been changed, we cannot bring out the “God flavors” of this earth.

In the same way that salt was never designed to remain in the shaker, the Church was never created to remain insular. We are called to live from the inside out both personally and corporately. God’s love flows…

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The self and the other in times of insecurity

In these times of insecurity, we can see that lots of people are not sure about themselves and get lost.

Insecurity, primarily due to social and economic instability, but also exacerbated by a weakening of the perception of ethical principles makes man feeling very bad these days.

The perception of ethical principles that underpin the law and personal moral attitudes, which always give strength to the rules that govern society, have so much weakened or moral and ethical values have been placed in the cupboard and are way forgotten.

People should know even when churches may be closed, it are those institutions which can bring some light in the darkness. Modern thought has developed a reductive view of conscience, according to which there are no objective references in determining what has value and what is true; rather, each individual provides his own measure through his own intuitions and experiences, each possesses his own truth and his own morals. When each individual has and keeps to his or her own morals we shall come to see chaos.

People have forgotten that the Creator has provided a Guide for life. Whatever the situation may be, man should be able to find answers to his questions and find solutions for the crisis encountered. All those who feel depressed, feeling down by the present Corona situation, should know that when everybody would keep to the regulations prescribed by the government everybody would soon find it much easier to cope because it would not take such a long time as it has taken now.

Because there are so many people who do not know the Scriptures or have forgotten or abandoned the Gospel announcement, they no longer identify themselves in a community of brothers and sisters where agape love is the most important rule.

Many environments, even in traditionally Christian societies, are reluctant to open themselves to the word of faith and have placed the “Self” or “I” in the first place, giving not much place for protecting the other. today we can see a lot of people who pu their self interest at the beginning of their activity line. They are not concerned what their presence might do on a shopping street or in a shopping mall. One can wonder why they were not able to go online to buy the goods they so urgently do need to have.

Whilst a lot of worry circles around, many do not seem to worry about the effect of their presence on the streets or in the shops. Is it out of ignorance or out of selfishness that they are not concerned about taking more precaution measures to avoid spreading the coronavirus?

When one could place the “self” more aside and give more thought to the “other”, especcially to all those working in the health sector, for sure all the measures the goverment asks to follow would be so much easier to follow and would not feel as a limitation or restriction of our liberty.

So many people are complaining that they would be not able to celebrate Christmas. Why and how does it come they would not be able to have some sacred time together with their own household members? How does it come they can not make it cosy and pleasant for their own little bulb?

If they want to go to church, why can they not enjoy the virtual church service their church may be offering? Or is their church insisting, contrary to the governmental advice, to come together in the church building?

Each sensible person should know it is his or her duty to do everything to protect the other. Under duty of gratitude towards recognisance, each should muster the brotherly love to work for the good or welfare of the other and as such keep to the safety measurements.


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Het treffen van tijd en toeval

Maak je nergens zorgen over,+ maar maak bij alles je verzoeken aan God bekend+ door te bidden, te smeken en te danken.
Dan zal de vrede+ van God, die alle begrip te boven gaat, je hart+ en je verstand* beschermen door Christus Jezus.
Fil. 4:6, 7

11 Ik heb nog iets gezien onder de zon: de snellen winnen niet altijd de wedstrijd of de sterken de oorlog,+
de wijzen hebben niet altijd het voedsel of de slimme mensen de rijkdom,+
en personen met kennis hebben niet altijd succes.+
Want tijd en toeval* treffen hen allemaal.

Pred. 9:11

Het zou verkeerd te zijn om te denken dat als men in God gelooft alles van een leien dakje zou verlopen. Ook een gelovige in God zal zoals iedereen verschillende omstandigheden tegen komen waarbij geluk en ongeluk elkaar lijken af te wisselen.

Doorheen ons leven hier op aarde komen wij regelmatig onvoorziene gebeurtenissen tegen die ons als het ware beproeven. Sommige van die ervaringen stellen ons echt op de proef en doen ons zelfs met momenten twijfelen aan vele dingen, aan ons zelf, aan anderen maar ook wel eens aan God.

Soms valt het ons ook zwaar te zien dat bepaald louche figuren het heel wat beter hebben dan mensen die eerlijk zijn en getuigen van goedheid. Het is dan alsof hun goedheid niet beloond wordt.

Wij weten niet echt hoe de volgende dag of de toekomst er zal uitzien. (Jakobus 4:13-14) Sommigen mogen dan wel een idee voorop stellen, maar echt zeker kunnen zij toch niet zijn. Soms kunnen wij denken dat er bepaalde mensen invloed mogen hebben op wat er in de toekomst zal gaan gebeuren. (Prediker 9:12) Wat ons dan wel mag opvallen is dat eigenlijk niemand zeggenschap heeft over zijn of haar sterfdag. (Prediker 8:8)

Waarom zouden wij als gelovigen ons zorgen maken over die toekomst? De bijbel geeft ons raad voor het heden en geeft ook genoeg waarschuwingen om het toekomstig gebeuren te herkennen. En een gewaarschuwd persoon is er twee waard.

Wij moeten beseffen dat er een Hogere Macht is die Zich om Zijn kinderen bekommert. Ook al mogen er zovelen tegen ons zijn, zij zullen nooit zo sterk kunnen zijn dat Gods Plan met ons zal teniet gedaan worden. Indien wij blijven vertrouwen op God is er geen reden om bang te zijn.

Wanneer wij getroffen worden door moeilijkere tijden moeten wij er zorg voor dragen dat wij niet worden mee gesleurd door de sombere gedachten. In zulke negatieve tijden komt het er op te blijven geloven in Hem Die veel sterker is dan welke mens maar ook.

Besef dat elk ogenblik van de dag, een goed ogenblik is om Die Allerhoogste aan te spreken. Vooral als wij het moeilijk hebben is Hij de aangewezen persoon om rustig met te praten. Dat praten kan op eender welke wijze gebeuren, intiem of meer uitgesproken. Bidden is communiceren met God en is een belangrijk gegeven in onze relatie met God. Elke goede relatie houdt een regelmatig goed gesprek in.

Laat niets je tegen houden om verzoeken aan God te richten. Hij is de meest geschikte persoon om de beste oplossingen voor jou te weten te vinden. durf daarom de nodige tijd uit te trekken om rustig met Hem in gesprek te gaan.

Ook al mag het lijken dat de sterken de strijd zullen winnen, zal op het einde der tijden blijken wie er het meest gezond uit de boot zal mogen stappen om de smalle poort naar het Koninkrijk van God binnen te gaan. Bereid je er op voor om bij die gelukkigen te zijn, en neem dan die slechte momenten van de dag als iets voorbijgaand er bij, met het vooruitzicht om later een heerlijk oneindig leven te hebben.


Gelijkaardig artikel: Wanneer dingen anders lopen dan verwacht

English version about the same subject / Engelstalige versie over hetzelfde onderwerp: When things run differently than expected


Reflectie bij het maken van zorgen

Geen enkele storm kan eeuwig duren

Geluk is aanvaarden van noodzakelijke ongelukken


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  18. Kom je dichterbij jouw dromen door de dingen die je doet?
  19. Sommige momenten herinneren je steeds over jouw ‘existence’


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Soms heb ik het gevoel dat ik daadwerkelijk op de verkeerde planeet ben.



Soms heb ik het gevoel dat ik daadwerkelijk op de verkeerde planeet ben.
Het is geweldig als ik in mijn tuin ben,
maar zodra ik uit de poort ga denk ik:
‘Wat doe ik hier in godsnaam?’

~ George Harrison

Heel vaak leven veel mensen in hun eigen cocon. Anderen zijn op weg terwijl ze hun eigen wereld creëren, hun voorkeur gevend aan een andere wereld dan diegen die ze aanschouwen.

Hoevelen zijn bereid om de wereld in te gaan en zich af te vragen wat ze daar doen en zich af te vragen of ze er niet iets beter zouden kunnen van maken van die wereld die volgens hun draait zoals het niet hoort?


Originele Engelse versie / Original English version:  Sometimes I feel like I’m actually on the wrong planet.

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Sometimes I feel like I’m actually on the wrong planet.

Very often lots of people live in their own cocoon. Others are on their way as they create their own world, giving preference to another world than the ones they view.

How many are willing to go out into the world wondering what they are doing there and questioning if they would not better do something to that world which is turning around like it should not be.


Dutch translation / Nederlandse vertaling: Soms heb ik het gevoel dat ik daadwerkelijk op de verkeerde planeet ben.


Sometimes I feel like I’m actually on the wrong planet.
It’s great when I’m in my garden, but the minute I go
out the gate I think, ‘What the hell am I doing here?’

~ George Harrison

Text & image source: Marianne Gillis

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”Let Your Guilt Be Washed”

Too many people are being squeezed into a corner and others succeed in humiliating their fellow human beings and making them feel bad.

We have to be very careful not to become a victim by putting ourselves in a weak position. We must always consider our own “I” high and worthy enough to respect each being around us respectfully and to give the love that we may receive from the Supreme, so that we don’t have to feel guilty of our and others wellbeing.

When something bad happens we should always check what caused it and if we were part of the causer(s). As long as we did nothing wrong against the Law of our Maker we should not feel guilty, but that excludes us not of having to try to mend it and to bring back the good to it.


To remember

  • did something bad => feel terribl = feel like you’re a bad person => deal with this
  • sometimes there are things we just need to do for ourselves without feeling bad about it.
  • need not to be guilty of your wellbeing.
  • Misery =  not solution = choice we have with every aspect of our life > to be a part of problem –  or –  part of solution.
  • Physical nourishment needed
  • enjoying bounty of life > If you cannot be grateful for that = Something seriously wrong = serious psychological ailment.

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”Let Your Guilt Be Washed”

Too many people are being squeezed into a corner and others succeed in humiliating their fellow human beings and making them feel bad.

We have to be very careful not to become a victim by putting ourselves in a weak position. We must always consider our own “I” high and worthy enough to respect each being around us respectfully and to give the love that we may receive from the Supreme, so that we don’t have to feel guilty of our and others wellbeing.



”With integrity, you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide. With integrity, you will do the right thing so you will have no guilt.”

Zig Ziglar
You did something bad. And now you feel terrible. But the feeling won’t go away. It gnaws at you. Even worse, it makes you feel like you’re a bad person.

Nobody tells us how to deal with this, we all feel a wide range of emotions from time to time, but some feelings just don’t deserve to stick around — guilt being one of them. Unless you’ve done something terrible, you shouldn’t feel bad for your actions, and there are certain things you should never feel guilty doing, especially when they don’t hurt anyone. It’s easy to get caught up in pleasing others, but sometimes there are things we just need to do for ourselves without feeling bad about it.

A lot…

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You Are Called To Stand Up, Even If You Are Standing Alone

There are several religious people who say Christians may not be involved in politics or even may not go to bring out their vote.

In Belgium voting is compulsory, and not going to the ballot station is a criminal offence, as such each Belgian is expected to have his say and foreign residents in Belgium, are welcome also to give their voice so that there can be worked at a democratic country, where everybody can have his say.

This month and especially on the 26th of May each resident of Belgium and those living in the European Union, should think about what they want to do and what position they want to take in this world.

Everybody should know that there are animals and plants plus enough people who have no voice and that it is important that people come up for them.


To remember

What are you waiting for? ….  That ache inside you in sign enough.

  • We lean into “be still” + ignore call “to do”.
  • heartbeat of Love = action. Love = action. >Love cannot exist without action.
  • in the doing = change the world.

God already gave you mandates:

  • care for the poor and the orphaned and widow;
  • fight against injustice;
  • proclaim the gospel;
  • worship;
  • love others the way you want to be loved;
  • relentlessly throw all of who you are at the feet of Jesus.
  • Don’t make exceptions for yourself.
  • Don’t make excuses.

speak it out loud.

Speak up even if it means you are the only one left standing.


You want to change the world? = Go home + love you family. Be bold. Love the broken. Call out evil every single time.

Fight for the children who cannot fight for themselves.

Love risks everything to see truth + justice thrive.


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She Writes It Plain

If God has called you to it. Do it.

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Restoring the Foundations

Sometimes our lives can seem to be falling down around us. It might feel like we are living with broken walls and burnt out lives. Even as Christians, our foundations can be shaken with personal issues, like an unexpected diagnosis, a financial problem or challenges with our family or work.

When we press into God, the story of Nehemiah shows us that He is our source for bringing things back into line. Nehemiah was downcast because of the destruction of Jerusalem. When he began to fast and pray, God gave him boldness to seek the king’s blessing.

In the 20th year of Artaxerxes, king of Persia, (445/444 BC), Nehemiah was cup-bearer to the king. By having a proper focus on God and trusting in Him, learning that the remnant of Jews in Judah were in distress and that the walls of Jerusalem were broken down, he asked the king for permission to return and rebuild the city. Artaxerxes sent him to Judah as governor of the province with a mission to organise the rebuild.

When we focus on the source of our restoration and step out boldly to clear away the rubble, God can begin to rebuild what is broken.

  • Dove ministries and Belgian Biblescholars

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