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Have the courage to face the light of your own Being.

Our time on earth is very limited. Before we actually realise it, we and our children have grown up and had to let so many things pass us by.

How many times have we let ourselves be intimidated by others, and have outside influences steered our lives in a direction that was not always best for us?

For many of us, the realisation to follow our own self does come a bit late. But we must realise that it is never too late to follow one’s own way.

Dutch translation / Nederlandse vertaling Heb de moed om het licht van je eigen wezen onder ogen te zien



“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.
Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.
Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.
And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
They somehow already know what you truly want to become.
Everything else is secondary.”

~Steve Jobs~

Photo & texts source: Rumi Page

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My earth, your earth..


My Earth, our Earth..

What have we done to you?
Beautiful Earth.
We have destroyed the great forest, polluted the great seas and lakes
Took ancient  people from their home without real guilt.
Many of the free animals are extinct.
Kind Earth.
Please forgive the greed  of man.
He had no common sense.
We need the gift of fresh water and life giving trees.
I pray we learn. We must protect Earth.
She is our water and life of bread.
                         Coyote/John Castellenas

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Good morning…. Go to the center of your inner being

Dutch translation / Nederlandse vertaling: Goede morgen … Durf naar je innerlijke zelf te gaan



    Go to the center of your inner being. Radiate peace in every direction. A compassionate heart radiates rays of beauty that removes the clouds of million hearts.
    ِAmit Ray

            Text and image source: Jana Eid

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            Why did experiencing mental illness make me question becoming a mum?

            When Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett weighed up the decision to have a child, she found herself frightened by the prospect of being a parent who’d struggled with mental health – and may struggle again

            Why did experiencing mental illness make me question becoming a mum?

            It is often said that we are in a mental illness epidemic. Such language is sensationalist, but there is no denying that the world in which we live doesn’t always seem designed to facilitate psychological wellbeing. One in four of us will experience mental illness in our lifetimes, and the conversation around it is increasingly open, writes Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett.

            For my generation, there is far less shame attached to “admitting” that you have experienced anxiety and depression (though it is worth noting that there are other mental health conditions that are far more stigmatised), or have seen a therapist, or are taking medication. This can only be a good thing, and when I suffered my own bouts of mental illness – two episodes of post-traumatic stress disorder in my twenties – I was moved but not surprised by how many friends and relatives opened up about their own struggles.

            There was one part of life, however, where I did feel that historical stigma, and that was when I was weighing up whether or not to become a parent. Parenthood, after all, would mean being totally responsible for the life and wellbeing of a child, and I was haunted by the idea that I might negatively impact that child’s life were I to become unwell again.

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            Are School Curriculums Promoting Gender Stereotypes?

            There is always a certain way of life associated with certain times. Each people have their own traditions and moral standards, which can also change a lot over the years.

            A square quartered into four head shots of young men with moptop haircuts. All four wear white shirts and dark coats.

            The Beatles in 1964, the awesome four whose hairstyle was considered much too long and not for boys.

            In Western Europe, it was so unheard of in the 50s60s for girls to wear skirts shorter than calf height. Boys, on the other hand, were supposed to keep their hair very short. There were a lot of arguments when boys wished to wear their hair as long (if even still very short) as the Beatles’ hair.

            As youngsters, we still saw our father walking in a swimming costume that covered the chest completely and came to half the thigh. Short bathing panties were also unheard of for us.

            In our hippie years, we did a lot of work to change certain norms and values. But in certain areas, it still took years before society was open to valuing women and certain gender groups.


            To remember

            • irrational body standards set by our institutions + how they influence our perception – of both societies as well as ourselves.
            • primary school played a huge role in making young girls feel uncomfortable in their bodies.
            • bothering of female students begins with onset of their menstrual cycle
            • unsaid mathematical equation > length of skirt = directly proportional to immoral attitude
            • access to sports was heavily shriveled
            • straight boys not spared
            • teachers insulting boys for wearing earrings to school
            • stereotyping = boys, on average, understand science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) better <> girls perform better in reading, writing + handicraft => classroom discourses > similar behaviour among kids – each student showing conformity to their respective gender roles.
            • National Curriculum Framework 2005 prioritizes gender-sensitive education = means of attaining quality education. CBSE, acting under NCERT’s directives> designed kit on gender sensitivity => practice gender-sensitive learning => journey towards a gender-sensitive culture



            Gender, genderless, androgyny, bisexuality, cisgender and transgender

            Study says highlighting gender leads to stereotypes

            Do the concepts of male and female need to have a formal official definition

            Trans extremism, trans ideology, genderless a.o. categories and TERFs

            The dilemma of gender neutrality

            She/Her – They/Them – Person

            The Concept of Gender Neutrality and You

            The World of ‘Men’?

            Gender Neutrality

            For those who think there are no gender neutral people or that there is no reason to change gender


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            29. More Female Journalists Ensure Better Feminist Perspectives In Journalism


            By – Arusha upadhyay

            One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.

            -Malala Yousafzai

            Like a lot of us, the lockdown provided me with a chance to ponder over the irrational body standards set by our institutions and how they influence our perception – of both societies as well as ourselves.

            My primary school played a huge role in making me and other young girls feel uncomfortable in their bodies. Like most educational institutions, my school associated shame with a spotted skirt or a short-length skirt and normalized the usage of sexist and homophobic slurs. Our sports teacher would often stop girls who wore “short skirts” from playing on the pretext of “what if a guy saw you in this skirt?” My school never had a female cricket or football team, and even the little access to sports was heavily shriveled. This led to an…

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            For those who think there are no gender neutral people or that there is no reason to change gender

            Probably a 35 old female Dutch writer who follows her own path and seems to forget that other people also want to follow their own path which should not have to run like her path.

            She doesn’t care what we or others want to tell her. She hates mainstream media, but also the sheep of this world, as well as the rich of this world, but she hates most of all people.

            For her

            its time to feel weird about everything we can think of. {There is no gender neutral}

            and in one of her blogarticles she writes

            We want respect for many things, but we do not get respect for many things. {There is no gender neutral}

            She perhaps forgets that for receiving respect one also has to give respect. We can understand that there are things in her life that disturb her. But some of those things could perhaps disturb her because she does not understand them or does not know about other matters. It is clear that she has no idea about gender, and therefore asks

            First how can you change your gender? Second how can you born gender neutral?

            Biological its not possible to born gender neutral, and Biological it can not change during your life from men to woman or vice versa. {There is no gender neutral}

            What we note there is a problem that also arises in conservative Christian circles, where it is assumed that in nature nothing can go wrong and that God created man and woman in His likeness and should therefore be “complete”. She seems to forget that there are human beings who are born without a body full of specific male or female elements. Though she seems to understand, some children may not feel happy with their own bodies, we think she still overlooks those who are born with half a male half a female body.  She writes

            Children yes some children are uncomfortable in their own body because they are born boy, but are acting like girls. It is even possible to change them! {There is no gender neutral}

            But for her, there is no reason for people to change their gender.

            i find that heavy shit, and in sort of way i can not accept that. {There is no gender neutral}

            For her it seems to be clear that there can be “no in-between”.

            You are or boy, or girl, not both or gender neutral. {There is no gender neutral}

            If life were that simple, it would also be very easy. But life is not always so black and white. Not every boy feels like a boy or wants to be a boy, the same as every girl in a girl’s body does not always want to be that girl she sees in the mirror. It is very difficult to be both, though it can always also be that one feels a sort of sympathy for both sexes.

            If you find yourself happier as a woman, then you have my respect go for it! But you can not change definitions of genders, you are boy or girl, so you dress like a girl but you are still a boy. {There is no gender neutral}

            She does not go in into the aspect of changing sex. Because why should a boy who feels he is a girl born in a boy’s body should not be allowed to have this bodily position corrected? And why should a girl who is confronted with her male body not be allowed to have that body reshaped in a female person?

            Now these days we have gender neutrality, come on why do we make this word so freaking difficult?

            People can not even begin to understand what the definition is of being naked or porno. All lessons by adults to children about sexuality is taboo! We make it for them now days very difficult to understand things. This world is so freaking crazy, that we are far away from being normal. {There is no gender neutral}

            It is just making it so difficult for children when neutral nouns are introduced and when people may not be called for what they are and for what they feel. The world would be so much easier if we just could name the things as they are.

            In an other blog she writes

            In my point of view, children are most important so we have to learn them realistic thoughts, not fairy tails. {8: Children}

            Therefore we should not be afraid to speak to children about different feelings human beings can have. And we should not push stereotypes on those children, having girls be in pink and playing with dolls and boys having to be strong and playing with cars.

            She agrees we must

            Stop over protecting children if you not even can protect your own citizens. {8: Children}

            By not showing the world how it is and by telling ‘fairy tales’ about boys and girls in this world, we do not help the child to develop properly. We must have our ears and eyes open to the child and help it in the way how that child wants to develop, even if it is not like we would have preferred it. As such in case a girl talks about her will to become a boy, we should listen to her and talk about that matter. We should give it full serious thought.

            She writes

            Stop pressure children to perform, stop to steal there youth. Do see lot of over protecting that will not help children in the future, it will be a disaster for the future if you continue lying to your children. Children want to change gender? Then something must be wrong with your kid, you can not change your gender. Its unhappy because this world demands so much off them. The problem is not gender but this world, this capitalistic system. Children can only be happy if you free them form this capitalistic system. Children are not stupid and most of the time smarter then you. {8: Children}

            But the inner feeling of a human being has nothing to do with capitalism. We totally would agree that in this world a lot goes wrong because of capitalism, but that is not the cause that boy or girls would want to change gender.

            It is a pity that the female blogger looks at people who believe in religion as deeply indoctrinated people. According to her, religious people are living with an unrealistic image that makes their future more difficult than it really is. Though it are religious people who open their mind to those who are different than the mainstream. Real Christians, for example, also do not turn their head away from people who are feeling differently than they or than what society expects from those people. As such they are empathic with those who are confronted with the difficult situation of being born in the wrong body.

            The blogwriter says

            Generations of people are victims of a story that has circulated on Earth for thousands of years, and it is they who keep the story alive. {Manifest}

            But believers in the Elohim Hashem Jehovah are not at all victims, and we even wonder if other religious groups, be they Hindu, Muslim or Jew would be victims. In many religious groups, there are many stories that may have circulated for thousands of years, but that does not make those stories not true nor not valid to build up a secure life. There are enough reasons why to keep stories alive, the same as there are enough reasons why to keep beautiful constructions or monuments preserved for the future.

            The lady who hates so much, has a manifest against religion, sexuality, capitalism, communism, the destroying of capitalism, destroying of media, and probably looks forward to the destroying of religion in total, that we only can think she must be very frustrated. She writes

            People must understand that religion is the cause of the biggest problems on earth, they must realize that this is serious! Who not accept will be terminated who do accept can learn others to accept. Lets say pure atheism itself will be teaches at schools and everywhere where you can learn. Religion in total forbidden, by all laws international Israel will be disband and prosecuted against crimes to humanity. All former presidents and military of Israel that has killed others will be sent to the death penalty. {Manifest}

            She continues her manifesto

            In socialism and in communism we share, we share so we can be all the same, we can help always each other with no better human logo then other humans. If we share we have everything we need and everyone can have this. Education, health care, must be free for everyone on this earth no matter the color, no matter the cost, all the same rights. {Manifest}

            Totally forgetting that in communism is requested to have respect for each human being, no matter how it looks or feels like. If a person is born without a leg, arm, penis or vagina, in communism that boy or girl should not be excluded and should have the same rights as another person having all those things one expects a boy or girl to have. In communism there is a place for each human being, be it a man, woman or transgender or homo to develop properly and to be a partner in a system to build up together in respect to all other human beings, animals and plants. The female blogwriter seems to forget the important law of equality in communism.

            Because her blog does not provide a space to reply to her writings, we thought this matter of equality, gender and religiousness too important to let go of and to have it not responded.

            By writing

            All people on earth deserve good education and health care no doubts about that! Only non religious people deserve this because religious people they have their God that will heal them. {Manifest}

            shows how she misunderstands religion and does not know the God of the Bible at all. She forgets that the God of Israel has given the world in the hands of man, who has now to prove he can tackle it. Clearly, with her writing on the media, she claims to detest, she herself tries to indoctrinate people, like she accused others of indoctrinating through the media.

            She then ends her discours:

            Children want to change gender? Then something must be wrong with your kid, you can not change your gender. Its unhappy because this world demands so much off them. The problem is not gender but this world, this capitalistic system. Children can only be happy if you free them form this capitalistic system. Children are not stupid and most of the time smarter then you. {Manifest}

            The child can effectively be unhappy with ‘its’ body because our society demands too much of it. By not using gender nouns we are not going to solve the problems children may have, because by it we are even going to confuse it more.

            Our society must learn to face the fact that not everything can always turn out the way one would like, nor is there a god or God involved when things go wrong. It is people themselves who seek war. It is people themselves who expect patterns from others, in which they are then disgusted when they see those expectations unfulfilled. No form of government is going to bring relief to that anytime soon. It is people who need to change their mindset and be open to the diversity in society, as well as the differences between the sexes of human beings.

            It is by not wanting to listen to a child that feels unhappy in its body, one shows the selfishness and the restriction of freedom for a child to go its own way in a world it can feel happy as how she feels and want to go through the world. Denying that right for a child to choose one’s own orientation makes that person who does not grant that child that right an “inhuman” and “callous person”.



            Gender, genderless, androgyny, bisexuality, cisgender and transgender

            Study says highlighting gender leads to stereotypes

            Do the concepts of male and female need to have a formal official definition

            Trans extremism, trans ideology, genderless a.o. categories and TERFs

            The dilemma of gender neutrality

            She/Her – They/Them – Person

            The Concept of Gender Neutrality and You

            The World of ‘Men’?

            Gender Neutrality


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            Gender Neutrality

            To remember

            • In patriarchal society = condition of women = very bad.
            • condition of a nation = looking at status of its women (Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru)
            • Mahatma Gandhi started struggle for equality for everyone no matter what gender
            • Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit = first women president of the United Nations General Assembly
            • Savitribai Phule  started first girls school in India
            • Indira Gandhi first +only female Prime minister of India
            • Sucheta Kriplani = first woman Chief Minister in India, gujrat
            • Justice Anna Chandy = first female judge in India + first women in India to become a high court judge
            • Rani Lakshmibai led a huge revolt against britishers in India.


            • Right to Equality in our constitution => equality must be in real terms
            • laws must be equally applicable to everyone irrespective to their gender
            • many of Indian laws are gender specific > protects only women => Men facing same problems > not backed by any law
            • Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of sex, religion, caste, place of birth and race.
            • In India > no particular law for a male victim of rape whether committed by a male or a female.


            • Crime>no sexual orientation + neither law ought to be sex explicit
            • words ”any man” utilized in the law=>  supplanted with word ”person”  => unbiased to permit a lady likewise to be rebuffed under it.
            • having laws only for women => lacking => improved leads us to a gender neutral society



            Gender, genderless, androgyny, bisexuality, cisgender and transgender

            Study says highlighting gender leads to stereotypes

            Do the concepts of male and female need to have a formal official definition

            Trans extremism, trans ideology, genderless a.o. categories and TERFs

            The dilemma of gender neutrality

            She/Her – They/Them – Person

            The Concept of Gender Neutrality and You

            The World of ‘Men’?

            Legalify India

            Author: ASHISH Yadav, Manipal University Jaipur

            Co- Author: Shubhi Pareek, Manipal University Jaipur

            Before starting our main topic it is necessary to understand what really Gender Neutrality is.

            In pre historic times and recent past women faced a lot of difficulties in their life, they never got what they deserved. In our patriarchal society condition of women was very bad. They had faced many cruelties they are not even treated normally as human beings, they were like a machine which do all their necessary work . They were never given any rights which all men were enjoying.

            As time passed all this begin to change a little. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru the first prime minister of India said that “you can tell the condition of a nation by looking at the status of its women” and now the fight for equality for women started to gain popularity. Mahatma Gandhi also started…

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            The World of ‘Men’?


            If I ask you to picture a CEO of a company or someone with high authority in a place, most of us would imagine a man, right?

            A lot of people all around the globe are, conditioned this way to think that it’s a man’s job to lead a company or be in roles consisting of leadership, authority, and prominent positions.

            Women are considered in many places to stick only to domestic chores or work that requires less physical power. Academically acclaimed work and jobs are thought of as only a man’s area, reasoning that women aren’t as intelligent as men. People seem to believe that women either are below the many potentials of men or just enough to be equal to them. Why the comparison? Why can’t women be capable or good at something? Why does society need to compare every action of a woman to a man’s?


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            The Concept of Gender Neutrality and You


            To remember

            • saying mankind >be better to use humankind.
            • Saying the chair better than saying chairman,
            • Gender neutrality (adjective form: gender-neutral),= gender-neutralism or the gender neutrality movement > policies, language, + other social institutions (social structures, gender roles, or gender identity) should avoid distinguishing roles according to people’s sex or gender > in order to avoid discrimination arising from the impression that there are social roles one gender more suited than another.
            • Gender neutrality =/= synonymous with androgyny or anything of the sort.
            • Sexism =  prejudice or discrimination based on a person’s sex or gender.
            • Sexism = linked to stereotypes + gender roles, => belief one sex or gender intrinsically superior to another.
            • Extreme sexism may foster sexual harassment, rape, + other forms of sexual violence.
            • Gender discrimination = encompass sexism = discrimination toward people based on their gender identity or their gender or sex differences => defined in terms of workplace inequality.
            • different labels tacked to foreheads
            • God created man in his own image > generic term =/= used to refer to both genders => to man > Book recognises  uniqueness of male & female
            • gender roles and gender discrimination > programmed into us silently + cleverly + as soon as binary is clearly marked => discrimination sets in.
            • steady erosion of gender roles + stereotypes in society
            • basic point of feminism, of most gender movements = we are all the same



            Gender, genderless, androgyny, bisexuality, cisgender and transgender

            Study says highlighting gender leads to stereotypes

            Do the concepts of male and female need to have a formal official definition

            Trans extremism, trans ideology, genderless a.o. categories and TERFs

            The dilemma of gender neutrality

            She/Her – They/Them – Person

            Ursy Rants

            Someone posted in a WhatsApp group I’m in something he’d seen on Twitter. I could share it here but it is on my phone and I am a lazy human. Transferring is work. Anyway, the basic message of the text was to use gender neutral language in a bid to prevent gender bias. So, instead, for instance, of saying mankind, it would be better to use humankind. Saying thechair is better than saying chairman, etc. You get the idea.

            It sparked a conversation. Technically, it wasn’t a conversation. It was one person hating the fact that such a post even existed. Gender neutrality had nothing to do with gender bias and on and on and on. This person didn’t see the need for gender neutrality and my brain didn’t see the need to stop yapping to me about it so it’s nearly two am and I’m…

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            She/Her – They/Them – Person


            To remember

            Why do we need gender pronouns at all?

            • we all make assumptions about a person’s gender based on the way they look or what their name is.
            • there’s a difference between sex (your biological makeup which is determined by your chromosomes) and gender (the social construct of male/female and its associated behavior and attributes).
            • Not everyone’s correct gender is immediately apparent
            • humans are complex, multi-dimensional beings + we don’t live in a binary world.
            • showing we understand complexities of gender = one way we can be allies to our LGBTQ+ friends.
            • struggle against gender stereotyping =/= limited to non-binary, gender fluid or gender dysphoric individuals or even the larger LGBTQ+ community.
            • Since beginning of recorded history, people > chafing against limitations + restrictions of social constructs of gender.
            • Society = full of expectations about what is appropriate or “normal” for boys & girls.
            • we internalize a lot
            • rules prevented many women from pursuing interests & careers & living fulfilled lives.
            • Civil Rights Act => meaningful progress towards gender equality.
            • ☐ M ☐ F check boxes.
            • label(s) > change what happens inside of the person who sees the label. = > clouds our judgment + creates an artificial barrier to interaction.



            Gender, genderless, androgyny, bisexuality, cisgender and transgender

            Study says highlighting gender leads to stereotypes

            Do the concepts of male and female need to have a formal official definition

            Trans extremism, trans ideology, genderless a.o. categories and TERFs

            The dilemma of gender neutrality

            Over Coffee

            What are your pronouns? Do you prefer she/her? He/Him? They/them? Any of the above? Are you wondering what I’m talking about? No doubt you’re familiar with “pronouns” in the grammatical sense — those little words that refer back to a noun mentioned previously: he, she, it, they, etc. But maybe you’re not familiar with the idea of choosing one’s pronouns and then sharing that choice so that others know your preference.

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            The dilemma of gender neutrality

            For centuries in our patriarchal society girls and women have been very much restricted in their movements, and opportunities on a social and professional level, having to protest a lot to have their say in politics.

            Concerning the matter of relationships and body needs, both men and women did not get recognition for the differences that exist.

            It is not God who created our society, but the selfish human that made a mess of the system of living.

            The problem has also been the way people were educated and given stereotypical ideas about genders and their roles.


            To remember

            • The Indian blog writer hates it when the person’s relation or gender is more important than the qualification or attitude or capability.
            • He wants to hate the other gender for stealing away his opportunities + positions because of policy of the firm or organizations
            • but he cant stay away from the fact that they had much more difficulty in being in the position where they are then a “general man”.



            Gender, genderless, androgyny, bisexuality, cisgender and transgender

            Study says highlighting gender leads to stereotypes

            Do the concepts of male and female need to have a formal official definition

            Trans extremism, trans ideology, genderless a.o. categories and TERFs

            Colours, men, women, genders, choices of words and political football

            Personal Blog

            When I think about women in the society, I always have an internal battle.

            I see reservations given to the women both officially as a rule of law and unofficially as “boob quota”.
            But then I also see people (even my friends) staring and discussing demeaning things about women and then, I can’t believe how difficult is the existence of a women or a girl is in this society.

            I hate reservations because I am a General category, male and a middle class person who is born with a middle class family who cannot even get the economic reservation, recently introduced by the government because I am just a cut above the annual income category criteria (The discussion on why this income is not enough is a topic for future blog). Also, I hate when the person’s relation or gender is more important than the qualification or attitude or capability.

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            Colours, men, women, genders, choices of words and political football

            Banning words

            In the last five years, it sometimes becomes very difficult to know which words we can or cannot use. The banning of some words sometimes goes to the absurd.

            Along one side, we are no longer allowed to talk about a negro or a black person, but we have to say a white person when talking about a white person, while we are not white at all, just as a coloured person does not always have to be an African as well as not always dark brown (although the latter should not be said either).

            Nowadays, one has to watch so hard what word one uses or one can be called out as a racist, sexist or misogynist or accused of being against people who have changed their sex or are in favour of people of equal sex.

            Superiority of a gender

            Already in the 1970s one could easily be accused of being a chauvinist. Though one did not have to have a prejudiced belief in the superiority of one’s own gender, group, or kind, others assumed from your attitude to other people that one did. Yes, there was a time that a man treated women as a whole as being lesser in intelligence, talent, or competence in comparison to men. This still happens today; we can find men who put more value on a woman’s looks or abilities as a home-maker than as an equal member of society. But we can also find men who find other men lower than them because they have other feelings than what the majority expects from a man. Already some years, nobody thought something was wrong when seeing women walking hand in hand, but for men, this was not accepted.


            I still remember the times when plain-clothes policemen walked everywhere at the public toilets in London to catch men making sweet nothings to other men. They were harshly arrested and detained.

            As a kid going to ballet school and later also as a dancer, I and many of my colleagues had to endure mockery and were regularly called gay, ‘homo’ or ‘sissy’ on the streets in public transport. Many of us are even very fond of pretty girls and having to do ‘strong work’ a ‘sissy’ would not like or be able to do. Nothing pansy about carrying girls around the stage, throwing girls in the air and catching girls or making big jumps or playing big swords and other fights on stage.

            Coloured people

            Even in the time that I had a coloured girlfriend, we spoke of nigers, negro’s or black people, never looking for something bad behind it. But with the years, the community started calling certain words ‘ugly’ and ‘offensive’. Though we did not use those words as an affront or snub. At the end of the last century, it was decided we could not speak anymore of ‘Eskimo’s’, people living in an ‘igloo’ or in a ‘hut or ‘cabin’.

            This century not yet running long, has brought new banned words on the list.

            Words related to personality and sex

            What is striking here is that people are most bothered by words related to their own personalities and people’s relationship with each other. In fact, it has now reached the point where people have started looking for neutral articles and giving recommendations to raise children using neutral terms. It is not bad that one wants to do away with the division of roles for certain sexes, but doing away of the sex, is in my eyes a step too far.

            It is not at all bad to have differences in the way the sexes are treated to be removed. I myself promoted that men and women could equally do the same jobs, if they wanted and should as such also spoken about with a female or male word for that job position, though often there did not yet exist a special word for the female person being a director or doctor.

            Issue of gender in childhood

            In the last few years the issue of gender in childhood has become increasingly contentious

            In 2016 Caroline Jordan, president of the Girls’ Schools Association, said teachers should consider using gender-neutral language, and many schools – such as the heavily criticised Highgate school in north London, which did so in June 2017 – introduced the last few years gender-neutral uniform policies. Though I doubt that nowhere one considered boys to wear skirts and as such thought to transfer girls to boys’ uniforms that this would solve the gender problem. It only indicates, in my eyes, how the focus is still on the male aspect and male superiority.

            Gender-neutral or gender-free language

            In 2018 the European Parliament released guidelines for a gender-neutral language and specific strategies for each of the European languages. For certain languages, like the Germanic languages, this might be trickier than others, them having the personal pronoun’s gender usually matching with the reference noun. The European Parliament recommends alternative approaches, such as feminisation and the replacement of the generic masculine with double forms for specific referents. Since most occupations are traditionally declined to the masculine, apart from typically female jobs, feminisation decreases discrimination by also using feminine correspondents of masculine terms.

            In Great Britain, the chief executive of the Educate & Celebrate charity, Dr Elly Barnes told teachers that they should be moving toward a “gender-free model” in a 90-minute lecture organised by the National Education Union (NEU).

            File:Jordmor jim- oslo.jpeg

            Coloured man in a non-traditional gendered occupation, as midwife with child in Oslo, Norway

            She advised them to dispense with terms such as “boys”, “girls”, “son”, “father“, and “mother”, replacing them with the gender-neutral words “pupils”, “students”, “child” and “parent”. In Belgium they went a step further also to exclude the words stepmother and stepfather, them becoming a ‘plus parent’. [I wonder if they also would have a min-parent or a minus parent? 😉 ]

            According to me, it becomes also very complicated when we may not speak anymore of “your mom”, “your dad”. Politicians may have decided that it’s no longer appropriate (in their mind) to call your parents “mother” or “father” because that would classify them as male or female. The same for the “brother” or “sister”, which now have to be called “sibling”. But are those mothers and fathers not male or female? Though I do agree that there are some children who have two fathers or two mothers.


            People may find it obvious for women to stand for their rights, but in which way are they willing to give men also equal rights?

            For centuries stereotyping has been going on. It is not by just going one way, bringing the female site to the men’s place that it will be solved. Generally, one should come to terms to stop stereotyping any gender, be it male or female or even neutral, a group which is still far too much overlooked.
            Stereotyping not only limits a human with a particular set of traits he or she can acquire but it also deteriorates the mental health of the person making it difficult to express one’s feelings and thoughts. Far too many people still encounter resistance when they want to go for a particular profession. They are then usually told that these are vocational skills for the opposite sex, but are not appropriate for their gender. It is not only career choices that are under threat. Much more difficult, in fact, is when people are uncomfortable with themselves and want to change their gender. On that front, one notices that we still fall a lot short of allowing own choices, even if they go against the general trend. Lots of people should think about what they want to understand under “Freedom of Expression” and what it really means.

            Gender issues and Equalities Act

            Gender symbols intertwined. The red (left) is the female Venus symbol. The blue (right) represents the male Mars symbol.

            Back to Dr Barnes, who also told the webinar, called Getting the Language Right for 2022, that instead of gendered terms, staff should be referred to as “teacher” or “headteacher” followed by their surname. Ofsted has warned that Schools are using “overtly political materials” to teach children about gender issues.

            It was said in 2021 that when it comes to teaching children about sex, sexual orientation and gender reassignment, some school staff are “confusing” their legal obligations under the Equality Act with the moral and the political, according to the school watchdog.

            When the Equalities Act was introduced in 2010, it was “contentious from the outset”, according to Chris Jones, Ofsted’s director of corporate strategy, particularly in relation to characteristics relating to sex, sexual orientation and gender reassignment.

            Far-right against equality

            What we see in Europe is that there is an increasing political sensitivity in these areas that have made it harder for schools to handle equality well. Politicians also try to find a way out for the upcoming far-right groups which try to push the genders again in a straight jacket with specific roles for men and women. Another problem is that those far-right groups are obsessively against people with other sexual feelings than the one they find should be the normal case. From those (political) groups there are also people who are against first names which are too masculine for girls or too feminine for boys. In 2021 reports emerged of schools sanctioning the use of male names for girls as young as 13 without the consent of their parents.

            Campaigners have accused teachers of misinterpreting equality regulations by allowing female pupils (who say they identify as boys) or the other way round, to use a different name. In many places, certainly in the East of Europe,  such “new” names used in the classroom, and on pupil registers and official communications from the school would be against the norms or values of the Christian nation.

            Wishes of the individual and LGBT issues

            One popular trans school kit, published by Brighton and Hove Council with the LGBT youth charity Allsorts, says:

            “Care should be taken to ensure the wishes of the individual pupil or student are taken into account with a view to supporting them during potential transition.

            Stonewall has advised schools that teachers should drop the terms boys and girls in favour of “learners” and mix up the sexes in PE classes.

            The LGBT charity is urging teachers to ditch all gendered language and gendered uniforms and suggests that children should compete against the opposite sex in sport.

            Members of the department’s Homeland Security Group, which leads work on Britain’s counter-terrorism response, attended a talk last week focused on “the right language” around LGBT issues.

            On Monday, the Home Office moved to distance itself from its contents, which it said did not represent “departmental or government guidance”.

            Across 12 slides on gender issues, first reported by Guido Fawkes, Whitehall staff were told:

            “Be aware a person’s sex, gender identity, and gender expression may not correspond.

            Genderqueer is a blanket term for those who don’t define their gender in binary terms … It is not a modern invention. Each identity is valid and deserves respect.”

            Sexual orientation

            It is not because the majority of the population identifies itself as heterosexual that we do not have to take others into account. In Britain roughly 1.5 million people or 3.2 per cent, identified with an LGB+ orientation – “gay or lesbian”, “bisexual” or “other sexual orientation”.

            Across England and Wales, more than one in 100 people identified as trans or other gender identities in just 21 local authorities.

            A slide on language to avoid using included the terms homosexual and homosexuality, which it said is

            “generally considered a medical term now. People tend to use gay instead. Can reduce the person to purely sexual terms”.

            It also warned against the use of the word transsexual. But why is one so afraid to allow things or matters called by what it is? People whose gender identity varies from that traditionally associated with their apparent biological sex at birth, themselves are not afraid to call themselves transsexuals or transgenders.

            In its original and narrower sense, transgender referred to males and females who respectively gender-identify as females and males.

            In a later and broader sense, it has come to designate persons whose gender identities incorporate behaviours and traits traditionally associated with the opposite sex. Transgender persons may thus include transsexuals, transgenderists (in one usage of the term, persons who gender-identify with the opposite sex but who choose not to undergo sex-reassignment surgery or hormone treatments), and androgynes (biologically or psychologically androgynous persons), among other groups. {Encyc. Britannica on Transgender}

            Sex-change or medical transition

            There are lots of debates going on in Great Britain about allowing children to decide to change sex.

            Dr Susan Matthews, an honorary senior research fellow in creative writing at Roehampton University, analysed a series of books that are being circulated in British schools. She concluded that children were being put at risk by transgender books in primary schools that “misrepresent” medical knowledge on puberty blockers.

            Her critique of children’s literature was published in the 2019 book Inventing Transgender Children and Young People.

            Books and lesson plans that were designed to educate pupils about transgender issues

            “fail child safeguarding and conflict with the law”,

            she said.

            Dr Matthews found that much of the information given about medical transition was “inaccurate”, adding that “potential harms are ignored, glossed over or falsified”.

            Helen Joyce, an author and former Economist journalist, believes that men and women are being redefined by trans activists, with laws and policies

            “reshaped to privilege self-identified gender identity over biological sex”.

            Legal gender change

            Most Dutch think an expert opinion is crucial when someone desires legal gender change, but quite a lot of people can understand that certain people would prefer to change sex. At the end of last year, there were some debates after some documentaries were shown where American kids younger than 10 years old got transformations. Two-thirds of the Dutch population say there must be a minimum age for legal gender reassignment on birth certificates. The study, carried out by the Dutch Christian patient association NPV, shows no support for the proposal among the general population. (That is reported by the NPV in a press release.)

            Questioning own identity

            In West Europe, we clearly see a move in the way how young girls and young boys question their own identities.

            According to a study commissioned by NHS England, 10 years ago there were just under 250 referrals, most of them boys, to the Gender Identity Development Service (Gids), run by the Tavistock and Portman NHS foundation trust in London. But in 2021/22 there were already over 5,000 referrals into the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS).

            There has been a dramatic change in the case-mix of referrals from predominantly birth-registered males to predominantly birth-registered females presenting with gender incongruence in their early teen years. Additionally, a significant number of children are also presenting with neurodiversity and other mental health needs and risky behaviours which requires careful consideration and needs to be better understood.

            This has led to a lack of clinical consensus and polarised opinion on what the best model of care for children and young people experiencing gender incongruence and dysphoria should be; and a lack of evidence to support families in making informed decisions about interventions that may have life-long consequences.

            While some parents said they had embraced their child’s decision and welcomed the societal changes that had made this step possible, others felt confused by their child’s desire to change their body. The big question for many was how they could halt their child or how they could help their child choice to change sex. Several parents said they had been relaxed when their daughters initially began identifying as non-binary, but became uneasy when they said they wanted to take puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones and began binding their breasts. Some spoke of their anxiety and uncertainty about how to respond, particularly when their child was unhappy.

            Often bigger problems arise when the parents get lesser control over the child. The uncertainty parents felt was compounded by the highly polarised debate – within the NHS, politics and the media – about how parents and professionals should respond to children who express distress about their gender.

            “In the past few years it has become an explosion. Many of us feel confused by what has happened, and it’s often hard to talk about it to colleagues,”

            said a London-based psychiatrist working in a child and adolescent mental health unit, who has been a consultant for the past 17 years.

            Huge surge in young women wanting to become boys

            Perhaps our society should question more how it comes that in the last five to 10 years we’ve seen a huge surge in young women who, at the age of around 12 or 13, want to become boys. We should wonder more about what brings those girls to change their name and press to have hormones or puberty blockers. How does it come that one group does feel inferior to an other and wants to be part of the other group?

            Equality Act – Historic day for equality

            On December 22 the Scottish government hailed what it called “a historic day for equality” after a vote on that Thursday afternoon in which MSPs overwhelmingly backed plans to make it easier and less intrusive for individuals to legally change their gender, and to extend the streamlined system for obtaining a gender recognition certificate (GRC) to 16- and 17-year-olds.

            But immediately after the 86-39 vote, which followed three days of intense and at times emotional debate at Holyrood, the Scottish secretary, Alister Jack, said:

            “We share the concerns that many people have regarding certain aspects of this bill, and in particular the safety issues for women and children.

            “We will look closely at that, and also the ramifications for the 2010 Equality Act and other UK-wide legislation, in the coming weeks – up to and including a section 35 order stopping the bill going for royal assent if necessary.”

            The women and equalities minister, Kemi Badenoch, who met her Scottish government counterpart, Shona Robison, to discuss the bill, said following the vote that the Scottish government had

            “not addressed the full implications of their bill – especially on the lives of women and girls”.

            She added:

            “The UK government is now looking at provisions that can prompt reconsideration and allow MSPs to address these issues.”

            A Scottish government spokesperson said:

            “The bill as passed is within legislative competence, and was backed by an overwhelming majority, with support from all parties. Any attempt by the UK government to undermine the democratic will of the Scottish parliament will be vigorously contested by the Scottish government.”

            Scottish versus English parliament

            But the English Government is not willing to accept it. Immediately after the vote, a spokesperson for the Equality and Human Rights Commission called on the UK government to provide clarity on whether Scottish GRCs would be recognised in the rest of the UK.

            The Scottish Conservatives’ equalities spokesperson, Rachael Hamilton, told Robison that her government had not brought the people of Scotland with them, and that

            “in the rush to make the process a little easier for trans people, the government is making it easier for criminal men to attack women”.

            I do believe trans people across Scotland today will be feeling pleased and relieved that this bill has passed, after many years of difficult public debate. Though it is not finished yet. On January the 16th, Rishi Sunak’s government has blocked legislation passed by the Scottish parliament that would make Scotland the first part of the UK to introduce a self-identification system for people who want to change gender, them being concerned the bill will have an “adverse impact” on UK-wide equalities law.

            UK government blocking the legislation

            Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon said there were “no grounds” for the UK government to block the legislation, claiming that it did not affect the operation of the Equality Act. For her

            “This is a full-frontal attack on our democratically elected Scottish parliament and it’s ability to make its own decisions on devolved matters. @scotgov will defend the legislation and stand up for Scotland’s parliament. If this Westminster veto succeeds, it will be first of many.”

            Transgenders deserving respect

            Conservatives and certain Christian groups should come to terms that people their wishes should be respected and that governments can not play the boss over their bodies. The Scottish secretary said

            “Transgender people who are going through the process to change their legal sex deserve our respect, support and understanding. My decision today is about the legislation’s consequences for the operation of GB-wide equalities protections and other reserved matters.

            The law, first proposed by Sturgeon six years ago, was passed by the Scottish parliament by 86 votes to 39, with the overwhelming support of the SNP, Labour, the Greens and the Lib Dems in December, after years of consultation and debate.

            The legislation would make it easier for transgender people to obtain official gender recognition certificates, including by reducing waiting times, removing the need for a medical diagnosis and bringing the minimum age down from 18 to 16.

            The Labour leader, Keir Starmer, said on Monday that 16-year-olds should not legally be able to change gender, putting him at odds with his party in Scotland.

            The shadow Scottish secretary, Ian Murray, said the issue were

            “too important to be reduced to the usual constitutional fight”,

            and questioned why ministers at Westminster and Holyrood did not work together on an amended bill

            “to avoid this unnecessary stand-off”.

            Not fiting in the general box

            The whole circus in Great Britain shows how politicians are using people who do not fit in the general box are used to be a hot potato in political debates. Nancy Kelley, chief executive of Stonewall, said:

            “It is a matter of grave and profound regret that the prime minister has allowed trans people’s lives to be used as a political football. This is not governing with compassion.”

            Beth, a queer activist, was watching the proceedings from the public gallery in Holyrood and described it as

            “an amazing day for the queer rights movement in Scotland”.

            Nevertheless, she also suggested that the toxicity around the reforms had

            “allowed intolerance to grow”.

            Gender recognition a frontline issue

            Dylan Hamilton, a climate activist, like many trans-Scots also noted the extensive delays in the bill’s progress and said

            “Gender recognition has become a frontline issue because of this bill but it’s not the most important thing for most trans people. It’s just an administrative issue to make life more dignified, but much more important are the horrifically long waiting lists, hate crime and the coming conversion ‘therapy’ bill [Scotland will include transgender people in its ban on the practice, while the UK government U-turned to exclude them earlier this year].”

            The present bill still lets a lot of loopholes, leaving non-binary people excluded and unrecognised.

            Boris Johnson had dropped plans to ban any conversion practice last year, only for his government to perform a partial U-turn hours later after a huge backlash.

            In a written statement on Tuesday, January the 17th,  the culture secretary, Michelle Donelan, said:

            “We recognise the strength of feeling on the issue of harmful conversion practices and remain committed to protecting people from these practices and making sure they can live their lives free from the threat of harm or abuse.”

            She said it was right that the issue was tackled

            “through a dedicated and tailored legislative approach”,


            “The bill will protect everyone, including those targeted on the basis of their sexuality, or being transgender.”

            Donelan said the draft bill, which will only ban conversion practices for over-18s

            “who do not consent and who are coerced or forced to undergo”

            the practice, would be scrutinised by MPs and peers to help ensure the legislation did not have “unintended consequences”.

            Language to cope with Non-binary

            A tthe moment it might well be that an increasing number of teenagers are identifying as non-binary, and education needs to respond to this – but the NEU does not believe that schools can or should adopt gender-neutral language across the board. We also should not try to exclude certain words because they would be too much connected by a woman or a man, or for some could sound offensive or would be a medical term. As such, there is no use to exclude homo, transgender, transsexual or other “right language” around LGBT issues, from our vocabulary use.



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            The Catholic synod on the family and abortion


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            Trans extremism, trans ideology, genderless a.o. categories and TERFs

            How does our current society want to look up to men, women and those who want to go through life as ‘genderless’?

            Every best artist nominee at the “gender-neutral” Brit Awards was male. Pandering to trans ideology is erasing women from sight

            In a virtue-signalling effort to appeal to its “yooful” audience, the Brits decided to scrap the male and female categories for artist of the year to make it a “gender-neutral” event. This followed Sam Smith, the singer, coming out as non-binary.

            But the result of the shift is a binary one: all of this year’s best artist nominees are male, while the album of the year category is also dominated by men, with Wet Leg the only female act out of the contenders.

            Women who have worried about the encroachment of extreme trans ideology have been denounced as TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists), scaremongers and even conspiracy theorists. But they have long feared that one of the consequences of giving in to some of the more radical demands of the gender ideologues will be the opposite of “inclusive”.

            And their fears are fast becoming reality. In health, we are already witnessing the erasure even of the word “women” in favour of insulting terms such as “people who menstruate” and “chest feeders” – with potentially devastating consequences for people going for health screening. {}

            Read more about it: Women are being erased by trans extremism


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            Split sleeping

            Who doesn’t know that awkward sleeping pattern where it seems we wake up every five minutes?

            You wake with a start. The world around you is pitch black. Your partner is sleeping, provocatively peacefully. You reach for the alarm clock, then curse it. It’s 3am. Again. Why does this keep happening? Is it symptomatic of stress; a sign of something even more sinister? Or perhaps we’re worrying needlessly, manufacturing a “health crisis”?

            British professor of circadian neuroscience, Russell Grant Foster, the Director of the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology and the Head of the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute (SCNi) found in that the whole reason to write a book.

            Foster and his group are credited with key contributions to the discovery of the non-rod, non-cone, photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (pRGCs) in the mammalian retina which provide input to the circadian rhythm system. He has written and co-authored over a hundred scientific publications. He is the co-author with writer and broadcaster Leon Kreitzman of two popular science books on circadian rhythms, Rhythms of Life: The Biological Clocks that Control the Daily Lives of Every Living Thing and Seasons of Life: The Biological Rhythms That Enable Living Things to Thrive and Survive. He has also co-written a book titled Sleep: a Very Short Introduction; and Life Time: The New Science of the Body Clock.

            “I wanted to say: here’s the science. Now stop worrying about it.”

            According to him the human race has never been better set up for sleep. Soft beds, anti-allergy bedding, weighted and electric blankets abound. And yet, believes Foster,

            “we’ve become so worried about our sleep – there’s now a real condition called sleep anxiety.”

            Read more about it: The truth about ‘split sleeping’ – and what to do if you wake in the middle of the night Forget the mythical eight hours and sleep like our ancestors

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            Small food changes and diets

            Dry January

            Three stories you should read today

            20 small food changes that will make a big difference to your health
            The co-founder of the Zoe app and author of ‘Food for Life’, reveals simple food changes that will do you a power of good. Read on

            It’s scientifically proven that setting realistic goals is more effective than deciding to stop a behaviour altogether. For example, setting a goal to add one new plant to every meal – the benefit is greater without any restriction being necessary.
            ‘A health scare motivated me to lose two stone – and it all came down to my diet’
            When Mary Novakovich’s husband was diagnosed with prediabetes and hypertension, the pair started a rapid weight loss plan. Read more

            What to say when someone close to you is diagnosed with cancer
            How do we handle our own anxiety as someone close to a cancer patient, and how can we best serve our loved one? Learn more

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            Being what will give a good admiration in this world


            Be what will give you good admiration in this world.
            Think as if you are a winner
            and that you can complete
            and be inspirationally great!
            ~  unknown


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            Learning to ignore things

            Learning to ignore things
            is one of the most important paths
            to inner peace.
            ~ Robert J. Sawyer


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            When dawn greets us

            Dawn is the time when the sun rises or comes up
            but also the time to step forwards
            with new bright plans
            conquering the day with positive thoughts.
            ~Marcus Ampe

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            Are you a newsflash nightingale?

            There are some of those people who reach for their smartphones as soon as they wake up to see if someone has sent them a message and to see what their news apps have to say for news.

            Do you turn to your news apps as soon as you wake up, or do you prefer a leisurely read of the papers over Sunday brunch?

            Or are you someone who still wishes to peruse the paper newspaper over breakfast?

            Do you feel overwhelmed by news in the digital age, or do you relish the chance to sample a variety of news and features throughout the day?

            So much is happening in this world that we cannot follow it all closely. But it is almost impossible to go through all the news sources to get a clear picture of the main issues that should concern us. It is also not possible to have our own news aggregator, though such online platform or software device that collects news stories and other information as that information is published and would organise that information for us in a specific manner, would be very practical.

            Gathering news from all over the world is not a cheap business. It would also become too costly to have subscriptions to a multitude of daily and weekly newspapers and magazines.

            But do you know, that for those who are curious about what is happening in the world, we provide a news platform so that everyone can freely get an overview of the day’s events. We try to present  some views from all sorts of ‘political’ directions and from different newspapers to give a broad aspect of information that can be compared with the different ideas. The editor in charge of this blog and of Some View on the World, Marcus Ampe, is convinced that one should be able to juxtapose several opinions, thus creating a dialogue but also allowing everyone to form their own opinion.

            With Some view on the World, a variety of news reports are presented, with some reports perhaps being reported a little later, because we feel it is necessary to be able to check them for truth each time, so that no false reporting would be sent further into the world through our fault. So do not expect to find regular “Breaking News”, because such news can not always be directly verified. We also do not look to social media to stay up with breaking news, and have a critical and suspicious eye for such social media. You will be able to notice on Some View on the World, that it calls on a whole team of reporters to uncover news events and present them to you.
            Furthermore, we will not shy away from putting forward our personal views on certain events. Here we then admit that this will be from a Christian point of view, which we also inform our readers about. Regularly, therefore, we will make room to approach or address some spiritual aspects more deeply.
            The difference with our other spiritual or religious websites, like our Ecclesial website, is that on Some View on the World, we are rather more responsive to current events and will further provide responses to church articles that are out there at the time published on other channels and brought forward by other denominations, a.o. shedding light on people their religious life.

            We further admit that for news coverage, a choice is made from what touched us during the course of the day as we recorded talking points, watched news broadcasts on television, had conversations, and so on.

            We may be of the old breed and therefore not followers of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or Picodash as they are also very time-consuming, this is while we are convinced that instead of engaging with social media, we can use our time more usefully. Because our time is very limited – provided, we experience every day that we lack time.

            Instead of continuing to publish on the slow opening Blogspot, “Our World” has been transferred (at the end of 2021) to WordPress so that a person now can easily access the website through Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer or Edge, hoping that now a faster loading site shall attract more visitors because no one wants a page that takes more than 30 seconds loading.

            Whatever your style of gathering news, we hope we can charm you into signing up to follow our news blog Some view on the World.


            To be honest, we are convinced that our work can still be a useful contribution to getting people thinking here and there.

            If you also appreciate what we are doing here and on our other websites, it shall always be appreciated by us when you would not mind letting others know about our existence.

            Furthermore, you can also always indicate your appreciation of texts and mark them with the “Like” button.

            Gossip is free and anyone can create it. There is no talent required other than to have no respect for facts and truth. Quality content is usually more costly because it takes time and expertise to create. A lot of time and energy is invested in publishing our articles here and on our other websites. Both time and expertise however cost money.

            To cover our costs, you can also help us move forward. Indeed, financial contributions are also always welcome.
            Deposits can be made to the Belgian bank account, for example, BE37 9730 6618 2528, BIC ARSPBE 22




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            40. Follow The Leaders: Mozilla, New York Times And Washington Post Collaborate

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            When dusk greets us

            When dusk greets us
            leave the bad things of the day behind.
            Marcus Ampe


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