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Beyond this earth life!


The purpose of this glorious life…

Dutch translation / Nederlandse vertaling:

Voorbij dit aardse leven!


Photo & text credit: “Return To Eden” on Facebook

“You *must* lift your eyes far *beyond the* earth and recognise where your path leads after this earthly life, so that at the same time you may become aware of why and for what purpose you are here on earth!”
– The Grail Message “In the Light of Truth” http://grailmessage.com/en/about/

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The purpose of this glorious life…

Dutch version / Nederlandse versie: Het doel van dit glorieuze leven…



    The purpose of this glorious life is not simply to endure it ,
    but to soar , stumble and flourish as you learn to fall in love
    with existence.
    We were born to live my dear not to merely exist ..

    ~ Becca Lee ~

    Art by Julie Marriott

            Text and image source: Serendipity Corner https://www.facebook.com/582555271766012/posts/4382941268394041/

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            Everything on Earth has a purpose…

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            High recognitions . . . successive earthly lives


            “Human beings are susceptible not only to good influences, but also to bad ones.
            Everyone knows what is good and what is evil. Good and evil influences have
            a decisive effect on successive earthly lives! Because the way human beings act
            in this present life shapes their future existence!”

            – Roselis von Sass (Atlantis, The End of a Continent)
            The writer draws inspiration from “The Grail Message”
            (In The Light of Truth) by Abd-ru-shin

            Text & image source: Garden of Illumination https://web.facebook.com/Garden-of-Illumination-1433140463620723/

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            Remember the clear light,



            Remember the clear light,
            The pure clear white light
            From which everything in the universe comes,
            To which everything in the universe returns;
            The original nature of your own mind.
            The natural state of the universe unmanifest.
            Let go into the clear light, trust it, merge with it.
            It is your own true nature, it is home.

            – The Tibetan Book Of The Dead

            Text & image source: Mystic Path to Cosmic Consciousness https://web.facebook.com/Mystic-Path-to-Cosmic-Consciousness-143005819116554/

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            Aan het eind van de dag…

            In “At the end of the day…” brengt Purple Rays (Jonathan Udo Ndah) een bezinning waarbij hij ook zijn lezers vele mooie avond zegeningen toewenst.

            Hij schrijft:

            .. Moge deze nacht lichtjes van Liefde en Vrede op uw dromen sprenkelen…. ❤️☀

            en brengt een beeld van Mitra Shahidi bij een tekst van Eric Lange, die ons kan inspireren om dat geluk te omsluiten of te omarmen.


            “Aan het eind van de dag,
            nu, hier, waar je ook bent,
            kun je de keuze maken
            om aanwezig, gelukkig en voldaan te zijn.”
            ~ Eric Lange

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            At the end of the day…



              “At the end of the day, right now, right here, wherever you are, you can make a choice to be present and happy and fulfilled.”

              • Eric Lange

              Wishing you many beautiful evening blessings… May this night sprinkle lights of Love and Peace on your dreams…. ❤️☀

                      Text and image source: Mitra Shahidi https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3148524425415490&id=100007738899262

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                      Some of us are still catching up to what we are.




                        We do not become healers.
                        We came as healers. We are.
                        Some of us are still catching up to what we are.

                        We do not become storytellers.
                        We came as carriers of the stories that we and our ancestors actually lived. We are.
                        Some of us are still catching up to what we are.

                        We do not become artists. We came as artists. We are.
                        Some of us are still catching up to what we are.

                        We do not become writers.. dancers.. musicians.. helpers.. peacemakers. We came as such. We are.
                        Some of us are still catching up to what we are.

                        We do not learn to love in this sense. We came as Love.
                        We are Love.

                        Some of us are still catching up
                        to who we truly are.

                        • Clarissa Pinkola Estes

                        Art | Catrin Welz-Stein

                                Text and image source: Leyla Aylin https://www.facebook.com/104783181335892/posts/381878420293032/

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                                #One-linerWednesday … Je kunt een goed mens zijn . . .

                                Je kunt een goed mens zijn met een goed hart en toch nee zeggen.

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                                #One-linerWednesday . . . You can be a good person . . .




                                You can be a good person with a kind heart and still say no.

                                Text & image credit: Spiritual Awakenings ॐ https://web.facebook.com/Spiritual-Awakenings-%E0%A5%90-105433989565465/

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                                Month of freedom and liberty with Independence Day or Deceived day

                                Udo Ndah of Purple Rays thinks that July is the month of freedom and liberty!

                                I would love to be able to say “amen” to that, but I am afraid there are some figures in our present day who are bringing that freedom into a great danger and have made Independence Day July the 4th more into their own Donald Trump Day.

                                In one of our national languages we have the word “tromper” and “tromp”, to “deceive” and “deceived”.
                                I cannot resist the fact that several Americans must nevertheless come to the realization that they have made a serious mistake in the election of the current president. They also should have to come to know that anything that cost their peace would not only be too expensive but also something to avoid. And the present leader of the United States of America has had his finger already too many times on the “Red Button”.


                                foto van A Conscious Rethink.

                                Udo Ndah writes

                                July has one of the longest lists of Independence Day anniversaries; more than twenty days of the month are Independence celebration days for various countries including good old Uncle Sam (USA)! {Happy New Month of July!}

                                But where is that good popular old symbol for the United States Uncle Sam gone to?

                                Fox speaks about a “Great Awokening” (sic)

                                comparable in some ways to the enormous religious foment in the white North in the years before the American Civil War.

                                And tells us

                                It began roughly with the 2014 protests in Ferguson, Missouri, when activists took advantage of ubiquitous digital video and routine use of social media to expose a national audience in a visceral way to what otherwise might have been a routine local news story. It’s as if a special July energy triggers the ‘freedom hormones’ in humans urging them to break both individual and collective fetters! {The Great Awokening}

                                About Ferguson Trump showed his real face at several occasions or confrontations with the press. Nearly five years later, Fox does not seem to see that Mr. Trumps has made July the 4th in a Trump Day and has used  it for political election action work. Though they note that Trump has made white racial resentment more visible than it was before and remark

                                but at the same time, white liberals have become much more attuned to racism — seeing more of it not necessarily because the world has changed but because their own attitudes toward longstanding features of it have changed. {The Great Awokening}

                                Fox agrees that Trump’s presidency itself is probably a driver of the shift on LGBTQ issues, weapon matters, and racial thinking. Donald Trump and his allies’ support may for the world outside look like he is for the Jews. But they should see he is more for Israel’s right-wing government, which itself has made common cause with some European anti-Semitic nationalist movements. Others such as the historian David Henkin claim that many of Trump’s Orthodox supporters

                                “are the descendants (literally, in many cases) of Jews to whom the white nationalism of the post-1965 Republican Party was already resonating 30 or 40 years ago in debates about affirmative action, segregation, colonialism, and law enforcement.” Both theories, however, overlook Orthodoxy’s own position on anti-Semitism and the crucible in which it was formed.

                                Even Trump having a Jewish son in law, did not hinder him to more than once to give anti-Semitic remarks. Trump his strong support for Israel, the spiritual and religious centre of Judaism, does not make of him a saint.
                                The seeming contradiction between an American president who never misses an opportunity to boast about a largely symbolic embassy move and conversely misses every opportunity to denounce white nationalism, is according to some no contradiction at all. It comes as little surprise that the two American pastors that Trump delegated to bless the opening of the Jerusalem embassy respectively claimed that Hitler was a messenger sent by God and that Jews who do not embrace Christ are damned. Many Trump adepts by interviews from our Flemish television stations were or are convinced Trump is also a messenger of God.
                                Pastor Robert Jeffress responded,

                                “I have never said anything derogatory about the Jewish people. I talked about the oneness we share in worshiping the same God in the Scriptures.”

                                Though he and Trump worship a tri-une god whilst Jews, like me and other real Christians worship the Only One True God of Israel, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah, Who is an invisible God of love. In other interviews that pastor further explained,

                                “Jerusalem has been the object of the affection of both Jews and Christians down through history and the touchstone of prophecy.”

                                And Jews, Jeshuaists and real Christians do know that Jerusalem is going to be the capital of the Kingdom of God, But that does not mean that it is up to an American president to decide when it would be time to have Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

                                Jeffress’ focus on Judaism and disinterest in the global socio-economic well-being of Jews is borne out from recent polling data gauging American evangelical attitudes toward Jews and Israel. A 2017 LifeWay Research Poll revealed that upwards of 80 percent of American evangelical Christians believe that events surrounding the establishment of the State of Israel were the fulfilment of Bible prophecies that show we are getting closer to the return of Jesus Christ. On the other hand, only 20 percent of those polled understood these events in strictly geopolitical terms.

                                For many Americans Trump looks like the one preceding Jesus Christ bringing total liberation for the world they want to live in, without coloured people, without Hispanics, without Mexicans or any South American.
                                Those Americans do forget that lots of people had a marvellous idea of the nation they would have loved to live in. Many laid down their lives so that one day their progeny could feel proud of what the pioneers did and proud of that free country they could live in

                                Those ancestors had hopes that they and their offspring could exercise their treasures of traditions and values without fears of oppression and shadows of injustice in a nation where all the religions could reside with common opinions and behaviours and there not being to much difference of being on the top and those at the bottom.

                                Yesterday on the 5th of July 2019 Donald Trump used independence day to have hit his day, wanting to show to France, North Korea, Russia, that he too could govern a nation where there is place for military show and people parading for him as the masterful director of a great nation.



                                Prince of Wales warning that the world is in danger of “forgetting the lessons of the past”

                                Apocalyptic Extremism: No Longer a Laughing Matter

                                Russian involvement in US elections

                                Americans their stars, pretension, God, Allah and end of times signs #1 Abrahamic religions

                                Americans their stars, pretension, God, Allah and end of times signs #2 War on God’s Plan, Name and title

                                Trump’s rhetoric is infusing a culture of Anti-Semitism


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                                A 2016 suggestion for some interesting photographic sites

                                In 2016 Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Looking at Flowers through a Macro Lens we spoke about great photographers of the wild, people should come to know, like Leanne Cole, Dan Frugalberg, Pete Hillman, Gideon Knight, Cindy KnokeTim Laman, Rabirius,  and Purple Rays (Jonathan Udo Ndah). They all bring a different touch on the way we can look at nature. Rabirius even dares to bring his own graphic mastering to change the real view, giving it an other dimension.


                                Nature’s souls go to wild spaces – Cindy Noke

                                Those photographers show how while other’s thrive in the social whirl, a nature’s soul will find depth of meaning {Nature’s Soul~} or may explore the relationship between nature and civilisation (like for example A Book Of Animals by Rabirius).

                                Even when we do have to find a small window of existence, those people have the magic touch on their fingers to show us the beauty of god’s universe. In such beautiful area the Divine Creator has given to mankind, in Bragg Creek, Alberta near both the prairies and the mountains lives also a photographer we would like to introduce to you.
                                Christopher Martin has an artistic background, having grown up painting and sketching.  Following university, he studied Chinese painting in Taiwan. His interested in the photographic medium came around 2000 and that has been his primary artistic direction for the past 10+ years which is not bad for us who can enjoy his third eye with which he allows himself to play with reality, to share it as he sees it or to create a version of it through long exposure, wide angles or motion blurs.  The freedom he has to photograph in so many different ways feeds his creativity and helps to drive his enthusiasm to create art.

                                His photography has been recognized in contests run by National Geographic, Urban Photographer of the Year, Photo District News, Photolife Magazine, Travel Photographer of the Year, World Photography Organization, Photofocus, Photography Masters Cup and others.  If you are interested in seeing a summary of some of these awards, please visit this page.

                                It is the city man, Arte Wolfe who inspires him. That son of commercial artists who graduated from the University of Washington with Bachelor’s degrees in fine arts and art education in 1975, has made in the short time of his photography career a remarkable testament to the durability and demand for his images, his expertise, and his passionate advocacy for the environment and indigenous culture, working on every continent, in hundreds of locations, and on a dazzling array of projects, making it possible for us to travel with him in our dreams. No wonder some of the world’s top magazines such as National Geographic, Smithsonian, Audubon, GEO, and Terre Sauvage wanted to offer their readers the magical view of this artist.

                                Enter Gallery

                                Pine Peak Toned Gelatin-Silver Print, 14×11″ Image, 20×16″ Mat – Don Hong-Oai

                                An other source of inspiration for christopher Martin came from the Vietnam University College of Art and studied with Long Chin-San in Taiwan before he fled by boat and came as a refugee to the United States where he resides completely within a Chinese community. Mr. Don Hong-Oai Bio got recognised at the Ansel Adams Gallery, Yosemite National Park, California in 1994 and got awards from the International Federation of Photographic Art, Switzerland and from the Chinatown Photographic Society.

                                Paul Nicklen, a globally acclaimed, Canadian-born photographer and marine biologist,and also a  ildlife Photographer of the Year Competition winner, was the other influencer for Martin. That Canadian photographer has been documenting both the beauty and the plight of our planet’s polar regions and our world’s oceans for over twenty years. In Europe his work is known by us mostly from the National Geographic Magazine. But he is also the is the recipient of more than thirty international awards, including the Natural Resources Defense Council’s BioGems Visionary Award for his material of several years showing the world how we need to be careful about the use of fossils, not to destroy the arctic. Born and raised on Baffin Island, Nunavut, grown up in one of the only non-Inuit families in a tiny native settlement amid the ice fields of Northern Canada, he is the right man to show how not only the Inuit are endangered but an entire animal-world. for us clearly also a photographer to follow and to see how he as  a founder and contributing photographer to SeaLegacy, can work out his plans on dedicating his efforts to shining a light into the issues, species, and ecosystems he so deeply cares about.
                                His photography book Polar Obsession captures up-close documentation of the lives of leopard seals, whales, walruses, polar bears, bearded seals, and narwhals, and gives a vivid portrait of two extraordinary, endangered ecosystems.

                                Llyn Ogwen

                                Transmogrify–Is That A Word? / Talacre Beach – Llyn Ogwen by Mike Hardisty

                                Based in the beautiful countryside of North Wales Mike Hardisty is an other artist who catches our eye in 2016, the year he has been trialling some new photography software ACDSee Ultimate and PhotoMatix {Llangelynin–A Very Small Church}. For him landscape photography forms a very important part of my life and capturing the ever changing scenery gives me a sense of discovery. For him, photography in the mountains or on the coast, experiencing changing light and weather conditions, is a continuous learning process and gives him the freedom to think and live.

                                For those who are stuck in a city and think there can not be a place for some green and colours they also should hear Chicago’s motto which is

                                Urbs Horto, or City in a Garden.

                                Given the amount of sprawl and environmental damage that’s occurred since its founding, the blog we like to introduce would find it hard to argue that Chicago is still a city in a garden. However, they can still have a garden in the city.

                                Jason gardens in Evanston, Illinois (zone 5), about one mile from the border with Chicago.


                                A view of the Blue Ridge Mountains

                                Jason Bertkay lives with his spouse, Judy, and has two grown sons. Judy, is in charge of photographs, while Jason is in charge of plants. They also motor down the Skyline Drive in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains,a.o..


                                The Texan Crescentspot photo by “bybio” the Back yard biology

                                We also can find a team of a mother, retired biology professor – former biology major, nurse daughter and blogger who can offer us some nice pictures. Even though the landscape looks (and feels) arid, southern Arizona seems to be a mecca for butterflies, perhaps because of the diversity of vegetation and flowers there, and they are able to have us enjoy those and many other animals and flowers in their region.

                                Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs)

                                An Old Friend Returns – male Chaffinch – Pete Hillman

                                An other photographer who let us look often at his front and rear gardens is Pete Hillman, whom we mentioned already in earlier posts. Photography is his main hobby, but he does know to use a good eye and can give us close-ups of things most people even do not notice when walking around.  He knows the way of recording the beauty and wonders he discovers within nature. Most of the species found on his site were observed in the county of Staffordshire, England, where he lives, whilst others are from around various locations in the UK.



                                Foggy Autumn Road by Rebecca Gillum whose gypsy soul keeps her searching


                                Winter comes early to the mountains. Rime ice covered trees in Smoky Mountain National Park. – Rebecca Gillum

                                From the road we also get lovely pictures from Rebecca Gillum. She knows the limitations of life and is content but is able to catch that moment in time and to present it for eternity. {So I Like Best of All Autumn} In her life she want to be willing
                                to be dazzled — to cast aside the weight of facts, and like Mary Oliver maybe even
                                to float a little above this difficult world. {To Be Dazzled}

                                We hope you too may be dazzled finding such nice photographs. Whilst the animals may have a well-defined hunting ground that the photographers are familiar with, they shall need patience to catch it, enabling to place that magic they saw in a moment for us to discover on a two dimensional plate.

                                A marmot seen on top of Mount Dana, Yosemite, ...

                                A marmot seen on top of Mount Dana, Yosemite, CA, USA. The road in the background is Tioga Pass Road. (Edited version of original: sharpened and curve adjustment by jjron). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


                                Please do find to read

                                Get the lenses out to getting closer again

                                Looking at Flowers through a Macro Lens

                                Birds, Birds Everywhere

                                2016 Wildlife Photographer of the Year

                                8 Reasons We’re Looking Forward to Springtime Photography


                                Find the interesting sites

                                1. Cindy Knoke + on Pinterest
                                2. Rabirius whom you also can follow on Pinterest
                                3. Don Hong-Oai Bio
                                4. Christopher Martin
                                5. Art Wolfe
                                6. Paul Nicklen
                                7. Say It With A Camera – Mike Hardisty
                                8. Garden in a city
                                9. Rebecca Gillum
                                10. Back yard biology


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