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Antrodia Camphorata

to remember:

  • Antrodia = genus of fungi in the family Fomitopsidaceae = effused-resupinate = lie stretched out on the growing surface > hymenium exposed on outer side + turned out at edges to form brackets.
  • Most species found in temperate & boreal forests > cause brown rot.
  • Antrodia includes some medicinal fungi >  Antrodia camphorata = highly valued medicinal mushroom in Taiwan (known as Niu-Chang), where it is commonly used as an anti-cancer, anti-itching, anti-allergy, anti-fatigue, and liver protective drug in Taiwanese Traditional medicine.
  • three distinct phylogenetic lineages with the Antrodia genus



Antrodia mushrooms a well kept secret

Antrodia Camphorata , harta karun dunia

Antrodia is a genus of fungi in the family Fomitopsidaceae. Antrodia species have fruiting bodies that typically lie flat or spread out on the growing surface, with the hymenium exposed to the outside; the edges may be turned so as to form narrow brackets. Most species are found in temperate and boreal forests, and cause brown rot. Some of the species in this genus are have medicinal properties, and have been used in Taiwan as a Traditional medicine.Contents [hide]
1 Description
2 Medicinal properties
3 Classification
4 Distribution
5 Species
6 References


Antrodia are effused-resupinate, that is, they lie stretched out on the growing surface with the hymenium exposed on the outer side, but turned out at the edges to form brackets. When present, these brackets are typically white or pale brown. The pores on the surface of the hymenium may be round or angular. The context is white…

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That Tiny Eyes Girl

That tiny eyes girl
Shrinks it more and stretches lips fore,
When her huge heart blooms with happiness.
In solitude!
That tiny eyes girl
Shrinks it more and rolls down the pearl,
As the pursed pain unfurl.

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Ruins of Time 🪄

On Time Can One Trust?

Under the spell of wanderlust,
A traveller embarked, thereon commenced the quest… On time can one trust?

Swirled round the globe!
Glided through the howling gales,
Amidst melancholic silence and melodious wails.
Under the spell of wanderlust,
Probing, if on time one can trust.

Exhausted of the expedition landed at the New land,
There stood a mighty woman with a torch in her hand.
Her name “Mother of Exiles”,
They flaunt her as an icon of their virtuous profile.
This show has been going on since a long while.

She had promised to embrace the huddled masses longing to breath free and let them what they yearned to be.
The flame of the torch is imprisoned lighting yet gloomier than brightening.

They boast themselves as champions of liberty,
Maybe, they don’t know that ideals need to be cherished in the time’s race to infinity.


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Impossible not to dream

Poetry from John Looker

From time to time, I have been posting a poem from my book The Human Hive. This one is taken from Part 5, ‘States of Mind’:


She turns and takes a final look at the room:
the mirrors across the wall, the well-sprung floor.
If you ignore the lights, it’s like a womb
where music finds embodiment in dance.
Re-living the last half-hour, she shuts the door. 

What did they think of that?

This was the feared audition, the longed-for chance.
Those weeks, let’s say the years, of preparation
had worked their alchemy: as though entranced
her mind and the music fused, her body became
line and shape, gesture, and lightness of motion. 

Surely they will recognise, at last,
my true potential?           

She feels so alive! She wants, she needs, this same
exhilaration daily in her life,
to burst out from the chrysalis…

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Where The Lost Things Are

Poetry from John Looker

Where The Lost Things Are

At the back of the west wind,
where the evening sun wakens a bird-rich isle:
that’s where the lost things are.

Where the hummingbird
quivers at a trumpet dripping with nectar
and clouds of scent rise over a turquoise sea,
that’s where they are, the things that can’t be found.

The golden sovereign that slipped between
the boards in the Tudor Hall; the Hall itself lost at cards
in Venice on the long Grand Tour;
they’re here; this is the spot.

Even the daughter, forswearing carriages and
pianoforte, who was carried away in steam and smoke
for love; and the son gone surfing in foreign lands;
they too are here. They all come here.

And therefore you.
You’ve raced across the foot-burning sand
to float like a starfish in the clear lagoon,
your tequila-on-ice waiting you back in the shade.

If only mine…

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The fall of love

George Shetuni

I want to travel back in time
to the best time of my life
I want to travel back in time
to the time I was young and in love

winds clearing branches of their leaves
The yellow, the red, the brown leaves
Temperatures falling,
A sign that fall again is here

it has come around again,
Just as it did when I was young and naive
It caught me by surprise and off my guard
And before I knew it, I fell hard

Fall would be the season I would fall in love
It was a regular, ordinary day like any other
Made the most significant day of my entire life
I remember the time, the place, the earth-shattering revelation

I could tell you the time, the place, the girl
But then again, why?
It was so long ago, why should I even care?
It may as well be…

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I Have

George Shetuni

I have once lived.

I have once loved.

I have once felt.

But that was a long time ago…

But what a time it was!

I have once lived.

I have once loved.

I have once felt.

But that was when I was young…

But what an age it was!

I have once lived.

I have once loved.

I have once felt.

But that was not to be…

But what a dream it was.

I have lived once.

I have loved once.

I have felt once.

I have…

And that makes me happy.

this poem was excerpted from my book Poems for a Good Occasion

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Beyond this earth life!


The purpose of this glorious life…

Dutch translation / Nederlandse vertaling:

Voorbij dit aardse leven!


Photo & text credit: “Return To Eden” on Facebook

“You *must* lift your eyes far *beyond the* earth and recognise where your path leads after this earthly life, so that at the same time you may become aware of why and for what purpose you are here on earth!”
– The Grail Message “In the Light of Truth”

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The purpose of this glorious life…

Dutch version / Nederlandse versie: Het doel van dit glorieuze leven…



    The purpose of this glorious life is not simply to endure it ,
    but to soar , stumble and flourish as you learn to fall in love
    with existence.
    We were born to live my dear not to merely exist ..

    ~ Becca Lee ~

    Art by Julie Marriott

            Text and image source: Serendipity Corner

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            Everything on Earth has a purpose…

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            High recognitions . . . successive earthly lives


            “Human beings are susceptible not only to good influences, but also to bad ones.
            Everyone knows what is good and what is evil. Good and evil influences have
            a decisive effect on successive earthly lives! Because the way human beings act
            in this present life shapes their future existence!”

            – Roselis von Sass (Atlantis, The End of a Continent)
            The writer draws inspiration from “The Grail Message”
            (In The Light of Truth) by Abd-ru-shin

            Text & image source: Garden of Illumination

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            Martin Heidegger Quotes


            Every man is born as many men and dies as a single one.

            Everyone is the other and no one is himself.

            Why are there beings at all, instead of Nothing?

            The most thought-provoking thing in our thought-provoking time is that we are still not thinking.

            Man acts as though he were the shaper and master of language, while in fact language remains the master of man.

            Making itself intelligible is suicide for philosophy.

            If I take death into my life, acknowledge it, and face it squarely, I will free myself from the anxiety of death and the pettiness of life – and only then will I be free to become myself.

            Martin Heidegger

            Anyone can achieve their fullest potential, who we are might be predetermined, but the path we follow is always of our own choosing. We should never allow our fears or the expectations of others to set…

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            Heidegger and the Question of Being

            Looking at Martin Heidegger’s ideas and his question about being, and

            What is “goodness”? What is “truth”? What is “justice”?

            To remember

            • According to the blogger:

            Philosophy = literally any time when we ask a question that doesn’t necessarily have a right answer.

            • asking questions about being & existence = most urgent task for each of us.



            Some of us are still catching up to what we are.

            Existence in the non-existent and non-existence in the existence

            Our existence, the world showing up for us and holding up a mirror

            There is no human being on earth capable of declaring with certitude who he is.

            ELI5 Philosophy

            Philosophy is really hard to understand, let’s get that straight. Yet while there are countless YouTube videos, textbooks, and podcasts dedicated to making hard things easy to understand, I’ve yet to find philosophy content on the internet that I actually like and is meant for everyday people. While I don’t have a formal training in philosophy, I thought I’d take a shot at explaining some of the most compelling philosophical ideas I’ve encountered. In the first installment of this series, I take on Heidegger.

            “What is water?”

            The most interesting observation Heidegger ever made, and what planted the seed for the rest of his philosophy, was that of the question of being. It triggered a shift in worldview for philosophers, in precisely the same way the shocked fish asks “What is water?” in David Foster Wallace’s (DFW) famous commencement speech. DFW used the anecdote to encourage us to reconsider our…

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            The scariest part of fall

            It is very important that the American people come to see that their democracy is in great danger. There are several politicians and (so-called) Christian organisations who are undermining democratic principles and the necessity to tell the truth.

            Jewish Young Professional

            isn’t Halloween but election season -  
            silk-voiced vampires masquerading as politicians,
            politicians shuffling their constituents and dealing them 
            like playing cards, smoking their principles like tobacco.
            This country I call home feels ripped from its foundation
            by an evil crow and I feel powerless.

            From The Sunday Muse


            dVerse, Shay’s Word Garden Word List, The Sunday Muse, TMP

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            Een cello neemt wraak met gedichten (conceptversie 2)

            Rasmus K. Robot

            “Wanneer een lied explodeert in Oekraïne” (Conceptversie [2])
            van Rasmus K. Robot
            Een vertaling van een gedicht van Douglas Gilbert.

            Sommigen in de schuilkelder zeggen:
            Larysa heeft waanvoorstellingen omdat…
            ze zegt haar baby Lyudmyla
            wil haar vader horen
            zing haar in slaap, haar bekoren
            nog een laatste keer, en
            speel zijn cello voor haar
            omdat ze een muzikant zal zijn
            en in gelukkige tijden in de baarmoeder
            hoorde een zachte cello van liefde
            en voor anderen de bijbel:
            “Van mijn zus, ben ik de hoeder?”

            We zijn allemaal krijgers zegt ze
            en Panas heeft me nodig
            om liefhebben elk liedje van hem
            om te uitnodigen mijn handen
            te rusten op zijn hart snaren
            om zijn elke noot te plukken tot
            we zingen een melodie van vrede

            Sommigen in de schuilkelder zeggen:
            Larysa heeft waanvoorstellingen, en om ontfermen
            ze moet blijven om haar baby te beschermen.

            Als een cello zichzelf speelt,

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            Watch The News

            Jewish Young Professional

            And it’s a gut punch, the kind

            that makes you re-evaluate

            all your entrances and exits,

            all the small choices that led you

            to this moment, this moment when

            you want to cry open

            the inner gears of God

            and beg for the why.

            From The Sunday Muse


            dVerse, The Sunday Muse, Poets and Storytellers United

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            The First American

            Webner House

            I live in Franklin County, Ohio, where the large statue of Benjamin Franklin pictured below is found at the county courthouse, so it makes sense that at some point I would finally turn to reading a biography of the county’s namesake.  I chose The First American, a fine recent biography by H.W. Brands that is well worth reading if you are interested in learning more about the early history of America and one of its foremost founding fathers.

            Franklin is a fascinating character for more reasons that you can reasonably count.  During his lifetime, he was easily the most famous American alive, known and lauded in both America and in Europe for his experiments with lightning and electricity, his invention of the Franklin stove and other devices, and his writings, both in Poor Richard’s Almanac and elsewhere.  He was a hard-working capitalist, turning his printers’ shop into a thriving…

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            Hoe is het zover gekomen met een bevolking van de Russische Federatie die naar de pijpen van het Kremlin danst?

            Vraag is of het wel werkelijk zo is dat de Russische bevolking naar de pijpen denkt van Poetin en zijn Kremlin broeders. Tegenspraak is gewoonweg niet toegelaten en elke andere gedachte eens opgemerkt wordt in de kop gesmoord.

            Europa zelf draagt mee de schuld dat de dictator Poetin zijn positie alsmaar kon verstevigen. En nu dragen zij er de gevolgen van. Ook zijn er in de Europese Unie leiders welke nauwe banden hebben met Rusland en er geen bezwaar tegen hebben om met hem samen te werken. Toch straft de EU hen niet en laat hen en bepaalde uiterst rechtse groepen begaan, zodat de goede werking van de EU danig verstoord wordt.

            Ergens hadden wij, en misschien velen met ons, gehoopt dat van onderuit de macht van Poetin ondergraven zou worden en dat met verloop van tijd de slachtoffers van de oorlog in Oekraïne bij de bevolking protest zou oproepen om er een einde aan te maken. Maar Poetins macht om ervoor te zorgen dat elke weerstand voor zij kan ontplooien in de kiem wordt gesmoord zorgt er voor dat er weinig beweging in komt om hem van de macht te stoten en deze waanzinnige oorlog te stoppen.



            Gasprijs, elektriciteitsprijs en aantal mensen bij de voedselbank stijgen

            Eindredactie AD heeft koppijn in artikel over Oekraïne

            Mode-industrie en Oekraïne



            1. Na de leugendaad de terreurdaad
            2. Vecht niet voor het vaderland
            3. Internationalisering van de Russisch-Oekraïense oorlog. Kyiv ontvangt militair materiaal van meer dan 30 landen
            4. Een bericht van de dalai lama en andere winnaars van de Nobelprijs voor de Vrede
            5. Oproep aan regeringsleiders om eensgezind te reageren tegen Poetins regime in Moskou



            1. Russische sporters en kunstenaars moeten zich publiekelijk tegen de Russisch- Oekraïense oorlog uitspreken
            2. Antwoord aan Gilbert Doctorow over de Krim, Oekraïne en de Russische Federatie
            3. Russische oorlogsmisdaden in Oekraïne diskwalificeren Poetin als leider van de Russische Federatie


            In andere talen

            1. Putin’s Moves Toward War in Ukraine Show Hows Dangerous He Has Become
            2. Russian ‘nuclear tsunami’ will wipe out Britain, Kremlin-backed media threatens
            3. Sanctions are crippling the economy of ‘Fortress Russia’
            4. Russian President Vladimir Putin meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican
            5. Swallowing up Crimea, who is next
            6. A country willing to stand tall against any invasion
            7. The First Great Information War 
            8. mlin niega usar el petróleo y el gas como un arma de presión política
            9. Cómo el VIDEO de un abogado soviético con prostitutas puso a Putin en el camino del Kremlin
            10. Putin gets even more aggressive in Ukraine
            11. Russia sending hundreds of teachers to Ukraine to offer ‘corrected’ education: report
            12. Rutube vs. Youtube: How the Kremlin Is Trying to Win Over Viewers in Russia
            13. 28 July – #Kremlin Insider: #Putin angry his role corrupting then breaking Italian government soon to be known making #Europeans govts steer-clear of looking like his stooges. Except perhaps #Orban.
            14. Poutine parmi les loups
            15. Kremlin critic detained for criticizing Ukraine invasion

            George Knight

            Russisch kolonialisme in Afrika. ‘The Cossacks photographed in Abyssinia, 1889. They were 200 strong, including priests, women, and children‘.

            I. Wat ik moet denken van het idee dat de Russische burgers medeplichtig zijn aan de oorlog tegen Oekraine weet ik niet goed.

            II. Sommige uitgeweken Russische opinieleiders zeggen dat de oorlog nooit had kunnen gebeuren als de Russen Poetin en zijn kliek hadden afgeremd en sinds 2000 de democratie beter hadden verdedigd. Wie valt dat gemis aan te rekenen?

            In het verlengde hiervan treft het Westen hetzelfde verwijt. Het heeft door economische en politieke samenwerking de positie van Poetin verstevigd. Ook sinds 2014 toen alle signalen op rood stonden en politici, bedrijven en cultuurdragers ziende blind waren door te blijven samenwerken met een militaristisch-nationalistisch bewind van een autoritaire leider die zichtbaar van jaar op jaar radicaliseerde.

            Poetin en zijn entourage terroriseerde niet alleen steeds meer de eigen bevolking…

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            Het verschil maken

            In antwoord op “Nadenkend over extreme hitte en droogte”  schrijft Rob Alberts dat hij dichtbij huis en met kleine stapjes werkt naar en aan oplossingen.


            Blogger uit Amsterdam-ZuidOost

            Hoe een individu het verschil kan maken in klimaatverandering. Het vlindereffect onderzocht.

            Stijn Schreven schreef het volgende verhaal voor Nemolink:

            Wat maakt het uit of ik overstap op een plantaardig dieet, of minder vlieg? Het is makkelijk om je klein te voelen bij een overweldigend probleem als klimaatverandering. Volgens complexiteitswetenschappers kan je echter wel degelijk een verschil maken. Zij analyseren complexe systemen, zoals het energiesysteem of het wereldwijde voedselnetwerk, door interacties tussen individuen of groepen mensen te simuleren. Een lokale verandering kan wereldwijde gevolgen hebben: het vlindereffect.

            Zin in speklapjes op de barbecue, met een koud biertje erbij? Of in nacho’s met guacamole? Je krijgt hier waarschijnlijk al trek van, maar minder lekker is het dat je eten ook invloed heeft op het klimaat. Maar liefst dertig procent van onze energie wordt gebruikt om voedsel te produceren en vervoeren, zegt Brian Dermody, universitair docent aan het Copernicus Instituut voor Duurzame…

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            History of dreaming, and connection with spirit #3

            Kone, Krusos, Kronos

            Heavenly Path

            “Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

            ― C.G. Jung.

            First let me say, there’s all sort of dreams, provoked by so many reasons, from you being worry about something, that its bothering you, to unfulfilled wish desires, or you just had too much to eat for diner, and have a nightmare, but one thing I will tell you, the dreams you have are a reflection of who you are, and of course your Spiritual side, or the lack of it, will show up, in your dreams.

            You would not have Joseph’s kind of dreams, if you are not a Spiritual person, first, because if you are not interested in such thing, as a Spiritual life, it’s like asking a vicious, and evil person, to have good thoughts, and be merciful, it doesn’t…

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