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Jurgen Mettepenningen mag dan door sommigen een idioot gevonden worden, hij heeft wel gelijk.

Uit de oude doos: een reactie op een opinie-stuk van Jürgen Mettepenningen op


Vandaag verscheen op de een opinie-stuk van Jürgen Mettepenningen. Terwijl ik het stuk vrij goed kon smaken wil ik het niet zozeer hebben over zijn opinie-stuk, maar wel over de reacties die het op facebook teweeg bracht, vooral natuurlijk door de man met de pet die steeds hoog van de toren blaast, zolang het maar veilig van achter zijn PC is.

Eerst en vooral wil ik ten stelligste ontkennen dat Mettepenningen een idioot zou zijn, of dom zou zijn. Mettepenningen is theoloog verbonden aan de KU Leuven en tevens bisschoppelijk afgevaardigde Onderwijs in het aartsbisdom Mechelen-Brussel. Geloof maakt iemand niet noodzakelijk dom, en zeker niet op dit niveau van de wetenschap. Zoals Polkinghorne ook al stelde (een fysicus en Anglicaans priester): wetenschap en geloof kunnen hand in hand gaan. De faculteit theologie aan de KU Leuven is misschien een kleine, maar het zit boordevol mensen op zoek naar zingeving…

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Alegory of a Wallflower

Juran que el cielo se estremecía al oír su llanto.
El comenzaba a llorar por lo que nunca había tenido, lo invadía un desconsuelo tan mórbido y abismal que a penas se podía sostener.

Soñaba con lo que nunca tuvo y tenia pesadillas con todo lo que había vivido. Imágenes de violencia lo cegaban, el sonido de la indiferencia lo ensordecía.

La soledad era su mejor compañía, lo abrazaba de una manera que nunca nadie lo había hecho, era como la capa preferida de cualquier niño que llevaba consigo a todas partes.

Llanto, llanto, llanto.
El cielo se rompe, grita por el, se va fragmentando, se nos cae a todos encima pero nadie se da cuenta. Su desconsuelo no cesará, nuestros ojos no nos permiten ver mas de lo que han visto ya todo este tempo

La noche te devora.


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Love is blind



“Love is indeed blind”, the immortal immemorial words,

Laid it’s crown, through the Avon’s bard of bards.

Yet failed the crowd to read the deft insights,

 Broke, a blind rebellion from the ages of might.

A vibrant petal flower unbound, yearns not the amorous eyes,

Nor nectars the covet of colours and the solicit of silver thighs.

Withers not with the seasons of blooming faces

For such is not love, that sings not these phrases.

Too blind, to fore seek the budding wrath of two households;

Of rooted creedism, could engorge into a wild revolt.

Too blind, they endure the thorns for roses embracing blemishes;

As they dance by the tuning soul, for their hearts to cherish.

Swayed its incense of infinity, gleaming in the bitter bleak shell

None were provoked but the bound tongue’s ironical bell.

And whensoever one’s in despair and disappoint,

The other is accused, blaming “Love…

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Tulip Ode


Poems by Israela

Only time can pry
you open, rain in April,
weather. Standing
one-stalked with
pale legs, the audacity
to be yellow
in March. Each
year, new bulbs
rise through blades 
of grass. In May,
we will wilt—
what makes spring
is the moment
of intersection
between budding
and dying, which
is fleeting 
but certain—
that the Earth 
will tilt 
on its axis 
just so, 
that one kiss
will someday
be our last. It always comes,
I always come,
to wait.

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Ich möchte…


Herzlich Willkommen bei Lis

2021 bei Lis April 8886

Ich möchte still am Wege stehn

und möcht’ es Frühling werden sehn,

ich könnt’ noch immer wie ein Kind

bei jeder kleinen Knospe säumen!

Und klänge in den kahlen Bäumen

ein Vogeltriller … ach, ich könnt’,

mir einen langen Sommer träumen

voll Klang und Glanz und Sonnenschein

und glücklich sein!


Cäsar Flaischlen

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Find happiness in what you have


Dr. Austin Ejaife inspirit

“Happiness isn’t about getting what you want all the time. It’s about loving what you have and being grateful for what you want.” ~ Zig Ziglar …

People tend to choose to see happiness as something we must chase after and capture, as if it is something to be won or obtained. This view, however, only serves to disenfranchise us of the power to experience the happiness we already possess. True happiness can only be found in sincere gratitude for the things we have and the things we want.

We often feel that we know what is best for us, even though we are shown time and time again that this is simply not true. In my life, this is most evident when I come before God asking for things to be my way. Most of the time, what I ask for is not what I get; though usually what…

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Always Something New



Cute_deer_fawnAs long as there is life,
There will always be something new:
Blossoms in Spring;
Fruit in July;
Thoughts and ideas;
A newborn baby’s cry.
As long as we search,
We’ll always find something true:
Words from a friend;
Hope when we pray;
Peace at evening’s end;
The dawn of a new day.

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Pictures from the clouds….

In these times where there is so much going on in the world, lots of people being tested by a sweeping illness, violent storms, heavy earthquakes, having to face killing soldiers, we should see the light in the darkness and know that there (up high) there is Someone to trust.

Let those who believe in the Highest, show others the light He has provided to the world.

Faith in God is priceless and can do, the totally amazing,


If you think God has forgotten us, it’s the greatest lie ever told, same as those who worship the demon, why,the demon doesn’t exist, that’s if you believe their blurb, they usually have interests that are very ungodly, why allow a little Spirit get in the way of their business, its our network, our territory, the good news, they have to deal now with the unthinkable, the all powerful God, who can do anything, a worrying thought,same as the anxiety about the atom bomb during the second great war, and as they say, we just about escaped that one, just about, even if we fight that threat daily, in a very unstable world.

So it’s the story of the vineyard, well, the messengers are sent, prophets appear, accompanied by signs. Jesus asked for miracles because he knew the hearts of men, they are children who need reassurance, so the miracles…

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When the lights are dimmed within…



Open your eyes, where are the eyes fixed, what do you think, do you become all self conscious, do you suddenly look inside when you are supposed to be looking out, why are tyrants so bad, it’s the light they extinguish. They leave everyone in the dark.

I run down the stairs, imagine, you are of one purpose, friends. When you see the light return to the impish eyes, you know something good is going on, you can sense it. On the street, children are naturally brash when they have no one to fear. Brazen some call it, they don’t distinguish between boys and girls, and when they blush, it’s over something simple, yet beautiful.

Then gripped by fear, they become pensive, young worriers, they protest, I’m not putting up with this, their attitude.

Why worry about dimming the Heart, that’s life. So was paradise once, and the signs above…

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Is it really so?

Many nations in the world encounter difficult days in this time of CoViD-19. In many countries, the earth came to shake a lot and volcanos came to give a spectacular amount of smoke and ashes and magma flowing down.

(We would consider all that signs of the time.)

In many countries, nature shows that it conquers the virus and conquers man that destroyed already so much. But nature is the stronger one to man.

For sure

“We’re on the verge of something”

and we can feel it moving! Many deny that there is That Mightier Power which is above any man. Many try to fight against It or against His creation.

In these times of trials, we could seclude ourselves from all contact with all other humans. We could go in full lockdown and let the darkness pass, without having to interfere in our own house. But we should know that having to live in this present world, we can not ignore it. For those who believe in God and His sent one, it is high time to come out of the darkness and step into the light.


I heard it said that these are dark days for our nation. I wondered, according to who? why am I to agree? I do have free will and a choice, do I not? That is my decision, to embrace what is, and to choose to see it as my opportunity to infect my sphere of influence with the Love that has been so graciously been bestowed upon me.

Photo by Philippe Donn on

I am choosing to behold, observe and revere the mystery of the nature of things. In carrying on with the experience that if I am aware and honest, pausing to reflect upon the magnificence and miracle of living, I can experience the “Light infused darkness” that accompanies acceptance of uncertainty. I don’t know and don’t need to. Growth doesn’t occur in my comfort zone. Celebrate life and give thanks for the chance to make this a…

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