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A joint effort of several authors who do find that nobody can keep standing at the side and that “Everyone" must care about what is going on in today’s world. We are a bunch of people who do not mind that somebody has a totally different idea but is willing to share the ideas with others and to be Active and willing to let others understand how "today’s decisions will influence the future”. Therefore we would love to see many others to "Act today".

Trouble in my brain

Who does not want to be loved? Who is not longing for attention, recognition, acknowledgement and for being recognised as a human being, to be seen and heard and why not for receiving a hug?

E.T.'s blog

I’m so confused.
There’s a big mess in my head.
I don’t know where to start and where to end.
There’s no problem in my life.
The only problems are made by me.
I’ve got no big threats against my life.
Then why is my brain fried?
Problems are problems, if you give them the space to be problems.
Because the only one recognizing those problems, is you.
It’s your brain telling you there’s a problem, but when is it really one?
My brain is fried with problems.
Or aren’t they such things?
Are they just thoughts, which pass my mind too many at the same time, so that I can’t see which one is which anymore?
I can’t differentiate between them.
I want things but do I have the right to?
I’m aware of my past and my failures.
I try to stop myself from doing weird things.

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Shaped by our thoughts so be careful for influencers

Today on social media we do hear a lot of influencers. Lots of people also want to impress others and want to give others a negative feeling about themselves. In this world were there is so much materialism and so many are envious of what others have, we should be careful not to let those negative people influence us.

Let us not forget what Buddha once said,

 ‘we are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.

Having others imprinting their thought about us on us, they could be le to pull us down in the depths of a negative spiral. Because our thoughts and actions are directly related we should

choose our thoughts wisely

and be aware of each thought that crosses our mind. Sooner or later those same thoughts may transform our whole life.

Binita a qualified teacher, who seems to be on and off jobs looks at life and talks about

9 important lessons I have learnt in life!

Life, lessonsShe has learned many lessons in her journey so far in life. Most of these lessons she learned from her own mistakes, like most of us do. Though many are afraid to recognise their mistakes or to look at them and learn from them. Benita dares to say she is

not ashamed of any of them. Some I have also learned from bitter experiences of life and a few others from observation.

Have a look at what she put together

the list of 9 best lessons in an effort to help me not just remember but also implement them in life. Hopefully, the list will be of benefit to some of you who are reading this as well.

And look also at

  1. Extra Time
  2. Positive Things
  3. Deleting Negative People


1. What you think, you become!

2. Don’t take life too seriously!

3. Count your blessings!

4. Live in the present!

5. Be self sufficient!

6. Don’t think about other’s opinion of you!

7. Learn to say no!

8. If you want others to accept you, accept yourself first!

9. Listen to your heart!


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Extra Time

Orlando Espinosa

Instead of spending all your extra time worrying about what someone thinks or says about you, you should use your extra time pursuing your dreams and accomplish more with each passing day.

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A dream you dream alone

A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality”.
– John Lennon




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An adventurous life does not necessarily mean climbing mountains

“An adventurous life does not necessarily mean climbing mountains,
swimming with sharks or jumping off cliffs.
It means risking yourself
by leaving a little piece of you behind
in all those you meet along the way.”
~Shawna Grapetin

Dutch version / Nederlandse versie > Een avontuurlijk leven betekent niet noodzakelijk bergen beklimmen

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Een avontuurlijk leven betekent niet noodzakelijk bergen beklimmen

Een avontuurlijk leven betekent niet noodzakelijk bergen beklimmen,
zwemmen met haaien of springen van kliffen.
Het betekent jezelf riskeren
door een klein stukje van je achter te laten
in al diegenen die je onderweg tegenkomt. ”
~ Shawna Grapetin

English version / Engelse versie > An adventurous life does not necessarily mean climbing mountains


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Spiritual growth expansion of self-awareness

Jeff Carreira wrote:

The purpose of spiritual growth is the expansion of self-awareness. As we grow we become more aware of who we are. Human life is our spiritual path. It leads to the gradual expansion of self-awareness. At times the path may seem random and haphazard. There is a gradual increase of self-knowledge but only in fits and starts. We have a breakthrough here, fall back there, one circumstance provides a growth opportunity; another sets us back into contraction and fear.

He also adds

Spiritual work is like sailing on the ocean. You need to understand the power of the available currents and winds and then align your sails accordingly. In the same way we learn to read and align with the spiritual currents that propel us forward into ever-greater self-awareness.

It is important that we are conscious to become a universal being awakening into high and higher dimensions of its own existence, finding ourselves embedded in a consciousness that is rigidly shaped by habits of perception.

Find more about it:

Spiritual Growth and the Emergence of the Meta-Being

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Het geheim van geluk

“Het geheim van geluk is:
Zoek iets belangrijkers dan jij bent
en draag er je leven aan op. “

Dan Dennett

English version / Engelse versie > Secret of happiness

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Secret of happiness

“The secret of happiness is:
Find something more important than you are
and dedicate your life to it.”
Dan Dennett

Dutch version / Nederlandse versie > Het geheim van geluk

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Zullen we er samen iets aan doen?

Elk jaar storten we zomaar 8 miljoen ton plastic in de oceanen.
Acht miljoen ton. Straks is er meer plastic dan vis.
En plastic vergaat niet.
Microplastics blijven achter in het water, dier en en planten.
Plastic vervuilt zo ook onze voeding. Eigenlijk vervuilen we onszelf.

Plastic zakje per plastic zakje vernietigen we de aarde.
En die heeft een houdbaarheidsdatum.
Ja producenten, winkeliers en beleidsmakers zijn verantwoordelijk.
Maar ook wij, burgers kunnen onze gewoontes aanpassen.
Zullen we er samen iets aan doen?


Why can't all plastic waste be recycled?

O Ja, ik winkel met een herbruikbare boodschappentas
of een kartonnen doos.
O Ja, ik koop zoveel mogelijk vers en in bulk.
Fruit en groenten leg ik los in mijn tas.
O Ja, ik drink kraantjeswater en neem een herbruikbare fles mee.
O Ja, ik gebruik een duurzame lunchbox.
O Ja, ik weiger plastic rietjes, bestek en bekers.
O Ja, ik raap plastic op in de natuur.

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