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Welcome to the club of bloggers for peace and understanding

On the lifestyle magazine Stepping Toes you shall be able to find several writings by different people. In the “Guest-speaker” corner you shall be able to find writings by different authors. They shall not have to be baptised Christadelphians, could have been Christadelphians but moved on to other denominations or could well be very interested in the Christadelphian movement, but belonging to a similar or associated group.

On this blog they all may come together and have their individual say. Though most of their writings shall be placed on Stepping Toes, now and then a particular post may find its way on this site.

But on this site we are also welcoming other writers, who want to tackle different subjects, which do not have anything to do with the material presented in the Lifestyle magazine Stepping Toes. They also do not have to have the same religious opinion like us. What is important for us is that they have something interesting to say. As such writings presented over here do not necessarily have to be in line with the way of thinking of others on this platform. Everybody is allowed to have their own opinion and will find freedom of speech on this site. This should make it interesting because black and white can be presented here next to each other, giving the readers to compare the pro’s and con’s.

We would love to see more writers willing to share their ideas on this forum, but we want you to know that the majority of the associated writers shall have their writings posted on the site of the Lifestyle magazine Stepping Toes.

May we invite you to find our associated authors on the Guest writings on Stepping Toes?



Welcome to “From guestwriters”

Spring in sight


We also would like to recommend other blogs where you may find some associated writers:


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