Several writers who wanted just to write an article for the lifestyle magazine Stepping Toes, once or sometimes, but not on a regular basis, needed a place to prepare their article(s) and to publish it on the net. For Stepping Toes readers to look for all the guest-writings a way had to be found to find all those guest-speakers their articles under one heading. From there the creation of this site and the separate marking on Stepping Toes, as if it was from one writer.

Sometimes it can be they want to write some article not suitable for the lifestyle magazine, but still interesting enough to present to the general public, or that one or the other writer wants to reblog an article because he or she finds it worthwhile to promote or wants to comment on it or want to write an article about it. At first those separate writings were to be found on Stepping Toes, where we do hope to find you as a regular reader. But when time past several articles of not such a disputable matter found their way on this platform.

We love to present some nice poems or interesting articles at this site, and do hope you can enjoy them as well can find some other internet writers which otherwise would have stayed in their anonymity.

The team of writers.


We also would like to promote other associated authors and their blogs:

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  1. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! There is no pressure to complete it – just wanted to share the book blog respect! https://brontespageturners.wordpress.com/2016/11/04/the-second-not-that-im-bragging-liebster-award/

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    • Thank you very much for your nomination.

      A few years ago we were already a few times nominated by a few people for the Liebster Award, so that in the end we decided to acknowledge it and to place the symbol on our website. We notice this emblem of the ‘second’ Liebster Awward being a little different, but having already one logo on our site we shall keep to that one.
      Please do know that your nomination is appreciated a lot.

      To give some answers to your questions:

      What made you start blogging?

      We started placing texts on the MSN provision to our messsenger profile in 1995. From then onwards certain necessities showed up and since the change of century also a lot changed in the provision of servers and network providers. On the International or World Wide Web more and more publications found their way, but by the multitude it became difficult to find certain interesting pieces. Lots of good material stayed uncovered because of the multitude of daily postings. Lots of people also do not have the opportunity to spend much time on the internet or have to fit in their search in their precious free time. Therefore we wanted to select some writings we encountered and we thought could be worthwhile a read. We wanted to present our readers a selection of interesting articles and as such presenting them with a readers digest. But we found it also necessary to do this with the background of the task given by our master teacher, rabbi Jeshua, proclaiming the coming Kingdom of God and showing the Way to the Divine Creator , whom we think as many people should come to know as possible.

      I have to purchase every book I read. Do you?

      We cannot purchase all the books we want or which we read. We are pleased that there are public libraries providing enough good material to read at a reasonable price.

      I have a spreadsheet of all of my books to guard against theft (aka borrowers not returning items) and other calamities. Do you?

      Bad experiences of people not returning books or other items, made us to make lists of those given out works. Our own big library and archive we gave out to a non-governemental institution to guard it (with a team of about 30 people) and to have it all digitally recorded and on files as well. That library and archive had become to big and heavy for the structure of a normal living quarter or ordinary four floor house. for the small library when material is given out notes are taken of the borrower.

      I run yearly maintenance on my books, giving them a good airing and checking for damp. What lengths do you go to to care for your books?

      In the big library and archive professional tools, (damp meters etc.) take care against mould, paper eaters and all dangerous stuff which could damage the books, audio and pictorial material. People looking into certain books have only allowance to certain departments or certain works depending on their function and reason of viewing. No works are given out and certain works may only be looked at in particular circumstances, special controlled temperature and humidity and with white gloves.

      In the second house (our Christadelphian office) we must be happy with ordinary airing and central heating. Also at our private homes we must be happy with ordinary house comfort material (central heating).

      To paraphrase the poet Barry Manilow…Questions 2-4 show How Deep Is My Love for books. Can you tell me something that demonstrates How Deep Is Your Love for books?
      Do you have a favourite song based on a book?

      We appreciate very much any work of literature and the magic touch people can have with their pen.
      Concerning our religious work the main work is the Book of books, the Bible, and with it we have the Psalms from that Bestseller of all times.

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