Spark of Positivism

Born in a world full of dreams

Living in this world we all encounter difficulties. How we can cope with them depends on the attitude we want to take and how we dare to look at those hardships we do have to endure.

All born in this world begin with trying to do things and having many dreams. We all do hope many dreams could become true. Most people set themselves goals. Some people may be there forming to start to help to construct life for the other. Some people may think they are on their own to do it all. What all should come to see and to believe is that one of the best ways to achieve our goals is to surround ourself with positive people. We may not underestimate the influence of others in our life. When we can surround ourselves with positive people and positive things we shall be able to get fuses or receive the right sparks to get the energy flowing. Without the spark the old cars could not drive. We too still need the sparks in our life. The energy of these positive things and positive people can give to us are indispensable. the surrounding energy of those positive things and people might bring the petrol of inspiration in fire and make that we can achieve the great goals in life that we desire and dream about.

Given brains

English: Main regions of the vertebrate brain,...

Main regions of the vertebrate brain, shown for a shark and a human brain (the human brain is sliced along the midline). The two brains are not on the same scale. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All those who come onto this earth, are creations with the possibility to live and grow. They all received the possibility to generate energy within them. They also got a brain, which has to work and has to make decisions. Each of us has to be willing to think and to make the choice to use our brains constructively or destructively. Each individual also has to make the choice to stay on his own or to go with others into this world. Each of us has to make the choice to go with who. There it shall be important which choice we make for going with someone and going whereto. We do have to understand the importance of choosing the right people to go with. Seeking out positive people will not only give us valuable information to help us reach our own goals and objectives, but we will also become a successful person with our own network of positive friends and role models.

Beginning by yourself

We have to have “Faith” in ourselves, in certain matters and in certain people. We should have a vision which can get us going but also can keep us continuing when time is not so easy. those who have Faith in a Superior Divine Being have the advantage that they also can take up His Words and be fed by them to get them in the right direction. They shall be able to grow by those Words given unto the world. The Book of books and a great masterpiece can be a guide for them, to edify them and to help them when they see the darkness in front of them. When walking by faith, they shall not have to worry so much. With faith, there’s the confidence that imparts wondrous aspiration to positivism. And with faith, they shall be able to feed their soul and that of others around them. Their faith may enhance their best thoughts towards fulfilment.

In combination with determination, faith and positivism will result in success, which is the sweetest result of all the hardship and pain that a person shall have to encounter.

Positive attitude

We are convinced that in case more people would be more positive and enjoy more the beauty of this world they can contribute to build more gateways for themselves and others to find pleasure in life and to achieve fulfilment and success. As opposite of positivism, negativity, is a futile and destructive mindset. Smile and you will most assuredly attract other positive people! Even if you are not feeling all that positive, by remaining optimistic in your outlook you will still attract positive people and energy to you. It isn’t enough to smile, communicate, and think more positively while pursuing your dreams and your goal. You must also put forth some actions to substantiate this positivism.

Each person who is wanting to reach a more positive world has to reach out, to people at their work, in their circle of friends, or even to people they even do not know well who seem to exemplify positivism. Ask them what it is that makes them continue to have such a positive outlook and persona while reaching their objectives.

Seeking out positive people will not only give you valuable information to help you reach your own goals and objectives, but you will also become a successful person with your own network of positive friends and role models.

Being positive and exemplifying positivism attracts others. After all, like attracts like.

People enjoy being around others with similar attitudes and, by maintaining a positive mindset, you will surely lead yourself to those successful people you seek.

Aiming to spread good cheer and show the beauty in this world

Selfish brain theory

Selfish brain theory (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are convinced that good ‘values‘ may inspire individual and social change and that Spreading good cheer is contagious. When we could be with more people spread all over the world the seeds of positivism can be sown. We think it is important that people join forces and show the world they are not just some lunatic individuals or isolated dreamers. The environment influences our life and therefore we should let others know how important their interchange with the environment is. Therefore we would also focus on the surrounding environment and on those who are willing to contribute to that environment and to our life-standard.

This club of writers does not have any external financial resources and does not look for material gain. For us it is more important that we can help each other to have a good spiritual mind, helping each other to reach our goals together. The writers are not paid for their contributions but voluntary contribute in the hope they can as a group reach more people and spread a more convincing message of unity and peace, this world needs so much.

Brain Books 2010

Brain Books 2010 (Photo credit: brewbooks)

The different guest-writers presenting their writings on the Lifestyle magazine Stepping Toes and over here on “From Guestwriters” can or may not have another blog where they share their thoughts, or can present some thoughts here, whilst they also have their own blog or blogs, where they may present similar or different subjects. Those who wanted to join us are those who believe they can contribute something to this world and are willing to work for a good cause in their spare time. The volunteer work may not make them financially or materially wealthy but Marcus Ampe, the founder of this club, is convinced that it shall make them enriched persons! We would love to see that many people can find themselves at ease by like-minded people who consider encounters, dialogue, exchange and cooperation to be the main pillars of social cohesion and the primal step to peace.

Many hands can create a more tolerant and caring society. Many hands create movement!

That we may take off in good condition and find our way together to good  pastures where we all can find peace and comfort in good health.

That we may take off in good condition and find our way together to good pastures where we all can find peace and comfort in good health.

 May we welcome you as one of the contributors?
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An other interesting movement with similar ideas
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  • Positivism (
    Positivism, or positive philosophy, is a philosophical doctrine that denies any validity to metaphysics or speculation. It is sometimes associated with empiricism because it maintains that there is no answer to metaphysical questions and that scientific knowledge is the only knowledge. The works of English philosopher Francis Bacon (1561-1626), Anglo-Irish philosopher George Berkeley (1685-1753), and Scottish philosopher David Hume (1711-1776) contain the basic tenets of positivism in an implicit form. However, the term is specifically applied to the system of French philosopher and social scientist Auguste Comte (1798-1857), who developed the coherent doctrine and is the acknowledged founder of positivism.
  • Can science and philosophy mix constructively? (
    A logical positivist would have insisted on actually observing the molecule individually, but that was impossible at the time. This insistence on submitting physical proof, thus, played an adverse role in the progress of science by delaying/denying success its due.

    As time passed, the failures of positivism started to take hold on quantum mechanics. In a 1926 conversation with Albert Einstein, Heisenberg said, “… we cannot, in fact, observe such a path [of an electron in an atom]; what we actually record are the frequencies of the light radiated by the atom, intensities and transition probabilities, but no actual path.” And since he held that any theory ought only to be a true theory, he concluded that these parameters must feature in the theory, and what it projected, as themselves instead of the unobservable electron path.This wasn’t the case.

  • On Positivism (
    Generally during phases such as these I sulk and I curl into a disagreeable mess with absolutely every one and every thing and I secretly wait for something to happen that will make me want to get up and get going. Something I hear, something I see, something I read, I always just hope that something happens to change the way I feel. But this time, it’s different.Of course some inspiring words would forever be welcome, but I am not waiting. I have learnt to find inspiration from within, at least enough to keep going every day, and as far as going goes, it hasn’t been all that bad!
    there is no constant solution to overcome the negativity, I am not saying it is simply a  choice that one must make and it is overcome but it IS a choice that needs to be made to try to overcome it. Once that decision is made, there will be an array of ways in which we can do it, look within and look deep, you will find the answer. I know that sounds complicated but really, it isn’t all that hard. Make the pluses and the minuses something opaque in your mind space and play around with them, increasing the pluses and subduing the minuses, take your accomplishments, your drive, your faith seriously, and take your failures, your defeats and your foibles as slight as they deserve. It takes some practice, but if you keep trying you will be the master at finding your key and the keyhole.
  • In Defence of Logical Positivism (
    While most language explains something, some relation, something, someone – it’s possible to construct a sentence which does nothing but make noises.  The theory of logical positivism was that all sentences have to be confirmable and testable, at least in theory, by empirical evidence (e.g. go and actually look at the bloody thing) or by definitions (i.e. do the maths).  If someone says something which cannot be tested by any means then they’re talking unconfirmable bollox.
  • Our success in our hand. (
    If we can manage to do every thing with accuracy, attention, adjustment, belief, courage, cooperation, commitment, creativity, determination, devotion, discipline, egoless, emotional, enthusiasm, freedom, faith, forgiveness, greatness, hope, honesty, intimacy, intigrity, initiative, inspiration, justice, kindness, knowledgefull, leadership, lovefull, lawfull, learning, meaningfull, optimistic, openness, purity, peace, power, positivism, patience, perfection, quality, respect, responsible, simple, sensible, servicable, secrifice, truth, tolerance, temperament, unity, understanding, vision, values, willingness & attitude of gratitude then we can achieve highest level of success in life.
  • Telman on International Legal Positivism & Legal Realism (
    the new international legal positivism still requires a realist supplement in order to provide a fuller understanding of the way in which legal norms interact with non-legal factors and to help us describe, predict and analyse the behaviour of actors in international affairs.
  • Social Constructivism and Positivism in the Context of International Relations (
    In international relations, the social constructivism played a major role, leading to the development of the most important theories. The concept of constructivism is considered to be the starting point of the institutionalization of values that eventually are developing into cooperative behaviors within the international society. Constructivism’s basic tenet is that most or even all important elements of the international affairs are the product of the social circumstances and historical processes, rather being an inevitable consequence of the nature of humans or of the nature of politics.
    Positivist theories aim to replicate several methods of the natural sciences by analyzing the impact of the material forces. They typically focus on features of international relations relating to state interactions and balances of power. The positivist theories will offer causal explanations. Among the positivist theories we may take into consideration Realism , and its founding fathers are Machiavelli , Thucydides , and Hobbes , often cited as founding fathers of realism by contemporary described realists.
  • Quote for the Day – C.S. Peirce’s Refutation of Positivism (
    Peirce’s refutation is notable in several ways. First, his claim is only that Positivism “appears” false, a modesty born from his doctrine of fallibilism. Second, his refutation is a precursor of the famous Duhem-Quine thesis, which states that a scientific theory is not refuted on the basis of a single negative experiment because it’s always possible that some mistake was made in the measurement process and, in addition, the theory can be “rescued” by adding auxiliary hypotheses post-hoc. Similarly, Peirce’s point seems to be that Positivism fails to live up to its own standards because if we suppose the gold standard for knowledge is “direct observation”, how can we be sure that our observation was really and not seemingly direct?
  • Faith is the key.. (
    When I am able to move forward with faith, I am encouraged to give my best under all circumstances and am able to enjoy the best fruit of the effort that I put in. Faith gives me the courage to go on even during difficult times and so I have the satisfaction of bringing about constant change and progress in my life.
  • Kaufmann’s Critique of Religion and Philosophy: Chapter 2 (
    I would even suggest that the divide between conservative and liberal Christianity is not a matter of degrees of faith or (Biblical) faithfulness, but rather one of philosophy.  The two strands adopt different approaches to theology and are thus, as often as not, unable to even communicate.  However, before I detail the connections I see, I will attempt to briefly outline Kaufmann’s argument.
    Put another way, “both movements are bothered by the abstractness and artificiality of so much traditional philosophy and try to bring philosophy down to earth again”
    Irrationality is no longer framed in terms of flesh vs. spirit, but as heart vs. mind.  The shift is small, but weighty.  However, the hope remains for a dialogue and perhaps conception of man and the world which is not bifurcated.
    On another trajectory, if we were to consider the temperamental implications of belief, perhaps we might also allow for the value of variance, the value of different temperaments as essential to any task or any community–and thus these differing perspectives, these differing revolts, as part of a larger whole, a larger (human) body, a larger mankind, something like what Paul figured in his writings.Enhanced by Zemanta

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