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Broken daily routines

How many of us take our daily routines for granted, not looking at everything we encounter and inspecting what we allow entering into our lives?

Today lots of people are facing a world they do not seem to cope with, them presenting more time for themselves, which for some might not be so easy to tackle. Being confronted with oneself is for many not the most pleasant thing. In the ‘previous world’ (some jokingly say BC = ‘Before Corona’), the world when there was no coronavirus, most people had their daily duties away from home, and now they seem stuck at home, many feeling prisoned in their own surroundings. Instead of just feeling free, having more time for themselves and their family.

Others who had already felt in isolation, because they belonged to people who had made their choice to be part of God’s World instead of being part of Man’s world, now seem to have become more isolated. Luckily this time in history they are not accused to be the cause of this disaster coming over man. In the past that has been different. In previous centuries it happened more than once that we, as the People of God, were targetted, as the ones bringing disasters on others. More than once it seemed the more we tried to do good, the more the enemy was and is coming against us.

This Passover we could not come together and as such many of us could have felt even more isolated than at other times. Though we can be pleased to hear most of our brethren and sisters took time again to thank the heavenly Father for His provision and continued their quest of looking for leaven in all their dwellings and in their minds.

We took at heart that the Father is telling the Bride to get rid of the leaven in our lives. If we are to be a bride without spot or wrinkle, then we should start learning how to identify the spots and wrinkles in our lives, for the purpose of getting rid of them.

In the days of our fathers in Egypt, through the plagues, the social system was so disrupted that they certainly experienced it. In this time of age many people do not see how disrupted our society is. Lots of people have become the slaves of this world and slaves of money and gadgets. They are blinded by the things of the world and have lost track of God.

We live widely in the four winds of the earth and the majority of people living in the industrialised world is not bounded by borders and every year take the time on several occasions to go abroad, some even very far away from home, to find pleasure and relaxation. Many even forgetting you can have that at home too. That is why we see so many in distress because they feel bound by lockdown, whilst now they should feel free from the worldly chains.

Until now, we could still choose to celebrate Pesach in the nations or in the land of Israel, but today we are tied to our local territory. The Elohim had asked to go into our inner chambers, and to close our doors after us; to hide for a little while until the wrath passes.  (Isaiah 26:20) This year as our forefathers did at several times in history, (the last time in Nazi-time) we could feel how it must have been, hiding, just being with a few, not able to feel that unity of a people chosen by God.

As in previous times this year we strongly could feel how The Adonai gives perfect peace to those whose faith is firm. Once more we could feel the importance to always trust the Elohim Hashem Jehovah because He is forever our mighty Rock (Isaiah 26:3-4) this year, more than in other years we could fully set our minds on our Divine Creator. Now more than in other times we can feel how it is Him Who keeps us completely whole, steady on our feet, because we keep at it and don’t quit. Enough reason to call others also to believe in The One we do believe and to say

Depend on God and keep at it because in the LORD GOD you have a sure thing. (Isaiah 26:4-5)

Let us in this time of disease not be afraid of that disease to go out in the world, to help those in need. Let us be there for the elderly and sick, and help them by their shopping and by providing for the needs they might have.

Jehovah knew that there would come a time when we must remain in our place and He has provided that we can worship Him in Spirit and in Truth through the Spirit of Holiness that was poured out at the time. Let us also show others why they best come to our Bore, and come to see how Jesus is the way to our God, Who is the God above all gods.

Let us others know that they can trust God and should come to believe in the one He has sent. Jeshua out of the tribe of Judah has given himself as a ransom for mankind and taken over the Scepter and is confirmed as the Firstfruits. We have to let others know that because of Jeshua’s death and resurrection, those who have received faith have, become children of Israel according to the promise. We should show others how the time has come to accept that through his awesome work of redemption, the old has passed and the new has come  (Luke 5).

Let us then letting down doctrines that do not bring us as spiritual firstborns to our goal by those who are not spiritual firstborns. They are of no use to us, because the firstborn learns straight from his / her father and not from the other children in the household. We are banns and should listen to ‘our Man’ instead of people who do not know our Man (Jeremiah 31:9) The firstborn who chose Jehovah over the natural firstborn. Draw the line of the birthright according to the written Word.

Let us make God His Name known but also the name of His son who is the one who carries the Scepter. He is the one who teaches the teaching of the written Word by the outpoured Spirit of Holiness to those named after his name (Jeshuaists).

Even in lockdown we can continue to preach, having enough possibilities by internet and modern technology.


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Loneliness (as seen by Tess Connor)

English: The loneliness of Culloden Culloden i...

“The loneliness of Culloden Culloden is one of the few areas that I leave feeling full of sadness. This lonely tree at the sight says it all.” (Wiki writer) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A lonely flower in a field
A lonely child does not yield
A lonely star in the night sky
A lonely man gives up to die
A lonely car in a lonely street
A lonely girl admits defeat
The loneliness affects us all
A gutless fight, a pitless fall
A lonely time in my daily routine
Sets the tone; a deserted scene
A lonely cow under a lonely tree
A lonely soldier, this is me

Tess Connor

Tess Connor is a low self-esteemed high school girl. She finds herself in a new, deeper pit of depression each day while attempting to escape through sport, arts and literature. She also suffers depression, anxiety, anorexia and from daily life.


  • Lonely or Alone? (nibhz.wordpress.com)
    I have become the latest victim of loneliness and along with it the demons of the self-doubt, self-criticism and good-for-nothing feeling have become the unwelcomed visitors of my mind.
    You know there is a small line between being alone and being lonely; and I often cross that. It would take just a few seconds and I would be standing on the other side of the line feeling unwanted. Why so? May be just because I observe and overthink every little thing. Its not that I hate being alone, I savor those moments too but the feeling lonely has become more of an habit now. 😦
  • The Lone Wanderer (miemb.wordpress.com)
    Whether it’s the horse or the centaur who’s the wanderer is up to you.
  • The Lonely God (pangeanpoetry.wordpress.com)
    At the top of the world
    The Wind howls in protest
    to the lonely god.
    “End their pain” she screams.
  • The Lonely Road (mommyhoodactivated.wordpress.com)
    I wrote about the change we made a while ago to our daily routine, but guess what, it lasted for a few weeks, before we both succumbed to the old routine – of commuting together in one car. Other than taking out one car from jamming  the road towards the city centre, I was just blessed to have him around for an additional two hours every day.
  • Ryan Hemsworth and Tinashe Get Lonely on “One For Me” (thefader.com)
    Hemsworth lives large, but always rolls solo, and Tinashe’s airy vocals support a visual that’s as melancholy as it is monotonous.
  • Lonely and Depressed… (honestgoodadvice.wordpress.com)
    I’ve just been depressed lately and I feel I just need to get this off my chest. I’m a 16 (nearly 17) year old guy, my dad died when I was around 2, all that is left is my mom and sister, they both care alot about me but they’re both extremely short tempered and order me around which get on my nerves and I feel detached from them most of the time. I had kind of a lonely childhood, I rarely get along with others and was most of the last left out, except elementary/primary 4-6 where I got along with pretty much everyone, I had couple of very close friends, I have no problems at school and it was probably the happiest time of my life.Then I went to high school, everything just dropped, my old friends were all transferred to other schools, I can’t get along with anyone, got in trouble a couple times, it was just hard.
    If you have already touched base with your best friend back in school you should reach back out to him again, see if he wants to hang out. There is nothing wrong with feeling down you shouldn’t feel ashamed. Everyone experiences some form of depression or feeling low once in a while in thier lives. You aren’t alone 🙂
  • Being Married Can Be Lonely Too (pickingalover.wordpress.com)
    Single people are not necessarily socially isolated. If they live by themselves, they may spend a considerable amount of their time in solitary pursuits, but they do not necessarily feel lonely. Even the divorced or the widowed, who were once used to someone sleeping on the other side of a big king-size bed, are not necessarily lonely in their daily routines. They may have many activities, many friends, and many options. Often, they have social schedules, which are almost too crowded with meetings and entertainment.
  • Feeling lonely linked to increased risk of dementia in later life (eurekalert.org)
    “Interestingly, the fact that ‘feeling lonely’ rather than ‘being alone’ was associated with dementia onset suggests that it is not the objective situation, but, rather, the perceived absence of social attachments that increases the risk of cognitive decline,”
    loneliness may affect cognition and memory as a result of loss of regular use, or that loneliness could itself be a sign of emerging dementia, and either be a behavioural reaction to impaired cognition or a marker of undetected cellular changes in the brain.
  • The Lonely Dog (jenniferlthorpe.wordpress.com)
    This dog doesn’t need companionship. He just is. He lives his life in routine of finding nourishment and water, obtaining only what he needs. Not even sure that he remembers what human love once was. Perhaps, he never did.
  • How to overcome loneliness during the holidays (voxxi.com)
    “Loneliness is not only painful emotionally but it can have a devastating impact on one’s long term psychological and physical health,” stated Guy Winch, Ph.D., for Psychology Today. “Loneliness predisposes us to depression and increases our risk of Alzheimer’s disease, it suppresses our immune system functioning, it stresses our cardiovascular systems, and when chronic, it affects our very longevity.”


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