A quadruped amputee not stopped from wanting to achieve her dreams

Shalini Saraswathi is a quadruped amputee, meaning she has lost both her arms and her legs. But then, that hasn’t stopped her from wanting to achieve her dreams.

In this months articles we want to show you how important it is to have the right attitude and that it is better to have a strong will, letting the mind govern the body. when you are willing to set your heart and mind to something, and let yourself not hold back by others, you have the honorary trophy in your hand.

Many times, we look at people who are physically disabled with pity and feel bad for them, thinking their entire life is a waste. But many of these disabled people have the will and the strength to move mountains. They do not let their disability stand in the way of achieving their dreams. Some with the help of technology and others with sheer grit and determination, they walk towards their dreams and show the world that they too are just are important and no, their physical disability is not a barrier. One such brave lady is 37 year old Shalini Saraswathi from Bengaluru.

Shalini now plans to participate and run in the TCS World 10K in Bangalore, a 10km run marathon which is open for participants over the age of 15.

While Shalini admits that the initial days were tough and she just wanted the whole ordeal to be over, she is now excited about it and wants to test herself and see how far she can go. She also hopes to inspire people through her run and also try and get sponsors for her future dream as the prosthetics and equipments are expensive.


She might have lost both her arms and legs but that’s not stopping Shalini from participating in a marathon contest!

Shalini Saraswathi


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