I will not be defined

12916750_592162430939533_6271579390176391120_o_edited14 year old Faith Martin who lives on the south coast of England calls herself very lucky, though she has the neurological disorder Cerebral Palsy, characterized by paralysis resulting from abnormal development of or damage to the brain either before birth or during the first years of life. Having managed to achieve lots of different things meaning that she has been able to improve her own and others lives, according to her own saying.

She had started an online petition and campaign for disability awareness to be taught in schools across the UK which then led to him becoming a student rep in her school to help improve other disabled people have a better school life and make a difference.

She would like to become a disabled activist and make “Our Life with Cerebral Palsy” a recognizable organization to help disabled people. All this whilst she discovered that its time to change a few little unhealthy habits into positive happier ones.

She does not want people to feel sorry for her because that is the worst thing they could do.
She too is confronted wit many people who shy away from the subject which means that for the younger generation now its going to be even harder to reduce the stigma of disability.


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Though disabled in the eyes of society able to do great things


Rolling Through Life

BeFunky Collage.jpg

‘The girl in the wheelchair’. A label given out like sweets.

Being in a wheelchair myself means I have been subjected to this label many of times myself. One of the reasons why I hate this label is because it defines you to just the girl in a wheelchair (or boy) when actually if you get to know me better I am so much more.

I AM funny, happy, quirky and so much more. I am made up of my personality, my hobbies such as drama, my love for music and my obsession of makeup.

Just because I use a wheelchair it dose not mean I am my wheelchair. My wheelchair is just an alternative way of getting round as my body works differently.

Confidence is something I can lack due to labels such as this one. The world says disabled people will never be successful and will never achieve. Well I have:…

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