Gods Good Love

All too often Christians do forget to thank the One True God for what He had taken care for. How He had sent His son to save the world and How God accepted His son’s offering for mankind, making an end to the curse of death.

We should more often take moments to thank God for His creation we can enjoy every day plus for the restored relationship and all the blessings which are brought over mankind.

Writing with Inspiration

Psalm 107:1 Book Five, Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever! #Bible


Giving thanks to God our Father is one of the best ways to keep from taking God for granted.  It also keeps us in a humble frame of mind towards Him, allowing us to see His Goodness.
We tend to want to take credit, or glory for what we do or accomplish. If we are honest we would have to admit or maybe confess that it is God’s hand or direction that has brought us to our place of accomplishment.
Nobody loves us like God. Just think of Jesus our Lord, and that should overwhelmingly prove that. Think about how roughly 2000 years before we were born or even a thought, God sent His Son Jesus to pay the requirement for our rebellious sins. Yes God was thinking of…

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