My two cents on the refugee crisis

Freedom of thought can only be secured when everybody has access to unbiased quality education. All those fining asylum should have to learn that freedom and peace can only be there where every one respects the freedom of others inclusive the freedom of religion, in public places finding no restriction of any member of the community.

Ralie from the humble little country of Bulgaria, who believes in people’s power to use common sense and reach their own conclusions, presents a record of his life pre- and post-immigration brings his two cents worth of opinion


To remember:

  • Both sides of the debate flinging accusations on the entire scale from “xenophobes” to “betrayers of Europe”
  • there aren’t many people thinking what to do with the refugees once they’ve arrived
  • fearing they will “take our jobs” and “turn Germany into a caliphate”
  • lot of sense in upholding European values of tolerance and solidarity <= they have stood the test of time and war, + have proven themselves invaluable in times of humanitarian crisis
  • yes, build mosques, but respect the secular ideas which made your escape possible, keep your culture, but respect the people who gave you a new home on their own land.
  • will their children remember secular Syria and the fundamentalist Muslims?
  • Europe = a mess of different ethnicities, different moral codes + different cultures + tolerance, moral pluralism + compassion


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