On Positivism

Lots of people may be looking for the meaning of life and feel they are pushed in the corner by all the negative things that surround them.

Though by taking a positive attitude ourselves we can push out frontiers. By finding more positiveness in things and surrounding us with more positive minds we shall be able to back even more frontiers.

We remember:

… the concoction of positivism. it isn’t an emotion, it isn’t a choice, it isn’t an attitude, and no, it isn’t a lucky phase. It is a treasure chest stored within each of us that can be unlocked if we find the right key and the key hole. Sometimes these keys are given to us by others, by luck, by chance, but sometimes we have to find it ourselves, subconsciously or consciously. We may each have our own methods of finding our keys, I’ll tell you about mine.


Do the small things that remind you to be you, the things you do best and the things that come to you with no effort, the things that make you happy, the things that remind you of happiness, do it because it matters. Sometimes all I do is take a long warm bath and go to bed drinking a cup of tea and smelling of my favourite cream, but it makes a difference to me, it calms my soul and it makes me happy.


Please do find:

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