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He who knows himself, is kind to others

Do we know our dark side?
The Legend of King Ape’ talks about a Buddhist monk who undertakes a dangerous voyage with valuable manuscripts on his back. His fellow travellers were ‘a monkey, a pig and quicksand’ , which symbolise evil powers , our dark side. Dark is what is described as bad, where there is no light.

It is a tremendous undertaking to carry the burden safely across the mountains. Continuously they are confronted with dangerous situations. It comes as a surprise that during this adventure the negative forces undergo a change. They come to a new insight , they convert and in the end even become positive forces that ultimately save the monk. This is not brought about by the holy scriptures on his back or their content, but …

The desert the monk crossed’
Each one of us, sooner or later, is confronted with difficulties that can be severe and lead to despair.
We are on ‘quicksand’ , call out and shout and discover that our belief is not enough , it is too weak. What remains is agony of doubt,  desperation, a loud scream. Dark times leave their mark, but also lead to insight, because …

He who went through his own hell… stops with something.
He no longer ‘prescribes’ for someone else. He no longer judges anyone by whom and what he is. He does not construct walls anymore of ‘my values’ that divide, he is no longer caught in a bastion of ‘my norms, standards and criteria’ that call for defence. In short, he no longer ‘stipulates’ what the norm is, because he has experienced, while going through his own hell, that he is accepted for what he is. Unconditionally. Because , notwithstanding his ‘fellow-travellers’, he was not condemned, but rather sustained and forgiven. Or how compassion fell to him. The person who has been allowed to experience this, also becomes compassionate and forgiving to others, it cannot be otherwise, because … he who knows himself, is kind to others.

– Translation from the Bond Zonder Name or Movement Without a Name thought of the month

Dutch version / Nederlandse versie: Wie zichzelf kent, is mild voor een ander

English: Bhikkhu Vivekananda is a buddhist mon...

Bhikkhu Vivekananda, a buddhist monk from Germany and a Vipassana-Teacher, walking on the street or being on his way (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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2014 Bucket List Update

People are often so much down with their nose in the ‘shit’ they do not see the nice things around them.

Many have forgotten to believe that dreams may come through. They should come to learn again to create completely unrealistic lists of items they want to accomplish like the traveller and adventurer Lesley Carter dares to do.

Many people think they got stuck and can not continue or move to other places. Why should they not dream of travelling and adventure encompassing their life?
Bucket List Publications portrays the beauty and limitless possibilities of this world were white-water rafting, skydiving, paragliding, bungee jumping, rock climbing, biplane flying, dog sledding, base jumping, kayaking, surfing, boogie boarding, rappelling, and caving, are presented as activities the writer was not afraid to undertake. We often are too much afraid to take new roads. We are so frightened often to go another direction that we are even paralysed there where we stand.

Making a “bucketlist” would not be a bad idea for many people; giving them a way for their dreams to come into development. Every one of us may imagine a lot, but why would we not come to the hope realizing our dreams? As rock climbing and a trapeze act were even part of Lesley Carter’s wedding day in Jamaica and having been to 44 countries why should the person not having enough money for such adventures having to be chained at home? No you too can get up and find the marvellous things very close at home. Each of us can find the wonders of nature at our doorstep. We just need to open our eyes and open our mind to travel in the world of magic.

Have a look at the update on this year’s bucket list and see if it can inspire you for your list.


Whatever profession we may have we may not limit ourselves by it.

We may not become blinded by what we would call a typical day including going to work, learning, coaching, teaching, a.o.; being busy all the time.

For most people, it is enough to pay for their leisure time, their travels and the better things in life they want to enjoy. It may make them happy, and it should do. But what we often see is that they are concentrating on the materialistic site and are busy thinking that ‘content’ is all they can hope to be.

And if they’re ‘content’ then they’re doing pretty well.

The more unrealistic you are with your dreams and goals, the more you are able to achieve.

Lesley Carter decided that life was too short for her to be happy with simply being ‘content.’ She wanted more, and it seems she got a lot more.



  • The Grandest Bucket List Adventure of All! (delightfulldash.com)
    When I started my blog, Lesley Carter was one of my very first readers. I didn’t know her. She didn’t know me. She “liked” many of my posts, which made me giddy knowing that someone was actually reading what I had to say. It meant a lot!

    When I checked out her blog, I was in awe. She is the creator of Bucket List Publications, where she documents her travels and fulfillment of the items on her bucket list. She’s traveled to 34 countries and doesn’t plan on stopping there! She’s been skydiving, base jumping, dog sledding, and biplane flying, to name a few. She also encourages and inspires her readers to create their own bucket lists. She wants you to get out there and create new experiences. Pretty awesome in my book!

  • Writing Your Personal Bucket List (allstate.com)
    Whether it’s a weeklong family vacation or an evening out with my wife, I always try to make the most of every experience. That’s why I’ve already started working on my personal “bucket list.” Even though I have years left before I plan to retire, I want to be sure to do as much as I can while I am ‘young’ and healthy. Here are some things I considered while creating my list of lifetime must-dos:

    Set yourself up for success

    I’m using my bucket list as a chance to chase life’s experiences. I need to remind myself not to shy away from an experience because you never know what tomorrow might bring. And following through on those goals requires some planning.

  • Earn a Living by Pursuing your Bucket List (wodara.org)

    How would you like to earn a living by pursuing your Bucket List? That’s what Lesley Carter of Bucket List Publications decided she wanted her life to be – and that’s exactly what she’s now doing! She has an inspiring story of quick action and focused dedication to share…

    Flying a bi-plane

  • Bucket List 2013 (theabundancematrix.wordpress.com)
    When I was working as an Assistant Manager for a restaurant, I was thinking.. what is there in life? Am I living my life in purpose? Or am I just running around in circles? I literally didn’t have much time for myself anymore because my life revolved around work, and home, with only little play. As you know, play plays a very important role in our jobs as playing ignites our creativity in a more joyful way. When I was working, I told myself that I want to go horseback riding in a beach, swim with the dolphins, ride a hot air balloon, explore Africa, dance with the natives of Uluru Mountain… and the lists go on! After few months of contemplating on this message in my head, I quit my job and now working at home. I have more time for myself right now but I would love to do these..as for my Bucket Lists or might as well… Things that I wanna do Before I die!
  • The Better Bucket List (cultivace.org)
    Traditionally, a bucket list is made towards the end of someone’s life, when they realize that they have a limited amount of time left. It is created in order to list out the things that they have not done but would like to do before dying. Bucket lists are kind of like a checklist of events or activities to complete before you die.

    I’d like to explore how to make the better bucket list – a list that is not about being attached to outside events but that is about enriching the fabric of your life. This will elaborate on the point I made yesterday: we need to find our purpose, as quickly as possible, act upon it, and stay aligned to it with all of our experiences.

  • Where Do We Go From Here (honiebriggs.com)
    Honie: What is the best travel gear you have discovered?

    Lesley: GoPro – it is the ultimate camera that works in every situation.

    Honie: Is there a travel destination you would not recommend?

    Lesley: No, even the most unassuming places have something to offer.

  • My Post-Adventure Bucket List (sarsrose.wordpress.com)

    Towards the end of high school, I began composing a bucket-list of sorts. It had the usual things on it: skydiving, eating snails in Paris, seeing an aurora, getting a degree and writing a book. Most of them I’ve achieved, but as I look back, I’m not sure they’re actually the most radical things I’ve done.

    Bucket-lists can be beneficial but they’re all about forward-planning and imagining. Sometimes they’re not realistic. Life may bring restrictions like health, finances, time or circumstances, and suddenly our dreams are out of reach.

    As I reflect on my life, I realize that my BEST bucket-list is my POST adventure one; the things that I’ve already experienced that I’d never have imagined up myself.

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