“They Told Me What I Wanted To Hear” – Real Abortion Stories

When somebody has to make a very difficult decision, certainly when it is about matters of life and death and about consequences a person has to carry with her her all life people must be careful not to put their own ideas in the head of that person and force her in a certain way to decisions she late will regret.


To remember:

  • Planned Parenthood >  personal experience with that organization is a very negative one
  • They proceeded to tell me what at the time I wanted to hear to make my decision easier =  in reality all lies
  • They told me baby = a ball of tissue + I was young + had my whole life ahead of me
  • they told me = easy procedure with very little complications
  • they told me I was making the right choice


never forget

  • how painful the procedure was
  • the other girls faces in the “after” room
  • the instant relief I felt that later became extreme guilt followed by severe depression
  • when you look at your future children that are “planned” => void, emptiness you cant fill
  • the truth that at around 4 weeks in the womb that “ball of tissue” actually has a heartbeat…..which to me means alive!
  • I will always carry the scars that run so deep


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