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A better way

The author of today’s poem seems to look more at life that passes us. It would be nice if we always would be in control of what we do with our time, like she writes.

She writes

We forget that there are certain things that should be checked at the door. For that reason I believe that we all need to find something that keeps us moving forward and fills our heart with joy. That’s why I started this page to express myself through the power of words; to express not only my own personal turmoil, but the ones of others; whom I have met throughout my life.

Thoughts may be over taken by so many different things whilst life has taken hold. All of us may have left memories of who we wanted to become, who we used to be. All we are left with are screen shots of a person’s life in which we try to capture so many moments, whilst so much changed from then too now and we carry old scars along with the new.

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“They Told Me What I Wanted To Hear” – Real Abortion Stories

When somebody has to make a very difficult decision, certainly when it is about matters of life and death and about consequences a person has to carry with her her all life people must be careful not to put their own ideas in the head of that person and force her in a certain way to decisions she late will regret.


To remember:

  • Planned Parenthood >  personal experience with that organization is a very negative one
  • They proceeded to tell me what at the time I wanted to hear to make my decision easier =  in reality all lies
  • They told me baby = a ball of tissue + I was young + had my whole life ahead of me
  • they told me = easy procedure with very little complications
  • they told me I was making the right choice


never forget

  • how painful the procedure was
  • the other girls faces in the “after” room
  • the instant relief I felt that later became extreme guilt followed by severe depression
  • when you look at your future children that are “planned” => void, emptiness you cant fill
  • the truth that at around 4 weeks in the womb that “ball of tissue” actually has a heartbeat…..which to me means alive!
  • I will always carry the scars that run so deep


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Read Carrie’s story, the first in a new series, Real Abortion Stories on The Passionate Pen.  These brave women are speaking out to shed light on the reality of abortion.

“Speaking with vulnerability for the sake of others.  That is courageous love.” – Pastor Lori Bradeen

carrie murphy“I am usually quiet when it comes to political opinions and views but I cant sit back and see another positive post or picture regarding how great Planned Parenthood is and the good they do for women. My personal experience with that organization is a very negative one. You see when I was 21 years old I became pregnant and went to PP seeking advice and counsel. They proceeded to tell me what at the time I wanted to hear to make my decision easier but in reality were all lies. They told me that the baby I was carrying was a ball of…

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Give scars, imperfections and a pristine heart



Daffodils, clouds and scented grass,

Doth make the orator a royal ass,

For love is human,

And human is dirt,

So I give to you,

Scars, imperfections and my pristine heart.

 – Pumpkin Positive

English: Daffodil of spring.

Daffodil of spring. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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