For mams and dads it is also back to ‘normal’

English: Dads' Gates Station

Dads’ Gates Station (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When the Summertime has its last rays of sun taken out of the cupboard, fall presents itself sooner than expect. In Belgium the metrological autumn started the day before yesterday and the rain was this time present to proof it.

The last few weeks for many mothers and fathers may have been very hectic. After the first school day, September 1, they now may find some time for themselves, thinking this also could be a good moment to have a fresh start themselves.

Perhaps now it is time to start what one ever so wished to do right. And a school-year shall also present extra activities for the parents, bringing their kids from one place to an other. So better to keep a list or to put some mark on the calendar.

Something to think about:

  1. Using an agenda and not for getting to write down the important thinks.
  2. Not bad to write down your weekly/monthy goals
  3. Try to organise the house and to keep it tidy
  4. On the pc the e-mails may have piled up, so why not now to take some time to clean out your email inbox.
  5. Clear off your desk and vanity area.
  6. Without sufficient funds not much is possible. Check your bank account and make a budget.
  7. Find yourself also new interesting things to do
  8. Make a list of interesting books to read, music to hear, films to see.
  9. Why not going to study something new yourself? Go to learn new things.
  10. Go and follow some lectures.
  11. Visit exhibitions.
  12. After enjoying the sun, perhaps doing not much, except eating well, it is time to take care of your outlook
  13. Go to the fitness or gym.
  14. Last but not least: open your eyes for the many challenges
  15. And at the end of the day or at the end of the week, why not: Treat Yourself for having it together.



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