How to handle an extremely self-critical child

What is one to do with a child who self-criticizes and even “spanks” themselves?

It’s difficult to say, writes Meghan Leahy in The Washington Post. To find the root of such self-criticism, take note of

“who is there when he self-attacks, what’s happening, where is he, when does it occur and how often,”

writes Leahy. Then, take your child to the doctor for a full examination and lab, just to rule out allergic reactions or imbalances affecting his mood. Start a conversation with the child’s school, which should be able to arrange a variety of assessments. And read up on highly reactive and anxious kids.

“Hitting oneself, like hitting others, is an act of pent-up frustration,”

writes Leahy.

“Your role as a loving parent is to help ease his frustrations, help him feel his big feelings and teach him to cope with the stress of simply being a human.” [The Washington Post]

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