The Nine Eleven Scar

A poet who likes walking in this life, wonders “What if“. In 2015 it is possible he went to the big Apple.

To stay in Manhattan, New York state,

Character, charm, living amongst the local,

Part of the sights, smell, sound and vocal {Scam Proof}

Perhaps not intended to reflect on what happened in New York, bu we would like to quote

A nightmare not ending with daylight and waking,

Can you hear their cries, blown by the wind to you?

If you aren’t listening, then listen now, please do. {Kidnapping Is Not Okay}

For thousand still the cries go on. Many still hear the fire, the cracking of the walls. Others also wonder if nobody could have know known that Al Qaeda was planning terrorists acts on Western soil.

Others doubt the reality of damage by two planes crashing in those buildings and bringing so much damage. They created conspiracy theories. Others want to blame the architects and builders for the deaths, collapsing buildings, the lot.

When putting the question “What if” we also can say  “Would you” and wondering who and when would be to blame. We also could question

Would you still think genuine ….

Would you blame the deaths of the innocent on Israel, the lot?

What if you don’t know, WHAT?

What if you don’t know a whole lot?

What if?

Horror, outraged shock,

That the impenetrable rock,

Was invincible?


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Horror, outraged shock,

That the impenetrable rock,

Was invincible and that,

No matter what colour hat,

Evil could touch the I, you,

With nothing much to do,

At work, in office tower,

Making all tremble, cower,

On land, air, anywhere,

First class, economy fare,

Blind hatred, isms all,

United for crash and fall,

Of foundations of good,

For which America stood,

Fifteen years however far,

In its wake, unhealing scar,

The Evil that day unfurled,

Stole the innocence of the world.

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