A better way

The author of today’s poem seems to look more at life that passes us. It would be nice if we always would be in control of what we do with our time, like she writes.

She writes

We forget that there are certain things that should be checked at the door. For that reason I believe that we all need to find something that keeps us moving forward and fills our heart with joy. That’s why I started this page to express myself through the power of words; to express not only my own personal turmoil, but the ones of others; whom I have met throughout my life.

Thoughts may be over taken by so many different things whilst life has taken hold. All of us may have left memories of who we wanted to become, who we used to be. All we are left with are screen shots of a person’s life in which we try to capture so many moments, whilst so much changed from then too now and we carry old scars along with the new.

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Only life

Would the fight continue?

What an ugly war it’ll be

Actually, the war has already begun.

It’s been going on for centuries

The difference is that the blood has been invisible.

The bodies were burnt to ashes

Yet, we all know the truth

All the lies you circulate make no difference

We will still bleed the same just visible

The greenery will be gone

We’ll stand on mountains of Skeletons

The dead will be our strength

A constant reminder of who we lost in the end

Everyone will have to pick a side

True colors will show

Words that are said behind closed doors

Will be out for everyone to witness

Would this war continue?

Even when our rivers turn red?

When our children learn to hate?

There has to be another way, a better way.

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One response to “A better way

  1. There has to be a better way. Thought-provoking post!


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