Why I’m Angry

Often when we think of or hear the word ‘discrimination‘ we think of gender-discrimination and colour- or race-discrimination. Too often we forget that lots of other people are pushed aside or forgotten. In Belgium handicapped people seem to be a rarity when you look around you. They have not many opportunities to go out on the streets or do not to be so welcome in public spaces. Have you seen many people without legs or arms in a swimming pool. I remember the first reaction when my brother in the 1980ies went swimming after he had his legs amputated because of bone cancer. He dared to go out public places, though many looked askance.

I think lots of people in wheelchairs can become annoyed that they cannot cross easily the streets because the pavements or not adapted for wheelchairs, or because of too high steps they cannot enter a shop or restaurant.

Those who look normal from the outside, but have some mental problems, do have to face misunderstanding or no understanding at all as well. They too are often not liked to be in public and have to face the discrimination for unjust reasons, because they too can do certain works as perfect as any body else.

Together we should act and react, demanding respect for all human beings, whatever difference they may have.


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5 responses to “Why I’m Angry

  1. Melancholic Madness replied:

    I totally agree. Racism, gender inequality and lgbtqa+ seem to be big issues (and I do admit that they are big and deserve the attention they get) and the thing everyone focuses on at the moment. While I define myself as a feminist, and support equality for people of all races and sexual orientations, I also think that other discrimination should be looked at.

    If someone were to deny a Muslim the job of a pilot in case they were a terrorist, there would be outrage (rightly so). But if I were denied the same job in case I attempt suicide by crashing the plane, because I have depression, the only people disgusted by this prejudice would come from the mental health community.

    And as you were saying with disability, there is a hell of a lot of discrimination against those people. A girl in my school is in a wheelchair and hardly anyone helps her. And I find that very sad. We need more people to stand up for people with disabilities and mental health issues.


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