What is Racism??

Yesterday we saw in a documentary about the Belgian ‘Tomorrow Land’ how a Kenian black girl could not believe her eyes when white girls and men cleaned their tables. Even in their country she would never see a white person doing such a job. In our country it is a normal view and we even can have coloured bosses and white servants. Though in many countries it is still a serious problem.
On the news we again saw how a police officer treated a black lady because she had forgotten to use her direction indicators with her car. How he treated her was incredible and how it can be possible she was been jailed for three days for such a minor incident and ended up death is a mystery, but once again a proof that the United States of America has still a serious problem with inequality.


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So let me ask you guys a question….

What is racism? Honestly, does anyone truly know the definition? If we look it up on dictionary.com, it is defined as: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

I asked an underpaid Black worker the other day and they described it as the White man’s efforts to keep the Black race “down”. But working at a fast food chain because you lacked the ambition to receive the proper educational tools needed shouldn’t be blamed on the characteristic of racism.

I took the liberty of truly researching the depths of racism, an epidemic that has been around for centuries in this nation, since our forefathers landed in this country. Racism isn’t classified to only one SPECIFIC race receiving discrimination, it is not an excuse to receive “racial sympathy”, and…

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  1. After Civil Rights Movement and Jim Crow that we still can hear about cases like the Terrance Williams disappearance, the many black deaths by arrests in the United States, does let us wonder how serious those white Americans take their Christian belief, though they keep calling their nation Christian, and how they consider Jesus’ words about love for our neighbour.

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