Afghan mums throw their babies over barbed wire fences and beg British soldiers to take them to safety

On 2021 August 19 the first rescue mission by the UK government carrying Afghan evacuees has landed safely in the UK after escaping the Taliban even as thousands remain trapped in Kabul and fearing for their lives.

The first flight of British nationals and embassy staff arrived at the base on Sunday night, and more flights carrying Afghan interpreters and other eligible locals are expected in the coming days.

Royal Navy Vice Admiral Sir Ben Key told Sky News:

‘How long have we got to do it? We don’t really know, so every day we are working as hard as we can to bring as many forward into this pipeline as we possibly can.

There are new disturbing reports that the Taliban has been beating Afghans trying to flee Kabul.

The airport in the capital city is the only way out of the country.

Although the US has secured the airport itself, the Taliban control the road to it and have set up numerous checkpoints in Kabul’s north.


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