The Mystical Tales of the 1001 Arabian Nights, Symbols of the Heart of Secrets

How many people do not chase a dream they allow mastering their mind? Lots of people are blind to what they should see but want to go looking for something which seems unavailable and far away, but often seems better than where they live, instead of searching the richness in their own habitat.

People should know the treasures are not hidden in a secret cave but are hidden in the own heart to which the own spirit and the set-apart or Holy Scriptures are the key to enter.

Kone, Krusos, Kronos

A Wisdom Tale

“We lay veils upon their hearts lest they understand it…”

Qur’an (17:46)

Many years ago in my youth when I meet my Spiritual Teacher, I heard someone ask him what were his favorite movies, to my surprise he said:

“I love those movies, about Sinbad the Sailor, Ali Baba, The thief of Bagdad, and that type of movies.”

I was floored, an avid movie fan at the time I couldn’t figure out a man of his Spiritual realization would care for such cheese B movies made on the fifties, and sixties, with second rate actors like Steve Reeves, and other perhaps more memorable, like Douglas Fairbanks earlier and many others, since Hollywood love for the exotic, an adventures has been a cash cow, and every so many years they bring to the screen the tales of the Arabian Nights in a new form, with little, or any artistic relevance, .

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One response to “The Mystical Tales of the 1001 Arabian Nights, Symbols of the Heart of Secrets

  1. Real followers of God (Allah) the Elohim Hashem Jehovah should know they are given a precious Guide to be Alive (to guidance). without wanting to follow the Words of Allah, the Only One True God, Jehovah, people are like the Dead (absence of Tawheed), because their unwillingness to come to see, hear and to accept and by hardening their heart (obstinate in disbelief).

    People should be “Soft” (in remembrance of Allah), “Pure” (free of materialism, empty for Allah) and should abstain from the defiling material. People their eyes should go open for seeing the “Impure” (polytheism, disbelief) and should recognise that when one adheres a Trinity , one adheres three gods and not one, having even one of those gods not knowing as much as the other two. (See how Jesus had to learn everything and later told his disciples he even did not know when he would come back or when the end-times would come.)

    All lovers of God should know that their hearts should stay clean, worshipping only One true God, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah. In their heart there should be place for the “Pious” (God conscious) always being “Open” (to truth) to the Words given for our Guidance and so that we may “Blossom” (become enlightened) and become “United” (with the believers) as “One heart in each person” (it contains either Allah or the world) united with all those who go for That One True God Who is One, and Who is the Divine Creator and Protector for all who want to come close to Him.


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