Field of Blue

The great signs Spring is in the country and the Sun and nicer weather shall soon be smiling at us, with beautiful flowers in the nature we can enjoy.

  • Spring Fever? 5 Ways to Cure the Winter Blues (
    The days are gray and dreary, the holidays are history and those festive decorations from last month are now back in storage boxes. The thought of Spring seems so far away and brings little hope during these months of Winter blah. You long for the day when you don’t have to pile on three layers of clothing just to survive the walk to the car. Spring fever? Why not bring a little spring into your home early this year?
  • Spring Colour Inspiration: Powder Blue and Red (
    The warm weather is still hanging in there and all of the beautiful flower beds and bright blue sky are such welcome colour inspirations!
  • Baby Shower Flowers, absolutely! (
    Can anything be cuter than a baby shower? Definitely not!
  • OOTW: Blue Roses (
    Spring is in the air; why not celebrate it with the beauty of floral prints? Floral prints, like I said before, are the must needs of Spring!
  • Does the weather affect your mood? (
    Living in England isn’t the easiest when it comes to good weather; in fact we all know England’s reputation when it comes to weather. Unless you are a duck is really isn’t the best!

    Now, with the best will in the world if you are on your way into the office and it is raining, windy and grey it can have an effect on your mood. Here in England a few years ago we had a sunny day and it was beautiful, everybody was smiling and we all had a Great day.

    Only joking with you it really isn’t that bad, honest!!
    As we have just entered spring we are all going to be much more positive, as trees and flowers will become greener and flourish which will have an encouraging impact on our lives.

  • Recently. (
    With the nicer weather, we’ve all had nicer attitudes to. There is just something about sun that puts you in a better mood!
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