2023 February 06 – Stories about health we think you should read

Five health treatments you should go private for
With the NHS in crisis and its waiting lists growing longer, more people are taking control of where and when they have procedures. Learn more

The telltale signs that you’re completely drained – and how to recharge
Feeling low and lost your get-up-and-go? This science-backed guide has the solutions you need for reigniting your spark. Get the tips

Why HRT may have health benefits beyond menopause
Research shows HRT could help prevent Alzhemer’s in at-risk women – so should it be available as a pre-emptive health measure?A new study published in the Alzheimer’s Research and Therapy suggests HRT may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease in millions of women at risk of developing the condition, which has prompted a ripple of excitement in the world of women’s health. Instead of simply being a go-to remedy for hot flashes, brain fog and joint pain, should HRT be used as a preventative health measure?

Instead of thinking of HRT as a replacement therapy, Dr Newson believes it should be considered a ‘hormone support treatment’ with the new, safer formulations enabling individual patients having access to it earlier as a preventative measure if they wish, rather than simply as a treatment only for menopause symptoms.

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Robert Douglas-Fairhurst
‘My symptoms seemed embarrassingly trivial – then I was diagnosed with MS at 49’. In his new book, Robert Douglas-Fairhurst explores the shock of having a life-changing illness.
How do you know which symptoms to take seriously? We ask the experts which health conditions warrant a trip to A&E and which are the ones that don’t. Read the list.
Alcohol-free beer
With more and more young people choosing to cut their alcohol intake, could drinking go the same way as smoking? Boudicca Fox-Leonard investigates.
Marriage diaries
‘My wife is fitter than ever while I’ve let myself go’. Our anonymous author feels fat, grumpy and old before his time – but can’t face the effort needed to get himself fit. Read more.
The Whale
The Whale | What we can learn about morbid obesity from UK’s fattest man
How the typical British diet is fuelling the risk of cancer

It is well known that processed foods are unhealthy, but a new study provides the most compelling evidence yet. Laura Donnelly, our Health Editor, explains how half of the items in everyday British diets are adding to our risk of developing cancer and reveals the biggest culprits – some of which may surprise you.

Dry January
Health | The lessons I learnt from doing Dry January
People smokingBritish Columbia

‘I’m holding crack cocaine in my hand – but in Vancouver, the police don’t care.’

Thanks to a radical new policy introduced by British Columbia, one of Canada’s most liberal provinces, adults in possession of 2.5g of heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamine or ecstasy will not be arrested or even have their drugs seized.

More than 11,000 British Columbians have died from drug overdoses since a public health emergency was declared in 2016. That’s six people a day for six years in this province of just five million people.

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