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Lessons of the Somme

Showing some photo’s from one of the display panels within the Thiepval Visitor Centre featuring photographs of some of the men who were commemorated on the memorial we should stand still by the millions of people who lost their lives, not only in World War I but also in World War II and the many battles which were fought on the battle fields in Europe. At last common sense brought the nations together working on a community of unity, the European Union, which now is back under threat.

The panel created in 2004 and consisting of 600 head and shoulders pictures which were selected to provide a fair representation of the 72,000 on the memorial are just a shade of men who had ideals, hopes and dreams, which were shattered to pieces in agony and despair by the cruelty which overtook them all.

Display panels in three languages — English, French and German — may provide an overview of the course of the Great War from 1914-1918, but it is the task to each sincere civilian and honest human being to spread the message of peace all over the world in their own mother tongue and show the world why that atrocity which took place 100 years ago may not happen again.

Today there are still millions of people dying because the greed to power and the aim to suppress others is still with the stealth of a tiger looking at the world and to malinger as a dangerous silent virus which has no mercy, bringing damage to both parties involved.

John Grant as Meticulous Mick writes from Cork in Ireland that he

was pleased to see that there were a number of school educational trips to these sites of historic importance.

all over Europe schools should have such trips in their curriculum. In Belgium is is an obligated element to make the youngsters aware of the dangers of prejudice against others, racism and undemocratic systems.

His blog was started on 13th May 2013 in order to explore some of his more creative skills that were just waiting to leap out. From his visits he presents his photographs and today we would like to ask you to loo at those of the battlefields.

In walking around the “Y-Trench” cemetery within the grounds of the Newfoundland Memorial at Beaumont Hamel, the largest area of the site of the battle that has been preserved of the Battle of the Somme, he was struck by the number of graves that all bore the date of that fateful first day of fighting, 1st July 1916. Of the 780 men of the Newfoundland Regiment that went over, only 68 were able to report for roll call the next day. Like many battlefields of the Great War many bodies could not be identified any more and lots of people could not be found.

For him

As much as the memorial was impressive, it was the preserved scars of war, the unmarked graves and the statistics that had the most effect on me. I was humbled. {100 Years On}

The Forward Trench at the site of the Somme, Beaumont Hamel

Trench Lines – Photo John Grant, working under the name of Meticulous Mick and JRCR Grant.



Honouring hundreds of thousands of victims of the brutal Somme battle

Ulster Tower ceremony for the Irish at the Somme battle



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Meticulous Mick

I myself was quite unsure about visiting the site of the Battle of the Somme. I did not know how I would feel, what emotions it might stir.

Having now been, I am unequivocal in recommending that people should go to such sites. In reality, visiting these sites did more than any book might convey and brought the message sharply home; the futility and waste that war brings.

These lessons need to be passed on, generation to generation. It was in that regard that I was pleased to see that there were a number of school educational trips to these sites of historic importance.

The Thiepval Memorial itself contains the names of 72,195 British and South African soldiers “missing” in the Battle of the Somme.

We all need to learn.

Note: Images of the soldiers were taken at the Thiepval Memorial, Flanders, France.

Credit: Statistical information taken from Wikipedia

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Bevrijdingsdag | Wine, Art & Jazz festival

Voor het terras van de werkkamer van prinses Juliana en prins Bernhard wordt een podium gecreëerd waar onder andere Deborah Carter, Sanna van Vliet Quartet, The Basily Gipsy Band, Bop This, Leo’s Drugstore, Saxotone Groove Mission en vele anderen, klassieke en moderne jazz live ten gehore brengen.


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Geef Vrijheid Door

May, for many a month for mothers and many celebrations


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Golden Week Day 1: Chichibu

To remember:

埼玉県秩父市 秩父三十四箇所 二十三番音楽寺 Ongakuji,Chichibu,Saita...

埼玉県秩父市 秩父三十四箇所 二十三番音楽寺 Ongakuji,Chichibu,Saitama,Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Golden Week begins with a bang > quick pilgrimage to Chichibu in Saitama Prefecture =where Anohana takes place.

Shibazakura in Hitsujiyama park > flowers = carpet of pink

up to Miharashinooka = beautiful view of the whole city


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Golden Week a cluster of holidays from late April to early May

Bugaku traditional weddings at Meiji-shrine


Golden Gate to Rainbow Gate

And Golden Week begins with a bang! Jerry and I took a quick pilgrimage to Chichibu (only about 2 and a half hours away) in Saitama Prefecture. Those of you who like anime, it is where Anohana takes place. It was a bit cloudy but at least it was still warm out! There was a good number of tourists, but not a lot of foreign tourists; just Japanese tourists. And it’s understandable; Chichibu is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a nice quiet day looking at beautiful scenery.

Chichibu is a much older town, I think. To make my point, our Pasmo and Suica cards (which are transit cards we use everywhere, much like Bart’s CLIPPER and Oyster cards for you Brits out there) were NOT accepted. Does that mean we have to buy tickets and put them in the…

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Bugaku & Traditional Weddings at Meiji Shrine

April 29: first day of Golden Week, a cluster of National Holidays in Japan where many workers get around a week off work.

  • The Meiji Emperor (1868–1912), in whose name i...

    The Meiji Emperor (1868–1912), in whose name imperial rule was restored at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Spring Festival at Meiji Shrine (Meiji Jingū) > shrine dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his consort, Empress Shoken.

  • bugaku –  traditional form of dance


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May, for many a month for mothers and many celebrations

Golden Week a cluster of holidays from late April to early May




The start of Golden Week for us – and a new life for many.

Today was the first day of Golden Week, a cluster of National Holidays in Japan where many workers get around a week off work. You really couldn’t have asked for better weather – the sun was splitting the trees – and so I headed down to Meiji Shrine for the start of the Spring Festival. Meiji Shrine (Meiji Jingū) is a shrine dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his consort, Empress Shoken. It’s an amazingly tranquil place, especially since it is right bang in the middle of Harajuku. It’s also only about ten minutes on a train from my station, so very easy for me to get to.

Today’s festivities centred around bugaku – a traditional form of dance that has been performed to select elites, mostly in Japanese imperial courts, for over twelve hundred years…

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Het wordt wel voorjaar


Het begint op voorjaar te lijken als de zon schijnt

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Uit de tuin en dagboek van van Judith de Vries die ook de aandacht kreeg van Sarah Raven op 5 maart in de Daily Telegraph.

tuin van judith

Twee weken geleden ben ik weer wat gaan doen aan mijn tuin op de Veluwe, snoeien, bemesten en vooral speuren naar planten die heel voorzichtig boven de grond aan het komen zijn. Met Amsterdam vergeleken komt de natuur daar minstens 2 weken later op gang dus het was even schrikken, de tuin zag er nog heel erg miezerig en kaal uit. Zoals elk jaar is het weer moeilijk om je voor te stellen dat alles weer weelderig zal gaan groeien. Om mezelf ervan te overtuigen moest ik echt even naar foto’s van vorig jaar kijken, wat een heerlijk idee dat dit feest weer gaat beginnen.

Want opeens, misschien wel het komende mooie weekend, barst het los en is het bijna niet meer bij te houden. En dat betekent ook weer lekker veel buiten werken, tuinen onderhouden en boeketten uit eigen tuin maken.

groot boeket gar 2015 Boeket uit eigen tuin zomer 2015

Natuurlijk blijf…

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Cherry blossoms in Zürich

After having placed some Vienna Spring pictures Zurich could not be left out adding also to our other placed pictures of the cherry blossoms.

English: Closeup of blooming cherry blossoms

Closeup of blooming cherry blossoms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here we may see something new, fresh, alive which calls for getting love in the soul.

These nice photo’s can take our soul where we long to be or bring us many dreams.



Cherry-blossoms by Ihiromurata



Quand les cerisiers aussi ont leur calendrier

Warm April days in season calendar

Blooming marvelous

La saison des jonquilles

DIY de printemps

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Blooming Marvelous!

Een van de wagens van de bloemencorso van Wint...

Een van de wagens van de bloemencorso van Winterswijk in 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the south of Europe they seem to have already enough high temperatures to take care more flowers can colour our world. Having the first flower Corso’s and flower parades giving people lots of beauty to enjoy.

Though we also must be careful having also lots of pagan Spring festival showing up, we always have to be careful not to stimulate the wrong sorts of shows and be on the loo out at which flower show or parade’s we want to be seen, and not taking part at processions where heathen symbols are carried or people bow down in front of graven images.


Funchal, Madeira Portugal Spring Flower Festival = amazing parade of decorated floats, dancers and music




Good morning from Funchal, Madeira Portugal! The cruise has been in Funchal for two days to give us time to see the Spring Flower Festival. It is amazing! Yesterday there was a parade of decorated floats, dancers and music. The parade took over an hour to pass through but the decorating with fresh flowers must have taken days. They were all lovely, colourful and happy. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen so many smiley faces in one place.

imageimageimageThe crowds were three and four deep for the whole length of the parade. Please excuse my photographs but I couldn’t get an up close space! Many people waited HOURS to secure a spot but I preferred to sit on a wall eating ice cream in the sunshine. There were people climbing up cliff sides, holding onto fences and sat on Dad’s shoulders to get a good view.

The little children…

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MM 2-52: Second Year Anniversary

Leanne Cole finds inspiration in the city of Melbourne and travelling thoughout Victoria to take images of what she sees and making fine art images of them. She loves teaching people how to take photos, both in classes, groups and individually. You can learn how to use your camera or how to edit your photos from her.

Like us, she wants people to have a look around them and have them link to a Facebook page, a Flickr page, anywhere really, or no link, having them to do monochrome images, just for the madness of it.

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Bruxelles Ma Belle

Some people complain that Europeans do not show such a solidarity, like now for Brussels and Paris, when something happens in places like Ankara. They often forget that the other places are very far away from the beds of those Europeans who now felt the terror close to their own home.

It would be nice if people would show more solidarity with the innocent victims at other places, but the big problem is that every day something gruesome happens somewhere in the world and we can’t stay off work every day to go on the streets to show our sorrow for them.

But what we all can do every day is to show our fellow man that we are here for him or her and that we appreciate him or her for what or how he or she is.


To remember

  • Brussels attacks = scorched forever onto memory, =/= care about attacks in other parts of the world.
  • this year 223 terrorist incidents around the world.
  • which ones have greatest affect


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