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Some of us are still catching up to what we are.




    We do not become healers.
    We came as healers. We are.
    Some of us are still catching up to what we are.

    We do not become storytellers.
    We came as carriers of the stories that we and our ancestors actually lived. We are.
    Some of us are still catching up to what we are.

    We do not become artists. We came as artists. We are.
    Some of us are still catching up to what we are.

    We do not become writers.. dancers.. musicians.. helpers.. peacemakers. We came as such. We are.
    Some of us are still catching up to what we are.

    We do not learn to love in this sense. We came as Love.
    We are Love.

    Some of us are still catching up
    to who we truly are.

    • Clarissa Pinkola Estes

    Art | Catrin Welz-Stein

            Text and image source: Leyla Aylin https://www.facebook.com/104783181335892/posts/381878420293032/

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            “Our World” Moving from Blogspot to WordPress

            On April the 2nd 2005, Marcus Ampe, after having commented on several MSN Groups created his own chat group on MSN which would grow into the website “Christadelphian world” on Multiply. Like so many Microsoft users at that time, he too, had his Space on MSN. When Microsoft discontinued the MSN Groups, Mr. Ampe followed their suggestion to switch to Multiply, presenting its Multiply Groups and Multiply Spaces. Several groups did not do this, quit or switched to other systems such as Yuku, of Ezboard, Inc.‘s internet forums (Yuku Message Boards), or the content management system (CMS) WordPress. Both were also considered by us, but unfortunately not chosen at that time. But a few years later Multiply stopped with providing room for bloggers. This made that all the material had to be exported when one wanted to keep the material.

            The hierarchy of labels in a fully qualified domain name

            For that reason, Marcus Ampe wanted to save his writings and placed them temporarily on the other American online content management system (CMS) Blogspot, enabling multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. Though that, what seemed just for a “waiting time” to find a new place, came to run its own life on Blogger. From that time onwards online journals or Blogs could also be accessed from a user-owned custom domain, an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet, (such as http://www.example.com) by using DNS facilities to direct a domain to Google’s servers.

            Christadelphian World

            The Blogspot “Christadelphian World” received some further new messages and having received a new birth in 2014, having its name changed in “Our World“ it grew out, becoming an ‘adult’ presenting more than 4 000 messages in 2020. Google, that year, made several changes in its sites as well as in Blogger. From then onwards connections with the older blogs on Blogspot did not seem to work so well. The system became very slow to load down. In earlier computer days that would not have been such an abnormality, nor problem, but in present times the consumer does not like some time-consuming websites and leave them alone.

            The World Wide Web had become a place where lots of lots home pages, functioning as a table of contents or index, with links to other sections of the site, called for the attention of the reader. Many companies also wanted to play host to present websites to the worldwide public. The public became also more interested in blogs that operate mainly as news filters, collecting various online sources and adding short comments and Internet links. “Our World” its intention was also to do that and to show the public the connection of this world with the Highest Divine Source of this all.

            WordPress logo.svgOther blogs concentrate on presenting original material and wanted to go deeper into certain topics. Marcus Ampe for that reason brought his MSN Space over to a Multiply Space, and when Multiply stopped its service, transferred it to WordPress, with as title Marcus Ampe’s Space to present his own personal views and offer a look in his personal diary.

            In addition, many blogs provided a forum to allow visitors to leave comments and interact with the publisher. Such interaction became the most important target and this provide a new ground for several platforms bringing social media as a new driver of the convergent media sector, into their core business.

            The growth of the blogosphere has been nothing short of remarkable. By October 2005 there were 19.6 million blogs, a number that has been doubling roughly every five months, according to Technorati, Inc., a Web site and organisation dedicated to mapping and searching the blogosphere.  You can imagine how by this growth of approximately 70,000 new blogs being created each day — or, more vividly, nearly one every second, how difficult it has become to find the most interesting or complete one. Due to the abundance of material on the internet and the fact that people often cannot see the wood for the trees anymore, Marcus Ampe created in 2014 (03/26) “From Guestwriters” on WordPress as a platform where a selection of interesting websites could be presented. He also wanted to offer a platform for writers themselves to present their own website articles and to introduce people to more in-depth articles. But until now he does not seem to succeed getting enough writers willing to offer their services to talk about such subjects as history, nature, a.o..

            From blogging is (in a way) expected that it might also be a conversational activity seeking to create a community or reflect an existing community. With “From Guestwriters” Marcus Ampe hoped to do so, but also with “Our World“, he wanted to open a view on the world, tough from a Christian viewpoint. He is still convinced such a viewpoint should have a place in our world, though he does not expect a lot of followers or interested people, because he is fully aware that there is not such an interest in Jehovah God.

            As a Christian Marcus Ampe is convinced that it is part of the tasks given by God and by His son Jesus Christ, to go out into the world to preach the coming Kingdom of God. In many of his websites Mr. Ampe wants to bring some positive notes and want to show people that when things don’t work well, or are not working at all, although there’s plenty of sun, and when it’s starting to get annoying, there are ways to get out of that black or dark mood and to find sunshine in heaven. “From Guestwriters” want to contribute in such a way, and now you also may find “Some view on the world” bringing such a positive view on the world.

            Please come to find this renewed website by Marcus Ampe:

            Some view on the world (WordPress site by Marcus Ampe)

            Where you shall be able to find some news updates, thoughts and reflections by different people (inclusive reblogs) and articles about man, history, faith, religions (in particular Christian religion), God, His world and His Word, the Bible and quotations from it.

            Blog of Some view on the world


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            Going to the end of our 5th year of presenting interesting views from different authors

            On the 26th of March 2014 we presented our first posting on this site “From Guestwriters” with Guestwriters for you and Welcome to “From guestwriters” expressing our hope to find more people interested in working together to spread the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God but also to aim for a better world trying to get all sorts of borders out of the way.

            My hope for starting this site was to present a sort of Readers Digest and to present some of the many articles published on WordPress which I thought would be worthwhile to be read. My idea was also to present articles with at the end of them links to some related articles. Soon I came to learn that not everyone was pleased to find themselves linked to. Several times we got requests to take away the link to their article, because they did not want to be associated with our community. It took already a lot of time to select articles to link to them and when requested to take those links away that involved once more some extra work. We hoped to help the readers but also the writers with such links, because those links could bring more readers to their article. But because not favoured by many, from this year onwards you shall be finding less links to articles from non-associated people.

            Our intention was also to present articles from non-christadelphians and sometimes even from non-religious people. The matter to select the writings was their importance for the community and their relevance for adding to the peace process.

            In the first year of this publishing platform we presented 234 posts, catching 3124 views. the year later we got 4333 views for an added 296 articles. In 2016 358 articles got published whilst the site received 7782 views. In 2017 395 articles were added but not so many views gained (6888). Last year we got 366 articles added, fetching 8260 views bringing the total of views to 30 437 for 1646 articles. The most popular day seemingly to be the Sunday with 18% of the views.

            We do not have many followers but are pleased with the 304 followers on Word Press of which the Opinionated ManC Washingtonmichelledipaola and The Mystic SandBox are subscribed from the first month and from the first hours. Our thanks goes to them and to those who followed. On Facebook we may reach 275 followers, whilst Twitter might catch 274 followers and Tumblr 121.
            Thanks also for those who did not mind sharing our articles on social media. As such we got 670 times a share for those five years. (Not so magnificent, but something.)

            We are also pleased to find some readers who regularly mention they “Liked” our writing.  Some of those regulars supporters are a.o.  which also present beautiful pictures of this world which also can be great and enjoyable. Such “Like” is very much appreciated and we are very thankful for that appreciated gesture which gives us also a feeling of support.

            At this site we wanted to show people that the world is not just Black and White and that the political system is not linear. But also we wanted to point out that people can and should do much more than they think. Much more people should be aware of their possible power which has to come from them selves. The inner being by connecting to many others can present a greater power and be a rebuttal against the standard political parties. This site wanted to bring such possibilities more into the light. Therefore I had hoped to find many more writers willing to join us to write about positive elements in our life. There are already enough sites writing about the bad things in this world. As counter balance we could use some positive news. though that seems to be very scarce and hard to find.

            Our offer for receiving voices who want to speak up and willing to bring some positive thoughts is till going.

            We still miss a psychologist who can write about making a marriage life work of how to cope with one self and with others. We also could do with some historian who would like to compare what is happening now with what happened in the past, or who can shed a light on political situations in this world.

            Wanting to be a lifestyle magazine we still can use some fashion freak or people who want to write about fashion, architecture and art.

            In case you have already a blog on WordPress, do know that an extra writing platform can also help you to generate more readers to your main blog. At this site we do not mind, better … we also prefer you link also to other articles concerning the topic discussed, and as such you may also link to other articles written by you on your own or on other sites.

            If you are a writer without a high opinion of yourself, able to write not very complex articles, not having too many hidden meanings or twists and turns, you could be the one we need. In case you are a  logical, rational thinker who tries to write that way as well, you too perhaps could be the one we are looking for. If you can play with words  and can create poems for sure such poetry should not stay in your own cupboard but could be shared on this platform.

            All those who have much time to read, why do you not want to give those who have not so much time, a glimpse of what the written word has to offer? Why not telling others about what is interesting and a “should read”?


            If you feel called, do not hesitate to contact me or to offer your services here. We love to find more writers willing to share positive news and lifestyle matters.




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            Again nominated for the same award

            Leonardo DiCaprio in 2007.

            DiCaprio at the red carpet at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival.

            Good things they say exist out of three. I do not know how many times a person should be nominated before really winning the prize. Some very good actors for example were nominated several times for the Oscar Academy Awards but did not get the Oscar Award for that film. This year it is no different with Leonardo DiCaprio, though he after five times makes a very good chance.

            Though today I’m not here to talk about important prizes, but I think it is about just a little nice pat on my back. Being a very sensible emotional boy this also may touch me. But it took some five and three years before I really got to act on it, when it was once more presented to me.

            Liebster AwardIt has been some years ago when I first got the Liebster Blogging Award presented to me by a Zoe for my own personal blog. Some years later it was again presented to me by a blogger on WordPress. The same for an other award, being presented to me, I did not react at the time of offering. Except when I got several ‘awards’ presented in 2014 I thought several bloggers had found an interesting way to get new bloggers to come to know their site. I considered it some form of “chain letters“. On the subject, being bombarded at that time with several “awards” I wrote Awards, prizes, Peace and Working together.

            In the knowledge that the online world has massive amounts of material that can make finding your pertinent information overwhelming I also struggled with the security system of the net and with what sources I could trust.

            For me at the time when I was bombarded with lots of awards I looked at them as being similar to chain letters which were very popular when the internet seemed a very easy medium to generate free advertisements and/or spam letters and messages.

            Jolien Davies, a Blogger & Research Consultant, with her In the know with Jo tells us a little bit more about “The Sunshine Award” and the “Liebster Award” which at one time may have been the same award. Though both, at time where presented to me by different bloggers. She writes about this sort of award that they had not the bad effect like chain letters them having

            no threat of ‘bad luck for 200 years,’ or ‘swarms of flies that will descend upon you.’ Another term used for these ‘awards’ is that it is a ‘meme.’ This basically means that it is an idea, behavior, style etc… that spreads like a virus. So, in other words, it is a viral game of sorts. {In the know with Jo Sunshine award breakdown}

            sunshine-blogger-award-200Being viral or not, by the beginning of 2016 I once again got the “Sunshine Blogger Award” presented to me by somebody who I consider sincere. He also got to know our ways of thinking and why we do find it important to have our say on the net. He namely was one of the most active reactors to our writings. Probably you may have found his reactions on some articles, under the name Black Horn. He and Not in my world have an “Our Circle” were they try to bring together like-minded people. “Not In My World!!!!is as such the product of a Circle of Friends on Google, who believe Pricele$$ is the only value we can place upon Love, Honour, and Duty to Our Children, and to every Child in this world.

            Having similar goals we our pleased that he and his team presented us this award. To shed some light on the reason why from now on mentioning that award on my sites, I wrote 2010-2015 words delivering a Sunshine Award. After having been presented the awards more than once I thought it being time to mention it also to outsiders; i.e. our visitors and readers.

            I must be honest. I feel honoured that people think of me and my writings and find them worth to be awarded by a special mention. I do not know such mentions on a website would attract more people to come to read more on it. First of all they have to find the site. Because there is no such general site mentioning all those who received the award there is also no general site bringing readers to those who are awarded the nomination and/or Prize, which is just the mentioning and not connected to any other reward.

            Though I do agree, when I see a mention of a certain award on a site I expect certain values and subjects to be spoken off in a certain way. This also would trigger me to have a further look at other articles or not.

            I sincerely do hope visitors finding our site and from now onwards also seeing the mention of those awards, will find human interest articles which show the positiveness we want to bring and show the sun-rays which we want to uncover. Not everything is sunshine in the world, so we do have to show the bad things as well. But when showing those bad or evil things we also want to show the other way. We are convinced there is an other way of life than most people are living. That way we want to show to as many as we can. You too can help with it, by making us known by others. You also can give us a pat on our back by clicking on the “Like it” button. when you do like us and have a special place to mention the ‘liked articles’ than you too can bring others to our articles, because we notice that we have readers clicking on the articles we liked, so they go to read those liked articles.

            In 2016 we also shall continue to bring further other websites in the picture,though it may be less than before. This because too often we had to justify our mentioning them. It takes already lots of our time to find appropriate related articles, worth mentioning, to one of our writings.

            We do hope by our selection of writings from the internet you may be pleased and be guided to think about those subjects. The readers digest we want to offer should give you an idea of why we think a certain way and why we do find it important that we join hands to react in this world. We still look for writers who would not mind joining us to strive for the good cause,to show the world we do have to come to a better relationship between other human beings but also to the plants and animals.

            We are all part of the bigger picture and should be aware that we have to take much more care of our environment. Together we want to convince others also to be aware of our obligations and our responsibilities. Showing others the guide to a better life and environment is part of us bringing sunshine in other man’s life.

            In case we have to nominate some blogs Pintowski’s Blog Envisioning A Better World, plus Cherispeak and Purplerays would be of them with some others we quoted here on this site already and those who try to bring some thoughts to meditate on.


            Preceding article

            Awards, prizes, Peace and Working together


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            From Guestwriters 2015 in review

            From the start in 2014, April the 26th

            On 2014 April 26 we started offering a readers digest to you. We wanted to have different writers presenting their selection of most interesting articles found on the net. We regret we did not find enough people interested in co-operating to create a free lifestyle magazine where people could find uplifting stories.

            We started talking about the dreams we all have or have to have, because he who beams never walks in the dark, and looked at our position in this world and how positivism should enter this world more. Our invitation to you reader to share those read articles you liked is still counting. We would love to present more interesting articles people can find on the net. For this reason we started the Reblog section in 2014, when we looked if we or you have something to say or not.

            At the opening of 2016 we would like to remind you that you too are invited to share with us. You too may be sharing your words with us and many more readers. You don’t have to stay in the shadow.

            At this site we want to speak about feelings and started to look at the worst feeling, the one which pulls us down. Depression is when we can’t walk in the light of life any more. Our intention is to show that each of us matter in this world and that we can get fate in our change to positiveness. You and us we all can contribute and help to create a positive attitude. You have to get the right attitude of an unstoppable success, and once more we do bring a call to help to create a positive attitude.

            You may consider your own journey in life but we dared to ask which kind of attitude you want to take. In 2014, when we started we asked our readers to begin their day by living their positive attitude and in started also to point out to look at the way to come to the truth. We went in defence of it. For that, we also started looking at Who should be your closest friend.

            Though we may be lonely in the crowd we wanted to build up a place where many could find each other and could overcome hurt feelings. we do not ask people to be some one else, but would love to see you smiling and with a positive attitude or positive disposition.

            Perhaps what we hope for is what you hope for. In September 2014 we repeated our call to come to write for us and to share what you think interesting. A year after our question what our readers are seeking we did not receive many answers. We expressed our love to find more contributors who could show ways of fulfilling our dreams. We do hope you could find inspiration here and follow your dreams.

            In 2015 finishing our first year

            On the first of January we, like many others looked back at the previous year and presented our first review: 2014 in review.

            Our first year we got visitors from 71 countries in all. 13 countries were added in 2015 bringing the total to 84 countries in all, with most visitors again coming from The United States (2467). Netherlands (351) & United Kingdom (341) were not far behind. Based in Belgium we only could get the attention of 181 viewers in Belgium in 2015, which is not much, but which can be caused by not many writings being in Dutch, French or German. We are pleased we also got 141 viewers from Down Under.

            Knowing that we need light on our path in life, near the end of 2015 we also started placing some reflections or meditations texts, which we shall continue to do. Because we did so often got questions why we referred to some ones website article, or got requests to take some listed article out of the list of “Further reading” we shall enter less references or note lesser further readings. Normally you would think people would be pleased when there is placed a link to their site, but at several of our websites we got an other impression, hearing people not being pleased they being mentioned on one of our sites. Not being appreciated we bringing others to their writings or commenting on their writings, plus they not understanding we are helping them to get more readers and to get higher on the Google ranking, whilst we take them away from our own website, we will not any more invest so much time in looking for appropriate articles worth mentioning. Therefore in the future you will find lesser links and we shall be pleased keeping you more to our own websites.

            Treats, fear and discussions in 2015

            2015 was again a year were many civil rights were tread under foot. The Syrian war continued for its fourth year and brought many war refugees into Europe, a region where many do not seem to know themselves very well because kindness to others seemed to be far off. Though we are born to shine, not to fear, lots of people got over-manned by fear. At a time where there is not much knowledge of the truth, but lots of doubt and/or blindness, we tried to convince that less is still enough.

            While viral moments and trends or fads, that took up lots of people their time and their Twitter feeds included viral phenomenon The Dress, pizza rat, dad bods and adult coloring books we looked at the major refugee crisis in Europe as well as numerous instances of terrorism and mass shootings. Whilst July, Caitlyn Jenner made her big debut via a sexy and scantily clad Vanity Fair cover shot…and her new reality was officially underway we also look at how we human beings manage with birth, our being and our behaviour and acceptance or not of certain situations. Bringing articles around abortion and life we were pleased to have as our 5 most active commenter  Blackhorn33 who is Comanche – Irish and a half-breed that’s Full Blooded American, who with “Our Circle of Friends” met on Google and was willing to contribute about Child Abuse -The Facts, and show the world the importance of the unborn life.

            A place for a Higher Being and for His Creation

            Svenska: "Stockholmsfyrens" ungefärl...

            “Stockholmsfyrens” ungefärliga utseende vid Ropsten med vy från hotell Forestas entréplan på Lidingö. Det runda 187 m höga tornet innehållande både bostäder och kontorslokaler är föreslaget att uppföras omkring 2014-2015. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

            With less for more we looked at one of the major discussed issues of the year, bringing global warming and climate change at the second place and the refugees at the first place as major topics for 2015. Pointing out that it is important that we do know that we have to find the meaning of life and reach a state of peace, of old and new ideas to sustain power and to feel good by loving to be connected and worship something, we brought to the attention that we have our duties in this world and have to take our responsibility,making the right engagement in an actual two way conversation with your deities or more important to build up a good relationship with the Only One True God, the Divine Creator.

            Throughout the year on this and our other sites we wanted to bring to understanding that we do have to come in a good relationship with others and with the Most High, even when we sometimes have to deal with the silence of God.

            We asked not to forget that falsehood darkens the pure knowledge of God and that we should always turn to the Book of books, the Bible, to find the truth and Guidance. But to come to know the Creator and His creatures and creation, we do have to look with our eyes and to see with our heart. Some may think “God plays hide’n seek“, but He is always around us and sees everything we do.
            The Almighty God above all other gods greater than all gods has given us His infallible Word, the Bible, helmet of salvation, God’s Words put in the mouth of prophets for perfecting, to reprove and correct. Searching or overlooking God’s presence more people do have to find His Word and take up that book that is Written by inspiration of God for our admonition, to whom it shall be imputed if they believe.

            2015 once more showed to the world that human beings need a lot of correction. It was good to see that in France many nations also came to conclusion we have urgently to take care of mother earth. In this world were many have to learn that stuff is just stuff, it became time that man takes his position about materialistic desires.

            The terrors which came over Europe should make those who call themselves Christian to think and have them remind and hear God’s voice, bringing them into the habit of dealing with God about everything.

            Statistics for 2015

            In 2015, there were 295 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 525 posts. On the 12th of January in total 534 articles have been published on this site. 

            The busiest day of the year was October 19th with 175 views. The most popular post that day was Whoopi Goldberg commandments and abortion. But the most commented on post in 2015 was Bible, helmet of salvation, God’s Words put in the mouth of prophets for perfecting, to reprove and correct.

            For 2016

            We are thankful that you came along on this site and do hope to find you more than once at this and some other of our sites. We wish you all the best for 2016 and do hope you may be like a tree planted by streams of water.

            Have faith in your faith…doubt your doubts and don’t throw a curtain across tomorrow… the star of its performance just may be you !

            There still has to be done a lot before we shall have sustainable, green habits as a second nature, but at this site we do hope to bring incentives to work at it.

            The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

            Here’s an excerpt:

            A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,300 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

            Click here to see the complete report.


            Preceding: 2014 in review


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            5. Summary for the year 2015 #1 Threat and fear
            6. Summary for the year 2015 # 2 Strewn with corpses and refugees
            7. 2015 In the Picture
            8. 2015 Human rights
            9. 2015 Health and Welfare
            10. 2015 Ecology
            11. Vatican against Opponents of immigration
            12. Greenpeace demands scale up of ecological farming
            13. Building a low-carbon world: the sixth industrial revolution
            14. Republican member of Congress from Arizona to boycott pope’s address over climate change
            15. Vatican meeting of mayors talking about global warming, human trafficking and modern-day slavery
            16. Paris World Summit of Conscience, International interfaith gathering #1
            17. Paris World Summit of Conscience, International interfaith gathering #2
            18. Paris World Summit of Conscience, International interfaith gathering #3
            19. 2015 Summit of Consciences for the Climate
            20. A Miracle of Unity at COP21
            21. Charlie Hebdo
            22. Belgian Bible Students review of 2015
            23. Bijbelvorsers Blogging annual report and 2015 in review
            24. Refugee crisis, terrorist attacks and created fear
            25. Before you blame All Muslims for the terrorist attack in Paris
            26. The first on the list of the concerns of the saint
            27. Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience
            28. The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands
            29. Hidden potential for helping others
            30. Only one person who has the power to cast the deciding vote that will kill your dream
            31. Have faith in your faith…doubt your doubts
            32. The inspiring divine spark
            33. Healthy life can be found in sacred books
            34. No prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation
            35. A Bible Falling Apart Belongs to Someone who isn’t
            36. A heart in the right place and brightly burning faith
            37. For attractive lips, speak words of kindness
            38. If you want to go far in life
            39. Spread love everywhere you go
            40. Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair
            41. The truest greatness lies in being kind
            42. Kindness
            43. Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness
            44. Be kinder than necessary
            45. He who cannot forgive breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass
            46. Taking care of mother earth
            47. No curtain placed over tomorrow


            Further about what happened in 2015

            1. MSN 2015 in review
            2. 2015 in review: Memorable Journeys on EP
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            31. End of the Year Survey 2015!
            32. 2015 in transit
            33. A New Year: 2015 In Review and Plans for 2016!
            34. Bye bye 2015 and welcome 2016
            35. Start 2016 with a Backwards Slide
            36. Let’s Commence to Coordinate our Sights
            37. Flee from Idolatry



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            Crisis man needed in this world

            On Saturday the 10th of October Christadelphians come together at Dudley College in the United Kingdom to talk about the diminishing congregations in the United Kingdom. But it is not only there ecclesiae are struggling to make the ends meet and to have enough believers in Christ and in God in their meeting.

            Many denominations in Christendom are victim of these times of ungodliness. It is also mainly that ungodliness that shows up in the families and in the behaviour of man. the difficulties people have in conversations and the wrong going communications have provided our world with many difficulties and lots of broken families and divorcees.

            Lots of people who call themselves Christian are afraid to show others who they love and what they are standing for. Lots of Christians are afraid to let others know they are Christian. Less people are even willing to proclaim the Word of God and preach the Gospel of the Good News.

            Our world urgently need men of God who are willing to go out in the world and preach that Gospel of peace and of hope in the future.

            This world in crisis needs many “crisis man”. In this world where many want to be famous we need people who want to be more than a very well know figure and more than just a milepost-a marker on the road to destruction. A real follower of Christ should love it that people would be able to see Jesus in them.

            Real followers of Christ should not be afraid to face the confrontation with non-believers or haters of God. They want them to be confronted with the decision to accept or reject the furious love of God.

            meandyvettecraterlakeA missionary to Ethiopia, Ramon Mayo, pastor of a multiethnic Vineyard church, has now become a writer/editor in the South Suburbs of Chicago and probably sees a lot of problems in the poorer communities over there. Being rooted in blackness, following Jesus and embracing the world he is very well aware that everyone in the world is not like him and that the Church may be a bunch of people who are not like him worshipping the same God.

            Like him we should know that everywhere may be different cultures and that around us we may find people who are not like us, act and behave differently than us. But somehow we should come to see that we all part of this world and that we all come from the same origin, the Base and the same divine creation.

            In this world we may live and come to do things. We also have feelings for those around us and even for the place where we live in. But we should not forget where we want to place our loyalty.

            Is it towards your country of origin or towards the new citizenship you have in God’s kingdom? {Are you an American or a Christian?}

            Too many people have lost track of the main or the right road. It would be best if we could see some more people who are willing to help others to get back on track. Guides are needed to show people the Way again.

            When the rubber hits the road and the values and priorities of America (or whatever country. You fill in the blank.) clash with the values of Jesus who wins out.

            For me my loyalties lie with Jesus. The hard part is sorting out which values are his and which ones are part of the current government and culture I live in.

            It’s hard to be in the world but not of it. {Are you an American or a Christian?}

            We have looked hard for interested people who would like to join this platform writing about the way of life and preaching about the future hope, the Kingdom of God. But no other preachers showed up, who did not want to get paid like the other writers presented from the start. Most people want to receive a reward now and want to get paid for their writings. But preaching demands the love of giving to others without willing to receive something for it. Preaching is a free gift, for the free gift of grace we all have received. It is a way of showing thankfulness and appreciation for what Christ Jesus has done for us. Preachers should know and continue the task Jesus has given his followers.

            In this ungodly world it is high tie we get more preachers on their feet and that those who call themselves Christian really show to the world what it means to be a follower of Christ.

            if I believe Jesus is the way,the truth, and the life and without Him our lives are condemned and we are doomed then easy or hard the choice is simple. {Make me a crisis man}

            We wonder who wants to come up for Christ and show others the Way. How many want to answer the call of Jesus Christ? how many want to be an encourager?

            Do you want to just be a milepost or a fork in the road? {Make me a crisis man}


            Continue reading: The Big Conversation

            Preceding: 72 Synod Fathers on the topic “The vocation and mission of the family in the Church and the contemporary world”


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            16. Commitment to Christian unity
            17. Fellowship
            18. The Ecclesia
            19. The Ecclesia in the churchsystem
            20. The ecclesia or Christadelphian church
            21. Who are the Christadelphians
            22. Keeping an ecclesia in modern times
            23. Christadelphian people
            24. Christadelphians
            25. Christadelphians or Messianic Christians or Messianic Jews
            26. My faith
            27. A Living Faith #8 Change
            28. Priority to form a loving brotherhood
            29. Small churches of the few Christadelphians
            30. What Christadelphians teach
            31. About the Belgian Free Christadelphians
            32. 19° Century London Christadelphians
            33. Faith and works
            34. Breathing to teach
            35. Breathing and growing with no heir
            36. Perishable non theologians daring to go out to preach
            37. Belonging to or being judged by
            38. Good or bad preacher
            39. Jehovah’s Witnesses not only group that preach the good news




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            2014 in review

            Guestspeaker 1° article 20140326With Guestwriters for you this website was officially opened to the public on 2014/03/26. It was the first of 230 messages for its fist months or the year 2014.

            We wanted to bring an open platform where people could share their ideas about ways of life and could inspire and motivate others to make the best of their life. Lots of people do have questions about life and how we should live on this planet. We should come to understand that we are just a little clasp or shackle of the very big chain. Being part of the creation we can not consider ourselves the mightiest in this creation able to do everything we want. We need to be conscious about how the world is developing and how we do have to be careful not to lose very important elements of this universe, plants and animals, who are in danger of extinction.

            We had hoped more writers and photographers would be interested to show others in the world the beauty which perhaps could disappear if we not treasure it. We also wanted others to sensibtise to come to an other way of living, giving more attention to more important things than all the commercial gadgets.


            The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

            Here’s an excerpt:

            A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,100 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 52 trips to carry that many people.

            We invited many writers but got very disappointed for the no-replies and not finding many candidates presenting their services. Though we managed to present to our readers in 2014, 228 new posts, which Word Press considered not bad for the first year!

            We are very grateful we could find several visitors returning, 94 people prepared to follow us and some willing to like some postings. Thank you very much for those people who did not mind joining us from the first year and to give any reaction, by clicking the ‘Like’ button or by giving a reaction at the comment page.
            We are grateful for the Opinionated Man who was born in Pusan (Busan), South Korea, who got to live in Memphis, to move to live in Colorado, who follows us already from the beginning, 9 months ago, and who so lovely knows to tell about he seasons:

            We are the definition of love and our hands are linked as we dance amongst the growing and the grown alike. We enjoy timeless sunsets on picturesque settings creating canvases waiting to be painted at each moment. We love. {Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter}

            We would love to bring all the seasons of the year closer to the people all over the world, showing all their colours and beauty, but also their mysteries and hidden factors. The beauty of the language we can use to communicate.

            The November posting Reflections on the Great War #2  got the most views, whilst the busiest day of the year was May 8th with 95 views. The most popular post that day was Savouring pictorial entertainement.

            We were pleased to find on

            Based in little Belgium, West Europe, we got visitors from 71 countries in all! Most visitors came from The United States. U.K. & India were not far behind.

            We do like it that under our followers we may find all sorts of people, young, middle aged and older readers, people who would like to stay anonymous and others who tell us much more about themselves on their blogs or want to leave their old diaries behind. We seem to have people who follow us who love life, nature, who put their focus on themselves, on other s around them, on the beauties of nature and others who look at death death as a “Superficial Value”. We are pleased to find under our followers: dreamers, poets, photographers, avid readers, crazy persons, people who like to enjoy the small things in life but also people who look for many answers.

            We do hope we shall be able to offer for everybody something they like. And we look forward to find more enthusiast writers and photographers who would like to join us.

            English: San Francisco cable car cresting a hi...

            We do hope we can take with more writers a tram or cable car to higher sunnier places, finding passengers from all sorts of regions or countries. – San Francisco cable car cresting a hill with Alcatraz in the background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


            Click here to see the complete report.



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