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Here at Last! from “The Seventh Day” Christadelphian Music

In our services, we do love to have some music also. Since we can not have real-life services in our own ecclesia we offer net meetings for our gatherings. We now also take the opportunity to share with many more people all over the world who belong to that worldwide community of brothers and sisters in Christ.

Screen picture of the Belgian Free Christadelphian Ecclesia meeting with Newbury and the Christadelphian virtual choir.

You can find the video of our Brothers & Sister uniting from 5 Continents 128 Voices and 35 Instruments who joined for this Williamsburg Christadelphian Foundation Video, at our Sunday meeting of June the 21st.

I turned and saw the earth
the wilderness lay waste and bare.

The world has lostits way,
tears from oppressed
received no care
The grieving Rachel cries,
the Father’s Will placed aside.
The hungry children’s eyes
have seen no joy
under heaven’s skies.

Saviour, Your dawn will come!
The sun of righteousness,
healing in Your Wings, o You’ll come!

Saviour, with clouds You’ll come!
The living waters
sow’ring down in blessings, You’ll come!

We will all be changed,
in a moment grasped in time,
in the twinkling of an eye,
the dead shall all arise,
at the trumpet’s final call.
Then God is all in all.

We turned and saw the earth,
the wilderness blossom and bloom
the sword became a plough.
We worshipped in spirit and truth.

Saviour, Your dawn has come!
The sun of righteousness,
healing in Your Wings, o You’ll come!

How long, o Saviour Lord?
Till our hope is realized?
Your cronw of life our prize?
O death where is your sting?
O grave your victory?
Your thruth has set us free.


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