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A History Of The Culture Wars

Jared Stacy

Culture War Christianity has long since ossified into the de facto expression of faith for many white American evangelicals. In Part One of this series (which you can find here) we introduced the American Culture Wars. As a whole, this series examines the historical & theological shape of Culture War Christianity in comparison to Jesus’ Kingdom through the lenses of these two camps, conscientious objectors and vocal advocates. We concluded last week with a descriptor: Culture War Christianity tends to make enemies, not love them.

This week, our second part examines the historical orgins of the Culture Wars. If you’re pressed for time, I present a TL;DR that takes 2 minutes, and you can return to read the article at your leisure…

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read Summary)

The key to understanding modern Culture War Christianity is the history of American race relations and Christianity. This article locates the birth…

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A Virginia Autumn

With all the bloodshed in Paris we perhaps could loose sight or track of an other changing element, nature “dying softly” to prepare for a new life, a new Spring in a few months.

Let these beautiful photographs bring some soothing to the morals, bring calmness and bring peace to our runaway beaten heads.


In a small town in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, most rooms of this photographer her home look out upon the Blue Ridge Mountains at the physiographic province of the larger Appalachian Mountains range, which keep changing within minutes.

She may belong to the lucky ones who can live in a place where humans did not get a chance to destroy nature.

It looks even that she can be around a place where there is a major freeway in Virginia that boasts a long stretch of empty beauty.

The Road Home from Clifton Forge

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  14. November… the awkward month


Virginia Views

After the Rain 2It rained a day or two.

FencelineAnd then the sun celebrated Autumn.

An Autumn in Virginia.The Way Out

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