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Oneindige complexiteit en ware wijsheid

In elk detail van je wereld zul je oneindige complexiteit vinden.

Dat is goddelijk. Maar het is nog niet de ware goddelijke wijsheid.

De ware wijsheid ligt in de kracht die je krijgt om je wereld te helen.
Tzvi Freeman


Original English version / Originele Engelse versie > Infinite complexity and true wisdom

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Infinite complexity and true wisdom


In every detail of your world you will find infinite complexity.

That is divine. But it is not yet the true divine wisdom.

The true wisdom lies in the power you are given to heal your world.
Tzvi Freeman


Dutch version / Nederlandse versie > Oneindige complexiteit en ware wijsheid


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The smaller the miracle the greater the wonder

There will come a time, very soon, when we will be shown miracles so great, they will make the Ten Plagues and the splitting of the Red Sea appear as ordinary as nature itself.

So great, no mind can begin to fathom them;
so powerful, they will transform the very fabric of our world, elevating it in a way that the wonders of the Exodus could not achieve.
For then, our eyes will be opened and granted the power to see the greatest of miracles.

And what are those miracles?

Those that occur to us now, beneath our very noses, every day.

Maamar Kimei Tzeit’cha 5712.

By Tzvi Freeman

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