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Being Happy is an option!

The most difficult thing in a person’s life is that the person himself or herself has to make his or her own choice and can not call somebody else responsible for the choice being made.


To remember:

2 sides of a coin > you select heads or tails = each and every situation in life > 2 sides = Pull and Push.

> option.. = choose..

reflex ~~ options.

Winning over our mind = most difficult battle

take decision yourself and hold your stand after that and don’t point fingers to those who helped you in taking decisions => you who gotta live with the decision.

Smiles here & Smiles there

There are always 2 sides of a coin. Either you select heads or tails.
Similarly, each and every situation in life can have 2 sides. We can name these sides. Pull and Push.

Every second we live is an option.. And every second we choose..
To live or die..
To breathe this very second or not..
To wake up early in the morning or not..
To let the kids have icecream or not..
To go to a temple or not..
To make ourselves smile or not..

Yes, we decide at every second we live.. We may not realise it because we have gotten used to it that the option and the decision are taken as a reflex but they are still options.
They sometimes pull you back or push you ahead.

From these names itself you can know what these 2 sides do. Either they pull you back and try…

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