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The Enchanted Forest

In these days of lockdown having so much less traffic that even the animals do not know any more where to find it, whilst more people having to stay at home or around their house went walking and perhaps (re)discovering nature.



Not far from sight,
Lies a forest I’ve never seen
The trees and the bushes
Glimmeringly green

I take tiny steps
As I walk into the mist
To a world of enchantment
That I never knew could exist

The day has begun
With the sun wide awake
The endearing tweeting of birds
The dawn chorus they create

Sweet-scented berries
Giving a delectable forest scent
Squirrels scampering down trees
To try some of them

Cheerful rabbits
With their fur, snow white
With their tiny pink noses
They frolic in delight

I pick up a flower
With a silky white petal
It’s alluring fragrance
Leaves me in an Elysian fettle

Behind a lush tree
Of a juicy blue berry
Lies a jewel-clear river,
A world of faery

Not a speck of dust
Seen in the pristine blue tint
The scintillating sun kissed water
Giving out its gorgeous golden glint

It burbles all…

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Nibbling on a branch

Mike Powell

Would you stop to watch a squirrel as it nibbled on a branch or would you move on in search of more exciting wildlife? I love trying to capture the beauty in the ordinary and spent quite some time recently observing and photographing this Eastern Gray Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) at Huntley Meadows Park.

Although the tree looks kind of dead, I think that the squirrel spotted a fresh bud on the end of the branch and decided to chew on it for a little while. Normally a squirrel has its head down when feeding and it was nice to be able to get this shot with its neck extended. The little reflection in its eye was a bonus.

Eastern Gray Squirrel

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