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We are all cut from the same cloth

Black or white. Pauper or posh

And as those veracious bubbles do froth

The truth always comes out in the wash.

Life’s banquet is seared with many decoys

Blue, well-done, medium and rare

You can never delect in the delicious joys

Without first tasting bitter despair.

It’s always the cruel that bloom and flourish

It beggars belief how the meek don’t inherit

We must first plant wisdom and courage

To stop them reaping from our own merit.

Because when life is unkind

And your ducks don’t stay in a row

Sometimes you have to lose your mind

To find your soul.

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Be quiet and tear the thorn from your heart

Dutch version / Nederlandse versie: Wees stil en ruk de doorn uit je hart



    “Be quiet and tear the thorn from your heart.
    Uncover in silence your soul’s own rose garden.”


            Text and image source: Mystic Path to Cosmic Consciousness https://www.facebook.com/143005819116554/posts/4754129178004172/

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            Eternal Journey


            Falling into silence;
            Deep within my own soul,
            Where whispers can be heard;
            Where silhouettes and shadows
            Paint pictures dark and vague;
            Where one speaks without a word.

            Finding the secret place;
            Mysteries yet to unfold,
            Where riddles dance and play;
            Where questions and quandary live
            In their exploration
            That challenges each old way.

            Living within myself;
            My heartbeat keeping time
            As spirit and soul join
            The song of eternal life
            That will be forever;
            At home, yet journeying on.

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            …rejoice, for your soul is alive!



            “If the sight of the blue skies fill you with joy,
            if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you,
            if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand,
            rejoice, for your soul is alive.”
            ~ Eleonora Duse

            ~ Image by Alexander Kotenko
            Text & photo source: “The Garden of Pensiveness” https://www.facebook.com/The-Garden-Of-Pensiveness-367268523352486/?fref=photo

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            Departed Souls Await Judgment

            Soon on Stepping Toes we shall have a look at the soul and come to see what the Bible tells us about the living and the dead.

            In this writing “Departed Souls Await Judgment” Vicodar from Odarve’s Notebook in Africa makes it clear how man lets himself be carried away by human writing.
            Nowhere in the Bible is told that God would have made four compartments for the departed souls. the living souls are just the beings in which God gave life breath.

            It is totally unbliblical to believe that after death life continuous. There does not exist at all some “Spirit of the souls” a immaterial part of a man, that would travel to a temporary place where souls await the final judgement.

            Those who found an end to the ‘breath of life‘ in their being, were dead people and like Abraham and Lazarus ended up in the sheol or grave, the sepulchre were no being has any feeling or can do anything.

            Sheol, Hades or hell is the place where even Jesus landed up for three days and were all people who die shall come to reside to become dust.


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                                                             By Vic Odarve

            After death life continuous! Spirit of the souls, the immaterial part of a man, travels to a temporary place where souls await the final judgment.

            Compartment of the Sinners Compartment of the Sinners

            But there was a man named Enoch, who walked with God heavenward so that he did not see death. (Heb 11:5). Being a righteous man, God gave him a privilege like a tourist. He toured this soul dwelling place with the angel Raphael as a guide. The place was already inhabited; the spirit of the soul of Abel was there.

            As described by Enoch, the dwelling place of departed souls consisted of four hollow places; deep and wide and very smooth

            Righteous Men Compartment Righteous Men Compartment

            and dark to look at. Here are the divisions, as follows;

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            We all have to have dreams


            Dreams (Photo credit: hufse)

            Without dreams we are nothing. As a child we bring our aspirations to live in our dreams. We are convinced that we have the right to dream whatever we want. In our dreams we any place ourselves in any role we want. We are also convinced the dreams are totally ours. In our mind and our soul we want to sojourn and create our own world. We claim it to be our individual right to dream as big as we want.

            Who cares if it never amounts to anything ? But who knows ? It doesn’t take away our right to do so one little iota.

            Claim your great individuality.

            Why is it that so many adults do not want to give way to their dreams any more? why do so many adults laugh with the dreams of others, and mainly with the people who would love to share their dreams with others. On this platform we do hope to present dreams of many people. For us all the writers who join us may dream as if they’ll live forever. Live as if they’ll die today.

            Here we do not mind dreaming aloud. Here we want to give a voice to the many dreams of people somewhere on this globe. We want to say to all that they should believe in the power of their dreams and should strive to get their dreams becoming true. The people joined here together may have dreams of which others think they never can become true …. but when everybody would think this way, it is unfeasible we shall never see the seeds of making something grow. The writers over here may believe in peace and unity between all folks. It may look utopian, but by holding strong on the dream they want to spread the message of those dreams and bring inner peace to many all over the world.

            Who knows where such dreams may lead to? Who knows where such belief leads to?

            If there is no peace in the future it is because not enough people wanted it. It is that simple.

            It will happen. Make no mistake. No way to avoid it. It is a cycle and for those who believe in the Divine Creator, they received the assurance of that world-peace and can count on the prophecies coming true, even when they still shall have to face the third World War and an other thousands year before the end goal shall be reached.

            English: Lubok-style cover of a Russian dream ...

            Lubok-style cover of a Russian dream book. The book is solemnly named The Dream-Book, or an Interpretation of Dreams by Sundry Egyptian and Indian Savants and Astronomers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

            For those who chased several dreams which never succeeded, they shall also be able to say they enjoyed them and perhaps they still have  fantastic memories by them.

            We may never give up dreaming, and we better take more efforts in sharing our dreams and living them to come true.

            Oh so many people have become frightened to dream. Perhaps we should accept that dreaming requires courage.

            A courage to strive towards a mirage, to build castles, to go to many worlds, and a courage to trust the ones who are willing to give you a hand on their voyage or to trust that whatever you may find when you finally get there, that it will be worthwhile.
            After all, although reality can never match our dreams, neither can a dream ever fully describe the complex and unpredictable reality.

            Some of the writers in this club of guest-writers may have fought for their dreams in World War II, in the 1968 upraising or in some other contestations or in one of the many worlds which killed so many people. Also much  younger voices we would love to see here, because they are the future. As such people who could have been at actions like the  or might join us in the future. They had their voices going loud on the marches for peace, power and freedom. They marked recent decades but saw many dreams scattered and saw how the world present a backdrop for today’s human conditions of stress, anxiety, insecurity and turmoil.

            There are as many civil wars and wars between nations. From the individual perspective, the cry for peace is heralded as respite from the turbulence of today’s hectic lifestyle. In the past four to five decades we have lived in such a way as to create challenging situations in our lives and create even more havoc as we try to solve the resulting problems. {Peace In Troubled Times}

            World Peace Flag of the Universal Peace Congress.

            World Peace Flag of the Universal Peace Congress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

            Today in certain countries we may not see so many “No War” “Make peace” stickers as we saw in the time of the Vietnam War. but we might still see somewhere a popular bumper sticker that states, “Peace begins within,” and a hymn that is sung in thousands of churches world-wide on Sundays, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”

            Yes, peace begins within the heart and mind of every person. Until we reignite the flame of peace, love and unity there can be no lasting peace in individuals, among people and nations of the world. {Peace In Troubled Times}

            Those who have had or still have so many dreams of friendship and peace should dare to give their dreams a voice. We all should ask ourselves whether or not we have lived responsibly in recent decades and if we really tried enough to change something in the world around ourselves.

            On this platform we would love to give a voice to all who are interested to dare to out themselves and to give a voice to their dreams, prepared to spawn national and international debates. With the widely reported impending consequences of global warming, catastrophes of war and economic collapses, the outlook may be bleak. but we do believe whenever each individual would like to take up the figurative ‘arms’ and do something against our ‘pollution‘ (in a broad sense) we shall be able to make turning points.

            When we are with many we may give some impact and create some fertile ground for the human condition as they are fed in large daily doses at breakfast, dinner and all throughout the day. Conditions of fear, stress, anger, frustration, rage, insecurity and strife are the results of the negative thoughts and the materialism of this world, but the humbleness, the brotherly-love and the sincere care for nature, can bring solutions by which future generations can continue to build a better world.

            When we conform to the world we allow the dictates of the world and its appearances to control our lives. The real of man is spiritual and divine, not the ego driven personality that responds to the whims and fancies of every Tom, Dick and Harry. Stress and conflict occur when the inner spiritual self and its outer personality self are in opposing viewpoints.

            Frankl theorizes that mans search for meaning is a primary force in his life which is unique and specific in that it must and can be fulfilled by him alone. Our greatness as human beings lies in our ability to change our minds and the conditions of our lives. What is so great about living in a free, democratic country is that it affords us the privilege of freedom to be all we want to be. Individually we must desire freedom and make the choice for freedom as we live our life. The great author and self help guru, Stuart Wilde, teaches that we should “Concentrate on ourselves and leave the world alone. As we strengthen ourselves we save all of humanity, because we are all linked to one another.” {Peace In Troubled Times}

            By getting to know ourselves better and by allowing others to know us better as well and to share our love for others, we can reach even more if we do not leave the world but would embrace it as if it is the thing we love most and we do care as our little baby. Fostering as a little child we should educate it and show it the different ways it can go.

            It is true that we must desire a change from the stress and turbulent lifestyle we live today.

            We must dare to rise up, declare, pursue and claim peace for ourselves. This will impact the lives of family and friends and spread out to our communities and our world. The pursuit of peace is perhaps the most followed path to spiritual enlightenment. A peaceful disposition calms the rough and tossed seas of turbulence, strife, fear and discontent. {Peace In Troubled Times}

            We should join hands and not stand still, but walk together hand-in-hand, radiating out to touch the lives of others and willing to transform our world.

            Individually transformed lives will create a mass consciousness of peace and there will be peace on earth, beginning with every one of us. {Peace In Troubled Times}

            The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

            -Eleanor Roosevelt


            Become a co-author of “From Guest-writers” and join the Bloggers for peace
            and find 5 Steps to Peaceful Resolution, plus
            striving for happiness
            regardless of material conditions, relationship status, or past history,
            Re-hydrating Your Spirit,
            sharing the miracles of everyday life to inspire, instruct, and supporting others and ourselves,
            as one big family of this universe.
            Friends and Enemies: The Malleable Keys to Peace

            peace not warWe Can Make a Difference–Right Here, Right Now
            Letting others know that
            The Universe Is All of Us


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            • Queen Trishala Mata and the Fourteen Auspicious Dreams (youngjainprofessionals.wordpress.com)
              The story of Trishala Mata revolves around the fourteen dreams she had after the conception of her son, Lord Mahavir. It is believed Mahavir’s soul was conceived by a Brahmin lady named Devananda. However, divine powers transferred the fetus to Trishala. After having the dreams, Trishala’s husband, King Siddharth, summoned the scholars of the court and asked them to explain the meaning of the dreams.
            • Don’t Give Up On A Dream (justinjms1988.wordpress.com)
              Dare to dream / Only you can set the course / Navigating your destiny / Take the steps to make it reality / ~ Give your dream wings / Invent, conceive, believe / Venture out / Elude discouragement /Understand each dream can be yours / Positive attitude is a must
            • Dreams (crossfittoddler.com)
              I was friends with dragons, and I could fly, and I had magic powers, and I was immortal. I was always either saving the world or ruling it with a wise but firm hand (it was amazing how quickly things fell apart when left unattended). My dreams had no beginning and no end – once I sketched out a world in my mind, I’d land myself in the middle of some situation and watch it unfold, inevitably falling asleep before it was over. They didn’t need to: the fun lay in the no-holds-barred freedom of creation itself.
              For an adult, dreaming can be one of the scariest things in the world.  It helps to remember that if a five-year-old can do it, you can do it, too.
            • Dream Big, It’s Important (robertjrgraham.com)
              As children, we all had our own big, crazy dreams for the future. Some may have wanted to become the first astronauts to land on Mars, while others wanted to end all wars and achieve true world peace. But where have those big dreams gone? As we grew older, looked at those old dreams and dismiss them, believing that they’re unattainable or that they were just products of a child’s naïve fantasies. The sad thing is that these days, even the children seem to be afraid to dream big. Research has shown that only 10% of Americans actually set a goal in public school, and this is actually closely related to the very low percentage of rich people in America. People seem to have forgotten the importance of dreaming big, which can be summarized into three key points
            • Dream, Act, Believe (perseverance366.com)
              What is it that you would like to accomplish? That’s the question I would like you to ask yourself if you have not already done so.
            • Dreams (stillsortingthisout.wordpress.com)
              One day this dream that my brain categorised as “good” will one day mean nothing to me and be shifted into the “neutral” section of dreams. The kind that you dream about, and wake up (if by chance you remember it) and feel nothing about.
            • What are dreams to us? (oceanelacroix.wordpress.com)
              We all have one and your dream is different from mine the same way that it is different from someone else’s. So what are they? Are they something we find inspiring and a reason to live, or is it something that we just call foolish and childish? An impossible fantasy or a rocky road?How many of us have grown up hearing people laugh at our dreams? And how many of us have had people support?
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