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Simon A Jackson - Writer

Will you listen to reason?
Or just keep stealing
Hold a torch to the flame
Instead of just blame
Walk a mile in my shoes
And not keep moaning
Or are just too busy stoning?

There are no clouds in the sky
But you keep say they’re coming
You sat for a while
And I don’t see anything
Do you even believe…
A single word you’re saying?
Or are you simply just flapping?

I have no time for claims
But you still keep them coming
A life lived in chains
Refusing to help with your brains
Staring at the clock
How much time have you got?
But I get no answer to any of it

So just start at the end
The only part you can’t bend
Walls are closing in
No proposition
Just a smile in a flash
No way to go back
Why won’t you say a thing…

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Simon A Jackson - Writer

Freedom fighter, terrorist
Just a matter of perspective
Even if you use another name
They all link just the same
Insurgent is another term
Much like being a militant
All claim its for rights and fairness
But murder shouldn’t be permitted
If you kill then you are the cause
Another criminal outside the laws
Soldiers without a uniform
Little more than hell spawn
Cutting down who you “defend”
Just so you can lie again
After all you’re just extreme
And your victory is a dream
But never forget you won’t succeed
The majority will never aid your breed

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