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To judge is to think you know

The world happens.
And you can talk about everything.
Every medium has a forum.
You can say what you think.
Do it. Say it.

But every event involves people.
People with a story, people with a heart.
And what you say touches that heart, touches that person.
When you read something, be kind.
When you think about it, be thorough.
When you want to say something, be careful.
When you don’t know everything, be quiet.
The in and outside.

Because judging is not yet knowing.
To judge is to think you know.

Dutch version /Nederlandse versie: Oordelen is denken te weten

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Silence is not an empty space, but is filled with answers

Every day, for the duration of a lifetime.
So many questions. So much doubt. So many thoughts.

Newspapers tell us about possible paths to take.
Friends give advice.
Books give insight.

What happens when you empty your head ?
What do you feel when it is quiet?
When you close yourself off from the outside world?

When you make everything go quiet, very quiet, as in hibernation.

The intense silence makes you restless at first.
Your thoughts go on raving.
And that is allowed.
Accept your doubts and your fears.

But then, listen…
Silence speaks.
Your inner voice becomes powerful.
You can quieten yourself.
In the Great Silence you find your own voice again.
And also your own answers.

Every now and then, become silent.
Be at home in yourself.
Silence is not an empty space, but full of answers.



Dutch original / Nederlands origineel: De stilte is niet leeg maar vol antwoorden

sign for being quiet (Zeichen für Ruhigsein)

sign for being quiet (Zeichen für Ruhigsein) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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So Lonely

  • We Are (truespiritblog.wordpress.com)
    I’m still feeling sad and lonely tonight but I know this too shall pass. Every day we have to wake up and give thanks for everything that is good in our life and not complain for what’s not right. As my grandma used to say. Look at others who have so little yet they are always smiling. Yes! Gratitude.
  • Downtown Train (ernestto.wordpress.com)
    You wave your hand and they scatter like crows They have nothing that will ever capture your heart They’re just thorns without the rose Be careful of them in the dark Oh if I was the one You chose to be your only one Oh baby can’t you hear me now… Will I see you tonight? On a downtown train Every night its just the same You leave me lonely, now…
  • That Kind of Lonely (onewithbigdreams.wordpress.com)
    The kind of lonely where there are a number of people around you, yet there is no one for you to share you thoughts with.You don’t know if people really want to know how you’re doing when they ask so, or if it’s all just part of a formality.You wish someone would sincerely ask you how you’re doing, but even if someone did, you probably wouldn’t have a sincere answer for them.

    You’ve been feeling that kind of lonely.

    The kind of lonely where smiles are crummy, and laughter is empty.


It's Just Words

Empty Streets

I’m so lonely tonight
I cry for her love tonight
it ain’t right
that I should be
so lonely, so lonely
so lonely, tonight

I look out the window
it’s dark on the outside
and inside it’s empty
so empty
and I’m so lonely tonight

I’m so lonely tonight
I cry for her love tonight
it ain’t right
that I should be
so lonely, so lonely
so lonely, tonight

the world’s so quiet tonight
like every other night in my life
it’s quiet, but deep inside of me
there’s a riot, all right
a riot, all right

cuz I’m so lonely, tonight
I’m starvin’ tonight
and the feeling ain’t right
that I should be
so lonely, so lonely
so lonely, that I should be
so lonely, so lonely
so lonely, tonight I’m so lonely

“So Lonely” © 1983 Ronald K. House

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