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Not looking

Not looking / not wanting to tend to anyone’s every need. / Just doing me.


It sometimes may sound nice to be ‘not looking’, but the danger is we can miss out a lot of things by ‘not looking’.
We do not have to be looking for prince charming or nice princesses as long as we did not find ourselves. But we best not wait to long before going to look for ourselves, to find ourselves and to be willing to share our selves with others, so that the right ones may find ourselves.


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I’m not looking
For a prince charming
Because he will not love me
Just say pretty things.
I’m not looking
For a night in shinning armor
Because armor should not be
Without a scratch.
I’m not looking
For a princess
Because I don’t want to tend
To anyone’s every need.
I’m not looking.
I’m just doing me.

– Writingdilegently

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