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You’re so used to

Who in this world is used to be lonely perhaps did not try enough to get in contact with others and to reach out the hand of love giving trust and did not opened his or her mind to feel the Most High divine Creator Who is prepared to meet all His creatures who are willing to meet Him.

When used to being lonely, having voices sounding like silence, we do have to recharge ourselves and dare to go out in what looks like the storms outside that may look serene.

  • Numinous Experience (mrlivermore.wordpress.com)
    I thought up the question ‘Numinous experience is incapable of supporting belief in God’. Discuss, firstly because I don’t think a question on it has ever come up before, and also because I think there is a strong argument that the concept of numinous experience (as devised by Rudolf Otto and set out in The Idea of the Holy) is not really capable of being an argument for God’s existence. I am fairly sure Otto didn’t intend any explicit ‘argument from religious experience’ anyway, but there is obviously an implicit thread about experience pointing to God in his book which can be picked up and evaluated.
  • How Can a Mystery as Large as the Universe Connect to a Being Like Me? (findingourwayhomeblog.wordpress.com)
    Human beings have long imagined the possibility of an infinite being, a divine being, who is creator and sustainer of the universe, commonly known in our culture as God. Not all human beings resonate with this idea, and the details vary as to what God might be like, but most peoples have some sort of divine being or beings as a part of the stories and values of their culture. I have spoken of God as the larger Mystery of which we are a part.
  • Divine Trust (thenewsageblog.wordpress.com)
    If only you loved, cherished and trusted yourself as much as your soul does, you would not think twice about making your heart’s will the conscious motivation behind your every thought, word and action.
  • Confidence through Jesus (prayersofmysoul.wordpress.com)
    Jesus is no longer with us. Wouldn’t it be better if he could still walk among us, visiting every nation, performing miracles, and continuing to teach us how to live? Imagine the impact he could have had over the past two thousand years! But the truth is, Jesus has not left us alone. He is still with us; he still guides us. And even better, he is also in heaven, interceding for us before his Father (Hebrews 9:24).
  • Signed by God (youngadultministries.wordpress.com)
    It’s so painfully obvious that if I’m a child of God, then you must be one too, but it’s too easy to forget that in the daily tasks of life.Jesus was constantly picking up God’s letters off the street, reading them, loving them, and acknowledging how miraculous they were. That’s the kind of world I want to live in: where everyone celebrates just how miraculous their cashier at Starbucks is or just how much they love their car mechanic.
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You’re so used to being lonely,
That the voices sound like silence,
And all the storms outside
Look serene.

You’re so used to being lonely,
That the crowd in the streets
Look like black and white

You’re so used to being lonely,
That you can live a lifetime lonely,
And enjoy the company
Of the lonely souls inside of you.

You’re so used to being lonely.
Not alone, but lonely.
Because alone is only for a while,
But lonely is a state.
Lonely is forever.

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