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So-called own sacred values under threat

The last few years we have seen populist politicians becoming more popular and getting a stronger following who wanted to cause a fuss here and there. Often they want to have their people believe their nation was great but got damaged by the many immigrants. They say the immigrant population weakens the country and brings democracy in danger.

On the other side there is also a contemporary myth that European societies used to be homogenous. Europe has always been a blanket of a lot of diversity. Always it has been a mixture of all sorts of people and cultures. Throughout the ages we could find a battlefield in the Low Countries. Lots of pieces of land changed hands many times, once belonging to the Romans, than to the Germans, the Austrians, the French, the Dutch. Even the languages and religion changed more than once.

Threat to the security and stability of the nation

Today we can find lots of people who say the land belongs to them and others bring their Judaeo-Christian values in danger. Though many of those crying about their values, do not have any of such juedo christian values at all. The 2016 Islamist fundamentalist attacks showed clearly how far countries as France wanted to go putting liberty of thought, freedom of expression and clothing at the side. France and Belgium so secularised took measures which went totally against real democratic rules and humanitarian freedom.

Big problem in Europe today is that lots of people do not worship God any more and do not keep to the essential commandments of God and as such do not mind not telling the truth, not loving the other, not taking care of others their goods or of nature, they even enjoy being better than the other wanting to have more than they have. For many, hatred and envy are the order of the day. We notice that hatred under Christians is nothing new any more. In the previously Chrisitan countries, we also come to see more hatred against religions in general, many thinking religion is the cause of all the problems. In West Europe we find many that much-vaunted bastions of multiculturalism have become No God Zones.

The last few years we also could see that several countries did not mind to take up again very discriminatory laws.  We could see that even in the so-called most free country of Europe: France; and also in the so-called most progressive liberal country Denmark where they even went so far to go for Nazi-laws.

Too many people do forget our world evolved to a world where lots of people go from one place to another and influence each other. There are already many influencers on the net who cross many country borders and bring people to change their normal and consumption habits, plus eating and clothing customs.

Best examples which show how it is going wrong at the moment, are the United States of America, Brazil, Hungary and Hong Kong. The States takes the cake by having a president who goes in against everything the founders of that State stood for. That country was built on the aspiring hopes of people who came from all sorts of countries, all sorts of cultures and different religious denominations. The land is created or grown by a mixture of peoples. In the few years the 45th president of the U.S.A. ruled he managed to destroy a lot what was build up in the previous decades and created a lot of division between the inhabitants of those states which should be unified.

Instead of all trying to come to one unified Europe we do find more and more people going against the tendency for unification. Several politicians want to create such hammock in the country people get fed up with politics and start wanting to do their own thing in the way they want to do it.

A few years ago there was the beginning of fear created by Islamist fundamentalists. Now an other fear was added. This time it is not the clash between Islam and the West, but the power of a virus, which destroys our free way of life as well. Religious conflict was the norm in the old so-called homogenous Europe. Often the Roman Catholics were the killers to be afraid of. They had a terror regime that forced everyone to Catholicism. The people having most to fear then were the ones who worshipped the Only One True God and not Christ. Many brethren and sisters in the faith had to hide their faith or even had to hide in less easy to reach regions.

The English philosopher John Locke put it, ‘to a foreign prince’, the Pope, whose values were incompatible with those of liberal democracies, and who posed a threat to the security and stability of the nation.

At one point in European history we have two centuries where Jews were seen even more of a threat to European identity, values and ways of being, so much so that they became victims of the world’s greatest genocide. Today many forget that the treatment of Jews as the ‘Other’ was not confined to Germany. It was a central theme in most European nations, from the Dreyfus affair in France to Britain’s first immigration law, the 1905 Aliens Act, designed principally to stem the flow into the country of European Jews. And up in the North lots of Jews got burned in their homes by Russian attacks against them.

In all cases we see that governments and people want to find a victim, someone or some people to point with the finger, to cast them as the cause of all misery.

In the previous centuries high society also looked downwards to the working class. The working class and the rural poor were seen by many as racial distinct.
The French aristocratic anti-egalitarian diplomat, writer, ethnologist, and social thinker Arthur de Gobineau, in his Essai sur l’inégalité des races humaines, 4 vol. (1853–55; Essay on the Inequality of Human Races), remarked already that

‘Every social order represents a racial variety’.

Joseph-Arthur, comte de Gobineau.

Arthur de Gobineau, French diplomat, writer, ethnologist, and social thinker whose theory of racial determinism had an enormous influence upon the subsequent development of racist theories and practices in western Europe.

In the Essai Gobineau asserted the superiority of the white race over others and labeled the “Aryans”—i.e., the Germanic peoples—as representing the summit of civilization. That idea is not killed yet. Also today in Europe as well as in the United States we do find people who cling to that idea, that the fate of civilizations is determined by racial composition, that white and in particular Aryan societies flourish as long as they remain free of black, brown and yellow strains, and that the more a civilization’s racial character is diluted through miscegenation, the more likely it is to lose its vitality and creativity and sink into corruption and immorality.Donald Trump does find this enough reason to make sure everyone comes to understand that, and that it are the white federal troops which are the ones who can and should have everything in control.

Gobineau insisted that

‘We imagine that we are one nation, but we are two nations on the same land’,

each a distinctive race with

‘perpetually contradictory spirits’.

The Christian socialist Phillipe Buchez, giving a talk to the Medico-Psychological Society of Paris in 1857, wondered how it could happen that

 ‘within a population such as ours, races may form – not merely one but several races – so miserable, inferior and bastardised that they may be classed below the most inferior savage races, for their inferiority is sometimes beyond cure.’

The races that he was talking of were not, of course, from Africa or Asia, but the working class and the rural poor. In this century some reflect similar words now also referring to those who work on the fields (seasonal workers) and those who do the jobs the ‘nationals’ do not want to do.

Gobineau’s writings were quickly praised by white supremacist, pro-slavery Americans like surgeon, anthropologis and slaveowner Josiah C. Nott and the Swiss American propagandist for the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War, Henry Hotze, who translated his book into English. They omitted around 1,000 pages of the original book, including those parts that negatively described Americans as a racially mixed population.

In the 19th century in many countries, the poor were

‘a race of whom we know nothing, whose lives are of quite different complexion from ours, persons with whom we have no point of contact.’

explained an article on working-class life in East London in The Saturday Review, a well-read liberal magazine of the era.

‘Distinctions and separations, like those of English classes’,

the article concluded,

‘which always endure, which last from the cradle to the grave, which prevent anything like association or companionship… offer a very fair parallel to the separation of the slaves from the whites.’

Just before the pandemic struck our regions there were already enough signs we were evolving back to a segregation position of modern slaves, the working class.

With the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, we will have to be very careful that politicians and CEOs do not take advantage of this situation in order to corner the workers and exploit them even more because of the emerging economic crisis.

In the States, we see already how the president got so many people to believe that we should ignore this virus or Chinese disease and should all go back at work making our economy great again. For him, the economy comes first. Human lives are not so important and when they are black or brown they are even less important. For him as for some in Europe as well there should not be Corona restrictions, because they go against our liberty. All such matters to protect the health of people undermine the economy and therefore (according to them) should be annulled. Inc ase there are people dying from Covid-19 they should be considered as just ‘accidents de parcours’.



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Waiting in the mist

In certain places the ‘roar’ of one of the Low Countries largest land mammal can be heard again. The impressive figure of a stag complete with a full ‘rack’ of antlers conjures up images of the Scottish highlands where the species is most abundant, but the Veluwe may also be very proud to have large families on its grounds.

The noise of the stags, which are much more vocal during this time, indicate that we may face Autumn. For them the rutting season makes them gathering females for their harems, and will produce loud guttural roars and barks. Roaring, acting as a declaration of size and strength, a challenge to potential competition, or a way of reaffirming status after a victorious fight. Good that they are protected in certain parks, but in the other places it is just their noise which brings the hunters to them in this pairing-time. It is now the ideal mating-season, taking care the young will be brought onto the world in June when most food and the best conditions to grow up are available.
We can only hope people take care they are protected enough to come through Winter.


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  • Emperor stag killed: red deer stag facts (telegraph.co.uk)
    Native stock is common in the Scottish Highlands, Dumfriesshire, Lake District, East Anglia and the south-west of England. Feral stock is present in the north of England, north Midlands, East Anglia, the New Forest and Sussex.
    The males are typically 175 – 230cm long (tail adds 12 – 19cm), with a height 107-137cm at shoulder and weigh 60 – 190kgDeer are different from other ruminants in that the males have a set of antlers which are regrown every summer, rather than permanent horns on the head.

    Antlers have up to 16 points, which are made of bone, covered in ‘velvet’ and can grow 2.5cm a day

    European antlers are straighter, with the fourth and fifth tines forming a crown in larger males

    A stag that has antlers with no tines is known as a switch. A stag with no antlers is a hummel

    Antlers are testosterone driven and as the stag’s testosterone levels drop in the autumn, the velvet is shed and the antlers stop growing

    Peak mating age is eight years old and dominant stags may have a harem of 20 hinds

    During the rut, stags have a distinctive roar-like sound to keep the harem together.

    Females are often attracted to the stag with the loudest roar.

  • Watch: Rutting season in Lyme Park near Stockport (manchestereveningnews.co.uk)
    ‘Fights between stags can be a shoving match – with each stag trying to gain the advantage by being uphill’
    +“October is the most exciting time of year to watch deer as they engage in fierce mating battles.

    “Rutting activity is most intense soon after dawn, although some activity occurs throughout the day.

    “Female deer are only fertile for around a day during the year so competition to mate with them is fierce.

  • An early Autumn walk in Richmond Park (lacer.wordpress.com)
    My local council is conducting an experiment where they’re letting a number of small patches of land across the borough turn into little, very mini, wild meadows. I see the one nearest me when I go by on the bus, it was looking glorious all summer and then started to look distinctly ropey but in the past week it’s bloomed back into life again, I guess as the long grass starts to die back it allows the Autumn blooming specialists to take over.
  • Dog owners told to avoid Richmond Park and Bushy Park during rutting season (standard.co.uk)

    Dog owners are being told to avoid Richmond and Bushy Parks during the deer rutting season.

    In October and November the red stags and fallow bucks compete for females by roaring, barking and clashing antlers with each other.

    But the animals can also see dogs as a threat and have been known to charge at them, as well as their owners.

    Royal Parks experts said the presence of dogs may disrupt breeding patterns, impacting on the behaviour of the wild animals during the birthing season.

  • Sketch of the Day: Red Deer in Rut (drawingthemotmot.wordpress.com)
    Winds whipped through the Deer Park in Klampenborg today, blowing leaves off branches just when they’d gotten some autumn reds and golds.
  • Roar of the rutting stag: why men have deep voices (theguardian.com)
    From Richmond Park to the Isle of Rum, red deer hinds will be gathering, and the stags that have spent the past 10 months minding their own business in bachelor groups are back in town, with one thing on their minds. A mature male that has netted himself a harem is very dedicated. He practically stops eating, focusing instead on keeping his hinds near and his competitors at bay. If you’re a red deer stag, one of the ways you make sure that your adversaries know you mean business – and that you’re big – is roaring. And you don’t let up. You can keep roaring all day, and through the night too, twice a minute, if necessary.
    The low voice of men, like stags, is a trait that probably evolved through sexual selection. This isn’t just about being attractive to the opposite sex, it’s also about beating same-sex rivals. A deep voice may prove an advantage in both cases, helping a man to exclude other, apparently less dominant men, from the mating game, as well as making him more attractive to the opposite sex. A win-win situation. Unless, of course, you’re a well-built man with a mellifluous tenor voice, who’s bucked the trend, or a woman who prefers Justin Timberlake or John Lennon to Jim Morrison or Eddie Vedder. This is biology, after all – variability is what makes it so interesting.
  • Country diary: Glen Strathfarrar: In a profound Highlands silence there came a guttural roar (guardian.co.uk)
    Along the river Farrar were the scattered juniper bushes, though perhaps trees would have been a better word. They were columnar rather than prostrate and were that dark green that looks almost forbidding as only these very old trees can. Other impressive trees were nearby, the small stand of aspen whose leaves were changing from their pale summer green to the yellows of autumn.In contrast, their silver bark was well marked with black diamond shapes that looked almost unreal. But there was something missing and it suddenly dawned on me – the aspen leaves were not trembling. The extremely flattened leaf stalks means that even in the slightest of breezes the leaves will shake. Well might the Latin name be Populus tremula.
  • Beautiful Photos of London’s Richmond Park on First Day of Autumn (ibtimes.co.uk)
    Rob Stothard captured these lovely photos of a misty Richmond Park in southwest London as the annual deer rut (breeding season) begins.The park is home to around 345 red deer and 315 fallow deer. The deer rut takes place in autumn. The red stags and fallow bucks compete for females (known as hinds and does respectively) with a clashing of antlers. The males also decorate their antlers with ferns and roar and bark in a bid to attract females.
  • Stag mating call mimic contest held (bbc.co.uk)

    A competition to find out who can best mimic the mating call of a stag has taken place on Exmoor.

    The event for the sport known as bolving started 10 years ago and organisers said competitors took it “very seriously”.

    The challenge for the participants imitating the low bellowing sound of the red deer is for a real stag to answer their call.

    This year 45 people took part in the event held near Dulverton, Somerset.

    Exmoor National Park ranger and former competition winner Richard Eales organised the 10th annual championship.

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