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Golden Week a cluster of holidays from late April to early May

In “May, for many a month for mothers and many celebrations” you could read that for the European citizens the month of Spring brings a lot of holidays. In Japan it is also such a month full of holidays and the same as here there are gaps in between meaning that they never really get a literal week of holidays.

In Japan they have Showa Day (April 29), referring to the birthday of previous Emperor Showa (known to most non-Japanese as Hirohito, Japan’s Imperial ruler during World War II); Constitution Memorial Day (May 3) for the ratification of Japan’s new post-war constitution; Greenery Day (May 4); and Children’s Day (May 5).

Greenery Day was originally on April 29th, as the former Emperor Showa was a lover of nature and a fan of plants and flowers.

However, thanks to an obscure law, May 4th must be treated as a holiday since it falls between two other national holidays. In any case, Greenery Day was moved and April 29th was renamed. {Celebrate: Golden Week 2016}

Such holidays in Japan mean that the roads get congested; plane and bus tickets get sold out; hotels fully booked (and prices raised). As in Europe such days of festivities mean you can expect crowds at most tourist spots.

But many Japanese professionals are so busy that even though they have paid holidays, they either don’t or can’t really use them, so public holidays are the best chances for them to travel. Some avoid the Golden Week crowd by travelling overseas, though.

golden week madness train station crowds tokyo

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