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Failing to take action

””Many people fail to take action because they’re afraid to fail.
Successful people on the other hand realize that failure is an important part of the learning process.
They know that failure is just a way we learn by trial and error.”

~ Jack Canfield, The Success Principles .”


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Who cries out against a hearty and uncompromising castigation of error

“I have never heard a man yet, thoroughly imbued with the Truth and love of it, cry out against a hearty and uncompromising castigation of error, as bitter and too severe.

Where men’s faith is weak, and their minds are full of uncertainty, and they are conscious that their own deeds will not bear the light, you will find them full of ‘charity’, and sensitively fearful of the corrupters and transgresors of the Word. They don’t want their feelings hurt lest it should do harm! The fact is they don’t want the Truth too plainly demonstrated, lest it should make themselves obliged to defend that of which they were not fully assured”

Bro John Thomas


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re-frame obligation into conscious choices

heart prints

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When I started writing this article, my mind wandered off to my early twenties.  I loved antique shops.  I would spend hours touching the beautiful furniture and imagining the history and stories behind every piece.  I really could not afford to buy any of these beauties, but soon found my way to the back of the shops.  I found the unwanted, broken and ugly pieces, often disguised in layers and layers of horrid paint. I made arrangements… sometimes worked in the shop as a casual, just to earn the items I wanted and to get them transported to my home.

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Restoration is not a glamorous task, I certainly did not have all the tools and skills that would have made this task easy.  I often found myself alone somewhere in the shade of a tree, wearing gardening gloves and applying paint stripper.  I often became so involved with the work…

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