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Do you feel or lover writing about Food

From today onwards we added next to the tag Food, the Category Food. (For this, we went looking at our previous postings to see what could be related to Food.)

It would be great if we could find someone who would not mind writing for us and our readers a regular blog about food, cooking and our way to treat or handle cereals, vegetables and fruit. In case you feel the bug in your hand for writing about the goods we may eat and how we may eat them, you are welcome to show your kitchen talent in writing.

Are you a person who would love to show other people the value of plants for food and medicine to help keep our world and ourselves in good health?

Why would you not be one of those who puts herself or himself at the site at the service for others, bringing forwards ideas for having a better environment and for enjoying lovely meals?

Are you the suitable writer we are looking for?

> Writer wanted


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2016 look at food

From our forgotten & unpublished material

In 2016 the interest for the food programs seemed to heave reduced. Still much attention was given to the British Bake-off and the television consumer programs “Food rip-off” and “Radar” showed clearly that enough people are getting fed up with the way how lots of factories are presenting some food products, misleading the consumer, doing as if there is so much of something in the packet, like for example butter or fruit, which is not so much in it.

Unbelievable is to notice how the very unhealthy dishes of Jeroen Meus (‘Dagelijkse kost’ or ‘Daily food’) reached a very high popularity his books passing those of Pascal Naesens.
After five Daily Food -book and the anthology My 200 classics, Meus published again a book, since his departure from publishing Halewyck, where he sold a million books and walked out “because the soup was fat.” Meus signed a contract for three years and for at least as many books at WPG-Manteau. This publisher now releases his first more stylish book on the market with a hard cover that reveals some private photos of Meus.

In his book Meus continues to swear by what he calls wonderful ‘Flemish fare’ and to go “beyond all food hype”. On every night he brings some ordinary food dishes in the picture on the Flemish television. But the simple fare is no light stuff and we would not recommend to eat such meal regular with that amount of fat and salt he uses. Yet it is striking that Meus want to cook and eat

“without hurting or harming health. Everything in between is common sense. And thus allowed. So I live myself. Clean but sin. One day sausage with endive in white sauce and potatoes, the other day quinoasalade. And of course you need on Sunday to chicken cubes in sweet and sour sauce and roast pork can continue to order. But not every day.”

he says.

Exclusively for the newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws, the most popular Flemish television cook composed of five culinary province country guides: “Lekker onderweg met Jeroen Meus” (Nicely on the move with Jeroen Meus.
Until recently the books by Pascale Naessens were the best-selling books in Belgium, but now her friend Jeroen Meus came on the first place. Her first book continues to vie for the top spot. She has since become the figurehead of the pure and healthy food in Flanders. Several of her books have been translated into English, French, German and Chinese. She won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award in Paris and Beijing.

The cookbooks reflect her personality and her many different talents. She creates all the recipes, writes the text and is solely responsible for the styling, design and layout of the book. She serves her dishes on ceramic pottery that she creates in her own workshop.

Her recipes offer healthy dishes without a long list of complicated ingredients, which has something extra for those who have to work for long hours and do not want or have not much time to spent in the kitchen. To prepare her lovely dishes which do not present complicated combinations, you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen, but she makes it possible still to prepare something surprising for dinner, making it still looks like you’ve been working for hours.

She says

As a result, people are eating better food with more flavour and, at the end of the week, much to their surprise, they find that they’re a couple of kilos lighter and healthier too, without having realized it. It’s all these factors together that make a difference.  I’ve also succeeded in proving that tasty and healthy needn’t be a case of boring or a case of having to eat ‘less’ on the contrary, it’s a case of ‘more’. You can eat more and above all get more out of life.’




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What traditions/rituals/routines do you have for welcoming Autumn?

Cooler air, the changing of the leaves, the crispness in the mornings when you walk out the door on your way to school or work.

… the leaves start to change color, and there is that crispness outside that when you step out the door, you just know it’s Fall. {My favorite months of the year . . . #Autumn #Fall #Harvest}

A blogger from Oxfordshire wonders what people mostly do when Autumn presents itself.

Autumn time brings so many colours and textures that it can be hard not to fall for those beautiful colour palettes nature presents to us. The vegetable garden also presents us with many colourful surprises worth using as decoration. It is the time when we get enthusiastic to go overboard and cover our whole house in all sorts of pumpkins, nuts and leaf garland.

The Oxfordshire Country Living Blog  has been

absolutely loving the change in the season. {5 Things to do this Autumn}

She (or he) normally hates the cold and the dark, but she has been trying to embrace each season for it’s own beauty and welcomes Autumn, drinking hot Apple and Cinnamon Tea.

No drink smells as Autumnal as apple and cinnamon. {5 Things to do this Autumn}

Many communities celebrate the harvest. Christadelhpians also thank the Divine Creator for all the good things we have received throughout the year and how He now also has provided to store enough food to go through Winter. The fullness of summer and abundance of harvest may also be found in the satisfying plenitude of life in Christ. Here in West Europe we may find lots of place which, at times, could be a safe haven for those who wanted to worship God without taking part in heathen festivals and pagan traditions.

The colourful season we are now facing comes for many after they went abroad to enjoy better weather than we are used to in Belgium. Most people consider Summertime the time to pick up vitamin D and to store enough energy for our darker days in Wintertime. After the renewal time for energy our eyes get another renewal time, namely to have lots of fantasies going through our head. Nature offers us such a wide range of smashing colours and special lights, our fantasy can be stimulated, and as such we also feel a positiveness to tackle this windy and rainy season.

Apple and Cinnamon TeaHomemade Pumpkin Pie for Thanksigiving - Stock Photo - ImagesWhen walking through the fields and forests we can breathe an air reminding us of life and death. After a lovely walk nothing is lovelier than having the smells coming from the kitchen, bringing us all sorts of wildlife dishes, warm drinks and herb teas. Pumpkins are the seasonal ingredient for all sorts of dishes and soups. Some herbs from the garden are welcome to be used in a potluck dish to share. [Ingredients including: basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, lavender, lemon verbena, Tulsi (Holy Basil), anise hyssop and garlic.]

For many people in this commercial materialist world the harvest is not so important any more as in previous centuries. Most of the people in the West do not have any problem to buy food. For them there is no shortage. Most of them have also no inner connection any more with the different seasons. Shops are helping to get people over that feeling of seasons, by already presenting Christmas articles from September to October. (Every year Halloween, Sint Nicholas, Christmas and Easter are presented earlier to the public.) Though supermarkets may bring in lots of goods from abroad, in a certain way the vegetables of the season dominate the plate.

There’s always sowing, growing or harvesting going on. Though nothing can beat our harvest in October when squash and pumpkins are ready! {Autumn 🧡 Harvest}

Whether it’s walking along an English hedgerow and harvesting the blackberries, or digging up veg from the garden or allotment, nothing is more heartening than cooking with something fresh out of the earth. Somehow it tastes so much better. {5 Things to do this Autumn}

It’s a time to cozy up in your house, eat delicious stews and soups that are too hot for the Summer, wear fuzzy socks and thick warm robes in the morning while you sip your coffee and watch the sunrise. {My favorite months of the year . . . #Autumn #Fall #Harvest}

When we come back from a walk, often it is already to dark in the house, and as such we want to have some extra atmosphere lights.

Welcoming in the darker evenings by stringing up fairy lights, and lighting candles. Make a little Autumnal display and change up some of the cushions for a cosier Autumnal feel. Try adding warmer tones, and cosier textures, it’s amazing how a change as small as cushions and throws can change the feel of a room. {5 Things to do this Autumn}

At home in a cosy chair we can pick up the Bible and be with our thoughts by the Giver of this all. It is the ideal time to think about Him Who makes everything possible. He Who Creates and Gives. With all that abundance that we receive, let us not forget those who are in need.

19 “When you are reaping in the field, and you overlook a sheaf, don’t return to get it. Let it remain for the foreigner, the orphan, or the widow, in order that the Lord your God may bless everything you undertake.{Deuteronomy 24:19 International Standard Version (ISV)}

Whatever we do let us showing to others how we as children of God are thankful for what we receive from Him and how we can share with others.

Let us also be very careful, having now months coming where certain traditions are not in accordance with God’s Will. We face moments when people go to deep in thinking about death and share ideas about the dead which are not according to what Scripture teaches about them. for some

The veil is thinning between our world and the spirit world. It is time to celebrate the cycle between life and death. Samhain is known as the witch’s new year. {Samhain Blessing and Ritual Ideas}

Many may come attracted by such pagan festivals like Halloween.

There are many ways to celebrate this turning of the wheel. Some celebrate the final harvest, while others focus on honoring the Gods and Goddesses. Still some spend the time honoring their ancestors. {Samhain Blessing and Ritual Ideas}

What may going on in your head now the days are shortening and darkness with strange sounds may be lurking outdoors?

Do you keep to certain traditions?

How do you look at this time of year?

What traditions/rituals/routines do you have for welcoming Autumn?


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