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Thought for today: Slow To Wrath

Angry Talk (Comic Style)

Angry Talk (Comic Style) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anger can take many forms and find many different ways of expression. It may be a hasty ebullition quickly evaporating, and if circumstances are favourable, leaving no bitterness behind. Sometimes after such an explosion men are better friends for having quarrelled. There is grave danger in this quick boiling of anger, however. It is so easy for something to be done or said, the effects of which will linger all through life. Lives have been lost and lives have been ruined through only a few moments of unstrained anger. Words hastily uttered and meaning little more than an expression of momentary annoyance, may have enduring effects with such complex action and reaction that no one could possibly trace their course or even guess the sum of the evil wrought. A man of hasty temper may soon forget the words that gave relief to his angry feelings. He might be apalled if he could know the full effect of his momentary loss of control. One who is naturally of quick temper and hasty speech may well take to heart the Spirit’s warning. Let him learn to be “slow to wrath,” to rule his spirit and to guard the door of his mouth.

– Islip Collyer, Principles and Proverbs, page 202


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